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I live in a ‘no-fault divorce’ state so despite the fact that my wife had cheated on me, we simply split the assets and moved on with our lives. I guess I should be happy that the kids were grown and she had her own job and 401K so I came out solvent and only had my heart ripped out.

With my share of the proceeds from the sale of the house I was able to pay cash for a small condo. I got one in an adults-only community and avoided my neighbors as much as possible. All I did was work, eat, and sleep. When the sexual urge became too much I would simply pull it in the shower like some teenager.

After a while I did got a cat for company. I probably would have preferred a dog but I didn’t have the time or the energy for man’s best friend and an independent cat who simply slept when I wasn’t home was what I could handle. That was my life. That was all that I was able to deal with.

Then Julie decided to change that.

* * *

It all started one evening after I had been held up with a problem at work. I was late getting home to feed the cat, so I was even less interested than usual in small talk with my neighbors. I hurried past the pool where the Friday Margarita Party was already boisterous and pretended I didn’t hear my name being called.

It was Julie and she wasn’t going to let me get away with that. I’d met her previously and she was one of those “rays of sunshine,” always upbeat and smiling. She ran to catch me, bumping into my shoulder when she caught up to me.

“Hey Jack, didn’t you hear me call you?”

“Um, no. … Look I’m running late.”

“OK, OK, but I need a favor. My computer is acting up and I think it may be sick … one of those viruses or something.”

I knew how to handle that. Without breaking stride, I said, “Sorry, kid, I don’t know anything about Macs. You really need to take it to the Apple store.”

But that didn’t work. “Jack, it’s not a Mac. It’s my husband’s old PC. I started using it after he died and now it’s acting funny.”

As I continued walking I told her I had a very hungry cat waiting for me and I needed to get home before he started climbing the drapes, or worse. But Julie was fine with that. “I’ll help you and then you can help me out. OK? How is Silly Boy?”

That caught me by surprise. I was pondering how she could possibly know my cat’s name and I wasn’t able to get back on track quickly enough to put her off, so the next thing I knew we were entering my condo. Silly Boy was meowing loudly and started rubbing against me and Julie both.

Julie immediately ignored me and started talking to the cat, “Hello, Silly Boy, how are you? Are you hungry? Here, let me pet you.” She squatted down to pet him before I could let out a warning but it was too late anyway. That cat is a lap junky. If it even looks like a lap, he’s on it and he jumped up onto her legs nearly knocking her over.

I quickly grabbed him and put him down by his bowl of food and then helped Julie up, all the while apologizing for my cat. I watched as she brushed the fur from her jeans as she stood up smiling, “He is friendly, isn’t he? Too bad his owner isn’t more like him, huh?”

I ignored the gibe and continued to look at her. Julie wasn’t a classic beauty but she was a very handsome woman. She was tall, just a half-foot shorter than I was which would make her about 5 foot 8 or 9 inches with long legs but still very well proportioned. She was aging well as some tall women do. I would guess she had been a thin string bean in her younger days but while most women her age were beginning to look matronly, she had simply filled in nicely and was a very attractive, mature woman.

There was a time when I might have been quite interested. Not now though. That upbeat, smiling personality was something I had no use for these days. But, thanks to Silly Boy’s rude behavior, I was probably stuck working on her computer.

We watched the cat attack his food and when he finished and sat back cleaning himself, I surrendered to the inevitable and said, “Let’s go look at your PC.”

* * *

Julie had described it correctly. Her PC was acting strangely. Pop-up messages covered the desktop and her browser opened to some bizarre website. The PC was working too hard at something and really wasn’t responding. It could have been worse if she had downloaded some ransomware, but, still, it was a mess. I was able to detect a rescue partition and that was the easiest solution.

“Look,” I said, “It would be pretty easy to put it back to the way it was when it was brand new. That would be the best thing to do.”

I was surprised to see that Julie actually looked sick. “But, I don’t want to start over, I just want it back working. This was my husband’s PC and it has lots of things that I really don’t want to lose.”

I thought she was going to cry, so I made another effort to bail out, “You could take this to Best Buy or something and let the computer geeks work on it. They can probably save your personal stuff.”

