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It was another long road trip. I was working for a computer company that kept me on the road for months at a time doing repairs, setting up server farms, etc. I was in Madison, Wisconsin when I just couldn’t take the aloneness anymore. I’d been out to bars and clubs but being a shy guy I hardly ever hooked up. And this trip was lonelier than most. I looked online for some escort sites. One was an add for a voluptuous woman with 38d breasts. I’ve always liked my women on the heavier side so that add made me follow the link. On her website she had a couple of small pictures. I clicked and studied them for a few minutes. I couldn’t see her face but her body was perfect. Large heavy breasts, round tummy that rolled onto soft, smooth and chubby thighs. He body was so beautiful, so womanly, so inviting. I almost fell over myself getting to the phone.

A deep and sultry voice answered. Hello?

“Hi, ummm,” I stammered, “I saw your add on the net.” Suddenly feeling monumentally stupid. How creepy did that just sound? I thought to myself.

“Hi, yes, I’m Angela, and who are you?”

“I’m Mike.”

“Hi Mike, what can I do for you?”

“Ummm, I…” still stammering like an idiot.

“Would you like to set-up a date?”

“Yes.” My voice croaked.

“Give me your information, I’m free tonight.” I gave her my info and she told me she would meet me in the hotel bar.

I took a shower and shaved and dressed in my nicest, that is nicest for living on the road for the past 6 months out of a duffel bag, shirt and tie. And headed down to meet her. I entered the bar and looked around. A few minutes scanning the room I saw a beautiful brunette woman smiling at me. She waved seductively at me. It was her. She was wearing a sheer black evening dress. Even from this distance I could see her luscious breasts. I walked to her trying to keep my balance. I was smitten. I sat down next to her.

“You must be Mike.” She said to me.

“Yes but how did you know?”

“I knew you by the confused look on your face when you walked it. I know that look well.” She laughed. Her full lips parting and her eyes crinkling up as she laughed. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her. I ordered a vodka martini and ordered her the same.

“mmmm I love martini’s they make me feel so sophisticated.”

We drank canlı bahis şirketleri and chatted for a while. Small talk, what I did, where I lived, If I was married or seeing anyone. Sadly the answer to the latter is always no.

“Well,” she said putting her hand on my knee which sent almost all my blood to my crotch. “Shall we leave?”

“Ok.” I said “Where should we go?” Her hand moved to my crotch and gently squeezed.

“How about somewhere where we can take care of this.” With this I threw way too much money for the bill on the bar and moved out as carefully and deliberately as I could. My cock was so hard I was in danger of knocking over a drink on my way out.

In the elevator I hit the 12th floor. Her hand moved to caress my hard cock above my pants. I was almost in shock with lust and anticipation. She turned her head and whispered in my ear.

“You’ve got 11 more floors to think of what you want to do with me. I want you to release every little sexual desire on me.” I almost passed out. The doors open and I almost sprinted with her in tow to my room. I abruptly opened the door and let it slam shut behind us.

“Sit on the bed, lover.” I did as I was told. “How about watching me strip for you?” I was able to nod, barely. She stated her show. Slowly gyrating and swaying. Her hands caressing her body. Teasing me with her curves.

“You know what I’m thinking?” She gave no time for a reply “I’m thinking my little show might be more comfortable if you’re less encumbered.” I had to think for a second and stupidly stammered; “You mean naked?”

“That’s right baby.” I felt a little uncomfortable at first, stripping while a woman watched. I really don’t know why. But my lust beat out shyness. I took of my clothes.

“Mmmmm” she purred, “that looks and feels a lot better.” I sat there with my rock hard cock begging to be touched. As she continued her show I felt my hand stroking my cock. She slid the back of her dress open and let it fall. She was wearing no underwear. Her body was more beautiful than the picture. The fullness of her body swayed with each gyration. “Oh, I love when I man strokes while watching me.” She said kneeling down eye level with my cock. She stared at it and slowly extended her tongue to touch my balls. A shot of electricity shout through my canlı kaçak iddaa body and I almost came, flipped 360, shouted, and passed out all at once. Sensing my feelings she giggled.

