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Volume Two: Home Away From Home
Chapter Two: Alexander & Victoria

Edited By: Todger65

Alexander showered off but resisted the urge to rub one out as hard as it was to get Izzy and Aunt Vicky’s tits out of his head, especially Izzy’s since they were almost right in his face when she was rubbing him though his pants. There was something different about the girl though Alex didn’t know what yet, she seemed a little more confident and bold, not quite the shy little girl he grew up with. Alex turned the shower off just as he heard a knock at the door.

“Yeah.” Alex said.

“You decent.” He heard his Aunt Victoria say through the door. A smile played across Alex’s lips.

“Not really but the curtain is closed.” Alex grinned as he pulled it back a bit and peeked out to see his aunt enter.

“Your clothes are dry.” Aunt Vicky set his clothes down on the counter.

“Thanks.” He nodded.

“I hope you don’t mind but the girls borrowed your SUV to run to the store.” She said.

“Nah it’s okay, can you hand me a towel.” Alex smiled at her. Jo probably wanted to make sure he wouldn’t leave her before they went to see Candy and Kitty.

“Sure, here you go.” Vicky picked up a wash cloth and dangled it in the air. Between her and dad it was no wonder him and Jo where smart asses.

“I think I need something a little bigger than that.” Alex grinned.

“I’ll say, unless you shrunk in the wash.” Aunt Vicky teased and picked up the towel and held it out.

“Hardly.” Alex said as he took it and pulled back the curtain showing her everything, though it wasn’t like she hadn’t seen him naked before.

“Oh shit.” She laughed covering her mouth. “What have you been feeding that thing?” She bit her finger looking down at his cock like it was a snack.

“Blondes.” Alex shrugged drying off.

“When you get dressed maybe you can keep me company for a bit until they get back.” Aunt Vicky looked up at him.

“Yes Ma’am.” Alex smiled.

“And don’t call me Ma’am; you know that makes me feel old.” She shook her head at him.

“Yes ma’am.” Alex nodded and grinned which got him a smack to the back of the head. It wasn’t’ hard to see where Jo got her sense of affection he thought as he grinned.

“Ouch.” Alex said rubbing his head as she walked out and closed the door but not before getting one last peek at his dangling cock. Alex got dressed and cleaned up the bathroom after himself. He headed into the kitchen to find his aunt at the kitchen table folding laundry as she shimmed to music she put on. Alex snuck up behind her and put his hands on her hips.

“Oh shit Alex you startled me.” Vicky said as she jumped and turned toward him.

“Mind if I steal this dance.” Alex grinned.

“You do remember what happened last time we danced together here.” She said as she put her hands around his neck and smiled as she pressed her chest against his.

“Best minute of my life.” Alex grinned as they began to move around the kitchen.

“It was longer than a minute.” Vicky teased. “Besides I am sure you have a lot more will power now.”

“I don’t know about that.” Alex reached down and gave her ass a little squeeze.

“Ah Alex.” She playfully hit his chest but smiled at him. “You’re so bad.”

“I know.” He grinned as he put his hand back on hers.

“I miss this; I haven’t had anyone to dance with in a long time.” Aunt Vicky smiled as she played with his hair.

“You know sooner or later you got to get back out there and meet someone. Robert was an ass hole; you can’t be scared because of one bad relationship.” Alex forced a smile, Robert was a memory best left forgotten. He was a nice enough guy at first but after he had gotten laid off from his job he had turned to alcohol and had made the mistake of going after Izzy when she refused to get him another beer. Aunt Vicky had blamed herself for bringing him into their home and hadn’t dated since, besides Alex she hadn’t been with anyone that he knew of. If she had she hadn’t brought it home.

“There actually is someone I have been talking to.” She smiled actually blushing a little; it almost reminded him of her daughter as her cheeks turned red.

“Oh really?” Alex grinned. Alex spun her out as her little sun dress raised up a little flashing off her sexy underwear and then pulled her back in as she pressed back up against him.

“Yeah but please don’t tell the girls.” Aunt Vicky looked at him in the eyes.

“So do I know him?” Alex nodded.

“Who says it’s a him?” Aunt Vicky grinned wickedly.

“Oh, it’s like that.” Alex grinned himself not able to tell if she was being serious or just fucking with him.

“Well you did set the bar pretty high when it comes to guys.” Vicky said as she pressed up against his semi hard cock rubbing herself against his crotch. “I don’t really want to go into details, not yet anyways; I don’t want to jinx anything.” If this was her way of asking him to keep a secret it was working.