Julie wasn’t buying canlı bahis şirketleri it, “Well, that’s what I want you to do. You know this stuff, it’s what you do for a living.”

She had caught by surprise for a second time. She sure seemed to know a lot about me and my cat.

Julie continued, “And I really don’t want those people looking at my computer. Frank may have left stuff on there I wouldn’t want them to see.”

Well, I panicked at that point. The damn computer was probably filled with child porn and it now had my fingerprints all over it. They were going to throw me in jail forever. Why was I even here? I didn’t need this.

Of course I was over-reacting and I forced myself to calm down. I realized that Julie wasn’t responsible for anything her late husband might have done and it was certainly something I could take care of. If necessary, I could find, and destroy forever, anything that needed to be dealt with.

I guess none of this inner turmoil showed on my face because Julie just continued to look at me with a sad look on her face.

I stood up. “OK, let me get my stuff and I’ll see what I can do.”

Julie smiled immediately and rushed over to hug me, pressing her breasts fully into me. I quickly untangled and went back to my condo.

Grabbing a beer from the refrigerator, I sat down for a moment and Silly Boy jumped right up on my lap. I stroked his fur and said, “Well, buddy, I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to go out for a while. I won’t be very long, so you behave while I’m gone, OK?” I was sure he was going to tell me I was being a sap but he just purred away.

I finished the beer, put the cat on the floor, grabbed an industry standard rescue disk, an older USB drive (just in case I had to completely destroy it), and headed back to Julie’s.

PC rescue actually isn’t the tough, tedious job it used to be and I explained the process to Julie. I would attach the external drive, boot the rescue disk and simply let it run overnight. An exact copy of the current state of the PC would be saved and then multiple programs would run in an attempt to remove any and all viruses and malware. With any luck we would have a working PC sometime the next morning.

Julie stood listening, biting her thumbnail, and nodding. I said I would come back the next day, Saturday, at about 10AM if that was OK with her. I hoped we would be lucky but there was no way to know until then.

* * *

Saturday morning I was up early, as usual, fed the cat and headed for the fitness center. I put on my earphones, as usual, to discourage any attempts at chit-chat, and went through my morning workout.–I might be getting old, but I wasn’t giving up.–I finished and went back and ate breakfast. Soon enough it was time to go check the patient.

At exactly 10:00 I knocked on Julie’s door and she met me with a smile. She was wearing jeans again, I guess she always did, but instead of the loose sweater she had worn Friday, she now had on a blue work shirt with the top buttons open, exposing some cleavage, and with the tails tied in front exposing a flat mid-riff. She looked good, but I wanted to get this over with as soon as possible and I headed over to the computer.

I told her it would take a while and I’d call her when I was done.

The programs had finished and now it was time to see. I disconnected the external drive, removed the CD, and rebooted the computer.

Amazingly, it booted right up without difficulty and a quick check showed that everything seemed to be in working order. I had to laugh once I could actually see her desktop. Everything was there: every picture, every document, every spreadsheet; each had its own icon and the sheer number nearly covered the screen. It looked nearly as bad as all the pop-ups but it was still a welcome sight. I reset her home page to the default and updated the virus software making sure it was working properly and updating automatically.

Then it was time to snoop and see what Frankie-boy had been up to. My guess was that if something wasn’t on that desktop, Julie didn’t even know it was there. I opened the file explorer but didn’t immediately see anything unusual so I did a little more digging and soon found it.

It was a folder simply labeled “Julia.” I opened the folder and there were twelve jpg’s. I double-clicked the first one and couldn’t believe my eyes.

It was a photograph of a richly-carpeted, wood-paneled room with a fire in the fireplace and in front of the fireplace was Julie, lying nude and ball-gagged, completely bound by ropes tied with intricate knot-work. It was an amazingly erotic photograph. I have to admit it gave me an even greater appreciation of my neighbor.

I quickly clicked through the rest of the photos. They were all variations of the first with Julie photographed in different positions but all of the photos were from the same session and all had the same rope-work.

