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I wrote this story some years ago and I have just re-edited it for posting . It is the final chapter and bears no relation to anyperson living or dead, but one can dream!


Mary was being highly flirtatious, even suggestive, and Tony was missing Debbie badly, so she provided a useful diversion for him. Even before the dinner had really started she surprised him by saying. ‘Why don’ t you be honest and admit you want to fuck me again.’

She had said quite openly, with a wide grin on her face over the soup as she impulsively clutched his hand across the table. “I admit I do.” Tony told her reluctantly.

“Say it properly then, be honest don’t be shy.” “Yes I want to fuck you again.” Tony had replied quietly.

“Say it louder., I didn’t catch what you said.” Mary insisted brazenly .“ I love you ,and I want to fuck you .” Tony said so loud, that he attracted the attention of the young couple on the adjoining table, who looked round curiously, with a big smile on their faces. “There that was not too hard was it?” Mary told him.

But Tony was sure as soon as he had said that he wanted to fuck her , that he had gone too far, and regrets were now swirling in his head after all she was a newly married woman , even though they had slept together on her wedding night .

Yes, Tony knew that he had said it all right. Strangely enough though, she wasn’t upset or mad, she only smiled coyly at him, she was so obviously thrilled that Tony had said it publicly , that he relaxed . She did not reveal the reason for her telephone call to him earlier that day. She just kept smiling at him across the dinner table, in a sort of mysterious intriguing smile .

“Do you think you would enjoy doing it again?” She asked with that strange mysterious smile on her face.. “I’m fairly certain I would, after all it was a marvellous night we had together.” Tony couldn’t believe he had said that, what was he thinking? But somehow he could not help himself – he was curious how she would react after their one night together.

Mary was being so openly flirtatious and it was obvious , she obviously didn’t care , but Tony had been sure that as soon as he had admitted that he wanted her again, she would back off, after all she was a newly married young woman. It was stupid of him to do this, he had gone too far, and obviously it was all a game to her, and half regrets were now swirling in his head.

Yes, Tony knew that he had said it all right…and he certainly couldn’t take it back especially bearing in mind their little liaison on her honeymoon night. Strangely enough though, she wasn’t upset or mad, and if he was honest he did really want her..

She only smiled coyly at him, she was obviously thrilled that Tony had said it. “I want you too.” She suddenly replied. “But I’m not sharing you with Debbie.” “Do you think you would enjoy being my toy boy?” She said cutely.

” Don’t be daft you are to young to have a toy boy , but I’m fairly certain I would, after all it was a marvellous night .” Tony replied dryly, while taking another bite of his food and trying to not to show the panic that was racing threw him as a result of her boldness and his stupidity in meeting her here, and being drawn into her trap.

“But it’s not a thing that we should talk about casually , or it could cause big trouble.” Tony nervously took a drink of water, as he frantically wondered where her husband was. “Hmmmm….then maybe sometime this evening, we’ll have to give you the chance to fulfil your desires again ,” She giggled again.

“I’m looking forward to it.,…In fact, I’ve never looked forward to it more, especially after such a wonderful honeymoon .!”Tony looked at her directly ,then and chuckled, realising that she was deadly serious and she was obviously not worried about being found out.. “You mean that you have forgiven me?” “Only as long as you can show me that night was no fluke.” “More coffee, sir?” The waitress interrupted.

Tony looked at Mary , he was feeling much happier and more relaxed now, and they both broke into laughter as they realised this was no time to delay over coffee. “No thanks, I guess we would like to be on our way. Especially if you promise that the night is not yet over. “ She said softly.

Mary was so cute, so pretty and so wildly sexy, all at the same time. She’s one of the most desirable young women Tony had ever known. Her bronze skin and blue eyes and lovely auburn hair give her the most exotic and intriguing look in the low lights of the restaurant.

As Tony gazed at her he could only remember the thrill of running his fingers through her long, hair and stroking lightly her long, smooth and slender legs that supported her incredible body now covered in a sexy, tight, quite short, tight fitting black dress and high heels. Only in his dreams had Tony ever imagined that he would meet her again remembering how on her honeymoon night she had stirred his emotions and his desires beyond what he thought güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri he was ever capable of, and even beyond those he experienced with Debbie.

