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Uncle Clyde and me were in the back yard of my Uncle Fred’s house. Fred was Clyde’s nephew, and Clyde thought Fred was a total putz.

“A total fekakta Putz . . . who should never be in charge of fire.” Uncle Clyde added, as we both watched Fred cause a ball of flames to erupt from the barbecue pit, igniting Fred’s hair and apron.

“That’s what, the third time this Summer?” I asked.

“Just about, I’m surprised he still has hair to burn.”

“I’m surprised he still has kids. The fact they’ve survived this long is a miracle.”

“No kiddin’! Some guys just don’t learn. Back in the First Ward, those are the guys that get buried first. But you can’t hide, you know? Like this girl that lived in 205, in that building I where I was a super . . . hey, go get me some of that bourbon, and don’t let your mother see you do it. Ahhhh, that’s a good nephew. Now, as I was saying…

It was Mama Rosetti that got me this next fringe benefit. She came down to my apartment in the basement and told me this sob story about the Scottish guy and his sister in 205. The guy was getting married, and he couldn’t take the sister with him, and she was thinking about going on the turf. Oh, that means becoming a prostitute. Mama Rosetti found all this out and wanted me to do something to keep her honest.

“Me? You gotta be kidding, Mama. What the hell business is it of mine if some skirt wants to get in the business?”

“You know what happens to those girls, Clyde. It’s makes them sick, it makes them dead!”

“Not all of them. Some of them get out, and get out flush, too.”

“Smart ones maybe, but Annie up in 205 is not one of the smart ones. She has no idea what the world is really like.”

An idea popped into my head. “You know what Mama? I might have a way to help you.” Mama’s eyebrows rose. “Can Annie be around this Friday night?”

“Sure, why? What you got in store for her?”

“The less you know the better. Just send down Annie downstairs at 8 this Friday. I’ll take it from there.”

“Allright, I hope you know what you’re doing.”

At 7:50 i was in the downstairs hall, smoking a cigarette. I had just escorted Mignon and her john to the back room on the left. And no, she wasn’t named after the steak. Lots of girls called themselves Mignon after this play that was real big at the time. Meat had nothing to do with it. Well, maybe it had a little to do with it. Mignon was one of the older girls, who had regular clients. I had done her myself once. Decent body, nothing to scream about. But she had a sexy face, you know? Large eyes and a mouth that just begged to be kissed. Now, I said sexy, not pretty. There’s a difference. Me, I go to sexy every time. The prettier a girl is, the least I trust her. Outside my wife, God Rest her.

So Mignon is back in the room, getting paid, when Annie McTavish comes down the stairs, ten minutes early. She’s about 5’4, 23 years old and fairly cute. She had that Scottish red hair cut short and flared out at the shoulders. A lot of the girls on the turf cut their hair that way. She had some curves, and a good look of flesh all over. Back then girls actually wanted to be what your dumb ass cousins call Fat. And Annie wasn’t fat, she was this thing my Ma called Zoftig. Which meant plump all over, but in a cute way. Annie walked over to where I was waiting. She was trying to flounce. Flouncing is that sexual power walk the experienced girls used when walking into the waiting room of the bordello. Annie couldn’t flounce yet. Hopefully she never would. Whatever it was she was doing brought her over to me, dripping with moxie.

“So, Mister Clyde, Mama Rosetti says you got something to show me now.” They way she said it made it clear she thought I wanted to make her. I smiled. “Yeah, sure do. I gonna let you watch a girl fuck a guy.” The come-hither look on her vanished.

“You’re gonna wha…”

“Come on.” I walked to 102, which is right next door to 103, where Mignon was currently working. 102 was nothing but a well appointed bedroom. The bed was wider than most, and it was placed against the wall the room shared with 103. Also on the wall was a large painting of a naked lady, one I didn’t know, lying on her side. I took the painting down which revealed a thick glass window into room 103.

“Och laddie, will ye look at that noo…” Annie was so impressed she even lapsed back into her native brogue. There in 103, Mignon was on her knees, with her back to the window, giving French service to her John. French meant Blowjob back then, and yeah, Greek meant in the ass.

