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Note: ——I am NOT the author! There are several authors actually, I’m not so certain that any one of them is the creator, but I know it’s not me. I am simply sharing this lovely story with all of you because I have not seen it on here. Now originally it was all going to be 9 parts, but… Someone said the first one was too long, so I’ve decided to split all of these up into smaller posts. I thought I’d try a different look and sentence structure for this chapter, please let me know how you guys like it. ENJOY———

Tim, the Teenage Part Nineteen By: Rass Senip

+++ Chapter V: 9th Grade, Spring 1986 – The North Mansion Part 6 – Winding Up Another School Year (mfm)

During the next two months, things started to come together at school, and at home. My mother and I spent the weekends at my father’s north mansion, but we stayed at our house during the week. My mother said it was easier for her to live there while she worked, and she wasn’t about to quit her job. Joey and Suzi were unable to be with me during the weekends since their place was to be with their parents, not with me. And it would have been a bit suspicious for Suzi to spend all her weekends with Joey and me. We weren’t happy about the situation, but we spent enough time together during the week that it somewhat made up for it.

The twins were still too drained from the night before to go shopping with us like we had hoped. My father promised if they wished to go shopping, we would arrange it. But the twins and I didn’t want to go without Suzi, so we waited. I became more and more familiar with the north mansion. I even started exploring the south wing.

My father was right about the south wing being nearly identical to the north wing, and he never did explain why he had the south one added to my mother’s original mansion like that. The south wing housed a good two thirds of the servants. He insisted that the slaves have just as pleasant and elegant rooms as he had in the north wing, minus a few things such as the crystal dinning hall and the like. This concern over the living conditions of his slaves didn’t seem to fit in his personality. I suspected it was one of my mother’s effects on him during his own slavery.

There were other… differences in the south wing that made me conclude the south wing was from a darker side of my father’s personality. From the minds of a few of the slaves I learned of how some people enjoy the sexual torture of themselves and others. Apart from a few common devices found at any adult goods store, the north wing did not contain any torture equipment of any kind. The south wing’s guest quarters were filled with them. I didn’t venture to the south wings very often.

I became a little more comfortable around my mother’s nudity, as she did of mine. My father became less of a monster to me and more of a.. friend I suppose. I didn’t trust his judgment when it concerned people, but he did know considerably a lot about business, and he even taught me a few things about my own capabilities.

My father’s abilities were limited compared to my mother’s and my own. But he had obtained somewhat of a name for himself within a circle of other Masters and Mistresses. Any one of them could have enslaved my father for their own purposes. But he had developed the method of storing more than one person’s memories and personalities within a mind, thus creating a niche for himself that made him too important to allow any single Master to control. Because my father wasn’t a threat to those who requested his services, he was simply allowed to live as he wished, and later became very respected for his business sense.

By the time I met him, he was rarely ever called upon for his memory storage services. My father had become a very powerful man in the world of finance, and was frequently called upon to cover up other’s mistakes in that respect. The twins and I became very close. I was even beginning to understand their mode of communication at their level. And they even started to teach me more about my own empathic talents. I could never be as powerful as they were since they had developed their skills over their entire lives. And plus the fact that there were two of them.

My mother mentioned to my father in front of the twins and I that we were like brother and sisters in many ways. That got the twins really excited, and they wanted to have sex that instant. I cooled their jets when I explained that if we were really brother and sisters, I could never have sex with them again. But my mother’s words never left me, and from then on, I did look at them as being somewhat my sisters. I was certainly very protective of them like they were.

Without Joey and Suzi on the weekends, the twins and I did play around in the sex department, but I certainly didn’t want to have intercourse. Even though I trusted their motives, I didn’t trust my own. It could quickly become… addicting. I had got caught up in my school work immediately following that first weekend at the north mansion. One of the things I learned from my father was how to copy specific knowledge from a person without kocaeli escort necessarily copying the experiences that had shaped that knowledge.

Within one day, I was able to copy the knowledge from my classmates into my own mind, which allowed me to do the homework with ease. It wasn’t really cheating since I still had to do the work. It was just incredibly easy to do the work. And the math test was like taking one meant for a second grader. I quickly learned whose minds to scan in each of my classes to get the most out of my scanning efforts.

