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The sky was looking very grey outside the window of his new office as Sean sat back in the huge leather chair, wishing he could summon the enthusiasm to actually do something useful. Boxes of files had been haphazardly piled in a corner and, as yet, he hadn’t had the time to open them. He was dog tired and the thought of returning to a bland hotel room for another boring night was a deeply unappealing one. At some point he knew he needed to find a flat to rent, but for now, it was way down on a long list of things to do.

The day had mostly been a success. So far there hadn’t been too much hostility from the existing management and it looked like the merger was going to be smooth one. For an idle moment his thoughts drifted back to the woman from last night. To say he he’d been shocked when she materialised in the board room was a massive understatement. The subsequent invitation to his office this evening had very much been a spur of the moment decision. God only knew what he was going to say to her other than congratulate her on an excellent presentation. He definitely wanted her to stay with the company, but it was too early in the day to start offering promotions.

A tap on the door brought him back to planet earth with a bump.

“Yes, what is it?” he said loudly.

The door opened and his secretary walked in.

“Miss Lomax is here to see you; she says you’re expecting her?” The woman looked enquiringly at him.

“Yes Jenny, I am. Show her in and take yourself off home now – it’s getting late.”

“Thanks Mr Holden.” Jenny said gratefully as she opened the door wider and stood aside allowing Anna to step through.

The sound of the heavy door closing behind her was almost like a jail cell clanging shut – and she was on the wrong side of it. Burying her misgivings about the whole meeting, Anna quickly surveyed the office. It was large and opulent with a massive window overlooking the river. Very nice, she thought, reluctantly impressed. Her own office was shared with three other people and had no nice view at all, merely a small window overlooking the staff car-park. She supposed there had to be some fringe benefits to being the boss.

Sean gazed at Anna as she checked out his office. She still looked as sexy as hell even though she must be as tired as he was. Her face was a mask; no trace of emotion on it at all as she turned to look directly at him.

“You wanted to see me?” she said getting straight to the point.

“Yes I did.” He replied, opening a drawer in the large antique desk and pulling a small bottle of whiskey out, along with two glasses.

“Drink?” he asked Anna politely, pouring himself a small measure. He sure as hell needed one even if she didn’t.

“Yes please.” Anna was non-plussed. She had been expecting… no actually, she didn’t know WHAT she’d been expecting… just not this. She could see how tired he was and for a minute she felt the urge to step around the desk and take him in her arms, soothing him. But she stopped herself sharp; he was her boss as well as an ex-client. He was also quite within his rights to sack her should he choose to, and she was already treading a dangerous path simply by being alone with him again.

Sean illegal bahis poured a second glass of whiskey and handed it to Anna; she took it with a murmured thank you. He watched her for a moment while he took the first sips of the fiery liquid. The ball was in his court and they both knew that. Trouble was, all he could think about at this minute was bending her over his desk and fucking the living daylights out of her. His cock hardened in direct response to that particular train of thought and he willed it silently to behave.

“I was very impressed with your presentation this afternoon Anna, you clearly know your market,” he said, needing to direct his mind back onto a more business-like footing.

She looked at him coolly and replied, “Thanks. I work hard for this company and always give 110% which, I think you’ll agree, is reflected in my sales figures.” She knew she was right and she defiantly dared him to disagree with that statement.

“Yes I checked your file; you’ve been very successful in the last two years since you came to work for TRM. I was impressed,” he said evenly before adding, “and how long have you been working nights too?”

Anna flushed and shifted uncomfortably in the hard chair, her skirt riding up her stockinged thighs unbeknown to her. She hadn’t expected him to be quite so direct.

“It’s not a regular thing; just when I need the money,” she replied coldly. “As long as it doesn’t affect my work here, I don’t see that it’s any of the Company’s business.”

The illicit sight of her stocking tops almost stopped Sean in his tracks, but he recovered sufficiently to enquire,

“Do we not pay you a generous salary?” He was surprised; as he understood it from her records, she was paid a good salary plus a large annual bonus.

“Yes you do, but I have some big expenses at the moment and sometimes I need the extra cash.”

She looked away and stared at the abstract painting on the back wall. The blues and purples reminded her of the heather on the moors back home. Not that she would be going there again of course; it was all gone now and her life was here whether she liked it or not.

Sean watched her curiously. He wondered what made a woman like her choose to have sex for money. It had to be something important, because he sure as hell believed she wouldn’t be doing it for any other reason. There was a sudden aura of sadness and vulnerability in her she couldn’t hide, and he wished he knew what was behind it.

She turned her attention back to him and said, “I would prefer it if last night wasn’t mentioned again. If word got out I would be finished here and I can’t afford to lose my job.” She stared defiantly at him and he couldn’t help but admire her strength in such a potentially difficult situation.

“Don’t worry; nobody will ever hear a word about it from me,” he said quietly. “I for one, think this company can’t afford to lose such a valuable employee. In fact,” he paused for a moment, “I was thinking of offering you a promotion if you’re interested?”

He had no idea what the promotion might be, but he knew he had to offer her something that involved spending more time with him. He would just have to worry about the details illegal bahis siteleri later.

Anna stared at him in surprise, she wasn’t expecting this at all and for a moment she wondered if it was some kind of sick joke.

“What kind of promotion?” she asked, curiosity getting the better of her.

