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Libby stared, her lips slightly parted in lustful wonder. Her dad’s friend; his hot, muscular DILF friend was standing before her in nothing but a towel reaching to his perfect strong hair matted calves.

“Sorry,” he chuckled, his toned damp shoulders shaking with his good humor. “I thought you’d be gone for the week. What happened to your friend?”

Libby shut her mouth with a loud snap. Heat crept up her skin.

“I don’t mean to stare…”

This was a fine pickle. “Uncle” Dominic, as she had often called him when she was 16, was before her in all his sexy masculine glory and she was getting a fiery ache within the deep recesses of her body just looking at him.

The dampness on his skin gave him a glow, a perfect picture of male power in every contour of his hard muscles. He looked good for a man in his early 40s. She herself was a tall girl with a slender body but her breasts were perfectly round medium sized mounds with a perfect ass to match. She knew she turned guy’s heads. And Dominic was giving her an appraisal that made her quiver in clear pleasure.

How did she get into this situation?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Libby was 21 years old and was home for the summer until classes started in the fall semester when Dominic had moved in. He was going through a nasty divorce and his lawyer told him to lay low until they sorted out who would get the nice big house that Dominic had worked so hard on. Libby was the most enthusiastic. “Uncle” Dominic was fun and charming. His fun loving grin was always infectious. Those dazzling white teeth and the curve of his lips that almost had a sensuousness to them that made Libby’s skin tingle with a strange happiness. That should have been a warning to her.

The second was that he always smelled good, so good it made Libby want to be around him more. Cinnamon and lemon grass; sweet, fresh and tart. But when he worked out that sweetness was overpowered by the musky scent of salt and sweat. That musk of male had gotten Libby’s panties damp every time she came near when Dominic would work out in the basement where her dad had his own home gym.

And his rough hands. Libby was close enough to Dominic that they would hug when they greeted each other. Once she was wearing a sports bra after doing yoga out in the hot sun and when Dominic had wrapped her in his famous bear hug she felt his hands glide slowly along the slender curve of her spine. His hands were calloused and warm, rasping over her slightly moist back from perspiration and she had felt a surge of heat shiver to her very core.

The more they saw each other the more an electric tension seemed to grow between them. More often than not Libby would walk in on Dominic doing yard work in a tank top showing off his magnificent form. When he took his shirt off, Libby’s mouth watered at the perfect ridges and valleys of his body. For a man with salt and pepper hair in his early 40s “Uncle” Dominic was in the prime of physical fitness that every young man wanted.

He wasn’t outrageously muscular but enough to make any girl’s mouth water and her womb contract in primal response. Libby found herself staring at him while he moved in the yard or lean against the wall while listening to him shower imagining herself being drawn in and pressed against that masculine body. Then something happened that would propel their relationship to the next naughty level.

Libby came home early from work to find Dominic sitting in the living room chair stroking himself. Sweet Jesus. Up to that point she had wondered with a womanly curiosity what Dominic was packing under those pants. She had seen a slight bulge on occasion when they were close and talking. Heat crept into her cheeks and she licked her lips. It really was a fine specimen now that she saw it.

It was circumcised. Long and a bit thick with veins clearly visible and throbbing with lust. His hands glided over his iron length, head rolled back and eyes closed with his sexy mouth slack, uttering guttural sounds of arousal as he reached climax. Libby’s own pussy squeezed and dampened her panties as her dad’s friend groaned softly. But then he suddenly opened his eyes to see her standing there watching him. It was at that moment that Dominic came, spurting ropes of cum all over his hands and jeans.

Libby watched. Her mouth agape and body crackling with naughty fire as Dominic continued to stroke and milk himself while watching her, a glazed look in his eyes. They were both silent. Staring at each other. Dominic didn’t seem as embarrassed as he should have been. He watched her in way he never had; sexual, erotic. Libby broke first muttering a “sorry” then quickly running up to her room shutting the door.

Her pulse was beating so fast her chest tightened. Libby struggled for breath trying to calm herself. Her panties were moist and a tingly heat coasted over her skin as the memory of Dominic masturbating seared into her brain. That night Libby did her best to act naturally as she illegal bahis ate dinner with Dominic and her parents. Unfortunately she was sitting next to him and her skin seemed to burn as he stole secret sexy looks at her.