I closed the folder and moved it to the desktop. I then did a search for every type of canlı kaçak iddaa media or compressed file there was and then searched for any hidden directories or anything else unusual. After an exhaustive search, I was certain that, other than the stuff on the desktop, there was nothing more. So, I shut down the computer and called Julie.

She must have been doing some physical work because she was a little flush and she looked healthy, wholesome, and sweet. But all I could think about was what she looked like in those photos. She smiled and said, “Well?”

“Things look good to me, but let’s see what you think. Here, have a seat and start her up.”

I stood up beside the chair as she positioned herself at the computer and I couldn’t help but stare down at her half-open blouse and her enticing cleavage. I shook myself and turned my attention to the computer screen which again came up quickly and without difficulty.

Julie clapped here hands in joy, “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” She turned her face towards me, grabbed me by the back of the legs and leaned into me, pressing her face into my crotch.

I wasn’t expecting that and I twisted and quickly stepped back away from her. She started to get up but I made her sit back down to try out everything she normally did on the computer to make sure I hadn’t missed something.

It took just about half an hour before we were both sure everything was OK, and then I said there was one more thing.

I told her that I had found the folder of pictures that her husband had saved and showed her the “Julia” folder now on her desktop. I said, “You may want to look at these after I’m gone and decide what you want to do with them.”

Julie looked at me quizzically, “Well, you’ve already seen them, right? Don’t go anywhere. Let’s see what we’ve got here.”

She opened the folder and clicked open a picture, examined it carefully and then went on the to next. After she finished with the last one, she turned to me, “And there weren’t any others?”

I shook my head no and she continued, “Well that just isn’t fair. Frank had hundreds of pictures of me and the only ones he kept were of his damn rope work. Always the artist.”

I didn’t know what to say, so I didn’t say anything, and she continued, “He had pictures of me tied on the bed, in front of the bed, and in his special chair, but these are the ones he saved.”

Shaking her head and pointing to the one on the screen, she said “See how tight my legs are bound together? See how my mouth is gagged? If you walked in on me tied like that you wouldn’t be able to do anything but look and admire the artistry of his rope-work and maybe beat off if you’re a pathetic loser. It may look erotic but there’s no sex here at all. He just wanted to have a record of his damn knots.

“You should have seen some of those other pictures. They were hot. His chair is a work of art too. You think he might have saved some pictures of me in it. He designed and built that chair to fit me perfectly and no one would ever guess that it was a bondage chair. — I still have it, you know, the chair I mean. Would you like to see it?”

This was way too much, too fast and I still didn’t know what to say or do. I just stumbled along as she took me by the hand and led me to a bedroom.

“See the brass bed? He had photos of me tied to that but he didn’t save any of those, did he? — There, in the corner, get that chair and bring it out to the living room.”

It was a somewhat nondescript chair made out of a dark, artfully carved wood. It only seemed a little off when you looked at it closely. The legs were longer than normal, the padded seat looked like it was split in the middle, and the backrest was a little shorter than normal and well-padded at the top. I picked it up and followed Julie to the living room.

Julie seemed pleased with the opportunity to show off her late husband’s work. She pulled the backrest up out of its seat, tilted it backward a bit and then pushed it down into a different slot so that it angled back farther than would be comfortable as a chair. Then she slid the armrests backwards so they extended out the back side of the chair. She then loosened the wingnuts on each side of the backrest’s padded portion and tilted it back as well. Finally, she reached under the seat and opened a bracket like you often see on table extensions.

I had no idea what I was looking at.

Julie turned and said, “Here’s where you come in. It takes two to make this work.”

She knelt on the padded seat, facing the backrest, and, looking over her shoulder at me she said, “Normally I would be nude for this, but you can use your imagination.” She winked and continued, “I need you to separate the front legs of the chair.”

With the latch open, I could move each leg outward which of course spread her legs apart. She said, “This would be where you put the leather strap over my thighs to hold my legs in position but I’m sure you can imagine that too.”

She then leaned canlı kaçak bahis forward into the backrest padding which supported her body just under her breasts. She bent her arms placing her forearms on the arm rests that were now at the back of the chair and again explained, “This is where you would strap my arms to each of the arm rests, see? Now my butt and my face are on the same level which is just where Frank would be perfectly aligned.