When I explained all of this to Higgs, he clearly felt it wasn’t fair to the other students. They had done the work in learning, and I was taking an unfair shortcut at their expense. This troubled me a little. I still didn’t feel I was cheating, but I was taking something without paying for it. I asked Higgs if there was a way I could make it up to the people I scanned, and this started a whole new enterprise of my skills.

Instead of taking the knowledge of the students who were doing well in each of my classes, I became somewhat of a tutor for those who were not doing so well. Once a week me and the five students with the lowest grades in each of my classes would go up to the “advanced tutorial classroom” on the third floor.

During the first month I actually did do some tutoring while I scanned their minds, copied the knowledge for myself, and then shared that with the rest. But I was basically having to learn everything for myself anyway. The knowledge I obtained from the scans was never totally accurate or complete. This resulted in having to share more of what I already knew than what I was receiving. In other words, I was doing a lot more work than ever before. And most of my classmates who I tutored were rather rough characters to begin with. Not all, but most. My teachers had strong doubts that I would be able to help any of them, but Higgs convinced them all in trying it for a few weeks.

My own difficulties were mostly maintaining order during the tutor sessions and keeping the appearance that what we were doing in those tutor sessions was actually responsible for their improvement. After the third week, both the teachers and the classmates I was tutoring truly believed I was helping them. But by the fifth week, I was tired of doing all of the work. I decided it was time to start using my talents to get back to the original purpose of my efforts: making my life easier. I first made each of my tutorees unable to reveal anything concerning my abilities to anyone.

Once I had done that, I leveled with them. I explained that I was tired of keeping up the sham tutoring lessons, and it would be a lot easier on everyone if I gave everyone of them the… motivation as I called it, to learn the materials, and as a reward they could goof off during the time we were supposedly tutoring. Included in the deal was my own free access to any of the knowledge they obtained.

The first five thought I had gone bonkers after telling them this, but I convinced them. I asked them whether any of them could recite in alphabetical order all fifty states and their capitals. It had been a game my mother had played with me when I was little. Since none of them could, I explained I was about to give them the knowledge, and did so. All five at the same time recited it back to me, and then they all agreed. For the rest of my tutorees, I first did the fifty state demonstration before I explained the deal. Everyone agreed.

Higgs later told me that the tutor sessions would have to be every other week, since every week was too much class time for those students to miss. We worked out a compromise which worked better for me anyway. I still got out of class once a week, but alternated five students every week. So instead of five students in each class to scan, I had ten, and this way I always got whatever was covered on the day I wasn’t in class.

After two more weeks with this arrangement, I found myself still having to play baby-sitter too much, so I gave them all an ultimatum. Either use the time as a study hall and later help me and Joey in our drawing stuff, or they would be back in the regular class with no memory of anything but tutoring. They would still be motivated to keep their grades up, they just wouldn’t get any shared knowledge. I still retained the right to scan them no matter what. Less than half of them went back to class.

The next stage was getting Joey out of class at the same times as I was. We had made the second storeroom the tutoring room just as planned. Higgs, Joey, and I decided to make Joey another supposed tutor, and set up a third storeroom for that purpose. With my two to four students per class being up in the tutor room with me, we decided to work Joey’s the exact same way, minus the month of bogus tutoring. Just as Joey and I were beginning to work out the bugs in our joint linking for drawing the symbols, school politics threw a kink in the works.

Our tutoring program worked too well. Teachers, and even a few parents, demanded that there be a tutoring program available for each kocaeli escort bayan class, and not just limited to the freshmen classes. Higgs, Joey and I spent nearly two weeks before figuring out some kind of solution, during which our drawing project was put on hold. All six storerooms were converted to tutoring sessions.

Joey, Suzi, and I were upset about loosing our private room, especially since we had just got it all fixed up. We left the carpeting in, but our new sofa and refrigerator had to be taken to my father’s south mansion. We had been so busy getting things ready, the three of us hadn’t even used the pullout bed. After much debating with Higgs, he finally agreed that the only way this would work without complete chaos erupting would be for me to miss class all week while I supposedly instructed each tutor session how I had worked it.

