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Author’s Note: Now that I have survived the ordeal of losing my “virginity” as an author; I will plunge on with Part 2. Please feel free to give me constructive criticism, or encouragement….I appreciate both. This part can be read as a stand-alone; but, I strongly suggest that the 1st installment of “The Window” be read, to get a better understanding of the characters, and the arrangement, which they have begun.

Dean had been giving alot of thought for the past several days, to the arrangement he had agreed to, with Lani’s husband, Richard. He was questioning his decision to have sex,….make love,….Fuck….( whatever one might call it!) Lani on a weekly basis. With full knowledge and support of her terminally ill husband.

Here it was, Wednesday, and his agreement was to go to Lani’s house each Thursday at 10 am. He needed to decide upon several things. He decided not to spend physical energy going on his 3 mile jog; which he had been regularly doing each Thursday for quite some time.

He mulled over what he should wear;

should he take her a gift, like wine, or flowers? Should he speak to Richard; what would he say?….Maybe….”Thanks for letting me ( and PAYING me!!) come over today and fuck your sexy wife!!” Obviously, Dean had never been even remotely,in a situation like this one.

Then he was thinking about the $500 “salary” that Richard was paying him. Damn!! $500 per week; can it get any better than that? No doubt about the fact that he could use the extra money; especially since his ex-wife had raked him over the financial coals during the divorce 2 years ago.

He could pay all of his rent on the apartment, and most of his cell phone bill and utilities with $500 a week. But that isn’t the main reason he agreed to this arrangement….No!!….The main reason was so he could have sex with the lovely, hauntingly beautiful Lani; on a weekly basis. Dean didn’t even have to feel guilty for “banging” another man’s wife… his own house….while he was there in the next room…..WOW!!!

Thursday morning came bright and early for Dean; he was far too excited about seeing Lani to sleep in. He showered, shaved, and picked out a casual pair of Bermuda shorts, a light green polo shirt, and light brown loafers to match his tan shorts.

After eating a light breakfast, he read the sports section of the morning newspaper; after that, the business section. Dean was a loan officer at a large bank downtown; so he needed to keep up with the financial and business news. The bank gave him Thursdays off; since he had agreed to work there on Saturdays.

His final preparations, before he left the apartment, to go to Lani’s, was to brush his teeth, apply a bit,… not too much!!,… aftershave lotion, and run a comb thru his dark, medium length hair.

He left at exactly 9:50 am; figuring it would take him about 10 minutes to get to her house. He had a spring in his step, and a smile on his face while he walked the 9 blocks.

He began to envision Lani; her firm round D-cup breasts, with the large dark areolas. He pictured her long black hair, falling past her shoulders; and her taut, well proportioned legs…..sinewy….yet strong and delectable.

Would she be wearing “regular” clothes, that pink babydoll outfit, that she wore last week; perhaps, she had gone shopping for something new, and sexy?? Dean couldn’t wait to find out.

Dean checked his watch, as he stepped onto her porch…9:59….He grinned to himself, and rang the bell. He heard Lani’s footsteps coming toward the door.

She opened the door and gave Dean an incredibly bright smile!! ” Come in Lover,” she cooed. “I have been waiting for you to come back for a week…..a LONG week.” With that said, she came to him, eyes boring into his; and kissed him passionately. Deeply!! She moaned a bit….out of sheer joy.

Obviously, she was very glad to see him again…Maybe even more than he was happy to see her again. Dean kissed her with fervor, tasting her lips, and…..Oh My God!!…..there was that coconut fragrance he LUVED!!…..” MMmmmm, you smell good!; and you look wonderful; and you kiss very well,” he told her.”I feel things stirring,” he grinned to her.

She led him up the stairs, to her front bedroom. This was the room that has the high narrow window, looking out across the street to the park. Dean fondly recalled….That is where I caught my 1st glimpse of this heavenly woman. The woman who excited his senses, like no woman had ever done before. Dean asked if he should go say Hello to Richard. Lani told him, ” No, Richard is sleeping.”

Lani began asking him polite questions….about his week,…..his mood,……his illegal bahis job…..Small talk really; just 2 friends, being cordial and respectful to each other.

