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Knowing you’ve been having a rough week and today being particularly difficult at work, I drop by your house for the first time, unannounced.

You hear a rap on your door. Not expecting anyone, you take your time opening it. You are surprised to see me but not really pleasantly. “Hi handsome!” I say in a much too chipper tone after the day you’ve had and a huge smile that is eating away at your bad mood very so slightly. We stand there in silence for a moment, me giving you time to process as you are taking in the sight of me standing there, at your house! In short shorts, a tight tank top, which is hardly containing my breasts, and sandals, with my hair pulled up in a soft ponytail.

“May I come in?” I ask after a moment, a wicked smile on my face.

“What are you doing here?” you sound annoyed.

“I know you’ve had a difficult day, I’m here to try to cheer you up, give me just a few minutes please.” I almost beg.

“I’m not in the mood to be cheered up.” You sound even more annoyed. You look a me and I wonder if you are annoyed because of how I’m dressed but you finally relent and move aside allowing me to walk past you inside.

I’ve imagined what your place looks like hundreds of times but actually being inside is different, intimate even.

You motion for me to sit on the couch and you take your place in a nice overstuffed chair. Not in the mood for small talk your eyes go back to the TV show you were watching before I so rudely interrupted. Not wanting to upset you further I fix my eyes on the show but I can see you occasionally look over at me. We watch for several minutes, then, without your eyes leaving the screen you snap, “How is this suppose to cheer me up?”

I give a small smile and ask, “Do you trust me?”

You just look at me blankly. I hop up, point a finger at you to signal one moment and open the door again. I walk out and right back in and shutting the door behind me but this time I’m carrying a large padded square object.

“What is that?” you ask.

I chuckle but don’t respond. Instead I bring it to the center of the room, unlatch two snaps securing it, unfold and set up a mobile massage table.

You laugh but there is no humor in your voice. “Not happening!”

“You’ve had a rough few days, you haven’t been feeling well and I know your back hurts. Let me help you relax just a little. Now go strip down, put this towel around you,” I toss you a large soft towel. “Then come in here and lay down under the sheet.”

You look as though you are about to protest but I give a stern look and point in the direction I assume is your bedroom and you go, mumbling under your breath all the way.

As you are changing I get the table ready with fresh sheets, I turn on some soft music and dim the lights just as you walk out of the back room you changed in.

You walk over to the table and look at me skeptically, I grin and turn around so you can climb under the sheet. “Uh ok” you say timidly.

I turn around and walk to the head of the table. With your face down in the headrest all you can see are my now bare feet right below you.

“I can’t believe you are doing this. I can’t believe I’m letting you do this!” you say just as I rub my fingers gently through your hair and down your canlı bahis neck.

“Shh. I’ve wanted to do this for you for a long time. I’m in no way a professional but I can help you relax. Now just lay there and enjoy it.” I say as I continue to rub my hands down your neck and over your tight shoulders.

After several minutes I walk around to one side and start working your back. My chest inadvertently rub against your side as I reach for your entire back. You give a slight shutter but don’t say anything, enjoying the occasional feeling of my breasts on your back.

As I feel you start relaxing I move down your hamstring, purposely avoiding your bottom. After all, I am trying to act professional. I move my hands from your hamstring to the back of your knee and back up again. As I move your hand brushes against the top of my bare thigh. You pull your hand away as though you’ve been burned and I keep massaging, acting as though nothing happened.

Curiously, you place your hand back on the edge of the table and again your fingers touch my bare thigh.

I’m not oblivious to this at all. In fact every time your fingers touch me I shiver with excitement inside.

I move lower, massaging your calf and foot, then walking all the way around the table to work on the other side. I start again at your back, working my way to your other hamstring.

As I’d hoped your fingers are right on the edge, again touching my thigh with each pass. I can feel my skin burn with each touch and it’s hard to concentrate. So I continue downward until I finish with a nice foot massage.

Regaining my composure I say, “time to turn over”. I lift the sheet so that I cannot see you. Even though I’ve imagined you naked a thousand times. ‘Professional, act professional’, I keep telling myself, ‘this is just for you to relax’. I take a deep breath.

I start again up at your head, massaging your scalp and slowly moving down to your shoulders and chest, never moving from my position above your head. This position allows my breasts to ever so slightly come into contact with your face. You freeze and stop breathing as I glide my breasts up and down your face, my hands up and down your chest. As I do it a second time you take a deep breath, enjoying the smell of my skin so near you.

At that moment I notice your erection beginning to form through the sheet. I smile and slowly begin to massage your arms while still in the position above your head. After a few moments I move. This time, instead of working my way down your body, I go straight to your feet after your head, chest and arms.

Starting with one foot I massage my way up your leg. Your hand is in position again to rub against my thigh. Though now you don’t just move to slightly touch it, you actually slide your hand around it and cup my ass at the seam of my shorts, rubbing your thumb agains my skin. It takes all my strength to stay focused on my task while my entire body tingles with excitement.

My hands are now moving higher and higher on you thigh, massaging and kneading it all over. One of my finger tips comes in soft contact with your sac under the sheet and you moan, “Mmm”. I continue, getting closer and closer to your sac and your ever growing erection.

Your hand continues to bahis siteleri caress my leg and bottom, even playing with the seam of my shorts and sliding your hand in and out of it.

