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All participants are 18 years or older. This story will be a little different as Julianna also wishes to tell you of her experiences.


Julianna and I pulled up at truck stop after riding many hours. As we were walking inside a short stocky man with white blond hair and beard stubble stopped in front of our Cadillac. He was wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt and blue jeans. He stared at us with ice in his blue eyes.

“Nice set of wheels for a couple cunts. Aren’t y’all a lil far from home?” His lips curled in a smirk.

Me being a hot head replied ” Your parents sibblings of sorts?”

The man didn’t seem too pleased. I raised the hard roof of the car then locked both windows and doors. The stranger hadn’t budged so I gripped Julianna’s arm steering her inside the restaurant. We didn’t quite reach it when I heard him say,

“Before you blew into town I was hungry, now I’m just fed up.”

I turned on my heel and marched over to him staring into his Bitty little eyes.

“Listen here you lil dikfor, we just here to eat. You don’t have to like me and I definitely do not need to like you.”

He seemed to ponder this. Then he asked “what’s a dikfor?”

I smiled still staring at him green eyes blazing into blue ones.

“I figured YOU’D have to ask.”

I walked past him and joined Julianna inside. She had already got us a table. The waitress was a very friendly young girl with long honey blonde pigtails, light copper eyes and deep dimpled smile. She couldn’t be anymore than 5ft one if that. She introduced herself as Heather.

We ordered a picture of ice tea then flipped through the menu. The selections were more safisticated then I’d have thought for a diner, however, I ordered a Bama Burger with fried pickles and Julianna ordered a shrimp po’ boy sandwich with fried crab claws. Heather refilled our drinks then placed our order in the kitchen. After she brought our meal the waitress started to flirt heavy with Julianna. Julianna was so taken back by the brazen young woman she found herself flirting back. The young woman was only twenty. She looked at Julianna as if my sister was in charge of moving heaven and earth.

I just sat enjoying their banter. When Heather went to check on her other tables, Julianna asked if I’d mind if she gave Heather our contact info. I assured her I wouldn’t mind in the least bit. I guess great minds think alike because Heather came over with our bill and her contact info. Business had picked up and she didn’t want us leaving without Julianna being able to keep in touch. We settled our bill and left Heather a hefty tip.

Once we got outside to our car I noticed our tires were flat and windows were busted. Julianna gave an exasperated gasp. I just flipped up my phone knowing the who, when and why of it. I gave AAA the address to the restaurant and I cleaned out the car best I could so Julianna could wait inside. The heat wasn’t good for her.

It didn’t take Triple A that long to come and after the tow truck had our car hitched it only took ten minutes to reach the mechanic. Derrick Massey came outside and greeted the tow truck still wearing gray sweatshirt and jeans. I was steaming! I asked the tower if there was another shop around. He replied not for another 20 miles. I politely asked him to take us there instead. I would rather pay extra towing charges than to do business with Mr. Massey who was more than likely responsible for the state the car was now in.

The tower drove the twenty miles over dirt red road into what seemed to be a deserted town. He said Moe’s place wasn’t much to look at but I’d get quality service. I signed the paper work and the tower was on his way leaving me and Julianna in the middle of no where. Julianna sat inside the car as I went into the shop.

I saw this gorgeous full figured red head seated behind the countertop watching a program on TV. When I stepped up she was fully engrossed unaware someone was there or simply not caring. After a few minutes I said hello and that seemed to get her attention.

“Howdy! What brings you to Moe’s?”

I quickly and politely explained about our cars tires being flattened and windows broken but admitted it might be further damage then I was aware of. The lady stationed behind the counter asked a few questions about the car and I answered her best I could. She introduced herself as Mary Odette Eury. I introduced myself by my pseudonym Eleanor “Elle” Woods then we went out front and she took a look at the car. Once outside, I introduced Julianna as Elizabeth “Betty Boop” Williams then the two women shook hands.

After running an old fashioned test of our cars fluids and checking the engine, Moe assured us only outside damage was done. She said it would be atleast two days for her to cut glass and replace the cars custom windows. The tires were classics and special white washed brands which should also be awhile to track down and deliver. I was growing further hatred for Mr. Massey as the day progressed. I asked illegal bahis Moe for room and boarding. She pointed out two houses I hadn’t seen just up the road bout a mile half from her shop. I gave Julianna my old baseball cap and umbrella for sun protection. Best I could do with the heat.

