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Three Sons (Part 4)

Kathryn M. Burke

Over the next several weeks, James noticed that Jenny was looking a bit . . . tired. So he rounded up his brothers and gave them a stern lecture.

“Do you have sex with her every night you’re with her?” he demanded of Peter.

“Well, sure,” Peter said defensively. “I only have her twice a week—maybe three times, if we get together on a Sunday.”

“How about you?” James asked Daniel.

“Yes,” Daniel said in a small voice. “I—I just have to have her.”

“Well, so do I. So that means she’s getting it six or seven nights a week—not to mention other times when we feel like poking her. That’s a lot for a woman who hasn’t had regular sex for two years. We may have to ease up on her.”

“I don’t want to!” Peter cried. “I love her!”

“We all love her. But she’s been saying we should try to find girls of our own age. We’re going to have to, in the long run. I mean, we can’t marry Mom, can we?”

“Of course not,” Daniel said.

“I don’t know any girls my own age,” Peter said resentfully. “It’s not as if they just walk into the store and say, ‘Here I am.'” Like Mrs. Stevenson—who certainly isn’t a girl of my own age, and who’s already married.

“You gotta go and find them, Peter,” James insisted. “And it shouldn’t be hard for you, Danny, to find some. Your campus must be swarming with nice girls.”

“I guess it is,” Daniel said, “but I’ve been so busy with classes that it’s hard to focus on that. After all, Mom is right here, and we can have her anytime.”

“That’s just it,” James said. “It shouldn’t be this easy. Getting a girl—really winning her over, not just having her for a bit of fun—is hard work. And it takes time.”

All the brothers agreed in principle that James was right—but they were still hesitant to follow his advice. It was going to be pretty hard to find someone as perfectly suited to them as their mother.

But then, at least as far as Daniel was concerned, a possibility suddenly opened up.

By now it was second semester of Daniel’s freshman year, and he found himself in an Introduction to Western History class. There was such a large amount of ground to cover in the class that he quickly found himself overwhelmed with names, dates, and concepts that he wasn’t all that familiar with. But amidst his floundering he also noticed a girl, Tara O’Brien, who seemed to know more than the rest of the class put together. And even though she seemed somewhat shy, she soon became the teacher’s pet, as the professor (a crusty old guy who was getting close to retirement) kept calling on her almost to the exclusion of everyone else.

One day after class was over at 3 p.m., Daniel summoned up the nerve to talk to her.

“You’re really smart!” he blurted out almost directly into her ear as she was passing by him.

Tara jumped a little, not expecting this stranger to speak to her. But then she turned toward Daniel and gave him a broad smile that immediately melted his heart.

He gazed at her for a few seconds. There was a freshness, a purity, an innocence that he found utterly endearing. She was about five foot six, with wavy shoulder-length blond hair that framed a pale but rosy-cheeked face; and the rest of her wasn’t bad either, with generous curves at breast and bottom (as Daniel noticed with a series of covert glances). She wasn’t exactly slender, but she seemed perfectly proportioned. And, as is natural with all healthy men, he indulged in the momentary fantasy of wondering what it might be like to take this girl to bed.

Tara had blushed at Daniel’s compliment, and now she looked down at the floor. “Oh, I’m not really that smart.”

“Sure you are!” Daniel said. “You already seem to know everything!”

Her blush deepened. “I wouldn’t say that. It’s just that—well, I picked up a lot of this stuff in high school. Not as part of a class, but for fun.”

Daniel had trouble imagining someone boning up on history “for fun”—but it takes all kinds! He licked his lips, hoping he would have the courage to—

“Do you think you could help me?” he said pleadingly. “I’m really all at sea here.”

She smiled benevolently at him. “Sure, I’ll be glad to help.”

“How about right now? Do you have another class?”

“No, I’m free now. We could go to the library—”

“Um, I was hoping we could go to my house.”

There was an awkward silence. “Your—your house?” Tara stammered.

“Yeah. I only live a few blocks from campus. It’s my family home. My mom and my brothers live there with me.”

That seemed to reassure Tara, so she said, “Okay.”

In the short walk to his house, Daniel managed to tease out a little more about this wondrous creature. She was an only child, and her family lived in a town in the far eastern corner of the state called Olean. She actually expressed envy of Daniel for having brothers: she wished she had some siblings, since being her parents’ only offspring put a lot of pressure on her to succeed.

