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A few more days passed and Ann approached me while I was watching a movie on TV. She didn’t seem particularly in the mood for sex, but more curious as she turned off the tube and stood in front of me, “So, you said in your story that Keri wanted you to take her somewhere but then the story became about Nina and her sister?”

I looked up, only mildly annoyed. I figured the story was her entertainment and she did have a point. The last time we’d spoken I had ‘teased’ the Thursday night date with Keri. I settled into the chair and made myself comfortable, then pointed at the couch, “Make yourself comfortable, this one’s a longer story. It’s also a bit creepy and disturbing, so be prepared….”

– – –

Keri had been insatiable all week. While I’d enjoyed anal with Nina on Saturday, all day Sunday had been both work and then homework, getting caught up on a few assignments for school. It felt good to actually be ahead in my classes, and the pressure of not worrying about any upcoming projects put me in a great mood. That great mood turned infectious in the high school hallways, and I just couldn’t be brought down.

My friends commented on how happy I seemed to be, and I was secretly evaluating several friends for the upcoming orgy that Jen wanted. Staci, the goddess of the senior class, the prettiest cheerleader, stopped me one day. With a smile she said, “You and Keri seem to be pretty happy Pete, is the rumor true then?”

I cocked one eyebrow, “What rumor is that?” I knew that Keri had been telling everyone that I had a huge dick and that I really knew how to use it better than anyone else she’d ever fucked. Which I supposed might have been true. I was a little over seven and a half inches long fully hard and a bit more than two inches across. But I didn’t think Staci would be so bold as to flat out ask that question right out. So I didn’t know what rumor she was talking about.

She rolled her eyes and said, “Some people are saying that you and Keri are going to be getting an apartment together when you start college next year.”

“WHAT?!” I cried out, far louder than I should have.

Staci giggled, “So, it’s not true then I guess?”

I grew angry, easily guessing who could have started that rumor, “No Staci, in fact, it’s the first I’ve even heard that rumor. I’ll have to talk with Keri about it.” I was so angry that my nervousness about talking to the girl I thought was one of the prettiest in the whole school was completely gone. I never really had problems talking to girls, but Staci was absolute perfection in my book. But I was so angry I couldn’t even see straight. Why would Keri start that kind of a rumor? I added in angrily, “She’s not even really my girlfriend. I’ve been dating this girl Jen for more than two years. She goes to Holy Angels, everyone who knows me, knows that.”

Staci nodded, “Yeah, yeah, I knew that Pete, but so then what’s up with Keri?”

I sighed and shrugged my shoulders, feeling the anger turning into confusion. I didn’t stay angry long, it was a worthless emotion. “I really don’t know,” I admitted, “I mean, I like Keri a lot. I’d say she’s a good friend.” I dropped my voice low and whispered, “and the sex is pretty good too.”

Staci blushed and I continued, “But there’s more to it… I mean with Jen and Nina and now…” My teeth clacked shut as I realized I was spilling my guts to a girl I’d had the hots for since sophomore year.

She smiled and raised an eyebrow, “Now?”

I shook my head, “Never mind, it’s a bit too personal.” I also knew that while Staci was discreet, her best friend Sarah was the head cheerleader and a notorious gossip. If I spilled my personal life to Staci, there was a possibility it might end up being known by everyone in the school within a few days time.

“There’s a third girl isn’t there?” She asked as she looked at my face.

I tried to mock surprise, “What? No! How could you think that?” My acting wasn’t very impressive and she smiled and stood up straight, convinced she’d figured it out.

“Ok, well, I’ll tell Sarah that the whole apartment thing isn’t true. See you in AP Lit,” she said as she waved and bounced off down the hall.

I groaned and leaned against the lockers as I rubbed the bridge of my nose. I was distracted by a little high pitched voice from next to me, “Girls, right Pete?”

I looked down to see a freshman standing there. I couldn’t remember his name, Mike, Mark, Matt… something like that… who could remember? So many freshmen… but he knew me apparently. I did my typical diplomatic thing and acted like he was my best friend, “That’s right chief… that’s right.” Then decided to get out of there before I got dragged into a conversation with someone I couldn’t remember.

– – –

“In my mouth!” Keri said in an excited whisper.

I nodded and held her hair as she put her lips around the head of my cock and jacked the shaft as quickly as she could. I groaned and fired my hot spunk into her mouth. She continued illegal bahis sucking and jerking till my cock finally stopped spasming. I sighed and leaned back against the sink. The teachers only restroom was smaller than any of the student restrooms in building, but it locked from the inside and even had a little deadbolt. The perfect place for an after school blowjob.

I’d discovered my sophomore year that one of the elderly science teachers always used this lavatory after the end of classes for the day and always left it unlocked afterwards. So by four PM the school was mostly deserted, and the science wing of the school even more so. The science ‘wing’ had been built in the last twenty years, and had no lockers in the halls, so after classes were out, the only reason any students would be in the area would be to talk to a teacher. Since the teachers were usually just as eager to get home as the students, the wing was deserted till late evening when the janitor crew made down here. Four till about six and this area was perfect for solitude.

I’d made the mistake of sharing this bit of info with some friends, and now there was a group of them playing a card game called “Magic: The Gathering” in a back hall nearby. If it weren’t for them, Keri and I could have been much louder. But I didn’t really want them to know that I was getting sucked off on school grounds.

