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Rachel got to her feet, moving gracefully as always, and I followed her up the stairs, certain that the extra sway of her hips as she climbed was for my benefit. When we reached the bedroom, she was already pulling her t-shirt over her head, reaching behind her to unclasp her bra. She stepped out of her jeans, and looked at me expectantly. “Want to finish the job?”

I nodded eagerly, and she wagged a finger at me, grinning. “But you still have to wait till I’ve showered.”

“I promise,” I conceded, and knelt in front of her, slipping her panties down and placing a swift kiss on her stomach before stepping back again.

She stepped into the en-suite, sliding back the door of our spacious shower cubicle, and glanced over her shoulder. “Come and watch?”

“Of course.” I sat down, my eyes not leaving her body as she turned on the shower and let the hot water cascade over her. As water droplets splashed the door, and steam started to cover the glass, I could see her less clearly. “Wish I was in there with you.”

I heard her chuckle. “You’ll just have to imagine.”

The sound of the water changed, and her voice gave away the pleasure she was feeling as she directed the spray between her thighs. “Mm – nice, but not the same as you touching me.”

She returned the shower head to its holder and started to wash, the foam splattering on the tiles as it sluiced off her body. Finally she turned off the water, sliding the glass aside. “You look unbelievably sexy wet,” I ventured, holding out her towel.

Rachel grinned. “I promise – next time, you can come in the shower and we’ll see what happens.”

She patted her body dry, then towelled her hair. “Pass me a brush?”

When her hair was brushed out straight, but still damp, she draped the towel over the radiator and slipped past me with a smile, walking over to the bed and propping herself up on the pillows. “Now it’s your turn to undress.”

Her fingers strayed idly over her stomach as she watched me remove my clothes, finally dropping my boxer shorts on top of the pile. “I love how smooth you are,” she said. “Means nothing tickles me at just the wrong moment.”

I grinned. “Well, nothing that isn’t supposed to, anyway.”

I sat down on the edge of the bed and bent to kiss her gently on the lips. “Now, my love, what’s your pleasure?”

In answer she shifted position, kneeling in the centre of the bed with illegal bahis her back to me. She turned to look over her shoulder, an expression of anticipation on her face. “Let’s start like this and see what happens.”

I knelt behind her, wrapping my arms round her waist and burying my face in her still-damp hair, kissing the back of her neck. “Mm…”

She was still for a while, obviously enjoying being held, then I felt her hands gently taking hold of mine, moving them upwards. I cupped her breasts in my hands, feeling her nipples already hard against my palms, and moved my hips slightly so she could feel my length resting in the cleft of her bottom. She breathed out slowly, not quite a gasp but making her pleasure obvious.

After a few moments, I started to caress her breasts, my fingers brushing gently over each nipple, and she tipped her head back to rest on me, her mouth near my ear. “Mmm, that’s nice.”

I moved back slightly, and continued to stroke one breast while my other hand caressed her bottom, then explored slowly between her legs. I found warm wetness, and slid a finger inside her, prompting her to lean forward just a little. “Ah…” she breathed.

I slid my other hand down from her breast, over her stomach, starting to circle her clitoris with a fingertip while my other hand carried on exploring her from behind. As I’d expected, she brought her hands to her breasts, squeezing them and gently pinching her nipples, and I felt the subtle change in her body that signalled she was ready, waiting, wanting her climax.

“Ah-ah,” I murmured, gently moving my fingers away from her most intimate places and wrapping my arms around her again. “We’re not in a hurry, are we…?”

Rachel groaned in frustration, and I held her more tightly. “Soon, my love, I promise.”

She nodded, wrapping her arms over mine. “I know, darling.”

I moved back again, this time positioning my hard tip against her entrance and sliding in just a little way. She made a low sound of pleasure, and pushed her hips back against me, but I held back from entering her more deeply. “Not yet, my love – this is for you.”