“Okay but izmir escort bayan if you need an ear or a shoulder, I am here for you.” Alex winked.

“And I appreciate it.” Aunt Vicky leaned in and kissed him sweetly on the lips. Not quite hot and bothered, but not really sweet and innocent either. It was more familiar like long time lovers would kiss.

“And Dip.” Alex said as he held her waist. She arched her back leaning backwards, holding onto his arms as she ran one leg up his leg. Her crotch pressed against his as he held her and slowly moved her from right to left before pulling her back up as she grinned at him.

“I must say you are pretty good.” Aunt Vicky smiled at him.

“I had a good teacher.” Alex grinned.

“In more ways than one.” Vicky gave him a wink, a mischievous wink. Alex spun her again but this time on the spot where she stood as she turned a one eighty and pressed her sweet ass against his crotch. Fuck he wanted to bend her over the table, toss up the back of her dress, and fuck her right on the spot.

A second later though he was glad he didn’t as his cousin Joanna came through the front door and stopped to look at them. Her sister Isabelle was a step behind her, both girls where carrying a few plastic bags from the local store.

“All right you two get a room.” Jo grinned as she came into the kitchen.

“In that case you two may want to go to your room for about five minutes.” Aunt Vicky grinned as she slowly stepped away from Alex and looked back at him with a wink.

“Mom.” Isabelle giggled.

“Please, Alex couldn’t last five minutes.” Jo said shaking her head as she put the bags she had on one arm down.

“That was fast, you get everything.” Vicky said as she walked over to the table where Jo and Izzy had set everything down.

“Pretty much. Your change is in one of the bags.” Jo nodded as she took a swig of a super-sized fountain drink.

“They didn’t have any large fountain drinks?” Alex teased knowing she had no doubt gotten the largest they had.

“No I couldn’t find the gallon sized ones.” She shrugged and winked at him.

“We’ll all I can say is you better pee before we leave.” Alex grinned.

“Can I go with you to Kats?” Izzy bit her lip looking at Alex as she pulled a bag of sugar out and set it on the table.

“Actually I need your help around here. You can catch up with Alex and Joanna later.” Aunt Vicky said looking up from the bags before Alex could give an answer.

“Besides I am sure Alex doesn’t want you ruining his game with Candy.” Jo teased as she playfully elbowed her sister.

“Please I don’t have any game.” Alex said shaking his head.

“I don’t know, that sweet guy routine seems to actually work for you somehow.” Jo grinned. That was true, most of the relationships Alex had been in had sort of just happened.

“It’s because he is hot.” Izzy said; everybody looked at her a little stunned.

“Belle.” Aunt Vicky laughed.

“What, just saying.” Izzy blushed as she bit her bottom lip and glanced up at Alex and then quickly back down.

Autumn 1998

Alex drove down the road heading for home half glad it was the weekend. He had expected his senior year to be a breeze, boy was he wrong he thought, but it was his own fault for taking mostly classes that would help him get into a good college. He only had one class with Jo this year because she didn’t really plan to go to college and had most of the credits she needed to graduate so she was taking more easy classes. He was surprised to see he had a literature class with Katherine who was a grade below him, she was one of those people who was smarter than she looked or acted, preferring to fit in with the cool kids. If she never got those damn braces off, then in her freshman year she might be an A+ student Alex thought.

Alex pulled up to the light as he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. He pulled it out to see who it was as he looked at the display to see it was Joanna. He had just dropped her sexy ass off along with Belle he thought since Eleanor had broken down. He and her where supposed to work on it this weekend with dad.

“You miss me already?” Alex smiled which he thought was funny since she couldn’t see him.

“Something like that, can you come pick me and Belle up so we can hang out at your house? Robert has been drinking again.” Jo said; Alex could hear the frustration in her voice. Aunt Vicky had talked to him about his drinking already. He and Jo had almost gotten into it last time he had had a few too many.

“Yeah sure, I will be right back there.” Alex sighed. Aunt Vicky needed to dump his ass Alex thought.

“Okay, see you in a…” Jo said but was cut off by yelling in the back ground and a girl screaming. “Izzy.” Jo yelled as he heard the phone drop.