We arrived at the house which looked like a huge Victorian home. I rang the bell as Julianna sat on the swing. I don’t know what kind of town we landed in, but these women seemed to all be absolutely gorgeous by all standards. The woman who opened the door seemed to be in her late twenties early thirties. She was very slender and her hair was pulled tightly into a bun. She reminded me of Victoria Beckham. Very poised and polished.

She had a friendly professional smile as I explained how Moe was fixing our car and sent us over. I introduced Julianna and I by our pseudo names and she in turn introduced herself as Antoinette. Julianna and I agreed to one room since we were in a strange place and didn’t know anyone. We took our overnight bags and followed Antoinette up the stairs.

The room was beautiful! It had to have been decorated by a fan of fifties vintage. I sat my things down next to the dressing wardrobe then flopped on the oversized canopy. Julianna explored our spacious and grand living quarters then went to the bathroom. She came back grabbing her bag claiming dibs on taking a bath in the porcelain claw tub. I just wanted sleep after our exhausting day and that’s what I did.

When I woke up Julianna was lying next to me. I raked my fingertips through her silky black hair. I wanted to admire her more but I had to go to the bathroom. I showered and brushed my teeth while I was in there coming back with just a towel wrapped around me. I caught Julianna staring as I slathered lotion on my skin. She let out a playful whistle and I raised an eyebrow at her then we both laughed.

I pulled Julianna to me in a semi hug. She rested her head on my shoulder as the giggles ceased. Gloom took over. I massaged my sisters scalp with my fingertips. I spoke softly.

“Julianna I am really going to miss you. Part of me wishes that I could hold you forever. You’re not just a sister to me. Although that within itself is an incredible bond.

We were created by one egg that split into three parts. We are made of the same genetics. I feel more for you than I’d ever feel for anyone. The first time you left me I was an empty particle.

I did what the brain commanded so I wouldn’t have to feel. Now your back and its like every nerve in my body is awake. All I do is feel Julianna. I know it’s not your choice to go, but I wonder if I can need you just enough, that it will force you to stay. Can love save someone from death Julianna?”

It was a long moment of silence before Julianna responded. “Oh Hannah honey, I don’t know what the future will bring. I do however feel like we didn’t enter this world with an expiration date stamped on our ass. I’m going live however long I live and then I wont be here anymore.

It won’t change the fact you feel me any less. I’m always going to be here long as you never forget me. Just like Savannah. We keep her everyday and I know you will keep apart of me as well. Just don’t lose you sweet Hannah. Be the best Hannah you can be. That’s all she ever asked.”

Julianna kissed me softly. It was so incredibly delicious. I softly swept my tongue across those luscious pink lips of hers. She was so sexy and absolutely stunning. Clear green eyes, porcelain skin, blush colored cheeks, bubble gum lips and now shoulder length jet black hair. My Julianna was gorgeous!

We layed kissing, hugging, caressing and loving each other like we never loved before. It was as if Julianna was taking me to heaven and wondered if I wanted to come back to earth. I was an alien in her world. All she showed me was foreign. I became the eager explorer.

I couldn’t get enough of tasting or touching something new. She showed me love and I embraced the experience as a child who was eager to learn. Afterwards we lay in bed spent on a mattress that no longer contained sheets. Just two lovers/sisters curled up into each other. Not knowing where one end and the other began. Twins.


We woke up the next morning still entwined. I took in Hannah’s natural scent and the smells from our love making. I rubbed her shoulder while she lay in my arms. A knock on the door startled me.

I jumped up putting on a thick cotton bathrobe then open the door. Antoinette enters the room in a swirl of flowery perfume. Her hair is still in a tight bun. I forgot to cover up Hannah who was lying naked exposed on the mattress. Antoinette stopped in her tracks as any human seeing such a beauty would.

She recovered quickly but I caught the look of pure lust in her eyes. She sat down fresh linen and sheets then invites us to dinner. I accepted graciously then she left. I then returned to my sister who looked so inviting. It was like a lighthouse beckoning me into her illegal bahis siteleri folds.

