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I was in the train, just heading home. It was definitely off peak, hardly a soul on the train. I can’t see why they don’t just dump the extra carriages at times like this and run a single carriage. In this particular train it still wouldn’t have been crowded.

There were only two of us in my carriage. Me and this girl. Young woman, I suppose I should say. I’d say eighteen, student down for the spring break, just riding the trains for no particular reason.

She was slouched down on the seat opposite, almost lying on them. She had one foot on the floor and the other leg stretched along the bench, foot not quite on the seat. She just slouched there, not speaking, not listening to music, face not moving a muscle.

The only move she made in the first ten minutes of the journey was when we were approaching a station. An announcement came over that we were approaching Bandywallop North or some such place, and she reached down and flipped the front of her dress aside.

She was commando, and with her legs spread across the seat the way she was I got the full view. Her face had absolutely no expression. She was flashing a stranger on public transport and showing zero reaction to it. She flipped her dress back into position, and she was once more a demure young lady riding the train.

I didn’t say a word and I hoped I didn’t show too much shock. When you consider it, what could I say? I don’t think saying ‘nice pussy’ would go down too well. All I could do was pretend it hadn’t happened. (And hope it would happen again.)

I did get even with her. When the next station was announced I reached over and flipped her dress to the side, letting me admire the view again. This time she gave me an indignant look when she flipped the dress back into position. Not that she was in a hurry to do so.

“You looked as though you were feeling lazy,” I said, “so I thought I’d save you some effort.”

“Lose a bet during spring break?” I asked. “Have to flash a certain number of people? How do you keep score? Would I count as one flash or two?”

Not a word. I was ignored as though I wasn’t even there. I shrugged and settled back into my seat.

Several more stations came and went with no further displays and then, just after we passed a station she flashed again. I think she was just getting a kick out of teasing a stranger. Unfortunately, I’d decided to retaliate if she flashed me again.

As soon as she flicked her dress to one side I reached over and poked her in a certain sensitive area that was now exposed. This time I got a reaction.

Her dress quickly returned to its proper position while she actually spoke.

“Don’t you dare touch me,” she snapped.

“What are you on about?” I asked. “I never laid a finger on you.”

She looked furious for a moment and she was aching to have a go at me for daring to both touch her and then denying it afterwards, but she clamped her mouth shut. I suspected that talking was breaking the rules of whatever game she was playing.

We were only a couple of stops from my station when the train came to a halt between stations, then came one of those canlı bahis şirketleri dreaded delay announcements.

The railways apologised but there’d been an accident. We’d have to wait while the mess was cleared. A delay of half an hour was expected.

In real time that probably meant we were stuck for at least an hour. I was tempted to pry the doors open, jump and walk home. It’d be faster than sitting here, although doing that always made the train crew furious. They hate passengers who try to escape.

In this particular instance, I had a diversion close at hand. Half an hour, to an hour, together with a flasher.

“Seeing we’re stuck for a while, we might as well introduce ourselves. I’m Brian. And you are?”

Silence. I shrugged, got up and pushed her leg further onto the seat to make room for me. I sat next to her and flicked her dress aside.

“Let’s get acquainted. I’ll just call you Flasher until I know your name. Don’t do that,” I added, as she tried to push her dress back.

With her legs parted and me sitting between them there wasn’t much she could do when my hand came down and clasped her pussy. I gave a squeeze and then started slowly rubbing my hand over her.

Flasher was pushing at my hand, trying to remove it, but not having much luck. I was now rubbing my hand around in a circle on her pussy. She was breathing hard and she finally had some decent expression on her face. I’m not sure just what it meant, but it was no longer the bland look she had earlier.

She finally capitulated.

“Stop it,” she shrieked.

I stopped rubbing but continued cupping her vulva, gently squeezing.

“Why?” I asked. “You like it. I can tell. Anyway, it seems to me that you need to learn a little about what this is for. Other than for flashing strangers, I mean.”

“Just stop it. All right? You’ve got no right and I don’t like it.”

I started rubbing her again.

“I took the right,” I told her, “just as you decided that you had the right to flash me. Sorry, woman, but you’ve set yourself up for this.”

“OK! I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done it. I won’t do it again. Please stop.”

“Hmm. So you admit you were a naughty girl?”

“So what if I was? I wasn’t hurting anyone. Just stop.”

I did.

“How’s my health?” I asked her.

Flasher gave me a confused look.

“How would I know,” she demanded.

“Well, you might have given me a heart attack that first time if I’d had a weak one,” I said dryly. “Anyway, you concede you were a naughty girl and you want me to stop rubbing your pretty pussy. I’ll do you a deal. I’ll stop the massage and you bend over my knee for a spanking.”

“You’re kidding,” said a very small voice.

“Not really. It depends on what you prefer. The massage or the spanking.”

At this point a finger accidently pressed against her slit and slipped inside. Flasher squeaked.

“Spanking! I’ll take the spanking and you’re a bastard.”

I stopped the massage and helped her get to her feet, then encouraged her to lie across my lap. Her indignation climbed a notch when she found that I was going to canlı kaçak iddaa spank her bare bottom but, as I pointed out, she was the one who chose to forego panties.

“OK,” I said, patting her bottom. “While I’m spanking you I have a few questions you might like to answer. We’ll start with your name.”

