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During my last class on Tuesday afternoon I was startled when my cell phone which I had in the pocket of my slacks began vibrating. I always turn of the ringer during class as I request my students also do. After class I check my voice mail to find that Bill had called. He apologized telling me that he had to cancel for Wednesday night. Seems Tess had made a prior commitment which he could not get out of. Bill said he would get in touch with me as soon as he could.

Seemed kind of strange that he couldn’t tell me when he’d be calling me again but I figured he had a good reason. I resigned myself to spending Tuesday and perhaps even Wednesday night alone in my apartment.

Tuesday night was no problem I had planned on cleaning the apartment anyway because I was planning on Bill being there the next night.

Wednesday after my last class I decided to gather up my dirty laundry and go to the laundry mat. I changed into a comfortable pair of jeans a tee shirt and sneakers. I pulled my long black hair back into a pony tail and through the opening of my Red Sox baseball cap.

The laundry was empty when I arrived and I quickly claimed two machines next to each other and loaded both with my dirty things. I was sitting on a rather uncomfortable bench thumbing through a magazine when I notice two men walk by the front of the laundry mat. The biggest of the pair a black man must have been at least 6 foot 3 inches and very muscular. His buddy much shorter and stocky appeared to be hispanic and wore his jeans lower than any of the gangster types I’d seen around campus. As they walked by the smaller of the two glanced toward me and then immediately tapped his buddy on the arm.

They disappeared from sight for only a moment then returned to stand facing the laundry obviously checking me out. I immediately returned my attention to the magazine hoping they’d take a look and then continue on their way.

My hopes were dashed when I heard the door swing open. I ignored the sound and kept my eyes directed to the magazine.

“Hey mamma! What’s a fine lookin lady like you doing in here all alone?” The black man asked as they approached.

With out lifting my face from the magazine I replied. “Laundry duh.” Using my most sarcastic tone of voice.

“She’s not very friendly bro.” The hispanic male said as they stood in front of me.

I finally looked up at them trying my best to use the sternest expression I could and hide the fear of what this encounter could develop into from the two of them.

They both wore flat brimmed ball caps. The hispanic’s face was pot marked with scars from a serious case of acne in his younger days. His black companion had a broad smile on his face showing off a bright gold tooth in the front of his mouth.

“Maybe she needs a little encouragement?” The pot marked hispanic said just before he sat down next to me.

I turned my head toward him and said. “Fuck off!”

“I don’t think she wants to be your friend Jesus.” The black dude commented.

I instantly replied. “You got that right bro.”

“Let’s just see about that.” Jesus replied as he reached out and groped my tit.

His brazen action startled me but I grabbed his hand and pulled it away as I said. “Don’t touch me you bastard.”

The black man laughed then said. “Maybe she just wants us to fuck her in the ass Jesus.”

Jesus smiled and said. “Bet she’s got one tight fuckin ass too bro.”

Panic set in and I consider screaming but knew no one would hear me. I knew that if I didn’t get them to back off now I was going to be brutally raped by these to gang bangers.

“I wouldn’t let you fuck my ass if you were the last man on earth.” I said trying to get them to reconsider what all three of us knew they wanted.

“Let’s fuck this slut bro.” Jesus encouraged his black buddy.

I looked the black dude straight in the eye and said. “Over my lifeless body.” Letting him know he was in for a fight if he tried.

He reached down and grasped my wrist tightly his eyes glued to mine he said. “Have it your way bitch.”

I tried to pull my arm away from him just as I heard the front door open. I looked toward the door and instantly felt relief. A uniformed police officer was standing in the door way.

“You two low life’s want to let the young lady alone?” He said with his hand resting on the butt of his service revolver at his side.

My wrist had already been released and Jesus was standing as I quietly said. “Fuck both of you!”

The officer walked toward me as Jesus and his black buddy began walking toward the door. As they passed the officer said. “I’ll be watching for you two mother fuckers.” He continued toward me as I stood up. “Are you okay Miss?” He asked.

“Yes officer I’m fine.” I replied quickly adding. “But I’m sure glad you happened by though.”

“I was driving by when I noticed those two standing over you and figured you weren’t discussing how to do laundry so I swung around. You know Miss this isn’t the kind of neighborhood that a pretty young woman should illegal bahis be alone in at night.” He said with a smile on his lips.