Hearing Tara chatter away in maltepe escort her soft, high voice, seemingly so diffident but with an undercurrent of strength and determination, was making Daniel quickly feel something he’d never felt before. He was definitely smitten.

They came to the house, and Daniel opened the door and let Tara in. The place was deserted, and only then did Daniel explain that his two brothers and his mom worked at various full-time jobs and wouldn’t be home till close to 6 p.m.

Tara looked spooked, and almost felt she had been tricked. She’d expected other people to be home.

“We can study at the dining table, if you like,” Daniel said, to try to get her to calm down.

That seemed like a safe enough thing to do, so she dumped her heavy winter coat on a hatrack just inside the front door and then dumped her backpack on the dining table. For the next hour or so they actually did do a lot of studying—or, rather, Tara patiently taught Daniel the basics of how to study history. It really wasn’t all about memorizing names and dates; that was old-fashioned. You had to understand broad trends and patterns.

“You’re so smart,” Daniel said in genuine admiration. “And beautiful too.”

Tara really blushed when he said that, and she made a point of ignoring it. “You’re smart too, Daniel. Maybe you just don’t realize it.”

All of a sudden Tara noticed the bookshelf that contained his mom’s collection of classical LPs.

“Wow, look at that!” she cried, jumping up to examine them.

“You like classical music?” he said.

“Sure. I’m in the college choir. I’ve been singing for a long time.”

“You must be a soprano.”

“How’d you guess?” And she gave him that heart-rending smile.

“I could just tell.”

Tara picked a recording that Daniel himself had never heard—some Renaissance choral work by someone named Palestrina. When Tara carefully put the record on the turntable, the music began at once. It sounded pretty odd, but lovely in its way. As Tara sat primly on the sofa (the very one where Jenny had serviced all three boys in succession) with eyes closed, Daniel just gazed at her in unaffected admiration.

She really was lovely—but so different in her loveliness from his mother that he wondered anew at the incredible variety of female beauty. Remembering what James had told him long ago about how he had first become intimate with Mom, Daniel bent over and, without touching her in any other way, he planted a delicate kiss on her mouth.

Tara’s eyes popped open. There was an expression of surprise, even of faint alarm, on her face.

“Sorry,” Daniel muttered. “I couldn’t help myself.”

“That’s okay,” Tara said after a pause. But she wasn’t giving him the smile that Daniel hoped to see.

For a while they sat quietly on the sofa, just listening to the music. After many minutes, Tara finally leaned over and rested her head on Daniel’s shoulder, and he ventured to place an arm lightly around her back. He almost thought Tara had fallen asleep—but he could see her chest rise and fall somewhat irregularly. She definitely wasn’t asleep.

So he made bold to raise her chin gently and give her another kiss.

This kiss lasted a long time—and in the midst of it Tara, almost in spite of herself, snaked her arms around Daniel’s neck. For a full minute that kiss went on: it seemed like an eternity. Tara at last broke it off, now placing her head on Daniel’s chest and heaving a little sigh.

But then, to his surprise, she began giving his neck some tiny kisses, almost as if she was trying to get a sense of the texture and contours of that part of his body. Eventually she reached his cheek, and then she put a hand on his face and gave him another long kiss.

This was more forceful than the soft, fluttering kiss they had exchanged earlier. And it impelled Daniel to take further action.

His arms were now holding Tara tightly around her midsection. Slowly, infinitesimally slowly, he slid one hand down her thigh and came to the hem of her knee-length wool skirt. She was so intent on kissing him that she didn’t notice how his hand slipped under the skirt and worked its way back up her thigh to where her legs met. He came upon her panties, and she unconsciously parted her legs to allow him access. He could already feel a lot of wetness in the crotch, and he moved the panties aside and placed a hand on her sex.

Now, all of a sudden, she realized what was happening. There was an intense conflict about whether she should object to this radical advance in intimacy or just give way to the sensation. She did a little of both, moaning softly and also squeezing her legs together. But that only had the effect of pinning Daniel’s hand to her pussy, and he was still able to stimulate her labia and clitoris in a way that caused her to pour out her juices onto his fingers. Now she broke off the kiss and buried her head in Daniel’s neck, opening her legs and letting him do what he wished.