My hand came down firmly, letting her know that this wasn’t going to be just a token spank. At least she started answering question, probably in the hope of having the spanking ease up.

Her name was Ronny and she was eighteen. She was here for spring break and I’d guessed correctly. She’d lost a bet. Her penalty was that she had to flash ten people. I would only count as one, but I’d been the last one.

Asked why I had the joy of multiple flashes, Ronny told me that I had irritated her and she just wanted to irritate me back.

All through this edifying conversation my hand was delivering some decent swats to her bottom. Ronny was wriggling and protesting that enough was enough. I delivered a sharp spank to her pussy, my hand cupping her mound quite neatly. Oddly enough, Ronny stopped protesting at that stage.

I gave her a few more swats and then another sharp spank to her pussy, this time leaving my hand there for a moment.

“OK, woman,” I finally told her. “The spanking’s over except for a quick tattoo.”

With that I provided the tattoo, a series of short fast slaps. These landed on her mound, though, not her bottom.

When I finished I stood her on her feet.

“Now we still have a bit of time before the train goes. What do you think of the idea of me bending you over the seat and ravishing your pussy until you scream and collapse, unable to bear the pleasure any longer?”

“You wouldn’t,” she said staring at me in shock.

“Why wouldn’t I? Seems an excellent way to fill in some time to me.”

“But you just spanked me. You can’t have sex as well. It’s not fair.”

“God protect me from innocents,” I muttered. “Haven’t you ever been spanked as a preliminary to sex?”

Ronny shook her head, looking shocked.

I shook my head, more slowly.

“Alright,” I said, turning her around and getting her to bend over as I spoke. “Just lean here for a moment and I’ll show you how it goes. If you think it’s too much, just say stop.”

She was still stammering out, “but, but. . .” when I lifted her dress clear and started pressing home.

She was wet and hot and almost virginally tight. I pressed in quickly and firmly, wondering how far I could get before she protested and made me stop.

It was a case of total confusion from Ronny.

“What are you doing? Oh god, you are putting it in. I don’t believe this. Didn’t I say no? No, I didn’t, did I. Will you stop pushing that thing in? No, wait, not yet, when I say. How big is that thing? You should have shown me before you started. You should have given me a chance to say no. Oh god, it’s in me isn’t it?”

It was in her, all right. Well and truly had she been shafted. The spanking and the tattoo had got her thoroughly aroused and her pussy was only too happy to welcome a visitor.

“Come on, canlı kaçak bahis sweetheart, make up your mind,” I said, hands on her hips holding her steady, dick well and truly inserted. “Do I go or stay, or do you want me to just quietly diddle you while you decide?”

“I don’t know,” she gasped. “Should I or shouldn’t I?”

Why ask me? I know what I wanted. She’d have to make up her own mind.

“Listen, Ronny, you’ll have to decide for yourself. What I’ll do is just rub you a little to calm your nerves until you decide. Let me know when you’re ready to.”

With that I started to slowly pump her, pulling out and pushing back home, no urgency in my movements. Ronny gasped when I started, but didn’t say anything, just letting it happen. I kept on, a slow stoking of her internal furnace, letting the fires build almost imperceptibly.

I could hear her arguing with herself, trying to decide the yes/no argument. As far as I was concerned the yes won when she started moving with me. Ronny never did get around to saying yes, go; she just argued herself to a standstill, while pushing to meet my thrusts.

I slowly built up the tempo, Ronny moving right along with me. It seemed to take some time but eventually I was giving Ronny full-blooded strokes, driving in hard and deep while she squealed and pushed frantically to meet me.

With Ronny’s whole-hearted cooperation I ravished her pussy until it was ready to cry for mercy. At least, that was my intention. In practice things heated up to where we both caught fire long before that point was reached.

I surrendered first. She had worn me down to where I couldn’t take any more. I settled down to those short final strokes and exploded into her, giving her everything I had to give. For a horrible moment I thought I’d climaxed too soon, and it was a near run thing. I was still giving those last few frantic pumps when Ronny screamed and climaxed, draining more out of me than I thought possible.

We both sagged back onto the seats, both drained and spent. At least that was what I thought. It turned out that where I was drained and spent, Ronny was only slightly stunned. It was amazing to watch. One moment she was just sagging on the seat, then she shook her head and seemed to pull her thoughts together. Then she smiled and sat up and she practically glowed with energy. This was because she was a succubus and had stolen all mine, in my opinion. I was still beat.

The train started with a jerk, and I thought hallelujah, I’ll be home soon. Ronny’s reaction was stark horror. She had a bag on the seat across the aisle. I hadn’t even considered why it was over there. When the train jerked away, the bag fell to the floor. Ronny looked across at it with irritation on her face. Then came the horror.

With a frantic, “No, no, no,” she dived for the bag, dipped in and whipped out her phone.

I just shrugged.

“Don’t worry,” I said. “It was cushioned by the bag. It’ll be fine.”

“It was on,” she wailed. “I was recording my flashes to show I did them. It’s been recording everything.”

Oops. Then I considered the timeline. It would have to be an extraordinary phone to hold an hour long video. I pointed that out to her.

“I wasn’t recording it on the phone. It was going to cloud memory.”

Oops again. I trust she’s able to delete certain parts before she shows off her proof.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32