“Jo… JO…” Alex yelled into the phone but got no answer. He quickly did a U turn and hauled ass back towards Jo’s house. He figured if a cop did catch him speeding he would just lead him izmir escort to Jo’s and pray he could explain it all later. It only took him a few seconds but it felt like forever as he worried what was going on. Normally he didn’t worry about Jo but Robert was ex-military and knew how to fight, hell he had even taught Alex a few moves. Hopefully he was too drunk to even stand; Alex hoped.

Alex pulled into the yard and quickly threw the SUV into park and jumped out and ran up the steps and came in the front door to find Izzy sitting on the floor in the living room holding her face. Alex could see a large bruise where Robert had struck her. Alex looked toward the kitchen where Joanna was on the ground holding her side and her breath was labored with possibly broken ribs, blood dripping from her busted lip and mouth, her eye was bruised. Robert stood over her having his own cuts and bruises, Jo hadn’t gone down easy. He went to kick her while she was down but she kicked first driving her foot into his shin with all of her might forcing him to stumble backwards. Jo was down but not out.

Alex charged at Robert as he threw back his right arm. He could see Robert tense up ready for the hay maker he was about to throw, but not for the quick jab from the left that nailed him square in the nose leaving him open for Alex’s right which sent him onto his back, hard against the kitchen floor.

“Come on mother fucker. Get back up.” Alex yelled at him. Robert rolled onto his stomach and went to get up as Alex got himself ready for him to come back at him but he never had the chance as Joanna ran up beside him and kicked Robert in the balls before he could get off of the ground. Alex wasn’t the kind of guy to kick someone when they were down but for once he was glad Jo was.

“Stay down asshole.” Jo spat blood on Robert as he lay there and moaned while he held his family jewels.

“You okay?” Alex said looking at Jo.

“You know I had him right where I wanted him.” Jo forced a smile as she stumbled a little holding her side. Alex quickly caught her and put a hand around her waist.

“I am sure you did.” Alex forced a smile helping her towards the living room where Izzy was who was on her feet now. “Let’s get you outside and get some fresh air.”

“Look out.” Izzy screamed. Alex and Joanna both turned in time to see Robert had gotten back on his feet and had grabbed a kitchen knife as he came back at them. Joanna being faster put herself between Alex and Robert like the damn fool she was. Alex wasn’t about to let her skinny ass take a knife for him as he grabbed the back of her shirt and yanked her ass backwards as hard as he could with his right hand sending her backwards as he threw up his left arm to shield them both and felt the knife slice into his flesh, pain searing through his forearm.

Alex did the only thing he could think of not having a weapon so he kicked as high as he could planting a foot square in Roberts chest sending Robert across the kitchen into the stove. Alex charged hoping to get to him before he could recover but wasn’t fast enough and could barely jump back fast enough as he felt the knife graze his chest. Robert came at him again as he held the knife up in the air in a stabbing motion.

“Alex duck.” Izzy yelled. Alex barely had time to as he ducked and spun out of the way as a snow globe came flying out of nowhere and nailed Robert in the forehead and shattered covering him with water and glass blinding him. Izzy had one hell of an arm Alex thought as he came back at Robert who was stunned; he grabbed the first thing he could think of and swung open the top freezer door which nailed Robert in the face and sent him onto his back. Alex heard the knife hit the ground as well and Alex quickly straddled him grabbing his collar with his left arm which hurt like hell and began to pound his face in with blow after blow, Alex’s rage was boiling, he had hit Izzy and Jo and had tried to kill them; any moral code Alex had had gone out the window. Alex punched him until he stopped moving and then grabbed the knife off of the floor and held it up ready to drive into the assholes bloody face. He felt two hands grab his wrist.

“Alex, he is not worth it.” Isabelle said looking down at him with her innocent face pleading with him. “You’re better than he is. Give me the knife.” She said as she slowly took it away and grabbed one of her mom’s good kitchen towels hanging from the stove and wrapped his arm which Alex got to see was sliced open from wrist to elbow. Alex began to feel light headed and as he looked back at the blood on the floor it was clear why as he started to fade out as Joanna caught him lowering him to the ground.

“Stay with me you idiot.” Joanna said slapping his face trying to keep him awake. “Alex you stupid bastard if you die on me I am going to fucking kill you.” He swore he felt something hot and wet hit his cheek.

“Put pressure on his arm…” He heard Izzy say something as he faded to black.