Lani was wearing a pair of light blue summer type shorts, a white body type t-shirt, under a red checkered shirt; opened in front, and tied at the mid-riff into a sailor’s knot. Dean thought she looked radiant; her almost olive-hued skin glistened slightly in the morning heat of June. He leaned forward and kissed Lani’s lips. She had a very light lipstick on, and he could have sworn that her lips tasted just like the coconut fragrance she wore.

Lani excused herself…..saying she needed to “freshen-up” in the bathroom. She asked Dean to make himself comfortable, on the bed; her naughty wink told him….she meant get comfy IN the bed.

When the bathroom door opened a few minutes later….minutes Dean had used to get his clothes off…..all of them, except for his boxer-shorts….Lani appeared wearing a very sexy …black and pink trimmed teddy. It was high cut along her smooth tanned hips; and since it was strapless….her ample tit-flesh jiggled at the top edge. Her teddy held her bosoms up and her hefty globes quivered like jello along the top of the sexy, somewhat sheer lingerie.

Accenting her shapely legs were black pyramid net thigh high stockings.

Dean stared, gulped, and managed to croak out of his paralyzed throat…”Oh MY GOD!! You look so amazingly sexy…I want to feel you close to me, wearing that!” he spluttered.

She gave him a very sultry, almost pouting look, and asked like a country school girl might…”Do you like me in this outfit??…..or would you rather I go change into something that doesn’t make me look like a slut??”

“Well,” Dean thoughtfully uttered,” No!! I don’t like you in that outfit….I don’t…I ABSOLUTELY ADORE YOU IN IT!!”…and he grinned broadly. ” I have been waiting for this for a whole week; please come to me.” As he beckoned her into bed.

As she lay down beside him, each gazed into the other’s eyes deeply; drinking in the rising passion they felt at that moment. Dean kissed Lani, and pulled her closer. His tongue explored her open willing mouth. Her tongue fought for room in his mouth; their tongues wetly slurping, sucking, dueling inside the oral chamber that was sealed by their kiss.

After a few minutes of gently pawing and feeling each other, while they tongue-wrestled, Dean began to kiss down her neck, then up to her ears, then her neck again. Lani moaned softly, enjoying the sensation of a man’s lips caressing her skin…..Her passion heated with each tender kiss.

She whimpered her appreciation for what he was doing to her. As he kissed lower, he gently pulled the lacy top edge of the teddy down, to gain access to her breasts; they heaved with anticipation. Her nipples were taut nubbins; growing as firm and hard as they had ever been before. Dean had always been a “tit-man”; and paid particular homage to her smooth, round orbs.

Dean began to gently rub and fondle her tits….kissing them….taking her nipples, one at a time, and biting them ever so gently. This drove Lani wild. Her tits had always been very sensitive, so Dean’s licking and biting, sent her almost to orgasm. She began to mewl with delight.

She could now feel her pussy getting wet…..Very Wet! She pushed her heated mounds into Deans face; urging him on…”Suck them, Baby, harder…..Suck them HARDER,” she wailed. Lani was really getting turned on. …and Dean sensed it as he worked his oral delights upon her quivering heated tits. “MMmmmmm, I Luv your nipples.” he smiled up at her. “They taste and feel so good.”

At this point, as much as her clothing was so sensual and provocative, the teddy needed to come off. She sat up and helped Dean remove her sexy garb. She teased him as she slowly and seductively unwrapped the package; as she smiled demurely. Lani was now naked, except for the black thigh highs.

His mouth again found her rock hard nipples with his mouth. The licking , sucking, and biting continued to send shivers down her spine as she gently sighed her pleasure.

As this was going on, his hands and fingers began to explore her hips, and ass. She lifted her hips, to allow him access to her round ass; golden globes of exquisite flesh that firmly flexed at his touch.

His mouth began to journey south; down to her closely trimmed “landing-strip” above her steamy wet pussy. He nuzzled the fur, rubbing his nose slowly into the musky aroma of her little patch. She tugged his hair and face down into her center.

Dean was now on his stomach, his face deeply tonguing her sopping illegal bahis siteleri wet love-tunnel; licking slowly up and down her pussy lips with sensuous licks. Lani was so wet….soooo…wet; and he slurped her pussy juice that seemed to be gushing with each pass of his tongue.

