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My professor’s soft lips tasted like honey on mine. His kisses started tentatively at the corner of my mouth and passed across my lips until he was kissing me full on. We were locked into each other, neither able to release the other, slipping beneath the waves of lust, destined to drown in our passion. When he came up for air, he sat back on his heels on the bed. Eyeing me like a kid about to open a present on Christmas, he reached out and unbuttoned my jeans and slid them down my legs. My skin felt warm as his eyes washed over my body. “Come here,” I said, motioning with my finger. “I’ve wanted you for so long.” I closed my eyes and stretched my arms back over my head, a little surprised when I felt my hands bump against the headboard. I hadn’t realized I was so far up on the bed. The headboard was incredibly soft…almost like…like…the cushioned arm of a couch. It took another moment before I realized that my hands were in fact pressing against the arm of a couch.

I opened my eyes. Darkness. A faint glow from a streetlight. I could barely make out the silhouette of the head above mine, still gently kissing me. My mind raced as best as it could through the sluggishness of the alcohol still in my system while I tried to piece together where I was.

A room? A house? Dinner? No…there was a party. The memories flooded back to me.

My friend Elise and her husband Franco had invited us to a party at their house down at the shore. It had been mostly married couples with a few singles and boyfriend/girlfriend parings. The evening had started out tame enough until the alcohol really started to flow. A few people had left before the drinks and a few more left after. By the time Franco started taking shots from Elise’s cleavage, only about 10 or 12 people were left.

I could hear snoring nearby. I shook my head trying to remember who had stayed the night.

An older couple I barely knew had taken one of the bedrooms. My friend Janet had passed out in a recliner in the living room. I assume her boyfriend Steve was somewhere nearby. I could faintly make out two people sleeping on the floor across the room. That had to be Daniel and Priscilla. Priscilla and I worked together, but we had nothing in common and were barely acquaintances. The head above me: my boyfriend Nicolas.

I brought my arms down from the couch arm and wrapped them around the back of Nicolas’ neck, smiling as I pressed my lips against his. He withdrew slightly before resuming the kiss. My fingernails traced along the back of his neck, making his body shiver. I kept drawing my fingers up from the base of his neck to the back of his head and ran my fingers through his hair. It felt more scraggly than normal, clearly a sign that he was due for a trim.

Nicolas lifted a knee onto the couch, his arms apparently tired from supporting his weight above me. With some maneuvering, I managed to snake my leg outside of his body so that he was kneeling between my legs. After some hesitation, he allowed himself to lie down on top of me. I giggled at the feel of his cock, already hard, as it pressed against the front of my panties. The only other thing I had on was a long t-shirt.

My mind was hazy, but I had a vague recollection of stripping from my dress to my underwear. There were faces. Priscilla frowning. Franco grinning. Nicholas smirking and rolling his eyes. Someone had spilled beer on my dress…or maybe I had. Franco had given me one of his shirts to sleep in.

I pulled Nicolas tighter against my body and licked his upper lip. He paused for a moment before opening his mouth. His hips rotated against me as his tongue sought out mine. I broke the kiss when the flannel from his boxers started scratching the sensitive skin of my inner thighs.

“Damnit!” I whispered. “I thought you got rid of all of those.”

“What?” he whispered back. The whispering made his voice sound tinny.

“These wool boxers. They make me itch.”

“But these are—”

“Just take them off.” He started to say something, but I was already reaching for his waistband. He grabbed onto the shorts and made a half-hearted attempt to stop me, but I pulled them free from his grasp and slid them past his hips. He shivered again as his bare cock settled back onto me, now with only the thin material of my silk panties separating us. He groaned as he slid it against me.

Someone across the room snorted, which made us both jump. Nicholas got completely off me and sat up on the couch. I pulled my shirt down to cover myself, even though I doubted anyone could see much in the darkness.

After a few moments of hearing only the sounds of snoring and deep breathing, I reached out for Nicholas. My hand found his hip, and I snaked it around to the front of his body, seeking out his cock. His hand seized my wrist just before I got there.

“We shouldn’t,” he whispered.

I quickly sat up and leaned into his body, planting kisses along his neck, making him groan. Like me, I knew that was a emek escort spot he couldn’t resist. “No one will wake up if we’re quiet,” I said.