As they left the restaurant and headed toward the lobby Tony watched her walking as she led the way to the lift. “God, what great legs and what a nice figure” Tony was thinking. Tony smiled to himself as Tony thought about who saw them might be thinking. Me, a guy easily identified as being not in the same social class as her, with a cheap suit , Anyone who was watching our flirtatious behaviour in the restaurant and our silly giggling and touching as we walked along the corridor, would have known right away that they were probably lovers and not married.

Of course, they were lovers. but only on that one night , and it was at her insistence that they were meeting again tonight. But Tony was having fun, yet he knew he was treading on very dangerous ground just meeting this incredible female specimen again .

She made him feel like Tony was her permanent boyfriend or better still lover , and that there was no real social difference’s between them. As Tony thought about these difference ‘s he was suddenly hit with doubts. “Did she really like him this much ,that she would risk everything to be with him?”

He wondered does she really like me that much? It seems hard to believe. She should be with her husband not here with him.””So what’s next, are you going to keep your promise?” She asked as they entered the lift. “Well, do I really have a choice?” Tony replied.

“Oh yeah, why not? You could always say no. Of course there was only one choice that Tony could make now, but Tony still wasn’t sure exactly where this rendezvous was heading. “We can go for a walk outside and cool off.” Tony suggested. “Or?” “Or we can continue our conversation over a drink in your room.” Tony said hopefully. “Okay” she said. “Okay, what?” Tony replied. “The drink will do nicely” she said eagerly. ” “Umm…” Tony was sweating a little now…Tony could feel his face turning red as he thought about the risks. “Think quick!” Tony told himself. “Where is your husband tonight?Tony asked as he tried to remain calm and keep the growing bulge in his pants from showing. She stepped closer to him, put her hand up to the side of his face and pulled him toward her as she whispered in his ear.

“Never mind him – you know what we both want …say you love me again…I want you to say it again, and this time as it as if you mean it .” Tony put his arms around her and pulled her against him, he gently kissed her cheek and her neck. Then Tony nibbled at her ear. “I Love you .” he whispered.

She giggled. “That’s not what you said downstairs. Come on…Tony want to hear you say it again.” Tony smiled and started to get up the courage to whisper it again. “Oops.” Mary exclaimed, “We’re here…our floor.” And with that the doors to the lift opened.

As they walked the hallway to her room, he could hardly control myself. He wanted this woman very much. But he kept reminding himself that she could just be leading him into some sort of trap, so he shouldn’t get too excited. Mary gave him the key to open the door, and he followed her in.

She immediately kicked off her shoes, sat down on the king sized bed and said, “Okay….There is the wine ” Nodding towards the side table where two bottles of wine stood waiting , he opened a bottle of white wine and filled two glasses. “For the right woman , this is the right wine, as he silently toasted her.”

“So am I the right woman?” “Right now you are.” he said, as he chuckled. “Oh…so that means anyone would do, it’s just that I happen to be here. Debbie perhaps or one of your women sailors, would do as well would they?” …Thanks a lot. I think you had better go.”

She put down her wine and headed for the door to open it.. Tony put his glass down too and ran over to her just as she reached the door, he grabbed hold of her and turned her around. She tried to resist and he could tell she was a bit upset. Tony pressed himself against her and held her against the door.

“That’s not what I mean. “ ” That’s what you said.” she snapped back. Tony pulled her away from the door and hugged her. Tony kissed her cheek and hugged her close in silence. He really didn’t know what to say., anything he thought of saying would sound insincere, but he really did think she was special and he hadn’t accepted her invitation to dinner , and the possible consequences lightly.

Tony really did like her…but how do I prove that? “How do I prove to you what I feel for you? he asked.. “Kiss me ” Tony heard her say. “Huh?” “Kiss me you pig, before I change his mind.”

Tony looked deep into her eyes while Tony put his hands on her cheeks and stroked them gently Her hair was down the front of her face on one side and he pushed it back away. Her full, wet lips were waiting for him, but he couldn’t stop staring at her. She was so lovely. He moved his güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri lips toward her slowly and they touched lightly. They kissed so tenderly , slowly and softly. He held her face close while he ran his fingers through her hair. Suddenly their lips joined and they kissed passionately, long and hard. His tongue thrust into her warm mouth where it met with hers.