In a matter of minutes her moans turned into sharp, almost strangled escort maltepe cries as little shudders coursed through her frame. She gasped and sighed and panted as this unexpected orgasm radiated from her sex all over her body, and Daniel even felt a few tears squeezed out of her eyes.

Then, as if overcome with shame, she pushed Daniel’s hand away and thrust herself away from him, scooting away from him and covering her face with her hands.

She was still trembling, and Daniel was afraid to touch her. At last she calmed down—but then she did something that didn’t entirely surprise him.

Tara leaped up from the sofa, cried “I gotta go!” and, snatching up her backpack and coat, fled from the house.

Daniel was pensive all through dinner. It was only when he was in bed with Mom—it was his turn to be with her that night—that, after a pretty intense session of vaginal sex, he broke the news.

“Mom, I met a girl,” he said.

“Did you?” Jenny said, breathing heavily and staring up at the ceiling. Her bare breasts were heaving—not entirely differently from the way Tara’s had done that afternoon.

“Yeah. She’s in my class. She’s real smart—and pretty too.”

“That’s nice, dear.”

“I brought her over here.”

“Oh, you did?” She seemed minimally more interested, raising her eyebrows and looking over at her son.

“Yeah.” Then, after a pause: “She’s a virgin, Mom.”

Jenny’s expression turned into a frown of disapproval. “How do you know that?”

“I, um, felt her up—and there was that barrier that you girls have.”

“I’m not a girl, dear—and that ‘barrier’ is called a hymen. I’ve not had mine for a long, long time.”

“You know what I mean. She still has hers.”

“Well, then, she sure is a virgin. What were you doing feeling her up so soon? You must have just met her.”

“I guess so. But we were listening to music, and she seemed to get into a kind of dreamy state, and so we started kissing, and then I—”

“Yes, I know, you felt her up. I hope you did more than that.”

“Sure, I made her come. She liked that. At least, I think she did. But then she—well, she ran away.”

“Ran away?”

“I guess she was nervous, or maybe embarrassed. If she’s a virgin, she may feel shy about coming in the presence of a guy—even the guy who made her come.”

“I can understand that feeling. So that’s all that happened?”

“Yeah. I kinda wish she’d—you know . . .”

“Done you?”

“Well, sure! I mean, it’s natural to want it back if you’ve done it to someone else, isn’t it?”

“You need to be patient with her. If she’s as inexperienced as you seem to think, it may take her a while to feel comfortable doing more stuff with you.”

“I know that.”

“And don’t you dare force her to do anything!”

“I’d never do that to her, Mom—or to any girl.”

“That’s good. I’m just telling you to go slow.”

It became clear that Daniel was getting excited thinking about his possible future activities with Tara, and so he asked his mom if he could go into her bottom. She complied, but wasn’t entirely happy with the thought that while doing her he was actually thinking of another female.


The next day at class, Tara sat as far away from him as possible and did everything she could not to cast even a glance in his direction.

Daniel understood her discomfiture, but that didn’t mean he liked it. He really wanted this girl! And not just for sex—in many other ways as well.

He had to wait till after class to collar her, even though she seemed on the verge of bolting from the place. He had to restrain her with a hand placed on her arm.

“Um, you left in kind of a hurry,” he said.

She still refused to look at him, staring down at the floor. But she found herself unable to speak what was clearly running through her mind. I shouldn’t have let you do what you did.

“I’d like to do more studying, if that’s okay with you,” Daniel went on.

Now at last she turned her face to him. “Really?” she said, giving just a hint of that exquisite smile of hers. “Just that?”

“Sure, just that,” he said.

But, as they made their slow way to his house and talked on neutral subjects, he knew that what they’d done the previous afternoon could never be wiped from their memories. And he had a feeling there would be more to come.

They dutifully studied for an hour or so, and Daniel really felt as if he was finally “getting” what history was all about. At one point he looked over to Tara and said admiringly, “You’re a really good teacher!” She gave her characteristic blush and looked down at her hands, muttering an almost inaudible “Thank you.”

Daniel continued to gaze at his “girl” (as he already thought of her). Maybe I have things to teach you too.

Sure enough, after the informal lesson Tara’s eyes began to shine and she led Daniel over to the sofa. But just as she was about to sit down on it, Daniel said:

“Why don’t we go to my bedroom?”

The mere word “bedroom” caused Tara’s eyes to grow big, maltepe escort bayan and the blood seemed to drain from her face. But then that gleam in her eyes came back, and she said, “Okay.”