Hannah and I woke mid-morning and she smiled incredibly at me. I tried to return her smile best I could. I can’t believe she is 36, she looks so much younger 22 perhaps. She smells like fresh peaches and that’s her womanly scent with just a hint of earth. Maybe from sweat.

I kiss her deeply leaving us both breathless. She teases me about holding her captive in bed. She playfully pushes me back off her then makes a run for the bathroom. I’m on her heels. I could outrun her but the chase is more thrilling this way. Her way. When I finally enter the bathroom she’s in hysterics and stops to relieve herself.


I’ve been enjoying this. Playful young banter that I missed out on by never having been in a relationship. I tell Julianna as much and she looks at me lovingly with a hint of sadness. She flushes the toilet and washes her hands then holds me tight inside her arms. She doesn’t pity me for long. She is off to the next adventure as she suggests we shower together with the right amount of mischief in her eyes.

She sets the shower water to the temperature she likes as I watch her curves. Julianna is very slender but she has unbelievable curves. Her breasts are full and she has curvy hips that leads into her bubble butt that looks so delicious when she leans over. From this angle her labia sparkles in the suns rays like diamonds from her moisture. I can’t help but lean down and swipe my tongue across making her push against my tongue and let loose a gut wrenching moan.

As I continue to slide my tongue from her clit up to the tip of her butt crack opening her up wide for me she pushes down making my tongue enter her sweet rosebud. This ends her as she screams and shivers. Her body flares around like a fish out of water while I continue thrusting my tongue in and out of her tiny hole. I reach in front of her and stroke her clit while my fingers thrust her pretty pussy and my tongue fucks her ass relentlessly.

Eventually Julianna starts to gush having orgasms back to back until she collapses boneless inside my arms. I kiss her gently sitting her on the bench inside the shower. I’m holding her as I wash her lovingly. I take the time to give my sister/lover the care that she deserves.

Once we were finished with showering, Julianna recovered enough to dress and allow me to escort her to brunch. She looked incredible in a white spaghetti strapped dress with light green floral print and white wooden sandal heels. Without her blue contacts the dress matched her dazzling green eyes and was a perfect contrast against her black hair. I chose a green dress that matched my eyes with black sandals. We walked arm in arm downstairs into the dining room.

We decided on breakfast crepes with fresh fruit. It was delicious as was the cool freshly made lemonade. Julianna and I sat at quiet table that offered privacy from the small group of diners. We were having our typical discussion about our childhood when she brought up my relationship with Savannah.

“Tell me how did it start. I always wondered which of you initiated it, and exactly how far did it go?” Julianna asked inquisitively.

I stopped and thought about the question. I was never really sure when it had began but now thinking back I realized it was before I originally suspected.

“I used to walk by Savannah’s bedroom every morning after our showers. She would leave her door opened a crack as she sat at her vanity applying makeup. Sitting in the flimsy robe that the sunlight made transparent. Then she would take off the robe and dress inside of the mirror. I guess I never realized until now that if I could watch her in the mirror she was watching me look at her.”

I continued in a nostalgic state. “One day while watching her we made eye contact inside the mirror. She must’ve sensed I was going to run and that would be the end of our game. Savannah was an exhibitionist who very much needed a voyeur.

She beckoned for me to enter inside of her room. I was so nervous, but Savannah was always rational and always fair. I wasn’t as scared as I should’ve been in that situation. I shuffled inside with my eyes down and she lifted my chin so we were staring eye to eye.

Her copper hair shining in the sunlight her green eyes sparkling her robe transparent showing me every part of her. It was so difficult seeing her that way up close. She released my chin and I dared myself to look into those sage green eyes. She asked why did I watch her.

She thought I was curious about being a woman. Even though Savannah was our triplet you know as well as I do how much faster she developed than us. I was indignant. I recoiled. Lashed out saying something like I’d never be a woman.

Mind you that Savannah, and you Julianna, are strong women. Most of the ones i saw were weak like mama. Savannah seemed to understand. She told me to be myself. Then she invited me to openly watch her dress canlı bahis siteleri her nude body and ogle her. I did just that.