“But…” I could tell his resolve was breaking. I leaned in closer, pressing my tits against his arm. When his grip on my wrist loosened, I pulled it free and reached for his cock. Nicholas stood up at the last moment and stepped away from the couch. Admittedly, I was the more brazen of the two of us when it came to public or semi-public sex, but he was being a little too prudish right now.

“Stop being so scared! They’re all sleeping!” I hissed. Nicholas turned his head in both directions, surveying the room and the sleeping forms around us. The nearest person was about eight feet away with their back toward us and was breathing deeply. The excitement of quiet, secret sex next to these people had my heart racing. “I’ll let you cum on my face,” I offered, stroking his thigh with my fingernails.

I could almost hear the wheels turning in his brain and feel the hesitation in the air as he stood in front of me. Finally, he stepped back toward the couch. Before he had another chance to reconsider, I sat forward and reached behind him, grabbing his ass. With my mouth open wide, I pulled him toward me, inhaling his cock up to my tonsils and fighting my gag reflex to take him deeper. In that instant, something became immediately clear: I had no idea whose cock was in my mouth.

I had never mastered the art of deep throat, and try as I might, I had never been able to fully take Nicholas’ cock into my mouth. And yet, the balls currently pressed against my chin indicated that the cock in my mouth had bottomed out. And while Nicholas’ cock was straight and was almost the same thickness throughout, the cock in my mouth was much thicker in the head than the shaft and it had an upward bend.

My body was frozen. Just moments before, I’d been fuzzy in the head and still trying to shake the alcohol out of my brain, but now I was fully alert. The owner of the cock in my mouth seemed content to wait and let me take the lead, but I had no idea what to do. My first instinct was to spit it out and scurry away kicking and screaming, but my second thought was that I’d somehow brought this on myself. My mind replayed the past few minutes of kissing and dry-humping. And now here I was with my lips wrapped around him.

My stomach was a pit of shame, embarrassment, fear, and guilt that made me nauseous. But wedged somewhere beneath the shame was something else: excitement. If this person wasn’t Nicholas, that meant that Nicholas was still sleeping somewhere nearby. In fact, he was probably the person closest to us on the floor. The thought of blowing another man almost right in front of him sent both daggers and adrenaline into my heart. I’d never cheated on him, but this wasn’t the first time I’d had the cock of another man in my mouth in front of him.

Even as I tried to make sense of the situation I found myself in, my body was taking the initiative. I slightly withdrew and then pushed back onto the cock in my mouth, letting the tip rub across the roof of my mouth. The owner grabbed onto the sides of my head, probably to keep from falling over. My excitement began to overtake my guilt as I set to work slobbering over the cock. My fingernails dug into his ass cheeks as I pulled him into my mouth, urging him to fuck it. With two handfuls of my hair, he began to comply. The faint, sloppy sounds of the blowjob reached my ears as he pushed his cock between my drooling lips, rocking back and forth on his heels.

“This isn’t so bad,” I rationalized to myself. This guy, whoever he was, probably wouldn’t last much longer. He’d cum, go back to wherever he’d been sleeping, and then I’d crawl back under my blanket, finger myself off and go back to sleep. No real harm done.

I almost jumped out of my skin when I felt someone lean onto the couch behind me. I would’ve jumped off the couch too, but the man mouthfucking me had a deathgrip on my hair and it would’ve come out by the roots if I tried to break free. As I moved my hands from his ass to his torso to push him away, I felt hands on my breasts, making me jump again. The hands were gentle, but they immediately sought out my sensitive nipples, making me wince. I let out a small scream that was muffled by the shaft lying across my tongue.

While the man in front of me had been tentative throughout this encounter, the guy groping me from behind was anything but. Before I had a chance to slap his hands away, he’d lifted my shirt and was now palming my bare tits. He pinched my nipples again, thankfully much more gently than before. But even as gentle as he was, there was an urgency about him as if he knew I was half a second away from shutting the whole thing down.