They made their way upstairs. The second floor consisted of nothing but four bedrooms and a bathroom. The biggest one, Jenny’s, had the king-size bed, which Tara glanced it in wonderment before turning away, embarrassed. Daniel opened one of the three other doors and led Tara in.

This room was a lot smaller than the master bedroom, and so the queen-size bed took up most of the space. Tara gazed at it with mingled alarm and excitement as a thought flashed through her mind: Will this be the place where I . . .?

There wasn’t really any other place to sit or lie down, so she climbed onto the bed and lay there, fully clothed, staring up at the ceiling.

Daniel, aware that she was probably full of butterflies, lay down next to her. At first he did nothing but gaze benevolently at her; then he gently took her in his arms, gradually lifting her so that she was on top of him. Tara had already been in this position on the sofa downstairs, so she didn’t totally freak out; and now, looking down at Daniel’s handsome and kindly face, she suddenly began plastering it with kisses.

Daniel did his best to respond, but he couldn’t stop his hands from straying. This time Tara seemed fully aware of what he was doing, and she was actually rubbing her abdomen over his groin, where she felt some large, hose-like object hardening under her. And when Daniel raised up her skirt and placed a hand on her underwear, then peeled off those panties and touched her bare flash as he’d done two days before, she welcomed the contact eagerly.

Her climax came quickly, as she writhed and shivered and moaned under Daniel’s tender but forceful touch. Her face was now a bright crimson, and her eyes shone even more vividly than before. As her paroxysm subsided, Daniel said:

“Was that nice, Tara?”

She could only nod enthusiastically.

After a slight pause he said: “Would you like to, um, reciprocate?”

A look of fear passed over her face. “I—I don’t know how.”

He was touched by her naïveté. “There’s nothing to it. I’ll show you.”

And, to her surprise, he gently slid out from under her and began undressing.

“You don’t have to take your clothes off!” she burst out.

“It’s better if I do,” he said. “You must know guys make a mess.”

She watched with open mouth his removal of one piece of clothing after another; and when at last he freed his member from its confinement from his boxer briefs, she clapped both hands over her face.

“Omigod!” she whispered. “It’s so big!”

“I guess it’s pretty big,” he admitted. “But you’ll manage.”

She almost drew away from him as he climbed back into bed and lay down on his back. But the fascination of his naked body—especially that enormous organ that now lay exposed to her gaze—was too much for her. At first she extended only a single finger to touch it, stroking the length of its shaft; then she tried to use thumb and forefinger to raise it up to an upright position. But it took more effort to do that than she expected, so she had to use her entire hand for the job.

She clutched the base with one hand, and then put her other hand on top of it. Even so, several inches of his member still protruded. But she was transported by the incredible feel of the thing—both hard (the shaft itself) and soft (the incredibly tender skin), with the strange knobby head sticking up pertly and the large scrotum beneath.

“What do I do now?” she asked in a high, little-girl voice.

“Just pump it up and down. Start slow, then speed up.”

Frowning a little and biting her lower lip in concentration, she addressed her task as if it was a pop quiz that she wasn’t fully prepared for. She found it easier to use only one hand for the purpose, resting the other hand on Daniel’s chest for balance. Just as she was instructed, she began slowly but increased the tempo as she saw Daniel becoming more an more agitated. All through the operation he was staring fixedly at her, his expression full of an intense longing for release.

Before she was ready for it, a huge dollop of his emission spurted about a foot in the air, causing her to squeal and stop her pumping. But as she saw that more of the stuff was forcing its way out of that little opening at the tip, she kept on with her work, and was rewarded with several more thick strands of come shooting out of his cock, landing hotly on his belly or cascading down the cock itself and coating her fingers.

When at last he seemed finished, she gazed at the white drops with a kind of awe, especially those that had landed on her hand. Tentatively she brought the hand up to her lips and licked up a tiny bit of come with her tongue.

She grimaced at the unusual taste. “So salty!” she cried.

“Yeah, it’s pretty salty,” he said.

“Why is it salty?”

“I have no idea. You’d have to ask a biologist.”

For a while she was content to look at the mess on Daniel’s abdomen. Then, in an abrupt gesture, she snatched up some Kleenex from the nightstand and mopped it all up. This is the stuff that could make me pregnant! she thought to herself, and shuddered.

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