“You’re as tall as Frank was. Try standing in back so you can see how it works.”

I was still unclear on all this but I moved into position behind her on the chair and then it all did become very clear. Julie’s buttocks were presented right there.

All I had to do was move forward and except for the clothes we were now wearing I could easily mount her from the rear. I began to feel a stirring in myself that I thought I had fully suppressed.

“Now come around front. Frank used to threaten to bring in another guy for a real party, but I’m not interested in that kind of stuff and I was glad when he finally admitted he really didn’t want to share me with anyone.”

I walked around to the front but I kept a little farther away. Still, I could see that her head and mouth were perfectly positioned at crotch level. Her breasts, even enclosed by her shirt, hung down where they could be easily fondled. It didn’t take much imagination to appreciate how open and vulnerable a nude woman would be bound in that chair.

Today, however, Julie’s hands weren’t bound. “Come closer,” she demanded, “you can’t really fully appreciate it unless you do.”

She tried to grab me and pull me closer to her but the chair was designed to hold a bound Julie and her sudden movement knocked it off balance and I instinctively reached out to keep her from falling to the floor. She stood up and pressed closer to me.

“This is nice,” she said.

I was rapidly losing this battle and I just wanted to get get out of there and get home to my weekend routine. I held her away from me and said, “Well, I think your computer is fine now, so I need to get going.”

Julie just stood there expressionless as she studied me carefully, but she finally smiled sadly and said, “Well, I owe you a lot for fixing it, don’t I? Will you at least let me make you dinner in repayment? That wouldn’t be too annoying would it?”

Well, if I didn’t blush, I should have. Her sad look left me terribly embarrassed. Julie had really done nothing that deserved my cold treatment. Certainly it had been an unusual morning, but it had also been fascinating and stimulating and now I was just being a total ass.

“Dinner would be nice, thanks.”

She smiled shyly and asked “Would tonight be OK or do you have plans?”

“Tonight’s fine.” I was in full retreat. “What time would you like me to come over do you think?”

She spoke so quietly she could have been speaking to herself when she said, “Well, I wouldn’t mind if you stayed all day, but I don’t want to seem too forward.” And a little bit louder, “How about 7:00?”

Well, I could hear the whole thing and that just made me feel worse but I smiled and simply said “I’ll be on time and I’ll bring the wine.”

* * *

I tried returning to my usual Saturday.

Living alone, I did my own laundry, dusting, vacuuming, linen changing, and litter patrol as well as grocery shopping and through it all I kept replaying the morning over and over in my head. Silly Boy didn’t have any wise words of advice for me but I kept asking him for his opinion anyway.

“What do you think of Julie, buddy? She’s attractive but do you think maybe she’s coming on too strong? What’s her agenda here?

“She seems like a lonely widow, but why pick on me? There are a few guys around here who are younger and better looking. Do you think maybe there’s something about her that I don’t know that keeps them all away from her?

“Come on Silly Boy, don’t be afraid. Tell me what you really think, OK?”

“Meow, meow,” Silly Boy said, which, as everyone knows, means “Feed me now.” So I did.

I decided finally that I just needed to let this all play out. It wasn’t anything I had been looking for and I certainly wasn’t sure if I was mentally or emotionally ready for something like this. But I couldn’t deny I was intrigued.

In the first test of this “relationship,” I guessed that Julie wouldn’t try anything unusual for dinner and would probably serve some sort of beef and I made a special effort to get a really good Cab to bring. I knew I was being totally irrational here, but that’s where my head was.

* * *

I knocked on her door at precisely 7:00 and it opened to the smell of beef barbecue. Julie looked terrific. She was wearing a jean skirt, which was a change from plain jeans I guess, and she had donned a black satin blouse that molded to her curves. I was fairly certain she wasn’t wearing a bra. I wondered if she knew what a sucker I was for satin. More likely, she simply knew that most men are.

With her wide smile she said, “Come on in, you’re precisely on time again.”

We were both polite and careful. She took the wine saying that it was overkill for her cooking, that dinner would be ready in a few minutes and let’s sit in the living room while we wait.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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