Their kisses grew in intensity and passion as they stood there. “Take your clothes off and get into bed – That’s how you prove it.” Mary said with a broad smile on her face. Finally they moved over to the bed, and as she laid down, Tony laid next to her, their arms and legs entwined.

As they kissed he realised how good she smelled, he hadn’t really noticed before, but her perfume mixed with her natural scent was so stimulating and Tony was now feeling the discomfort of an erect cock trapped his trousers. In his growing passion he could not help but to start rubbing his hands on her body.

First her back and then her hips and thighs. He ran a hand up along the side of her body and brushed her breast as he went by to her shoulder and down her arm. Tony grabbed her buttocks and pulled her toward his hips and she started to grind her hips on his.

Tony was enjoying so watching her face and lips exhibiting such pleasure from the attention he was giving her. He pulled her up to a sitting position and unzipped the back of her dress. He pulled it down off her shoulders and she pulled her arms out of the sleeves. Behind the lacy black bra were her beautiful breasts. Her nipples poked firmly at the sheer fabric, as she pushed the rest of her dress off and dropped it to the floor.

Now she sat there in just her bra and panties as his eyes feasted on this beautiful creature who would, hopefully, at least for tonight be all his to love. She reached for his shirt and started to unbutton it. Tony joined in the effort and soon was stripped to the waist before her. She felt his arms and ran her fingers through the hair on his chest feeling his arm muscles and his ribs.

“Take them off” She said quietly and he knew exactly what she meant. Tony as he stood and unbuckled his belt and unzipped the fly. As his pants dropped from his waist, he kicked off his shoes and let .his pants fell to the floor, and stepped out of them. He took off his socks and laid back on the bed next to her. She smiled as she saw his erection as her hands went to work on him caressing his body.

She lightly ran her fingernails up and down his legs, careful not to touch his swollen cock. He was getting so excited and he needed relief desperately. With increasing firmness she rubbed his body using her whole hand and fingers to squeeze his arms and thighs and shoulders. Tony also was caressing her back and buttocks. She felt so soft and feminine as she pulled herself closer to him, pushed him completely onto his back, and kissed him.

He wanted to make love to her tits and devour them, as he moved his face down and held each breast in his hands, he caressed them and gently quizzed them together. He used his tongue to circle her . He moved down further and positioned himself between her legs and began to kiss her calves and knees. Slowly he caressed her legs with his hands and moved his kisses further and further up the inside of her thighs.

Her pubic hair, neatly trimmed and blonde, was so wet it glistened in the soft candlelight. All around her opening it was already soaking wet and sheet was incredibly swollen. Just as he moved his hands to the inside of her upper thighs, with the intention of spreading her legs farther apart, and as he was about to kiss her leg just inches from her opening, she pushed his head away and said,

“No!” “No!” he thought. Oh god I can’t stop now! or I will die! No?” “No.” she said again, but continued. “Not until you say it…..I want to hear you say it. Like you did downstairs, and be sure that you sound as though you mean it” He couldn’t believe she was going to put him through this but he was willing to do anything at this point.

Quietly Tony began to repeat his bold request from the dining room, ” I want to……. “No silly, Tony want you to say it like you mean it!” she instructed with a giggle. “Oh shit,” Tony thought, “she’s such a tease.” “Okay” So Tony said it with more volume, ” I want to…””No….no…no” she interrupted again. ” I want you to say it passionately and desperately…like you said it down stairs.”

“ I love you and I want to fuck you.” he almost shouted. “That’s , much better darling.” She said as she put her arms up for him. She relaxed, closed her eyes and spread her legs wide. She moaned in approval, as he started kissing her body .”Keep going….more.”

He continued to kiss her legs getting closer and closer to her opening She was breathing so deep and heavy and a whimper was present with every breath. Tony kept licking closer and closer eventually rubbing his tongue past her rectum güvenilir bahis şirketleri and to the base of her vaginal opening.

