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I’ve been dreaming about your hands.

Feeling them on my skin, touching my stomach, gliding over my ribs and squeezing my breasts as you pull me back to lay against your body. Then as I feel your warmth against me, you slide one arm around my chest, and you other hand glides back down my body, over my stomach, past my hips and your fingertips slide to find the top of my lower lips.

With soft strokes, you slide your fingers flatly between them, in wide circular motions, over my clit and the sensitive area surrounding it, brushing your fingertips just at the edge of my increasingly wet opening, and sweeping back up to strum and tease me again.

My hips are grinding as you stroke me, I can’t decide which way to go, to press firmer against your fingers, or to rock back against your hardened cock, because I want you so much to be inside me.

You finally slide your middle fingertip in, I’m so wet and hot and squeezing you for more, so you press into me deeper. I’m arching my hips into your hand, the heel of your palm works against my clitoris, as you slip another finger in and use them both to press and massage that spot just at the top that makes me squirm and shiver with desire.

I’ve wrapped my own fingers around your hard cock now, and I am squeezing and massaging you the same way I feel my body is gripping at your fingers inside me. I want you, I want to taste you, I want to feel you, I want you inside of me, everywhere at once. You hold me tighter in your grip squeezing roughly at my breast as I pant and writhe under your touch.

You slide your fingers from inside me, as I sigh and whimper for more, and you lift your fingers to my lips, making me take them into my mouth and suck my wetness from them, I can taste how deeply I want you on your skin, and as I run my tongue over them you slide your arm out from around me and begin to prop up on the bed on your side.

You slip your fingers from my lips, kiss me hard and deep and dikimevi escort guide me, by the nape of the neck to roll over to you, so you are leaning over me as I lay on my back, and my shoulders and head nestling back against the pillows.

My hands reach out for you caressing and stroking your hard erection, but you push them away. Instead, you come up to your knees and straddle my chest over my ribs.

I lean up and you lean against the wall behind me, you grab your cock at the base, and tease the head of it over my nose and open lips, I’m trying hard to taste you, craning my neck upward, and pressing my tongue out to lick your salty flesh.

You grab the back of my head with one hand and lean your hips forward, sliding deep into my mouth. As your hips raise higher, you lower my head back, and sink in deep, feeling you dip into my warm throat, and it squeezes tightly around your swollen cock head.

You slide back again and I suck deeply at your cock as it retreats my throat, stroking my tongue underneath and greedily trying to swallow you back in again. You raise back up and press back in deep, my throat muscles press against you, struggling against the thickness of invading flesh as you pulse in slow small strokes at the back of my throat.

My heart begins to race in a small panic as you fill my throat, pressing your body against my nose and lips before backing out again. I draw a deep breath in through my nose, but my lips and tongue desperately try to keep you in my mouth as you pump your length back and forth a few strokes, and then withdraw from my lips with an audible break of suction.

You rest your hips back onto my ribs and grab my small breasts in your strong hands, squeezing and massaging them, pressing them around the shaft of your cock. You begin to slide your wet, slick cock slowly between them, the head peeking in and out of the top of my cleavage.

As you thrust between my breasts, I open my dikmen escort lips and lick and caress the head, each time it appears. I love the feel of your rough hands squeezing into my tender breasts and how dirty I feel as you fuck my tits and mouth.

As it begins to feel like your orgasm is building, you become more fevered in your motions and finally free my breast, grab a handful of hair at the crown of my head, and bury your cock deep in my throat. You pump selfishly deep, I can’t catch my breath, and I feel you throbbing in my throat as you begin to orgasm hard.

You slide back some and I suck your cum from you hungrily, it feels as though I’m trying to swallow you whole, as your seed shoots out of you in bursts. The sensation makes you shiver as it subsides.

You pull your cock from my lips and I look up at you with a naughty smile as you pant exhausted, and smile back down at me.

“Your turn” you say, and move yourself from across my chest. Sliding down my body so now you’re straddling my thighs and you lower yourself onto your chest and lay on your stomach between my legs. Because you know it increases the sensation for me, instead of spreading my thighs wide apart like some women, you lay atop of mine so they are barely spread apart.

You smile at me with your devilishly sexy smile, then your head bows, and your tongue grazes over my clit. I gasp and my hips arch up to feel you more. You slide your thick tongue in to the folds of sensitive flesh on either side now, barely brushing the sensitive bump, and causing me to writhe in desperation, seeking more, as you circle around, under and above, grazing in gentle sweeps against it.

You can plainly hear, see, and taste how wild you’re making me, and you up the ante by bringing one of your arms in between my thighs, and beginning to gently brush your fingertips at my wet entrance too.

I’m being tortured, your touches feel so amazing and I want MORE of everything. ankara escort “Please” I whimper, and you slip your finger into me, bringing it up to stroke my swollen g-spot at the same moment your tongue finally makes full and intense contact against my attention starved clit.

You’re massaging in deep firm motions on my spot, and your lips encircle my clit, sucking and teasing it with your tongue, as its held in place by your warm lips.

You release it from your grasp and use the tip of your tongue to manipulate the silky skin just to the side of my clitoris. The pleasure is so intense from your touch and that’s all my body can take, it feels so amazing while hovering at the cusp of being too much.

Your fingers are sliding in and out of me, wet and hot, gripping at them desperately as my legs tremble and try to clamp closed beneath you, being held just slightly apart by your body pinning my calves.

My hands are braced hard underneath me, and I’ve all but forgotten how to breathe. You can tell it’s coming as my orgasm builds, I begin to shake violently. Finally, it happens, my moans fill the room as my body quakes and squeezes your fingers, and my juices flow over your hand.

As my orgasm is ending you raise away and flip me onto my stomach, pulling my still shivering hips toward you, so I am on my knees and elbows, then kneel on the bed behind me, and sink your invigorated hard cock in, wet and deep, all in one hard thrust.

I gasp in delight as you sink in, and I push back hard against you. I’m still quivering inside and you can feel my body trying to massage and envelope you. You fuck me hard, and fast, I’m panting and cheering you on, backing my hips into you greedily “Fuck me, God yes, fuck me, please, yes, fuck!” It feels so amazing

Finally, it’s all too much and you erupt inside me, gripping my hip and my shoulder hard, buried deep, as I grind back against you.

Our bodies slump forward, so that you’re laying on top of me, bracing your weight on your elbows, before you roll back, slipping your self from inside me, and then rock me back to spoon against your chest again, while we drift off to sleep.

Where, as always, I’ll be dreaming about your hands…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32