I cupped one breast, and slid my free hand down to resume my touch on her clitoris. She gasped, and as I’d hoped, she started to squeeze her other breast and touch the nipple, sliding her left hand down to press my fingers more firmly against her. Again I felt her body illegal bahis siteleri begin to tense, and I breathed in her ear softly. “Yes, my love…”

Her climax when it arrived was not how I’d expected it to be. I felt her muscles tighten around me, but instead of the almost violent juddering of her body as pleasure overtook her, she tensed but remained almost still, the only indication of what she was feeling a soft, prolonged moan between parted lips. Finally she relaxed, her body feeling almost limp compared to the tension moments earlier, and I held her in my arms, my eyes closed.

She took a deep breath. “Wow. That was… not like anything else.”

I grinned, hugging her. “I’m glad, darling.”

She unwrapped my arms from her, and turned to kneel facing me. “Now, your turn.”

She lowered her head, and I made a low sound of pleasure as she took my erection into her mouth, using her tongue to taste the mixture of her own wetness from before, and the fluid that was leaking from me. She sat up again, her face dreamy, and took my hands, drawing me with her as she lay back on the bed. “Move up a little higher, darling.”

I straddled her with my knees, and she drew me down to her, kissing me on my chest then darting her lips first to one nipple, then the other. “I know how much you like this…”

She began to pleasure me in earnest, moving her tongue between my nipples and using her fingertips on both, then every so often suckling me softly, drawing her tongue over me as though enjoying an ice cream.

I groaned, flexing my hips so that I was pressing against her stomach. “I’m getting pretty close, darling – do you want me in you yet?”

She shook her head without speaking, and I raised my eyebrows, wondering what she had in mind. Just when I thought I couldn’t hold back any longer, Rachel put her hands flat on my chest and pushed me steadily back up to a kneeling position. She put her hands on either side of my erection, moving her palms gently but insistently, and I saw a satisfied smile curve her lips as I cried out, spurting sticky fluid onto her stomach and breasts.

She used her fingers to spread the slippery liquid around, then deliberately fixed her eyes on my face as she put each finger in turn into her mouth. “Mmm.”

She put her hands on my shoulders and drew me down onto her, then closed her eyes with the expression of a cat that had canlı bahis siteleri most definitely got the cream. I watched as her breathing gradually slowed, and she slept.

I smiled to myself, and reached over to the bedside table to dim the lights, then pillowed my head beside my lover’s.

Some indefinite time later, I opened my eyes, finding Rachel looking up at me. “Mmm,” she murmured. “I love sleeping with your weight on me, it feels so… safe, so satisfying.”

She stretched luxuriantly beneath me. “Only one thing would make this any more perfect.”

“Whatever you want, darling,” I promised. “Are you hungry? Want me to get you something?”

Rachel shook her head, and lowered her eyes almost shyly. “What I want… is, when I go to sleep again, to have you lying on me like before, but this time you’ll have put your stuff right in me, and I’ll be thinking that maybe I’ll be pregnant, right now, tonight.”

Again her words sent a jolt through me, almost like an electric shock, and she smiled as she saw my eyes widen. “Want that?”

I nodded wordlessly, and I felt the gentle pressure of her hands on my shoulders. I slid downwards slowly until I was between her already-parted thighs, feeling myself hardening again as I looked at her breasts, her smooth stomach, the expression of anticipation on her face.

She answered my questioning look with an almost imperceptible nod, and I pressed my tip against her entrance, then flexed my hips, sliding into her smoothly. She tilted her head back, breathing out slowly, lifting her hips to meet me. Then she lifted her head again, wrapping her legs around mine. “Go for it, my love.”

I started to move in her, and each time I reached the end of a stroke, she moaned softly between her lips. As I increased the pace of my thrusts, her moans turned into quiet cries, then louder ones, and she bit her lip, then gasped. “Darling, I think I might…”

Before she could finish her sentence, I felt the unmistakable sensation of her muscles rippling around me and her words became incoherent. Even as her climax took her, I moved more insistently and felt myself tip over the edge, spurting deep into her body as she’d anticipated.

Finally we both collapsed, still entwined, panting. “Oh – my – goodness,” managed Rachel, a thin sheen of perspiration on her face, her breasts.

I nodded. “Thank you, my love.”

I lowered myself onto her, pillowing my head on her breasts. “Now for the last part of your wish, my love…”

“Mmm,” came the sleepy answer, and my last waking memory was of the tiniest twinge of regret as I finally softened and slipped out of her body…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32