“As you know, TRM is looking to expand. There is a potential opening for a head of Sales in the Far East; based in Singapore. Would you be interested?”

Anna’s mind whirled. The job would be a huge challenge but she knew she was up to it. The relocation would be a problem but she could make appropriate arrangements somehow. Excitement flickered through her veins and she tried not to let it show.

“Of course, this would mean a large increase in salary and benefits, plus a living allowance.” Sean continued, “I would also expect you to give up your second job.”

He watched her reaction carefully. The last request was surprisingly important to him but he didn’t care to analyse why just at that moment.

Her face was pale as she considered what he had said.

“Of course I will need time to think about it,” came her eventual reply.

“Naturally, take as long as you need.” He said generously.

It was getting late and Anna really needed to go home and sleep. She felt like she hadn’t been to bed for a week and she knew she must be looking rough round the edges by now. Standing up, she smiled at Sean and said,

“I promise will let you know soon.”

Realising that she was about to leave, Sean jumped up quickly, all vestiges of tiredness gone. He reached the door before her and stood in her way.

“About last night…” his voice trailed off. “I would very much like it if we perhaps had a drink sometime, on a more errr… traditional footing?” He scanned her face for any adverse reaction but she merely looked surprised.

“But you are my Boss, so surely that would be a terrible idea?” she reminded him.

Anna didn’t know what to think; as much as she was attracted to this man, anything other than a professional relationship would be career suicide. Any hint of something between them and she would never be taken seriously again. It was hard enough being a woman in the work-place without any whiff of sexual shenanigans to complicate things.

“I’m not thinking as your Boss right now,” Sean said huskily, allowing his gaze to flicker down her ripe body and she felt her nipples harden immediately in response, noticeable through the pale blue silk of her blouse. The room suddenly felt hot and stifling, her skin prickled and a small bead of sweat trickled down between her breasts. She knew she should run right now but her feet were firmly welded to the floor.

Sean could see the dilemma on her face and he caught the faint scent of vanilla perfume as she shifted on the spot. All he wanted to be doing right now was kissing her; to be pushing his tongue into that luscious mouth and tasting her sweetness. His cock was rock hard and he moved towards her, all sense of propriety forgotten.

Anna knew with a sense of fatalism that the time to leave had passed when Sean grabbed her and kissed her hard, his tongue plundering her warm, wet mouth. She found herself canlı bahis siteleri pinned against the door, his hands sliding inside her jacket and cupping her breasts. Joyfully her nipples responded and she moaned helplessly into his mouth, her whole body on fire with shivering desire. His cock pressed urgently into her belly and she ground herself into him; wanting, needing him inside her.

A hand slid up her thigh and between her legs and she gasped out loud as he dipped his fingers into her, feeling how wet she was; how ready she was to be fucked. Her blouse somehow fell open and Sean roughly pulled one creamy breast from the lacy confine of its cup, bending to suckle on the pink nipple before transferring his attention to its twin.

Anna grasped his cock through his trousers and he groaned out loud. Hurriedly she unzipped him and reached inside his pants, gripping his length hard, rubbing her thumb over the head and feeling the fluid already trickling out.

“God you make me so hot!” he muttered, his mouth full of her breast. He pulled her close and kissed her again, gently pushing her back so she was leant against the desk.

“Lay down,” he requested softly.

Submissively Anna lay back on the desk, her skirt hiked up around her upper thighs. Her legs were parted and she knew her knickers would be saturated with her own juices. Sean knelt between her legs and pulling her knickers to one side, pushing his tongue into her dripping hole.

“Oh fuck,” she gasped; the sensation was almost more than she could bear. He licked her swollen flesh and found her clit, sucking on it gently as he inserted two fingers into her pussy, stroking her slippery inner walls.

“I’m going to cum!” she cried as the pleasure built up to an almost unbearable degree.

Grinding her pussy onto his face, she clamped her thighs around his head as she climaxed, her whole body exploding into ecstasy. Before the spasms had died down, he pushed his raging cock into her, reaching up to grasp her breasts. Moving deep inside, he bent over her and took one nipple in his mouth, sucking and biting it gently.

The feel of her tight channel was too much, he couldn’t hold back and with a gasp, he fired into her, holding her tightly as he came. Panting in exertion, he rested on her as they both struggled to return to normal.

Anna closed her eyes as her body hummed pleasurably and her brain reminded her that she’d probably just made a terrible mistake. She shifted as the weight of his body began to feel uncomfortable and taking the hint, Sean stood up, adjusting his clothing with a rueful smile.

“I never intended that to happen, I hope you realise that.” He sighed as he looked at her worriedly but Anna turned her face away, unsure of her feelings. She had wanted him as much as he had wanted her, but that still didn’t make it right.

The intercom buzzed loudly providing a timely interruption. Sean glared at it and wondered who the hell would still be here at this time. Crossly he pressed the answer button.

“Yes – what’s the problem?” He said abruptly.

“Sorry to bother you Mr Holden…” It was John from the front desk. “Your wife is here and she wants to see you. Shall I send her up?”

Sean turned around just in time to see Anna leaving, the door smoothly swinging shut behind her. The faint scent of vanilla was the only trace of her left in his office. Probably in his life too, he thought in sudden inexplicable despair.

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