She moaned even louder and then he pulled her legs up spreading them to give him full access to her lovely wet opening . Tony knew she was ready for him as she tried to pull his head further in between her legs. But he wanted to keep teasing her a bit longer, as a revenge for her insistence in making him talk dirty to her. Tony was now thoroughly enjoying his revenge and Tony thought she was getting off on it too.

Every time Tony spoke she acted like it was causing her pleasure. Finally, she had enough and so had he. Tony moved up and lay next to her his arms round her holding her savouring her, he could feel her heart pounding rapidly. She took in a deep breath, sighed and smiled at him. Tony kissed her gently on the shoulder.

As they lay there just looking at each other , as Tony stroked and caressed her arm and shoulder and soon she did the same. Tony moved his hips closer to her and rubbed his erection against her leg his cock pointing straight up. After a few minutes she noticed that he was beginning to loose a little stiffness in his organ. “Oh that’s not good. What do you want me to do?””Surprise him.” Tony said.

She hesitated a moment but then grabbed hold of his cock and began her massage with slow, light strokes. As her fingers rubbed down over his balls, his cock seemed instantly to spring back to life. Her hands felt so good on him as Tony watched her work, she smiled at him for a second and then returned to fondling his now throbbing, twitching manhood.

. After some additional massage she worked him into her mouth, after a few minutes she leaned over and a little at first and then more and more until his whole length was deep in her mouth. Her lips were tight against him as she sucked hard and her tongue worked inside her mouth to stimulate him further. Her fingers continued to massage his balls and his crotch while she sucked him into her mouth over and over. Tony knew he couldn’t stand much more of this before he would explode.

Her action was intense but not steady or rhythmic. As Tony felt he was nearing his orgasm, he reached down and put his hand on her head to guide her. She took his clues and started sucking and stroking him with an intense but slow rhythm. His hips began to move with her tempo. “Oh Tony, I’m going to come……I’m going to come.”

With that she stopped her stroking and expertly straddled him, it felt so good, almost for a brief moment as if she was holding his orgasm in and preventing the spasms from moving into his cock. His balls and his loins ached with the desire to let it go and he could not stop now Every muscle in him seemed to be jerking violently as Tony thrust his hips upward trying to follow the force of the orgasm. The spasms came in waves as Tony could now feel that with each convulsion his juices were shooting up into her.

She lay down on top of him, wrapped her arm around his neck and bit his ear gently. “Tony I still want you to fuck me properly.” she quietly whispered. He smiled as he felt his cock twitch inside her . She gasped out loud as he pressed as hard and as deep as he could. She seemed not to take another breath for 20 or 30 seconds. When she finally started breathing it was laboured at first and she couldn’t make a sound.

That changed as Tony started to pump into her with long, slow strokes. She started to groan and grunt her words with each push he made into her. Slowly but steadily he increased the tempo, and as he did, with steady, hard strokes. With each stroke she was lifting her hips in time with him and working with him. He couldn’t believe how sexy she looked with her breasts jiggling in rhythm to the action and her face glowing with an expression of lustful enjoyment of the sensations.

Tony continued to fuck her hard for what seemed like several minutes – she leaned down and kissed him hard , she sucked so hard on his tongue he thought she would rip it out, but within seconds, as Tony again ground myself deep into her, she let out a scream and jerked her hips. So violent again were her contractions that Tony didn’t know whether he would be able to keep up with her. Every time he thought her shaking was about to stop, she’d let out another yell and start to grind her hips violently again.

This happened three or four times before she finally relaxed and lifted her legs off him slowly and carefully, pulling him over with her and sliding down alongside him. His cock was still inside her, still hard and anxious to continue. Slowly he started to move against her again and she whimpered in reaction. “Am I hurting you?”

“NO….it feels good…..keep going….keep fucking me until you come.” Her dirty talk really turned him on and he began fucking her in earnest. Hard and fast, as he pulled her up on top of him. Then he pulled out of her and rolled her over onto her belly. He entered her from behind. She yelled out again but Tony didn’t stop this time. Tony laid down on her back with his legs on the outside of hers. With her legs close together she felt so tight, the feel of her cool buttocks on his hips was an amazing sensation. Tony buried his face in her neck and hair and held onto her shoulders.

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