Libby parents were in the living room watching the news as she washed the dishes. She could feel Dominic’s body heat as he stood behind her. Could smell the sweet sinful cinnamon and the sharp lemon grass soap he used. Her breath hitched in her throat.

“Hey, Libby,” Dominic spoke quietly. She cautiously turned around to face him. He towered over her and Libby shivered. She wanted to collapse into his strong masculine arms while he held her tightly, whispering to her with his rough sexy voice.

“I just wanted to apologized about earlier,” Dominic’s sensuous lips thinned as his angled cheek bones flushed a little. “I didn’t think anyone would be home so early.”

“It’s alright,” she flushed pink, her insides jittery. “Masturbation is a natural human urge. Healthy even. I do it too.” Libby almost bit off her tongue. What was she saying? This man was as close as any real uncle and she was talking about diddling herself with him??

Suddenly she heard a deep, smoky chuckle. Libby looked up to see Dominic’s infectious grin dazzling her. He took a step closer and Libby quickly turned around burning with the heat of embarrassment. Then she felt a jolt of electricity when Dominic pressed himself against her. His breath tickled her ear as he whispered, “How often do you do it, Libby?”

There was a lump in Libby’s throat. Her stomach twisted into knots as sweat formed on her palms. She emitted a small gasp as Dominic pressed his pelvis into her buttocks. Her whole back was lined perfectly with his entire front. His smell was overwhelming and the heat had Libby creaming her panties.

“Do you think about guys at school? At work?” he asked huskily. His hands were on either side of her, casing Libby in between him and the kitchen sink. Libby worried her lower lip. She didn’t want her parents to hear her needy whimpers. But she did grind her lovely round bottom back into her “uncle” and was rewarded with a satisfied grunt.

“Do you think of me?” Dominic’s lips played with her supple earlobe, nibbling at the soft flesh earning a breathy groan from his charge. “Naughty girl… Watching me stroke myself. Did it make you wet, Libby?”

Oh God it did. Libby wanted to turn her head and meet his sensual lips with hers but she kept her body facing forward. Her knuckles turned white with the strain to keep them from reaching for her. She wanted to run her hands over his lean, powerful forearms covered in gray hair. She knew how soft they were from their nonsexual hugs from before.

“Libby…,” Dominic buried his face into her hair and felt her tremble. “You okay?”

Libby nodded, words seemed to fail her as her nipples enflamed, puckering and pushing against the cotton cups of her bra. Suddenly she felt it. That thick, hard bulge kissing between the valley of her tight denim covered cheeks.

“You know what I’m going to be thinking about from now on?” he asked wickedly. “I’m going to be thinking about you watching me rubbing my cock. I’m going to think about this apple bottom ass as it grinds against me… oh baby…” He cupped her cheeks for emphasis and Libby almost bit her tongue to keep from crying out in want.

“Uncle Dominic…,” Libby begged. For what she didn’t know. The sensations hitting her were like nothing she had ever experienced with another guy. This was something primal. A basic need that consumed her and it took all her will power not to turn around and jump him. Libby kept rotating her round ass into his swollen crotch and smiling when she heard Dominic groan in need and he stopped touching her ass with his hand returning it to the counter on the side of her.

“It’s been awhile for me, Libby,” Dominic continued, his breath ragged and moist in her ear. “I’m glad I came. I’m glad you’re here.” He didn’t dare touch her with his hands again but kept their pelvises connected, rubbing against each other until Libby was sure she had soaked her panties.

“Hey, Dom! Can you get me a beer while you’re in there?” Libby’s mom called from the living room where she was snuggled up with Libby’s dad on the couch.

Reluctantly they parted. Libby refused to turn around though the temptation to watch Dominic’s sexy ass molded perfectly in his washed out denim jeans as he walked away was intense.

“Goodnight, Libby,” Dominic said but he was “Uncle” Dominic again. Not the lustful beast that was just rubbing up against her, their jeans creating a delicious friction against each other. His smell was still on her. That sinful cinnamon that Libby didn’t wash off to keep him close if just a small piece. That night Libby rubbed herself to orgasm twice remembering the rough hot feel of “Uncle” Dominic rubbing against her slender body.