You grab me hard the moment I cup your sac, still hidden from view by the sheet, and softly massage it with one hand while my other hand holds your thigh for stability.

The air in the room has grown very hot or maybe I’m just on fire from your touch. We are both breathing a little harder and my heart is beating erratically.

I remove my hand and walk back to your other foot and begin the same torturous treatment, working my way up your leg to your now full erection. For which I smile, taking a little pride, knowing I caused it.

Your hand goes right up the seam of my shorts. You are excited to find I have nothing on under them and you begin rubbing all over my bare ass.

“Do you mind if I move this sheet out of the way so I can see better what I’m working on?” I say just as I take your sac into my hand. I see the answer in your eyes and I realize this is the first time we’ve made eye contact since you laid down. The heat in your eyes makes me weak but I work on.

I move the sheet completely off of you. One hand massaging your sac, the other hand teasingly massages all around the base of your shaft without touching it for a few moments as you lay there with your eyes now closed, still massaging my bottom.

A little bead of precum has formed at the tip of your cock and it looks delicious. I can’t help myself. I check to see that your eyes are still closed, bend down and lick the bead off. Your eyes pop open and your grip tightens.

Our eyes meets as I take another taste and your fingers slide to the front of my slit. Rubbing, sliding right to my pussy hole. You begin fingering my tight wet hole.

No more games, I grab your shaft and start pumping. I desperately need to taste more of you, all of you. My mouth covers your cover working up and down in time with my hand. I’m not soft or slow, I’m hungry and feasting on you!

You move your now wet hand out of my shorts, up under my tank top to find and squeeze one of my tits. You are surprised to find I’m without a bra. ‘How had you not noticed THAT’ you wonder.

Suddenly I stop. Take a step back, just out of your reach.

“Is something wrong?” you ask.

“Yes! These clothes are in the way.” I say with a wicked smile. Then I pull my hair out of the ponytail, allowing my long brown hair to fall down my back, grab my tank top over my head and throw it. I take the top of my shorts and pull them down to the floor, kicking them away.

I stand there a moment giving you time to take look at an unobstructed view of my naked body. Large tits with hardened aroused nipples and large areoles. Flat stomach with a little jewel pierced through my navel. My pussy completely shaved and glistening in the dim lights from my juices.

I’ve waited for, wished for, fantasizes about this for a long time, I want to take it slow but I know I can’t. I climb up onto the table and straddle you. You grab my thighs as I position myself right over your hard, precum soaked cock. I lower myself onto you, taking all of you into my tight, wetness.

You grunt. “You feel so good, so wet!”

Once bahis şirketleri you’ve completely filled me I place my hands on your chest, lean down and kiss you for the very first time. Tenderly at first and then with more passion as you kiss me back. We stay like that for a short time, enjoying the feel of each other’s naked bodies against each other, kissing with passion neither of us expected.

Then I start riding you. Up and down, grinding against you. It doesn’t take long for my first orgasm to build and take over me. I let out a cry of pleasure and push down on you as far as I can and lay on your chest trying to catch my breath. You hold me tight but not wanting to cum yet yourself you stop all movement.

With my legs already straddling you, you sit up, throw your legs off the table. You grab a handful of my hair, yanking my head back. You take one, then the other tit in your mouth sucking them hard. You kiss your way up my neck to my mouth as you stand up. I wrap my legs around you as you walk me over to the couch and lay me on my back. You slide out of me and kneel on the floor between my legs.

“I’m more of a giver myself.” you say as you lower your head and lick my slit. I buck my hips pushing your face into me further.

You bring one hand up to my stomach extending your thumb to rub my clit. With your other hand you slide one, then two fingers into my dripping pussy. All while licking my slit, lapping at the juices.

I’m gripping your hair with one hand and rubbing one breast with the other. My hips bucking toward you. My breathing erratic, as I moan loudly with pleasure. I scream out as I cum harder than I ever have.

You slow everything down as I come down from my orgasm.

You start placing kisses on my thighs and up my stomach. You take some time to pay attention to each of my breasts. Grabbing more than a handful. Licking and sucking on each nipple.

You reach my neck. But before your lips meet mine I take the fingers you had inside of me to my mouth. While looking you in the eyes I clean them off with my tongue. Loving the taste of my juices on your hand.

You kiss me hard and plunge into my even harder. We break our kiss as you start pounding me hard. You throw both my legs over your shoulders, grab my tits for support squeezing them hard and you drive into me so deep it takes my breath away. In and out you pound me. My hips bucking to meet you with each trust.

“You feel so fucking good inside me!”

My body begins to tense as another orgasm is about to take over me. I yell out at the same time you grunt loudly pushing hard into me one last time, flooding me with hot streams of cum. My walls flexing from my orgasm milk you inside of me.

I lower my legs allowing you to collapse on top of me, enjoying the feel of your weight on top of me. We are both breathing hard, happily exhausted.

You soften inside of me. As your now flaccid cock slips out of me you kiss me sweetly. I wrap my arms around you, kissing you back just as tenderly.

I can feel your cum starting to ooze out of me. With your help, I slide out from under you. Leaving you to lay on your back on the couch. I grab the sheet to clean myself off with.

I kneel in front of you to clean you off as well but not with the sheet. I bend over to lick and suck you clean. Loving the taste of our mixed juices. The smell of sex strong in the air.

You pull me back onto the couch with you and we fall asleep there in each other’s arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32