Every hour of every day each of the six rooms had a tutor and tutorees. Every teacher was given the opportunity to request a tutor session for each of their class periods, but only if they had students who truly needed it. Naturally, there were teachers who requested it for all of their classes, teachers who requested it for some of their classes, and there were teachers who did not request any at all. Somehow we managed to work out a schedule where they all had a tutoring room assigned to them rotating every eleven school days.

So for a little over two weeks, I was busy randomly picking out students in the tutor groups and ‘motivating’ them to do better. It took a whole month before the tutoring program began loosing its popularity. The students I had motivated stayed that way, and those who I hadn’t, well, maybe they were helped a little, but not enough to make up for the class time lost.

The school year ended two months after the tutoring program began. Higgs, Joey, and I had worked out a better idea, and announced that the tutoring sessions were not responsible for those students whose grades had improved. It was the study skills I had been showing people that was truly responsible. Our new program for next year was set up so any teacher could schedule a student to work with Joey and me every other week during their class time.

This gave us the opportunity to use these students for our symbol drawing project, without having more students than we actually could use hanging around. And each student who agreed to do the drawing received a motivation booster that lasted two weeks. The ones in our classes who allowed us to scan their knowledge stayed motivated all the time. Things did work out for the better. We not only got our room back, but now had the other rooms if we needed them. They even had air conditioning put in each one. We had the carpeting replaced in our ‘private’ room, made another one an office, and a third we made our drawing room.

The other three rooms were left for special school uses, so we had to cover the windows on our doors to retain privacy. The best part of the whole deal was the means to schedule anyone from any grade to join our ‘study’ group with a simple suggestion from me. Except for a few heavy making out sessions with a blow job from Suzi here and there, the three of us hadn’t had any sex since that weekend at my father’s north mansion. But we corrected that oversight on the last day of the school year.

Joey, Suzi, and I were picked up by the convertible limo to the awe of many of our school mates. As we pulled out of the school’s lot, I felt a hand slipping into my shorts and grasp my already hard dick. I turned towards Suzi and immediately gave her ear a good tongue bath while my right hand slipped under her top and bra to tweak her nipples. Suzi had to let go of Joey’s dick while Joey slipped down off the seat and worked himself between her legs. While Joey pulled her shorts down, Suzi and I were busy pulling each other’s shirts off.

As the top finished closing above us, I released Suzi’s breasts from their confinement. Suzi moaned as Joey’s tongue flicked back and forth over her clit. While I started my own tongue work on her nipples, Suzi’s hand stopped straining to reach my dick. After a few minutes of Joey’s and my oral loving, Suzi slid down into a laying position, pulling me with her. Joey, finding his access cut off, helped take my shorts and underwear off before stripping himself.

As my dick slipped into her well lubed vagina, Suzi hands grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled them apart. Joey understood her message, shucking a wad of spit onto my ass hole which he immediately began working in with his fingers. I slowly pumped my cock in and out of Suzi, fucking myself on Joey’s fingers at the same time. I was so aroused that Joey managed to slip three, and finally even four fingers in which made me cum hard. My wiggling and moaning sent Suzi over the edge, and she came a moment after I did.

Joey indicated to Suzi to scoot forward out from under me. While I buried my face into her freshly fucked mound, Joey got on top of me and pressed his dick against my hole. The three of us moaned as Joey penetrated my ass hole, but we soon found our positions izmit escort somewhat restricting our enjoyment. Joey dick made a popping sound as it came out, I got on my hands and knees, then Suzi crawled under me. After several minutes of positioning pillows so Suzi and I could be comfortable at each others crotches, Joey reentered my rectum with ease and began madly fucking my shit hole.

Between Suzi’s lips at my dick, and Joey’s dick up my ass, the only thing I could do at Suzi’s muff was moan and rub my face in it. Suzi wasn’t at all unpleased with this, saying later feeling my moans inside her like that aroused her as much as watching Joey’s balls slap against my ass. I felt Joey’s pace quicken suddenly, then he shoved his dick in even farther as I felt his dick swell and shoot. At the same time, Suzi applied an incredible amount of suction to my prick, and was rewarded by my screams of ecstasy and a mouth full of cum which she gulped down.