“Wait, can’t he see us? Does he want us to see him?” Annie asked.

“No, illegal bahis it’s a special kind of mirror. In their room, all they see is a mirror, but here we can look through. My boss uses these rooms to blackmail folk, and for special customers who like to watch other people fuck.”

Annie was wide eyed and watching the show. Mignon’s back and shoulders were moving in such a way you could tell the guy was getting his money’s worth. The guy reached down and started playing with Mignon’s tits, and she shimmied her shoulders a little in response.

“They just like to watch?”

“Sometimes. There’s all kinds of freaks out there Annie.”

“Don’t talk like I don’t know that. I’ve been hustling drinks at Feldman’s for three weeks now. And i’ve pulled Fifteen dollars in last weekend.”

“Yeah? That’s pretty good. Mignon here’s about to make 30 dollars right here.”

“30? For one guy? See? That’s the kinda filthy luchre I need!”

“You think so? Keep watching.”

Annie curled up on the bed, and leaned on the window sill. “Can they hear us in there?” She asked without looking back.

“Nope. Thick walls and three pains of glass and mirror.”

“Huh. Smart.”

Mignon got up from her knees and lay down on the bed, Her John got between her legs and started going down on her. We could see Mignon writhe and thrust her hips towards his mouth.

“Oh, that’s a thing. . . ” Annie’s mouth was hanging open in fascination. The john pressed his face harder and harder into Mignon’s bush. “How does that not hurt?”

“I’m told it feels great. Most of the girls prefer it to fucking.”

Annie turned around, “I guess that makes sense, seeing as how…” She cut herself off. She had let her guard down, but looking me she remembered that I was a man, a man she thought she was going to sell he body to about fifteen minutes ago. She didn’t try to put on another pose, which was a relief, she just swallowed hard and turned back toward the window. Mignon was still being serviced by the John, who then flipped her over on her back, and started licking and nuzzling Mignon’s ass. Annie was agahst.

“Is that man sticking his tongue up her backside?”

“That man is putting his tongue right on that woman’s shit hole, and inside her shit hole as well.”

“That’s the nastiest thing I’ve ever seen.”

“Keep watching.”

“But, I could handle that. For 30 dollars, especially.”

“Good to know.” She turned away from me to see the john with his face still in Mignon’s ass. Her face was emotionless, bored. But her lips were parting and closing, telling us she was saying something. The John was really getting into it, pushing his face so hard into her ass that it forced Mignon’s whole body to scoot forward on the bed. He reared up for a second and grabbed several mouthfulls of air and went right back to that ass. Annie had said she was repelled, but her eyes were glued on Mignon, and her body had relaxed considerably.

The john had enough after a while, and he got off the bed and walked over to Mignon, and with his back to us face fucked her for a couple minutes. He then pointed to the floor and said something to Mignon. She got up and got a bottle of something out of a bag on the dresser and left our view. The John stood there with his cock erect and sticking out straight at us. It was huge. No shit. 10 inches maybe, and thick as well.

Annie turned around to ask, “Are they all that big?” She looked scared.

“Why? Don’t think you can handle it?”

“The ones I’ve seen before were nothing like that!”

“Keep watching.” She looked worried, but turned back to the window. Mignon had come back and was on her knees, facing us. The john got behind her and grabbed her ass. He slid his monster cock up and down her asscrack, which was covered with some sort of lotion or cream. He then pulled back a bit and placed his dick in a place a little too high to be a pussy.

“He’s not…is he gonna stick that thing right up her arse?!” Annie asked.


‘The whole damn t’ing?” She almost yelled.

“He’s sure going to try. And try to keep it down, the walls aren’t that thick.” She whipped back around to see the John pushing forward slowly, as Mignon mouthed words. Her face kept that impassive look as he thrust deeper and deeper into her ass. He began a slow rhythm, and Mignon’s eyes closed and a look of deep concentration came over her.