“Now, what did you think of in the elevator?”

“Ummm…” I said to shy to tell.

“Ok, listen. I’m not trying be harsh but lets be real. You’re paying for my services and in order to ‘service’ you I need to know what you want.” Her words slapped me with courage. I took out my wallet and gave her the $200.

“Good.” She said. Now what dirty little desires do you have in mind? I felt my courage mix with my lust and a voice came out of my mouth.

“I want you to sit on my face.” She smiled and crawled on top of me as I lay back. Her sweet pussy hovered above my face and slowly it lowered to meet my lips. Her thick thighs wrapped around my head. I was in heaven. I hungrily licked and sucked her pussy. I felt her body jump as I sucked. She grinded her pussy on my face as I sucked and licked harder. I grabbed her thighs and pulled her closer, smothering my face. Her body started to buck as she breathed heavy.

“Oh yes” she breathed, “Oh fuck!” I licked harder and her movements got more frenzied. “Oh please don’t stop.” She started fucking herself with my tongue. Bouncing slightly up and down on it. I sucked directly on her clit and she started screaming. “Oh my god, I’m going to cum!” and with that she did. Hard. She gushed all over my face as she fell down on me. I honestly thought I might have been in danger of drowning. Her orgasm subsided and she rolled off. I was covered in her lust and she was trying to catch her breath. I watched her breathe. Her plump sexy body rode and fall and her ample belly jiggled slightly. With one deep breath she sat up refreshed.

“Ok… now it’s your turn. What can I do.”

“You can start by going into the bathroom and bringing me a warm washcloth and the bottle of baby oil from the hotel sample basket. She went into the bathroom and brought back both items. I cleaned my face neck and chest with the washcloth and told her to spread the baby oil over her tits and tummy. Her hands moved slowly and deliberately as she spread the oil over her ample body. She looked at me doe eyed and asked;

“And now.”

“Start by sucking my cock.” Which was incredibly canlı kaçak bahis hard. She knelt on the bed between my legs and slowly started suck on the head of my cock. Her head moved up and down as one of her hands played with my balls and the other caressed my thigh.

“MMMM.” She purred as her entire body got into the motion. Her back arching with each movement, her beautiful ass swaying in time with the caress of her hands. The feeling of her warm mouth and the movement of her body was making it harder to hold on. And I wanted to put that baby oil to use. I told her to lay down on her back. She moved off me and crawled up next to me.

“How can I make you cum?” she asked with a hungry look in her eye.

“I want to rub this hard cock all over your belly, I want to fuck those big tits and I want to cum all over them.

“Mmmm please cum on my tits.” She cooed. I crawled on top of her and stated coating my cock with the oil from her body. Her tummy felt so good as I rubbed my cock on it. She pushed her hands to her sides and made a small valley around my cock.

“Yes baby, rub your cock on me. Fuck my belly.” My strokes came faster.

“You feel so good!” I said my aching cock sliding against her.

“Lets not forget these.” She said pushing her tits together invitingly. I moved up and slid my cock between them. Slowly stroking in and out as she moved her tits in time with my strokes.

“Come on lover, fuck my big tits. Fuck them hard and fast.” She said looking deeply into me. I couldn’t take it anymore I turned into a wild animal.

“Yeah baby, I’m going to fuck those tits!” I started ramming my cock between them. Hearing an audible slap each time my cock slid to it’s hilt. “I’m gonna come all over those big sexy tits.”

:Come on baby, cum all over them, they need your cum.” With that I couldn’t hang on anymore. A loud roar of passion came from deep inside of me as I pulsed jet after jet of hot cum all over her tits. I just kept cumming. What felt like a five minutes of hard cumming I regained my senses. My cum landed everywhere. All over her tits, her neck, her lips, her quivering tummy, the wall.

“Oh my god,” I gasped, “Thank you.”

“MMMM,” she smiled, “thank you.”

She stood up and went to the bathroom to clean herself up. She dressed herself while I lay on the bed spent and happy.

“Thanks for the date lover.” She said gathering her things. “Here’s my card, next time maybe I can bring a friend along, I know she would love that talented tongue of yours. And I want to get that thick rod in me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32