He began to trace small concentric circles around her swelling clit. Not licking her there very hard; alternating between using the tip of his toungue, then long slow licks with the flat-part of his hot tongue. Her cunt spasmed with delight; Dean was doing things to her cunt that drove her nearly unconscious.

Lani pulled his face deeper into her steaming snatch. She wanted his tongue buried into her pussy just as far as possible. Her hips drove up into his pussy-licking face, as she now felt her approaching orgasm build.

Being the patient lover that he was; Dean took his time, and as he licked her gash, he began to slowly work ,first one….then two fingers up into her love-box. Lani wailed with pleasure….actually she was closer to screaming. Dean knew that if her husband, Richard, was awake in the next bedroom, he could easily hear her cries of joy.

Now he placed a third finger into her pussy, pumping them into her snatch ever deeper, driving her to ecstacy.

This sex Goddess was now really into it!! She bucked and thrashed, sliding her hot ass along the sheets….driving into his slurping, swallowing mouth. ” Oh god….she wailed….OH GOD!!….she was near screaming…her orgasm train arriving at cunt station!!

She dug her nails into the back of Dean’s neck as she loudly announced…” Im cumming…..Cuummmmiiinnngggg……OH FUCK!!!…..IM CCCCCUUUUMMMMIIIINNNGGGG!!

A thunderous orgasm gripped her, twisted her, boomed thru every nerve ending and fiber of her body.

Dean rode her thru the waves of her orgasm that vibrated thru her arched and clenched body. From her nipples…to her belly, to her sopping cunt…Lani came Hard. As she did so, her tunnel flooded with pussy-cum….Dean tried to drink it all; his mouth sucking and slurping as much of her love-nectar as it could get down.

Lani’s orgasm seemed to continue to reverberate thru her center, as he continued to suck her love juice; keeping away from her too sensitive clit, for the time being. Finally, after a few minutes of trying to slow her breathing to normal; Lani pulled Dean up to her face. She gazed hungrily into his sparkling hazel eyes. She kissed his cum-covered lips, licking her love-juices from his chin, and cheeks….Dean was drenched; but happily smiled back at her.

“You cum hard!!….ya know??” he said to her thru a smile. ” Oh baby…YES!!” she beamed. ” That may have been the hardest climax I have ever had….and I have had some big ones!” she quipped. They rested together for a few minutes; enjoying the afterglow of their sex. Both of them using their fingers and hands….and also their toes….to gently, slowly, teasingly caress the other.

Lani looked at Dean and determindly said, ” I want you to fuck me now…..Fuck me as well as you ate me.Please!” Dean grinned back, “It will be my pleasure.” His cock, which had been hard during the oral sex, was still stiff, as she assisted in helping him get his boxers off.

She reached a hand down to his throbbing member, feeling the turgid rod harden in her small hand even more than it had been. He kissed her deeply as she played with his prick, coaxing more “steel” from it.

She pushed him over, so he was on his back. Then she began kissing and sucking his growing breast-buds.His nipples got hard as pebbles instantly. “Mmmmm…You like that….don’t you?” she asked, while licking his nipples and stroking his cock.

” I love everything you do, sweetheart,” he answered. “Your soft hands feel so good on my dick. With that, he laid his head back on the pillow, and luxuriated in the erotic, sexy hand-job that she was administering. After a few minutes of her hand fucking his cock…He reluctantly said, ” I would love for you to continue…BUT…if you do….I am gonna cum on your hand…and I want to cum in your pussy.”

” Well, I can use something else besides my hands, ya know??” Lani then raised up to her knees, bent over Dean’s love-pole….and gently licked the tip. She tasted his pre-cum….mmmm slightly salty, but nice.

She swirled her wet tongue around his shaft…..then sucked his eight inch meat muscle into her bobbing mouth. Each stroke with her mouth took more and more of him into her oral cavity.

Lani now stopped, his entire rod, pulsing with lust, lodged to the entrance to her throat. She fought not to gag; relaxing her mouth and throat muscles. canlı bahis siteleri He was very happy….Lani, it turns out is a great cocksucker, Dean thought.Then she began to mouth fuck his cock….slowly riding her lips up and down; up and down.