I looked at his name badge then said. “Well Officer Jones I usually do my laundry on Saturday morning and this place is always full then.”

As he extended his hand I noticed he wasn’t wearing any rings. “Well I’m glad I could be of assistance tonight Miss…….” His voice trailed off almost as if he was asking a question.

“It’s Genevieve Walker Officer Jones.” I replied figuring he wanted to know my name.

“Please call me Phil Miss Walker.” He replied as we shook hands.

I smiled and said. “If you’ll call me Gen.”

His smile broadened and his baby blue eyes sparkled at little more as he said. “Genevieve is such a pretty name.

Phil has hair nearly as jet black as mine. He keeps it short and wears if kind of spiked giving him a strong appearance. His muscular arms certainly helped with that appearance and I was certain he works out regularly. As I said, “Thank you Phil for both the compliment and for rescuing me from those two gangsters.” I wondered if his chest which was protected by a bullet proof vest, is a muscular as his arms.

“My shift ends in about half an hour Gen if you’d like I can come back and make sure you get home safe and sound.” Phil offered.

I grinned at him and replied. “I don’t want to put you out that way Phil.”

“It’d be my pleasure Gen.” He said.

“Thank you Phil I’d like that. I’ll try to have my laundry dried and folded by the time you get back.” I answered.

“Great Gen and if those two guys show up again I want you to dial 911 immediately on your cell.” Phil suggested.

“I sure will Phil.” I said.

“Great I’ll see you in about forty five minutes then Gen.” He said as he turned and started toward the door. “See you later Officer Jones.” I said smiling widely at him when he turned to wave as he opened the door to leave and I began unloading my clean laundry from the washers.

As I settled back into the bench to wait for Phil and the three dryers to finish I placed my cell next to me just in case I needed to call 911 before he returned. I didn’t bother with a magazine instead watching carefully in case someone came in.

A little after eleven I was half finished folding my laundry when a black SUV pulled to a stop directly in front of the laundry. The tinted windows made it impossible for me to see who was inside so I grabbed my cell and waited for the driver to appear.

I was relieved when Phil appeared around the back of the car and started crossing the side walk to the door. As he entered I smiled broadly at him and said. “Be finished in a couple minutes Phil.”

“Take your time Gen.” He replied adding, “I have all night.”

I rolled the laundry cart to the last dryer and pulled the garments from the machine. As I moved the cart back to the counter where I had been folding my clothes I looked at Phil. He was no longer wearing his uniform instead he had changed into a black tee shirt and a rather tight pair of jeans. Without the protective vest his muscular chest showed perfectly through the thin fabric of his shirt confirming my earlier thoughts about his build. His jeans fit tight enough that I could tell he was packing more than his service revolver too.

“This won’t take but a minute or two Phil.” I answered.

As luck would have it the last load of laundry was my underwear and Phil began paying close attention to each lacy garment as I carefully folded them.

Phil hooked a finger on the thin strap of one of my black lace thongs and held it up. After a boyish giggle he said, “This is veryyyyy interesting.” stretching the end of the word very.

I smiled and replied. “I like wearing sexy things Phil. That’s not a felony is it?”

“Oh no Gen. In fact I believe it’d be a crime for someone with a body like yours not to wear sexy things like this.” Phil remarked as he twirled my thong around his index finger.

I giggled and as I grabbed the tiny thong from his finger I asked. “Do you like seeing a woman dressed in this kind of underwear?” I already knew the answer.

Phil jumped right at the chance to say. “Absolutely but I enjoy peeling them off even more.”

In my most innocent tone of voice I said. “My goodness Officer Jones are you trying to seduce me?”

“I was actually wondering the same thing about you. After all you did save all this sexy lingerie for last.” Phil replied.

I turned to face him and placed both hands on his chest. “There will be no wondering if I decide to seduce you Phil.” I remarked.

He smiled but did not respond as I turned and finished folding the last of my lingerie and placed them in my wash basket.

“All done.” I said while putting the container of detergent and fabric softener on top.

Phil grabbed one basket under each arm and said. “Where’d you park Gen.” I assumed he was hoping I hadn’t driven.

“I’m in the side lot Phil.” I replied.

As I followed him to the door I was able to check out his illegal bahis siteleri strong back muscles and his cute butt. I pulled the door open for him and stepped aside so he could slide by with the baskets.