Joey was still pumping away at my back door even though he had already cum once. I was becoming more aware of the discomfort of my bodies position after having satisfied my lust. Suzi had worked my balls into her mouth which provided me enough stimulation to dive my face back into her muff and go to town. But my spread legs and knees reached the point where I had to ask them to let me lay down or something. I figured they would want to fuck each other, but for some reason they had other ideas.

I was on my back with my legs spread way apart as Joey continued to pound his prick into my ass. Suzi was sitting on my face, then moved forward so she could french Joey as I fondled her breasts and ate her out. We all moaned as Joey exploded inside me again. Suzi moved out to the way when Joey collapsed on top of me. Joey jumped when Suzi’s fingers started to rub his own rose, accidentally pulling out of me in the process. I pulled Joey up to me and started frenching him, feeling his hardon grow beside my own.

The limo pulled into the south mansion’s drive at that point, so we more or less stopped at that point. But ten minutes after that, we were all in the shower soaping each other up. Joey and I were hard again, and it didn’t take long for Suzi to take advantage of that. She impaled herself with Joey’s rod and proceeded to hump him as he stood there.

I couldn’t decide which of them I wanted to fuck, so I got down on my knees and started fingering both their asses. Joey’s ass hole let me in first, but Suzi’s nearly swallowed my knuckle while she orgasmed from my penetration. Suzi forced Joey to lay down, making my decision for me on whose ass I was going to pound. Suzi was humping Joey like a bitch in heat. Her pace was frantic and made it impossible to enter her from behind. But after they both came, Suzi slowed down and I was able to lock onto my target and launch my single missle. Suzi’s energy was fairly spent as I slapped my thighs against her ass, but her tightness was all I needed to get off. I came in her ass, then sank down to the floor beside them, panting from the excursion of it all.

“Hey, Tim?”

“Yeah Joey?”

“Do you think you could get it up again to fuck my ass?”

“I don’t know Joey. I think I’m all fucked out.”

“Hey, Suzi? Do you think that strap on… Suzi? Shit, Tim. She’s asleep.”

“Would you really let her use the strap on? It’s huge.”

“Tim, I’m so hard that it hurts. And it’s your fault. Sticking your finger up my ass, and not finishing the job.”

“Shit, Joey. You’re becoming as big of a slut and Suzi.”

“I am NOT a slut!” Suzi said with her eyes closed.

“Why did you pretend to be asleep?” Joey asked.

“Because you would have gotten up, and I’m enjoying your hardness inside of me too much. Ohh!…” she said as Joey pulsed it for her.

“Ohh!!” Joey echoed her as I simulated the same thing in his ass.

Joey squirmed and wiggled as I started the virtual butt fuck. Even though I wasn’t actually pounding in and out of him, Joey’s body still rocked with my mental thrusts. Suzi wasn’t at all disturbed, finding his dick pulsing inside her with every cycle of my imaginary humping. Joey’s legs spread wide as my invisible cock exploded inside him, and his own member joined my phantom dick in shooting its load. Joey moaned into Suzi’s mouth, then rolled her over to promptly enter her ass for a quick fuck. He barely did twelve strokes before he shuttered and collapsed, and it was his turn to fake sleep, feeling my imaginary cock still hard and with in him.

“Well,” she said a few minutes later as she rolled Joey’s limp body off her back. “I think that was worth waiting for, don’t you?”

I nodded my head, stood up, and turned off the water which was turning cold. I helped Suzi up and we dried each other off, then we tried to talk Joey into getting out. After his refusing to answer us and fainting sleep, I picked him up and carried him with difficulty to our bedroom. When I laid him down, his eyes were still closed, but he couldn’t cover up his huge grin, or his restored woody. Suzi and I just looked at each other and shrugged. We spent the rest of the afternoon in bed, holding each other, watching TV, and sharing our love in a gentle and sensual way. That’s what I had been waiting for.

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