I couldn’t tell if the man in front of me knew about the one behind me. He hadn’t broken his rhythm and was still happily enjoying my mouth. His breathing had grown more labored as if eryaman escort he was in the middle of a morning jog. I glanced down at my boyfriend sleeping soundly just feet away and then scanned the room. Everyone was sound asleep, oblivious to the sex show on the couch. But someone was bound to wake up any second. If I didn’t act now, I risked letting this get completely out of control. With one hand, I pushed gently against the thigh of the man in front of me while swatting at the hands on my chest. After one more squeeze of each globe, the hands left my tits. The man in front of me stopped stroking his cock into my mouth but didn’t completely withdraw until I pushed against his thighs again.

I was still wiping saliva from my mouth when the guy behind came around and sat on the couch next to me. My shirt was still hiked up above my tits and he leaned in and began sucking on one of my nipples. I reached to his head to move it away and felt long hair—long woman’s hair.

Instead of moving the head away, my arm froze in place. Apparently taking my lack of movement as encouragement, the woman went to work mauling my nipple with her tongue. As she leaned into my body, I could feel her bare breasts against my thigh. Definitely a woman.

My entire body was simultaneously frozen in ice and on fire. I clenched my eyes shut and savored the feeling. Unlike the tweezer-like pinching she’d first given my nipples, her mouth was like warm butter. I tightened my grip on the back of her head and pulled her face into my breasts as I pushed my chest against her.

In my preoccupation with the unknown woman, I’d forgotten about the guy in front of me. He stepped closer to us until his cock was right in front of my face. The woman sucking my nipple lifted her head slightly, causing her to bump his shaft with the back of her head. Almost without missing a beat, she pulled her mouth off my nipple with a “pop” and wrapped her hand around his cock. She grabbed the back of my head with her other hand and pushed us toward each other. I opened my mouth without resistance and allowed her to push the unknown cock back into my mouth. The man immediately resumed slowly fucking my mouth as he’d been doing before. The woman next to me bunched up a handful of my hair and began forcing my head back and forth.

My mind raced with the gravity of the situation. Almost under my boyfriend’s nose, I was letting a strange woman feed me a strange man’s cock. At least four other people were lying around us in the dark and I could only pray that they weren’t pretending to be asleep. I couldn’t even begin to guess who these two people were. As I thought back over the evening and tried to remember who had left and when, I was certain that neither of the two people were one of the single people at the party. That meant that they were a couple who’d brought me into an illicit threesome—or they were two halves of two different couples.

After only a few moments of using my mouth to satisfy the unknown guy, the woman released my hair. She grabbed my wrist and put her other arm around my torso, urging me to get off the couch. It seemed the fun was over. Even though I knew I had dodged a bullet by us not being discovered, my heart sank. It had definitely been the most thrilling party I’d attended since college and would make for a hell of a diary entry.

As I stepped away from the couch, the woman held her grip on my wrist. The man stepped past me in the darkness and took my place on the couch. When he did, the woman pulled on my arm and turned me backwards while guiding me back to the couch. When my legs bumped up against the guy’s, I knew what the woman’s intentions were. I held my body rigid as she tried to steer me back onto his lap. Accidentally sucking a dick in the dark was one thing, but there was no way I could sit on it and fuck it.

And yet…I knew I’d never have a chance at an experience like this again. The room was still filled with the sounds of sleep. Above it, I could hear the rapid drumming of my heartbeat. Every thump was like the beat of a tribal war drum. The time had come: surrender and flee, or let my primal urges put me in jeopardy.

I reached for the woman’s hand with my free hand, intending to pull her hand away but didn’t. Even though I knew how wrong and risky this all was, I couldn’t seem to pull myself out of the situation. In my mind, I kept seeing all the lights in the room come on and a camera crew burst through the front door to tell me what a whore I was and that I’d been busted on some new reality TV show. But the only light was the faint glow of the streetlight. No one came through the door. There was just us: the people sleeping, a woman trying to get me to fuck a stranger, a stranger waiting to get fucked…and me about to fuck him.

I released the woman’s hand and took another step back toward the guy. Stepping between his spread legs, I bent at the waist and lowered myself toward his lap. My hand bumped the ankara escort woman’s as I braced myself on his thigh. She was holding his cock, aiming it toward my lowering pussy. Just as they met, she rubbed his cock back and forth, dragging the tip across my already wet lips and sending a jolt of electricity through my body. “Oh my God,” I gasped. I sounded so needy. Shame began to creep back into me at the thought of how ready I was to fuck this complete stranger. But it wasn’t enough to keep me from settling onto his thick head.