A Week Later

Alex escort izmir awoke as he grunted having rolled onto his arm in the middle of the night aggravating the stitches. He looked around the darkened living room of Joanna’s trailer. Aunt Vicky was working late tonight so Alex had decided to stay over and sleep on the couch. Robert was in jail, or at least the hospital wing of the jail, last he heard but Alex had said he would sleep on the couch at least until his aunt got home to make Izzy feel better; and Jo also though she wouldn’t admit it. He did kind of owe Izzy his life, she was the one who had kept him from bleeding to death until the paramedics and police arrived; remembering stuff she had read out of a medical book on first aid.

Not to mention the snow globe, Alex would never use the expression ‘throws like a girl’ as an insult again. Izzy being Izzy, of course had felt bad about breaking one of her mom’s snow globes even though Aunt Vicky couldn’t have cared less about the damn thing as she hugged Izzy and Jo for hours. Alex had gladly helped her buy a new one though Aunt Vicky had put the old one back on the shelf busted and shattered though only she knew why.

Alex and his dad had had a little fight at the hospital when Dad had blamed Aunt Vicky for what Robert had done. Alex being Alex had come to her defense. Luckily Mom had been the voice of reason to calm them both down. Alex’s dad just needed someone to yell at and the police wouldn’t let him near Robert who was in surgery to have glass removed from his eye. Alex thought it was ironic that Izzy had done the most damage considering this had all started when he had hit Izzy.

Alex got up and went to use the bathroom, stopping on the way to check on Jo and Izzy who were both fast asleep. Both girls where laying on the bottom bunk and Jo had her arm around Izzy. Izzy had had a few bad dreams so Jo had taken to sleeping on the bottom bunk with her. Jo hadn’t really let Izzy out of her sight other than school, being even more protective of her than usual, not that Alex could blame her. The bruise on Izzy’s face had healed, Jo had a slight concussion, a black eye, a busted lip, a lost molar, a sprained wrist and several broken ribs; but she would heal in time. Only Alex would have scars, well at least physical ones. Jo had taken to using the punching bag at least once a day despite her injuries and was eager for Alex to heal they could get back to sparring.

He used the bathroom and headed back to the couch and lay back down and was just about to drift back off to sleep as he heard the door rattle and His Aunt Victoria entered dressed in her work clothes. Working an upscale restaurant she wore a simple white blouse, black skirt and stockings, her vest thrown over her arm and the tie loose around her neck. She hadn’t worked at her new gig long but said if it wasn’t for the tips she couldn’t put up with the rich snobs.

“Hey Aunt Vicky.” Alex said sitting up.

“Oh Jeez Alex.” Aunt Vicky put her hand to her chest a little startled to see him lying there on the couch.

“Sorry.” Alex grinned.

“What are you doing here?” She said setting her purse and keys down on the table by the door. Alex couldn’t help but notice a few buttoned popped on her blouse as she bent down. While little breasts were not quite as impressive to look at, they had more of a tendency to be prone to nip slips.

“I told Izzy I would crash here until you got home.” Alex shrugged.

“Fuck if I would have known I would have come straight home; me and a few girls went out to get a few drinks; I needed to unwind a little.” Vicky smiled as she walked over and bent down given him a peck on the cheek.

“I bet.” Alex smiled.

“The girls asleep?” She stood back up.

“Yeah.” Alex nodded looking at his phone, it was almost midnight.

“Well you may as well crash here tonight; you can take me to get my car in the morning if you don’t mind.” She smiled at him as she ran her fingers through his hair. She had ways been affectionate with him but even more so since he had “saved her girls” to put it in her words.

“Not at all.” Alex shrugged. He was too tired to drive home anyways.

“Since you are staying you want a beer?” She asked.

“Yeah sure.” Alex shrugged. Alex and his dad had shared a few from time to time, since he was eighteen now and old enough to have a drink every now then as far as dad cared. His dad’s only rule was, if he got behind the wheel while drunk, Abbey got his SUV and she would have to give him a ride anywhere he wanted to go until he started college.

“Here you go. Last two.” Aunt Vicky came back from the kitchen later with two beers out of the fridge. Alex found some satisfaction in the fact they were finishing off the last of Robert’s beers.

“Thanks.” Alex smiled as he took his, noticing she had already popped the top on both of them.

“Cheers.” His aunt said holding out her beer as she sat down on the couch beside him. He tapped his beer against hers and took a swig.

“How’s the arm?” His aunt sat beside his shoulder as she took a swig of her beer.

“Okay it only hurts when I lift something heavy. So going to the bathroom is a pain.” Alex joked as he took a swig.

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