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Julie just gave Wanda the most amazing oral pleasure of their young lives.

Wanda was exhausted. Her skin was charged to the max. She looked up at Julie’s ceiling fan as it spun slowly she could feel the blades push air across her hot skin. The waves of cool air on her burning nipple tips were causing hum in the walls of her pussy. She pulled the sheet up to cover her hypersensitive skin from the cool air. Julie was having none of it. He had worked too hard to be denied the complete sensory experience of Wanda’s wondrous breasts. He slowly pulled the sheet down her body the feel of his fingers on her stomach sending a wave of pleasure through her still sensitive body.

Wanda tried not to let Julie see the sensation wash over her. She was trying to recover from the mind-blowing implosion she had just experienced. Every new sensation on her fully charged nerves was causing pressure to build again. She was desperate for a recovery. She was genuinely concerned she was going to blow out her nerve receptors from being this charged up. Wanda made the mistake of looking Julie in the eye. Julie could read how turned up Wanda’s senses were. Julie knew the effect his touch was having on Wanda’s post orgasm body.

Julie moved over Wanda and propped his body up on his arms like a spread-legged pushup. Without touching anywhere else on her body, Julie lowered his face to Julie’s neck. illegal bahis Wanda felt his teeth sink gently into her skin. The warmth sent a heated jolt through her system. Wanda involuntarily arched her back. Her pelvis smashed into Julie’s steel hard erection. Her eyes widened with shock at how hard and full his manhood was. This time it was her turn to read Julie. He was so excited he was about to erupt himself.

She slipped her hand into his baggy black chino pants and was shocked at the heat coming off his cock. Her fingertips caused a spasm in Julie. It was his turn to buck involuntarily. Wanda had never seen Julie do that before. He was always in control when they made love. She liked the vulnerability she felt in him. Wanda inched his shirt up his body. Pulled the shirt off his arms one at a time and pressed his bare chest against her. The heat between them was building. Julie kissed her deeply. Wanda knew what he was doing. Julie was stalling to bring his excitement down before Wanda gave him the most screaming exploding orgasm of his life. Wanda pulled his pants and Jockey down his ass at the same time. Julie finished the job pulling his clothes the rest of the way off. Wanda had turned to fish a rubber from Julie’s bedstand. She turned back to Julie’s Rock hard dick.

Julie was the only boy she had ever been with so she didn’t have anything to compare against illegal bahis siteleri but today his excitement had him at beyond full mast. Wanda rolled the condom over Julie’s member and he mounted her. Julie pressed his pink head to her wet pussy lips. He gently pressed into her soft folds. Julie was hotter than he had ever been. The heat coming off his erection was too much for Wanda’s hyper-charged walls. Julie was burning through the condom. Wanda was melting around him. She was fuller then she had ever been. The gentle pressure of Julie’s rocking was causing Wanda’s walls to cave in. Wanda was so tight Julie couldn’t move in her anymore. The heat was almost scalding inside her. She was crushing Julie inside her.

The crush was the greatest feeling ever. She had a death grip on Julie. She could feel the heat flow inside him as she grew tighter and tighter. Julie looked her in the eye and she teetered on the edge as the warm pressure built. She saw pain flash in his eyes from how tight she gripped his erection. She wanted to release her grip, but couldn’t. She felt Julie bring his hand to her right breast. Wanda was imploding from pleasure and Julie was imploding in pain. Julie pinched her diamond hard nipples. The light pain in Wanda’s nips, was enough to loosen Wanda’s scalding womb enough for Julie to resume rocking inside her. The pressure inside Wanda built to a maximum canlı bahis siteleri in seconds and she tightened so hard on Julie he actually let out a whimper.

The shock of hearing Julie in pain for the first time Wanda could remember was enough that Wanda released the pressure on Julie again. This time Julie pushed with a force Wanda had never felt. Wanda wasn’t sure about what happened next. Her vision darkened in a tight circle like an old tv switched off. Then there was a flash of light as her vision cleared. Her ears were ringing. She couldn’t feel Julie inside her. As her mind focused on her walls a quake shot through her. Again the lights dimmed. Again when she took stock of her body and focused on the heat from Julie’s labored breathing on her neck she shuddered all over. Blackness and Wanda’s mind focused on her hard nipples pressed into Julie’s sweaty muscular chest. Wanda kept falling into an orgasm just from focusing on her overstimulated pleasure centers. Over and over she fell Julie wasn’t even trying. His body heat kept setting her off. She wondered if it would ever end. Eventually, she drifted off in exhaustion.

Wanda didn’t know how long she had been asleep. She woke still completely spent. She ached like she had never ached before. her muscles had contracted so hard so many times she could feel toned all over. Julie’s mouth was opening and closing almost involuntarily. He smiled and told Wanda he could still feel her warm tightening wash over his cock like waves. Wanda was pretty pleased with herself. She had never seen Julie looks so spent. It had almost killed her but she had rocked his world.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32