He began to sigh; and closed his eyes to concentrate on her incredible oral skills. Lani continued sucking his hot dick for a few more minutes….then pulled off of it suddenly. His cock plopped out onto his abdomen.

Dean looked down at her serious face and asked…”Is there anything you desire?” She looked at him and replied, “I want to be fucked…I want to be Fucked……NOW!!!!”

Just the words he was looking to hear. He reached for her shoulders; and leaned her back on the bed. He then got around Lani’s supine body and knealt between her legs…gently pushing her knees a bit further apart.

Her pussy was still glistening from the earlier tongue-lashing he had given it. He leaned down, and kissed and licked her tender gash. She arched into him a bit. The tip of his tongue found her love-nub, and he gently assaulted it for a few seconds….Lani quivered with lust.

Dean then moved into position. He rubbed the tip of his prick along her sopping slit. She mewled with delight. He teased her cunt like that for a bit; drawing her anticipation to the royal fucking she was about to receive.

He then guided his phallic missile into the target. Her pussy practically sucked his throbbing member into her wet nest of sex. He slowly, slowly buried himself; until he felt his balls nudge against her ass. She moaned the moan of a contented woman, being well fucked.

Then Dean began to plow her cunt…short, deep slow strokes at first….then longer…faster…deeper strokes. Lani began to move her hips, thrusting up to match his rhythm.

It was hard to tell who was fucking who. He plunged his flesh saber into her cunt. She drove her wet snatch up into his pumping piston equally as hard.

As they both continued to pound each other…..the tell-tale signs of orgasm approached for each of them. His balls began to clench and tighten; her love canal began to flood with cum-juice….both drove to climax

“Yes…YES…..YESSSSS…I’M Cummmiiinggg”…..she wailed!! Her back arched….her hips bucked uncontrollably, and she screamed her release….”AnnnnGGGGhhhhh!!!……OH MY GOD!!!” “I’M FUCKING CUMMMMMMIINNNGGG!! and she exploded in a mind-blowing orgasm.

At the same time, his balls tightened and released a huge flood of semen into her sopping hole. “I’m Cummmiiinnggg!! he shouted.

His cock shot 5….no 6….no 7 huge jolts of jizz into her hole. When the last jet of cum ran out of his dick, he collapsed on top of Lani. It took both of them several minutes to return to Earth. They gasped and panted….then slowly…breathed deeply….and finally calmed to a quiet embrace. They both drifted off to sleep for a short nap. Arms and legs entertwined; both satiated. Both of these people knew how to give….and receive sexual pleasure.

When they awoke,peaceful and contented, Dean thought “This was going to be quite the arrangement. This woman is wonderful. Her husband knows she deserves this. I am all too happy to help her…..and me….have a great time.

Lani was thinking….This man is Wonderful. Where did he learn to be such a patient, considerate, energetic lover?? I love having this “treatment” every week!! Can we only do this once a week??

Dean was thinking…”Boy, I wish we could do this more than once a week.”….BUT…..a deal is a deal….and he didn’t want to ruin the arrangement with Richard.

Lani leaned over to kiss Dean…her eyes sparkled like polished rubies. They kissed deeply for several minutes. …enjoying the taste from each other’s lips. Then Lani got up; put a robe on; and left the room. Dean figured she went in to check on her husband.

Dean started to get dressed. A huge grin on his smug face. He just KNEW he was getting the best end of this deal. In the next bedroom, Richard saw the look on his wife’s face….He just KNEW he was getting the best end of this deal. He was making sure his beloved wife was happy and satisfied. Her happiness was really all he now cared about. He felt the deal was excellent for all of them , really. Richard might be ill….but he is also wise.

Lani padded back to the bedroom where Dean was getting up, the afternoon Sun, beaming thru her window, lighting the bed with brilliant light. She felt the tingle in her pussy;…..she just KNEW that she was getting the best of this deal. She still had a caring, compassionate, loving husband; and a wonderful lover to make her happy.

She handed Dean the envelope, with the money inside. She looked at Dean, and kissed him passionately….”I will see you again next Thursday.” she beamed.

“I can’t wait ” he replied. He looked out the window for a moment……It was a Great Day!!

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