I admired every breathtaking inch. Then once she was dressed she asked that I escort her to breakfast. I felt like a prince escorting the most beautiful queen. She smiled at this and called me boy. We only kissed once never went further than a massage or slight caress. She was my beautiful queen to admire and worship.”

Julianna had tears in her eyes threatening to spill. “That was beautiful. I used to be so jealous watching you two. Now we have went further but it’s not the same is it? You always had such high regard for Savannah and I always wished to have someone love me that way.”

“Oh my Julianna. If you cannot tell how much love there is between us now then I have failed you miserably.”

“No Hannah. I can feel your love. I felt it only a short time ago when you weakened me inside the shower. But it’s the innocence of your love for Savannah. So open and free. Without the pain and consequences attached. When she kissed you in that park, so openly, giving all she had to you, that is the love I’m speaking of. The not caring of who’s watching, or in her case, thrilled that others were watching her display.” She whispered softly, “I wish that we could be so open.”

I squeezed her hand inside of mine. “Oh we can Julianna. Why not? The world is here but why should we be apart of it? We can create our own world, with our own rules, and choose who we allow to participate. If they cringe or frown upon us so be it. That’s them in their world of unhappiness not ours.”

Julianna smiled at this then she came around the table and kissed me with lots of passion. I returned her sweet kiss for what seemed like hours. Not caring who saw or how they reacted. Once we needed air the kiss ended but the feelings behind it last.

After brunch we took a stroll down the hill to Moe’s. The overweight woman was not overtly so or grotesque by any means. Just a few extra pounds in the right places. In fact she looked incredible in her sky blue dress that brought out her blue eyes and looked great against her deep red hair. She looked up and gave us a deep dimpled smile similar to Jennifer Garners.

I never noticed how artistic the inside of Moe’s was. There was framed artwork on the walls and displayed structures towards the back. She informed me that a local artist named Heather drops off pieces for her in exchange for her meals. I asked if it was Heather from the truck stop diner 20 miles away. She nodded yes and I replied small world.

Moe said Heather should be stopping by later that day and I turned to Julianna catching her holding her throat. Something she always have done when she’s very excited. Not wanting her to catch on I told Moe we were going to explore and if nothing came up we’d be back. Julianna and I left walking up farther down the road.

We came across a jewelry store and looked through the window at the pretty pieces. I suddenly stopped and stared at this lovely necklace. It was just perfect for Julianna. I went inside and pointed it out to the clerk excitedly. She brought it to the counter and I purchased it without hesitation.

I then placed the white gold, diamond and peridot necklace around Julianna’s neck surprised by how much it captured the details of her eyes. Once we left the jewelry shop we crossed the road to a flower shop where I purchased a pink rose bouquet for Julianna. Today she was my date. I planned on showing her how much she was both loved and adored.

We walked a little further to an old fashioned cinema playing black and white movies. I purchase two tickets for “City Lights” one of our favorite movies. Julianna can’t believe it once it starts to play. She gathers my hands and hold them the whole time. After the movie we discuss all our favorite parts as we walk back to Moe’s.


Today was perfect! I floated on a cloud from the moment inside of the dining room when Hannah declared to love me openly without abandonment. My new pendant is remarkable! I never had anyone give me such a loving gift. The movie and flowers if this is what it’s like to be in a loving relationship I want more!

We entered Moe’s and she gave us a dazzling smile and warm hug. I recounted my day with my love to Moe unable to stop smiling or contain my enthusiasm. Hannah seemed proud that I was very pleased with her efforts. Someone entered the shop calling out for Moe as they walked to the back where we were. I was so delighted to see Heather again but I didn’t want to do anything that would upset Hannah. Especially since she had been so attentive and loving.

I needn’t worry. My wonderful Hannah who loves me unconditional gave me a playful smile and told Heather I was very anxious to see her. Heather gave me a big hug and kissed my cheek having to stand on her toes in her heels to do so. We all laughed and teased the tiny young woman.

Heather showed us her artwork explaining each piece as Moe closed shop for the day. She showed us the replacement windows she installed and informed us we were now just waiting for the tires. We all left to go uphill to Moe’s house. I rode in the car with Heather while Hannah rode with Moe.

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