“How can she take that? It’s got to be ripping her apart!” Annie stage whispered. The john kept up his slow pace for a while, which was considerate of him, I thought. Then Mignon nodded, and her John began to fuck her ass illegal bahis siteleri faster. Annie sat up on the bed and leaned toward the window like a puppy on her hind legs. “Holy fucking Christ…” Annie breathed out, wide eyed. “He’s fucking her ass…so hard…” Annie’s hip started to sway back and forth, ever so slightly, but they were moving indeed. Her dress was form fitting, in a style you’ve never seen and never will so I won’t waste your time by describing it, but her ass and hips looked great from her little perch. And her forearms were pretty fucking sexy too. Yes, I said her forearms! In 1910, you could get turned on by a nice set of forearms! You didn’t need a midget clad in leather riding a Tyrannosaurus up the ass of Jenna Jameson! Forearms! A nice set of forearms still gives me a boner!

What? Oh, the kids heard me say boner? ok, I’ll keep it down.

Back to the fucking…

The john picks up the pace even more, okay? And it’s getting pretty weird. Mignon’s face is a fucking sight, cause I can’t tell if she’s hating it or loving, as I can’t hear anything that’s going on in there. I can’t stop looking at her face. Here I am trying to be the Know it All, teaching Miss Buster Brown here about the evils of Prostitution, and I’m getting a hard-on watching a whore’s ass get fucked and watching a red-headed Annie getting as turned on as I am. Annie even stands up on the bed.

“What are you doing? You’re gonna fall and break your neck!” I warned her.

(The first recorded instance of me sounding exactly like my own parents)

“I want to see it, I want to see that massive cock slide in there…”

She was looking down from her standing position, and apparently seeing what she wanted as one of her hands gathered up the front of her dress and the other reached between her legs. “Uhhhh…yeees. Fuck that ass, boy. Fuck it with that huge…unnnh” Annie’s arm was propelling her hand faster and faster under her dress. In the window, the John looked ecstatic. his head back and mouth opening and closing in what could only be cries of pleasure. Mignon’s face was twisted in that same expression, her body jerking with the John’s pounding, her hands splayed out on the oriental rug beneath her.

With one girl getting ass fucked by a huge cock, and another girl fucking herself in front of my very face, the sense that I was the one out of order suddenly hit me. I dropped my pants and took out my cock, and began to pleasure myself. It was the only sensible thing to do. Annie heard my belt buckle hit the floor and turned around.

“Damn, there Mr Clyde, Miss Mama And Mrs K was right about ya. That’s a nice bit of work you have.” She kept playing with her pussy, but she was looking at me now, over her shoulder, which twisted her body in the most delicious of ways. She looked at Mignon for a few seconds, and then back at me for a few seconds, and back again. She was smiling wide, her pale Scottish face was bright red with the flush of her passion, as she lifted her dress up over her ass, showing a damn fine rump. Not as nice as your Step Sister’s , but still fine and white as milk.

She looked at me straight in the eyes, and I didn’t wait for anything as unnecessary as words.

I went to the bed and grabbed her by the waist, pulling her out from the wall. At first she went all the way down, her face her flat on the mattress, but I picked her up by the shoulders and put her hands on the sill, so she could still watch Mignon get ass fucked.

“Oh Holy Hell, yes Mr. Clyde. Make me watch her get fucked while you fuck me. Do it!”

I grabbed her ass, put a rubber on my Johnson, and then put my cock right in to her pussy. Watching how she was playing with herself, I knew she’d be wet and ready to go. I started pumping her hard right away, and it was the right move. She hung on to the window sill, moaning softly, watching Mignon’s silence performance as her john fucked her at exactly the same pace I was fucking Annie. I kept it up, fucking Annie in her pussy just like Mignon was getting fucked in the ass. When he went fast, I went fast. When he went deep, I went deep. Pretty soon, Annie couldn’t hold back anymore.

“Oh god yes Mr Clyde, yes. . .oh, hell, oh, hell!” She gasped aloud, bucked her ass back and forth and fell down upon the bed. “Holy shit, holy shit!” She was having trouble getting her breath. “I think I came. Oh lord, that’s the first time f’ me.” She was still on her face, but her ass was high in the air. My hard cock was still in her and she absentmindedly swayed back and forth on my cock as she talked. “That was nothing like the others. But, no offense canlı bahis siteleri to your fine piece o’ manhood, it’s watching that assfucking that made it happen for me.”