“That’s my Volvo.” I said as we turned the corner of the laundry and headed into the side lot.

He laughed and said. “And a classic Volvo it is too.”

“I’ve had that car since my junior in college. It’s like family to me now.” I said.

Reaching the car I unlocked the driver’s side door and reached in to unlock the rear door. “Here let me take one of those.” I said as I pulled the door open.

My pony tail fell over one shoulder as I bent to slide the basket of laundry across the back seat. I was certain my tee shirt had ridden up enough so Phil could get a good look at my lower back and the white fabric of the thong I was wearing under my jeans.

I stepped aside and let Phil place the second basket in the back then closed the door.

First time meetings are always so awkward. While I certain was interested in this cop I didn’t want him to think I was some kind of floozy. On the other hand I wanted to thank him for rescuing me earlier.

“Gen would you like to go have a cup of coffee?” Phil asked.

I smiled and replied. “Gee Phil it’s kind of late for coffee I’d be up all night if I drank coffee now.”

His smile did little to hide the disappointment of thinking we were about to part company.

“But if you’d like we could go back to my place and have a glass of wine.” I suggested. It’s funny how a man’s expression changes when he realizes that he’s about to spend some time alone with a woman. Each and every man I’ve met since my transformation has gotten that same silly expression on their face the first time I suggest we spend time together.

“I’d like that Gen but can I trust you?” Phil asked.

I smiled widely at him and simply said. “No.”

Phil laughed and said, “I’ll follow you Gen.” as he opened the driver’s door for me.

The drive to my apartment took only 7 or 8 minutes but that was enough time for me to decide that I wanted to seduce this hunk of a cop. I wanted to see those rock hard muscles that were covered by his black tee. I was lucky enough to get a space right in front of the building. Phil drove past and parked two or three spaces further down the street. By the time he walked back I was on the side walk lifting the first basket of laundry out of the back seat.

“Let me get the other.” Phil said.

I moved my hips seductively as Phil followed me up the stairway to my apartment. I suppose I went a little over board because when we reached the second floor landing he said. “You want some fries with that shake Gen.”

I looked back over my shoulder and gave Phil a sheepish grin trying to make him believe I wasn’t showing off my ass for him.

“Here we are Phil.” I said as I dropped the basket I was carrying and slipped my key into my entry door.

Phil bent down and grabbed the other basket as I opened the door and stepped inside. The entry foyer was dimly lit by the small table lamp where I dropped my keys.

“Let me turn on some lights. You can just drop those baskets here in the hall Phil.” I said.

“Sounds good Gen.” Phil replied.

I took a few steps into the apartment and turned on a brighter table lamp just inside the living room. Turning to Phil I smiled and said. “Do you like my place Phil?”

He grinned and replied. “So far so good but I’d hope you’ll give me the fifty cent tour later.”

“You can count on that Phil.” I replied adding. “I don’t know how I’m ever going to be able to thank you enough for rescuing me earlier.

Phil grinned even wider and said. “You can start with that glass of wine you promised.”

“Of course follow me to the kitchen.” I suggested. “I only have red wine Phil I hope that’s okay?” I asked as I opened the door and bent over gazing into my refrigerator.

“Red’s fine Gen.” Phil replied.

I placed the wine bottle on the counter and turned side ways to him as I opened the top cabinet door. “Would you please?” I asked adding. “I can only reach the top shelf when I’m wearing stilettos.”

He smiled and moved to the counter. As he reached up to the top shelf I moved behind him and placed my hands on the counter on either side of his waist. Phil felt me there and slowly turned around so as not to break my grasp.

“There must be some other way I can thank you Officer Jones after all you probably saved me from being plundered by those two gangsters.” I said.

“Or worst.” Phil answered.

I wasn’t sure if Phil needed any more encouragement but I leaned forward and let my thighs touch his arching my back and looking up into those sparkling baby blue eyes.

Phil reached up and slid my ball cap off. I shook my pony tail for him. His eyes dropped and I knew he was looking at my now hard nipples piercing at the fabric of my own white tee.

With his arms stretched out holding two wine glasses he said. “Well you could model some of that canlı bahis siteleri sexy lingerie for me Gen.”

Obviously Phil needed no more encouragement and neither did I. “That sounds like fun Officer Jones.” I said as I took a step back.

Phil just grinned from ear to ear.

