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My bride walked down the aisle with her father. Tears welled in my eyes as I saw her in that white dress with a veil covering her face. Her bosoms were held tightly and I did not refrain from examining them as she approached. After all, we were getting married, and wanting her body was no longer a sin.

Her veil was raised and I looked at her beautiful features as she gazed into my eyes. The priest recited the vows. I happily said “I do.”

He recited it for her next, and she said “I do.”

“You may now kiss the bride.”

I happily took her in my arms and our lips pressed together. We were kissing now as husband and wife. I felt her slightly stick her tongue past my lips right before we broke the kiss. Our family and friends cheered and clapped in the pew as we descended the steps from the altar. I liked that it was now ‘our family’, and not ‘our families’.

The reception was great. We cut the cake and shoved a piece in each other’s faces. We posed for pictures. She tossed a bouquet and I tossed her garter. It was only mildly embarrassing to reach under my wife’s dress in front of everybody, but good fun was had by all. My new brother in law got wasted at the bar provided, and luckily he had people to drive him home. We all bid farewell as our family went home after the wedding, and we went to stay in a hotel. We’d be leaving for Hawaii in the morning for our honeymoon.

I carried her through the doorway and set our bags back down. We kicked our shoes off to the side of the room. “Can you help me out of this dress?” she asked.

“Sure.” I zipped the back down and blood rushed to my groin seeing her bare back. The material went slack on her front and she let it slide down. My breathing got faster as her breasts were now fully exposed, but she did not let me see them just yet. She teased me by facing away and pushing her dress down so that she was now in her white cotton panties and stockings.

We had made the difficult decision to wait until marriage to have sex. It may be a little old fashioned these days, but it was what we both believed in. Many times when we illegal bahis would be making out, we almost didn’t make it. I remember in those heated moments feeling her soft breasts over her shirt and feeling her hard nipple through the fabric. My erection would press against her crotch through the fabric of both our clothes. The inner hunger in us both wanted it, but somehow we managed to stop before taking our clothes off. We wanted our wedding night to be special, and here we were.

Never before had I seen her wearing so little as I let my eyes gaze at her beautiful panty-clad ass and bare back. She shielded her breasts from view with her arm as she turned around, and my cock got harder at the sight of her soft perky flesh barely concealed by her arm.

Her lips curved into a smile. “Ready to see them?”

I could only nod and she then lowered her arm. Pink nipples stood erect from her slightly puffy areolas and I approached them and took them into my hands. They were big enough to fill my hands and still have some flesh left over. This was much better than the time I felt through fabric, and she moaned slightly as I massaged them. I bent my head to suck on her erect nipples and she pet the back of my head. “Yes, just like that, honey.”

She pushed the jacket of my tuxedo off and unbuttoned my vest. I helped her unbutton the shirt and she groaned at the sight of my undershirt. “So many layers.”

We got my shirt and undershirt off and she nibbled my pecs. She licked my nipple and worked her way down the fine hairs of my abs. When she got to my waist, she looked up at me with a look I had never seen her have before. It was a look of total desire. A look I could get used to.

Her fingers went to work on my belt and yanked it free. I helped her with the button of my pants, and she stopped me before I could unzip it. She pulled the zipper down herself oh so slowly, making sure to brush her fingers against my hard cock.

“I’ve felt this thing press against me so many times and now I finally get to see it.” She opened my pants and her eyes went wide. My cock had pushed through illegal bahis siteleri the fly of my boxers and was now exposed to her hungry eyes. “Oh, it’s even bigger than I ever imagined.”

“How often did you imagine it?”

“Quite often.” She smirked as her fingers wrapped around my hard flesh. Her cool fingers felt so great and I closed my eyes in pleasure. Her soft lips pressed against the tip and I felt her amazing wet tongue slide down my member.

“Oh fuck!”

“Am I doing it right?”

I put my fingers through her auburn hair. “You’re doing it so right.”

She took the entire organ into her mouth and bobbed her head back and forth. It felt so much like what I imagined real sex to be and I looked down at her taking my dick into her mouth. Our eyes locked as she slurped back and forth. Tingling rose in my balls and I warned her how close I was. Instead of stopping, she sucked it even harder. My lovely wife down every drop of my cum and I felt like I might fall over in pleasure.

“That was amazing!”

She stood and smiled with a wonderful mouth that I would now always know the capabilities of. “Thanks.”

I took her in my arms and her in a tight embrace. Her bare chest pressed against mine, and my cock was already beginning to get hard again. I pushed her onto the bed and pulled her panties down. She had shaved her pussy and I looked at her beautiful pink folds in admiration. I inhaled her sweet scent and kissed her between the legs. My tongue explored her opening and she squirmed in pleasure.

I had read up on how to pleasure women before this day, so I knew what to do. After licking her entrance, I left to kiss her inner thighs a little bit. “Oh, honey, please.”

Slowly I worked my way back to the center and then to what looked like the clitoris. My tongue circled around the fleshy nub and her thighs tightened around my head. Fingernails went through my hair and I continued to eat her out. I reached up to grab her incredible breasts and massaged them. Her nipples were even harder and I could feel her breathing heavier.

I lifted canlı bahis siteleri my head and she started to complain until she saw me climbing over her. Our bodies were aligned with the tip of my cock resting at her opening. She looked at me with pleading eyes and I pushed my hips forward. Her moans got louder as I started to enter her warm, tight entrance. “Oh yes!”

I pushed more into her and she begged me to go slowly. Without wanting to hurt her, I pushed slower until I was fully in. Her walls squeezed me tightly and I pulled out about an inch and pushed forward again. Small moans escaped her lips as I did these small pushes and she wrapped her arms around me.

“Fuck me, husband,” she panted into my ear. “Fuck your horny wife.”

I used more force with my thrusts and she moaned louder. My thrusts turned into pounding and her moans turned screams. “Harder husband!”

The bed creaked beneath us as I pounded her with everything I had. I pulled out to turn her over and we fucked doggy style. Her ass jiggled as I slammed my cock into her dripping wet pussy. I reached around to rub her clit like I read you’re supposed to and her walls squeezed me. Our moans grew louder and waves of pleasure washed over me. Her pussy took my load and she let out a final series of moans before collapsing.

“That was amazing,” my wife said. Her breasts went up and down with her heaving breaths. “We’re not virgins anymore!”

“That’s right. We are not.”

She leaned over to kiss me and our tongues danced across one another. Hard nipples brushed across my bicep and I reached to rub them. Our naked bodies embraced, with my cock rubbing against her moist pussy without quite going in. Next thing we knew we were having sex again, this time with her on top.

She rocked her hips over me and I watched her tits jiggle as she slowly picked up speed. Her flesh rubbed against mine, and I felt her juices dribble down my balls. My hands went from her breasts, over her silky smooth skin down to her ass and I felt her tense with every movement. Her body bounced up and down on my cock. We both lasted longer than the first time.

After we both came though, we slowly drifted asleep while naked in each other’s arms. That night, I thanked God for the amazing experience and for helping us wait until marriage. It was worth every horny night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32