But as she was coming down from her high she remembered the reality. Dominic was her father’s illegal bahis siteleri best friend. They had been friends since high school and he would freak if he found his daughter and best friend together. What would have happened if he had walked in on them in the kitchen? It looked innocent enough but her dad would have been able to read the lust on their faces.

Dominic was in his bedroom doing the same. He stroked himself until he was sure his balls were empty. It had been a year and a half since he had a woman. His soon-to-be-ex-wife, Margo stopped sharing their bed when their marriage hit the skids. She was paranoid that he was having sex with other women even though Dominic always remained faithful to every one of his past lovers. Cheating wasn’t his style.

He had always saw Libby as a beautiful, intelligent girl and the way she blossomed into a confident sexy woman astounded him. Dominic didn’t really see her as anything sexual before he started living in his best friend’s home. The more time he spent with her the more mature and gorgeous Libby became. He found himself getting jealous of her guy friends who came over and hugged her. Of the ones that watched her with that familiar male hunger. His stomach had twisted coldly watching her cuddle with a high school friend on the couch as they watched a movie.

Dominic growled in frustration. He shouldn’t want Libby. She was the daughter of his best friend. He would kill him if he found out. Damn it. But she smelled so sweet. Like sugar. Dominic could feel his cock thickening again remembering that slender yet curvy body pressing firmly against him. The way her ass ground back into his swollen crotch getting him throbbing and salivating with desire. The older man wouldn’t sleep at night until he completely emptied his boiling sac on the fresh linen sheets that he had to clean the next morning.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The next week Libby did her best to avoid Dominic who watched her with a predatory glare that made her cream liquid heat between her thighs. It seemed that Dominic didn’t have the same scruples as Libby thought. When she was home alone she felt a terrible fiery itch in her loins that needed relief. She settled herself on the couch. She pressed her face into the cushion and inhaled deeply.

“Dominic…,” she moaned. He sat in this very spot last night and it still smelled like him. Her whole body quaked in arousal.

Libby tenderly kneaded her breast, her thumb rolling over her nipple until it stood rigid while her other hand moved down between her achy thighs to her damp heat. She stroked her two outer lips softly, occasionally teasing her slit, getting it nice and wet. She sighed dipping her finger into her slick heat. She pushed lightly into her channel then pulled back, circling the entrance then pushing a little further back in. She groaned.

Her clit engorged as she gently finger fucked herself, the taut red bud rubbing against her palm as more of her love juices moistened her loins. Libby took her diamond nipple, burning with need between her fingers and pinched it. Her slick walls clenched around her other pumping fingers in response.

Libby’s mind wandered back to watching Dominic milking his full, throbbing erection. It was beautiful. Cut with the swollen mushroom head proud and pulsating. A slight curve with veins lining the sinewy staff. It thrusted so smoothly through his rough palms, lubricated by his pre-cum that leaked from his crest like a fountain. Then to when he rubbed up against her. His breath caressing her skin making it erupt into goosebumps.

She fantasized about Dominic thrusting that magnificent piece inside her. She had never had sex before although she had been fingered and licked. She had also given a few blow jobs but no boy had ever seemed worthy enough to pop her cherry. Dominic was mature, sexy and made Libby so hot she had taken to cold showers to soothe the aching burn.

Unbeknownst to her, Dominic was watching. He felt his cock swell against his zipper on his slacks and pressed his palm into it to relieve some of the pressure. He growled low, smelling Libby’s arousal permeating through the air of the living room. Her musk was sugary and he licked his lips in anticipation of tasting that sweet pussy.

He watched her little pink tongue moisten her lips. Her mouth whimpering his name while her skin glowed with lust. He pulsed with masculine desire at the sound of Libby’s throaty low moans as she finger fucked herself, pinching her nipples until they were raw and rosy. Dominic’s body coiled, growing as taut as a bow ready to spring. But he held back continuing to rub his palm over his turgid bulge.

Then Libby cried out in passion. Her whole body arched high, her breasts thrusting, her hips pushing into her fingers. Then she collapsed. Libby took her cum soaked finger then sucked the juices off of it. Dirty girl. Dominic felt his cock throb. He knew it was wrong to want her. Jim was his best friend and Libby was canlı bahis siteleri an innocent but the divorce with Margo was getting uglier. He needed a release… He needed someone sweet and pliant…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Libby’s parents had gone away for the week to Florida. She was caught between elation and apprehension. Dominic had been sneaking secret touches and brushing past her in the hall way and Libby’s reason began to crumble with each scorching touch. On one occasion during dinner Dominic’s leg had trapped hers against the leg of his chair, keeping it there until dinner was finished. It felt like the longest dinner as goosebumps traveled up Libby’s leg to where she most ached for fulfillment.