“But couldn’t that make your gun barrel stiff?” I asked sheepishly.

“Probably will Gen.” Phil replied.

As I slowly slid my hands up to my waist and began pulling the bottom of my tee from my jeans I said. “Pour us some wine Phil.”

Phil turned to fill our glasses and I took the opportunity to kick my sneakers off and unbuckle my jeans.

He turned to again face me holding two glasses of red wine. I winked at him and slowly pulled my tee shirt over my head and dropped it to the floor.

His eyes grew to the size of saucers as he gazed at my now naked breasts and erect pink nipples. I move toward him and reached out for my wine. Standing within inches of this hunk of a man I took a sip and then whispered. “You like Officer Jones?”

“Veryyyyyyy nice!” Phil exclaimed again stretching the end of very.

I took a larger gulp from my wine glass as I moved closer to him letting my naked breasts touch his black tee shirt.

“I’m glad you like them Officer Jones.” I said while placing my wine glass on the counter.

Taking a couple steps back I turned so my back was too him. My long black pony tail reaching the top of my jeans and covering my spine. Very slowly I began peeling my jeans off my hips making sure my white lace thong remained.

“Oh my god!” Phil whispered as the denim material slid off my ass exposing the creamy white flesh.

I kicked my jeans off and turned to face him again pulling my pony tail around and letting it slip between my tits.

As I moved close to him again he took a huge gulp from his wine and placed the nearly empty glass on the counter beside mine.

I looked up into his eyes. Their sparkling blue color now a deeper lust fill blue stared intently back at me. I slid my left hand up his chest feeling the hard muscles beneath as I moved my right hand to his crotch.

“Oh my Officer Jones your gun barrel is getting very stiff.” I said with a giggle.

My fingers traced along the length of his stiff cock confined under the denim fabric.

“What will we ever do with such a stiff gun?” I asked.

Phil seized the opportunity and said. “You’ll just have to kiss it until it shoots.”

I scratched the nails on my left hand back down his chest and began pulling the black tee up off his body.

“You have to promise to give me both barrels when it goes off Officer Jones.” I quietly said as I pulled the tee over his head.

His chest muscles were rock hard and the washboard abdominal muscles amazed me as I again traced my nails down over his body.

“You’re quite the little minx Gen!” Phil exclaimed as my fingers reached the top of his jeans.

I leaned back a little and twisted my head causing my pony tail to fall behind me as my nibble fingers undid the clasp of his jeans. Phil’s eyes stared intensely into mine as I slowly started bending at the knees while pulling the tiny metal tap of his zipper down.

Once kneeling before him I let my eyes drop to the bulge in his jeans. I moved one hand to rub that bulge and said. “This is one impressive gun Officer Jones.”

“This is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world, and would blow your head clean off” Phil said quoting a line from a Dirty Harry movie with a broad smile on his lips.

“We’ll just see whose head gets blown off!” I replied as I pulled his jeans off his hips.

His cock tented the white cotton jockey shorts he was wearing and once his jeans were a puddle of black fabric around his ankles I slid my fingers up his legs and lifted the elastic waist ban so I could expose his Magnum.

As I released it from its confines his cock sprang up to attention curving sharply upward toward his abdomen hard, throbbing with a scintilla of pre-cum oozing from the tip. Phil kicked off his shoes and stepped out of his jeans and jockeys at the same time.

“Wow that’s a dangerous weapon Officer Jones.” I said as I let slid my fingers up his muscular legs. I knew its shape and curve would test my oral skills kneeling before him. But on the other hand it’d be a perfect fit from the 69 position easily sliding into my throat.

Phil was very aroused and each time he flexed his groin muscles his cock rose up even closer to his belly. As my fingers reached his crotch I gently cupped his balls in one hand and used the tip of my index finger on the other to smear that tiny droplet of pre-cum over the sensitive flesh of his cock head.

My free hand slid between his cock shaft and belly and I straightened up some so I could blow my hot breath on it starting at the head and slowly working my way down the shaft to his balls.

“Oh god Gen!” Phil exclaimed as he stared intently at my preparations to take him in my mouth.

I looked up into his eyes as I extended my tongue and slowly licked along the underside of his throbbing cock shaft. Once my tongue reached the corona I slowly ran it around the soft tissue and pulled the tip down toward my moist mouth tasting the salty pre-cum I’d smeared over it a moment earlier.

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