“Really?”, I said, as I wet my index finger thoroughly and then placed it on her asshole. She hissed in a breath. “Oh damn, you did it. I though it was nasty, wrong, so wrong, so nasty. . . ” She was muttering hysterically into the mattress, wiggling her ass on my finger, even pushing back on it. I teased her further, making her whimper and moan until I pressed my finger into her ass up to the second knuckle while shoving my cock balls deep into her. “Yes yes yes yes…go deeper, deeper…” I did just that, and began to fuck her with my prick and my finger. She didn’t give a shit about Mignon anymore and she started to give out the sexiest little squeal every time I put my finger back in her ass. She came again in a couple minutes, and then pulled her self off of me and rolled over on her back. She wiggled out of what was left of her dress and spread her legs, pulling me closer to her.

“Fuck me in the ass, just like her.”

“Annie, are you sure? There’s a big difference between my finger and my cock.”

“God I hope so. I donno what’s this about, but I know i need that cock in my ass, right now. And I want to watch, I want to see you do it.”

Some teacher of morals I turned out to be.

“Allright, first things first.” I crawled over to place my cock to Annie’s mouth. ” You’ll want to get that good and wet, don’t skimp on the spit. You’ll need ever bit you can get down there.” She nodded without argument and took me in without protest, wrapping her thin lips around my cock with some effort. In three seconds, I could tell that she had done this a couple times before. She slurped on my Johnson boldly, jacking off the shaft with her hand. As she did I looked in the window to see Mignon washing off the john’s cock in a worshipful manner, quite different than the business like sucking Annie was giving me with her slightly experienced mouth.

When I could barely keep from cumming, I went back between her legs and placed the tip of my shaft against her ass. Annie closed her eyes in anticipation. I pressed a bit in, and then a little more. Annie was holding her breath. I pressed a tad harder and the head of my slick cock popped into her ass.

“Oh God!” She said sharply, and placed her hand against my chest. “Ok, wait, wait wait…” She took a few breaths, and then looked up at me and nodded. I pushed a bit and my cock went an inch deeper, and another inch. Annie didn’t stop me. Her eyes were locked onto mine, her mouth agape. I kept pushing it in and a small little sound began to come out of her mouth. She got louder as I got deeper, and when my balls were resting against her ass, she grabbed my hips and pulled me even closer to her. She was frozen on me, impaled on my cock. I gave her the slightest little thrust back and forth and her eyes got even wider, and she shook her head like a dog trying to kill a chicken.

Finally I reached down and started to play with her clit. She yelped and clapped her hand down on her pussy, trapping my hand on top of her clit. In just a few seconds, she came the hardest she had so far, and pushed me back, begging me to take my cock out.

“That’s all I can, that’s all…oh god!”

She was exhausted, and so was I. I offered Annie a clean towel, cleaned myself up and sat in the chair in the corner a lit a cigarette. Other than some basic cleaning with the towel, Annie didn’t move at all. When I was about halfway through my smoke, Annie started talking without sitting up.

“There’s no possible way I ever could be a working girl. I liked that way too much. Damn, looks like I’ll have to get a real job.”


Annie then rolled over and sat up to look in the window.

“Oh.” Was all she said. I looked to see what she ‘oh’ed at. Mignon was alone and standing in the middle of the room. She was smoking a cigarette, and looking straight ahead in the mirror. Tears were flowing down her cheeks, but she was impassive in every other way. No blubbering, no sniffing, no shoulders racking with sobs, just tear after tear falling down her heavily made up cheeks. It wasn’t sadness, it was hopelessness, and it was staring straight at us in what she thought was a mirror.

Annie and I couldn’t keep looking for long. We both got dressed and Annie went back to her apartment while I went to the downstairs hall to escort Mignon home. When she came out of the room, she looked right as rain. All fixed up and ready to go. She even mentioned she had another appointment in only a few minutes.

I don’t remember if she made it out of the life. I like to think she did. But the things you like to think ain’t the things that keep you thinking.

I need another Bourbon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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