Dominic was getting bolder. She took to calling him “uncle” Dominic more often as if to remind him of their predicament. But that only seemed to turn the older man on. So now Libby was alone in the house with her mature crush. She called her friends to set up a shopping trip and maybe stay over until her parents came home on Sunday. She had told Dominic all about it. His face was expressionless as he nodded.

But fate seemed to be working against her. Her friend’s Navy SEAL dad had returned home on leave unexpectedly and she wanted to spend some time with him. Libby was pissed but she knew how worried her friend had been about her dad who had been gone for several months. She didn’t tell Dominic, hoping he would be at work and she would work at just avoiding him.

Libby went out that day shopping anyway then came home with bags of clothes to see Dominic just as he was walking out of the downstairs bathroom shower, wet and wearing nothing but a towel. He flashed her that irresistible grin, his white teeth dazzling while his rigid ab muscles glistened.

“Sorry,” he chuckled, his damp shoulders shaking with his good humor. “I thought you’d be gone for the week. What happened to your friend?”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

So here she was. In a situation Libby had hoped to avoid but now that she was faced with it all rational thought jumped out the window with a crash. She swallowed hard putting down her bags trying to act casual despite the blush surely painting her cheeks.

“She cancelled,” Libby ran her fingers through her hair, uncomfortable with the hungry leer of Dominic’s eyes. Those lascivious eyes and sexy devil-may-care grin had her nerves sparking with energy. “Family stuff. I didn’t want to bother you with it.”

“You could never bother me, Libby,” he said stalking over to her like a panther, a sleek jungle cat poised for the attack. His gaze made Libby’s breasts tingled and nipples pearl with excitement. She crossed her arms afraid that the older man with the velvet stare could see them.

Dominic moved carefully, waiting to see if Libby would retreat. She only averted her eyes, her cheeks flushed. She was so adorable. Her innocence was incredibly sexy. Libby licked her lips which made his cock jerk. He dreamed last night that those soft pink lips of hers were sealed around his iron hard shaft, suckling him until he exploded into that warm mouth.

“Libby…,” Dominic spoke her name, his voice hoarse with arousal.

“Uncle Dominic,” Libby spoke softly. She gasped softly at his touch. It was so electric. Threading his fingers through her long dark hair then Dominic pulled her into him without any effort. When their lips touched there was nuclear explosion. All the tension that had been building between them had been released in that single kiss. Libby drowned in Dominic’s taste, dark, carnal and sweet. Dominic’s own senses reeled when his tongue plundered the sweet softness of her mouth.

Libby’s hands explored his chiseled stomach, tracing the small bulges with tentative fingers, feeling them flex beneath her touch. Her legs felt like jelly. His lips were so gentle, brushing, sliding. His tongue exploring and tasting her pent up passion.

Dominic growled at her soft touch, a thrill surging down his spine at her response. He kept her head in place with one hand. His other was left hanging at his side, his fist clenching with the desire to reach up and pull her into him. He wanted to caress that sexy round bottom that he had watched bounce every time she skipped upstairs or bent over. But he held back. He didn’t want to scare her off.

Dominic’s tongue took to exploring her mouth, so hot, so soft, so sweet. Her tiny moans made his cock throb. He traced his tongue along her petal soft lips, sucking and nibbling on the bottom lip then returning to kiss her. Her lips were so pliant and soft beneath his kiss. He wanted to feel them all over his body.

“Libby, baby,” Dominic groaned.

“We can’t do this,” Libby pleaded yet her fingers had strayed to the knot on the towel. Her delicate fingers played along the towel’s edge. She looked down to see a tenting in the towel and made a small mewling moan. “You’re my dad’s best friend.”

“You’re not a little girl anymore, Libby,” Dominic peppered small kisses all around Libby’s face. He smiled at the sound of her shuddering breath. “We’re both consenting adults. And I’ve been having a hard time with this divorce. Being here with your family, with you has kept me sane.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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