My mouth fell open wide as my pussy spread to accommodate him. The woman sent a shiver up my spine when she grazed my clit as she removed her hand from his cock. With her hand out of the way, I settled further onto him before sliding back up, adjusting to him. A few more trips up and down his shaft had him slick with my juice. Bending forward at the waist, I got myself into a rhythm, mindful of the noise we were making. But the low smacking sound of my ass cheeks against his thighs was drowned out in the sound of the snoring in the room…or at least I hoped it was.

The woman came around from the couch to stand in front of me. She reached forward and grabbed my bouncing breasts, giving each a full-palm squeeze before leaning forward to wrap her lips around a nipple. I lowered my head and buried my face in her hair to muffle the moan that escaped my lips. The guy under me was finally starting to get into it and put his hands onto my hips to guide me up and down his shaft.

My head was spinning and my lungs were desperate for air. I sat up and laid back against the man’s chest, letting my head flop back over his shoulder, his hair brushing against my face. The woman got to her knees in front of me and pushed my legs apart. I recoiled slightly, thinking she intended to lick my pussy. But it was a reaction of surprise, not disgust. It wasn’t like I’d never let another woman lick my pussy.

But instead of leaning in to lick me, she brought her hand toward where I was joined with the man. My pussy bumped into her hand every time I slid down his cock as she caressed him. She moved her hand higher until the back of it was rubbing against my lips. I turned my head and bit the guy’s earlobe, moaning into it and trying to steady my deep breathing as I ground myself on his cock and the woman’s hand. I wrapped an arm around his neck and grabbed his hair while he responded by sliding his hands up from my hips to my tits. I found it curious that it was the first time he’d touched them.

I didn’t have long to dwell on that thought. The woman turned her hand over and began strumming my clit with her fingertips like she was playing a golden harp. A scream left my lips before I even realized it had been building in my throat. The man held me still against his chest even as I clenched my muscles on him and continued to work his cock inside me. The woman paused as well as they both apparently tried to listen to find out whether we’d been discovered. I was too far gone to care and swiveled my hips trying to tease out the orgasm that was about to burst inside me. If the lights had come on that moment and my boyfriend had appeared in front of us, he would’ve had to watch me cum on a stranger’s cock.

I brought a hand up to my mouth and screamed into it while my toes curled into the carpet beneath us. I tried to bounce on the man’s lap, but he was holding me maddeningly still. The woman, seeming to sense that I was cumming, took pity on me by lightly stroking my clit with her fingertips just enough to keep my fuse lit. Even in the man’s tight embrace, I was able to swivel my hips on him enough to keep me going over the edge. My stomach rolled through somersaults, and I bit into my fingers as the waves washed over me.

When I finally came down, the room was thankfully still dark, but that didn’t mean everyone else was still asleep. I tried to pull myself free from the man, hoping to bring this thing to a close before it got any worse, but he had other ideas. Tightening his grip on my tits, he began thrusting up into me. The woman moved her hand down from my still-ringing pussy to his cock. It felt like she was trying to stroke him off as he fucked me.

It only took a few moments before the man released my tits and gave me a shove in the back. I scrambled off of his lap and turned to see the woman still stroking him. He let out a low growl and I felt warm liquid splatter against my leg. The woman’s strokes slowed until she finally let go and got to her feet, stepping past me without a word. I strained my eyes and watched as she crossed the living room toward…the master bedroom. Elise. That meant the man sitting on the couch breathing deeply was her husband Franco.

Except…Franco’s head was shaved.

I could feel the floor suddenly rushing up to meet me and caught myself at the last second by grabbing the couch arm. Half walking and half running, I scampered to the bathroom, nearly breaking my ankle on someone’s discarded shoe. I shut the door and leaned against it. With the sounds of the living room shut out, the only sounds I could hear were the pounding of my heartbeat and the air racing in and out of my lungs. I couldn’t bear to turn on the light and look at myself in the mirror.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32