Keri knelt on the tile floor and adjusted her bra, pushing her smallish breasts back into the cups and then starting to re-button her shirt. She looked up at me and made an exaggerating swallowing motion, then opened her mouth to show that she’d not spilled any of my cum. “I hope that makes up for the misunderstanding?” She asked, and I nodded my head. Apparently the ‘apartment’ rumor was something she’d said to a friend as a sort of a ‘dream’ and it got blown out of proportion. Asking my forgiveness after swallowing my load was an excellent example of timing, and I couldn’t fault her. “Now,” she said, still keeping her voice low. “I want you to do me a favor. Don’t jerk off or cum again till our date on thursday, ok?”

“Huh?” I asked as I began to tuck my softening cock away and readjust my clothing. “Why’s that?”

“Because,” she said as she stood and fixed her skirt, “now that I’m on birth control, and it’s been almost a month, I really want you to cum inside me. I want to feel it. And I can tell just jerking you off or sucking your cock when you’ve cum recently. It’s like the difference between a gushing geyser and a trickling stream. So drink plenty of water, no cumming till thursday, and be ready ok?”

I shrugged my shoulders. It was tuesday afternoon now and I supposed I could avoid jerking off for a day or two. She grinned and pat my chest, “Don’t worry, I’ll make it worth your while. Now come on, you can give me a ride home and I’ll play with myself in your car. Maybe if you ask nicely, I’ll even let you help, as long as you keep your eyes on the road.”

Well, she was starting to turn into a deviant, and I liked that. Two days wait wouldn’t be too bad.

– – –

Two days wouldn’t have been bad, with one exception. Jen called me the next night, wednesday, and wanted to talk to me. She was all excited, but had to keep her voice low on the phone. She didn’t want her parents or sister overhearing, but she told me all excitedly about two girls from her school that were interested in participating in the orgy. She said these two girls weren’t lesbians, but they were totally slutty and they each leapt at the idea of a big beach orgy. When Jen informed them that part of the ‘entry fee’ would be going out on an ‘all-the-way-date’ with Jen and myself, both had agreed, stipulating only that they didn’t really do ‘stuff’ with girls.

So Wednesday night I went to bed with a raging hard on as I imagined fucking these two girls as Jen had described them, while Jen watched. I wondered if I’d get them both at once or if it would be two separate ‘dates’ one with each of them. I silently cursed Keri for making me promise not to jerk off.

– – –

Thursday night couldn’t come quick enough and I picked Keri up at her friend Leah’s house. I figured Keri probably lied to her mother about her whereabouts, but it wasn’t any of my business. we went out to see a James Bond movie at the dollar theater. The film had come out months ago, and had finally made it to the cheapy theaters. I’d already seen it a couple times, but Keri was sick of hearing me always talk about how the new Bond was almost as good as Connery. The theater was deserted, being a thursday, and a movie that had been out since last November. So I wasn’t surprised when she started playing with my cock.

“But you can’t cum,” she warned as she jerked my dick slowly.”

“What the hell!” I exclaimed, feeling free to talk in the otherwise empty theater.

She took her hand away, “I told you, I want to feel it inside me! I want you to explode with as much as you can!”

I growled and then decided to make her pay. illegal bahis siteleri I got out of my seat and kneeled on the ground in front of her chair. The floor was actually pretty clean, no spilled soda or anything like that. Then as she protested, I unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down around her ankles. Her panties came down too, exposing her from waist down in the empty dark theater. I gripped her knees and pushed them up towards her chest and commanded her to hold them. Then throwing both feet, bound by her clumped jeans, over one shoulder, I pressed my face down into her pussy.

I began licking her slit hungrily, slurping and not caring how much noise I made. I tongued her delicious pinkness, drawing her pert lips into my mouth and sucking on them, eagerly lapping at the juices she began to produce as she moaned.

“Peter!” she exclaimed, “Can’t you wait till the movie’s over?”

I shook my head and continued to assail her pussy, directing my attentions towards her rapidly hardening clit. She moaned and groaned, noises unheard over the sounds of explosions on the screen.

She grabbed at my hair and gasped, and I knew she was getting close. “I hope you’re thinking about me and not some bond girl that could crush you with her thighs,” she said as she pulled my face in tighter to her juicy pussy.

I simply focused and drove her over the edge, and she cried out, her juices coating my mouth. I pulled back as she sighed and came down from her orgasm, and let her feet touch the ground again.

She had just stood up to pull up her jeans and panties when suddenly from behind us we heard the sound of the theater doors opening. “Oh shit,” she whispered, dropping down to a crouch level with the seats. A flashlight beam crossed over our heads as an usher looked around the theater, looking for the source of the noises that she’d been making. She looked at me and buttoned her jeans up, “Run for it?”

I nodded and pointed at a nearby escape exit, knowing my SUV was in that direction. We stood up and bolted for the exit. I heard a man’s voice yelling for us to stop, but hit the fire escape with a crash. We laughed as we ran across the parking lot and quickly got into my SUV. If the usher followed us, he didn’t come out into the parking lot. But I didn’t want to push my luck. I started my truck and we rode off laughing and joking about what a close call that was.

We drove around for a little bit, but it was obvious we’d made it out of there in the clear. So I finally asked where she wanted to take me, doubting it was just to see half of a Bond movie. She grinned and whispered something. I asked her to repeat it and she blushed, I could see it even in the dark of the vehicle. But she said louder, “The cemetery!” She told me about how she used to go to the cemetery where her step dad was buried some nights, and she knew that they patrolled the area once every two hours, like clockwork. But since it was out in the suburbs they never had a problem with vandals or anything like we did in the city, so the gates were always unlocked.

At first I thought it sounded a little morbid, but she assured me that it was a very nice and peaceful place to hang out. Plus since it was still cold as hell, no one would be coming down the road other than the security guard.

Well, as I hadn’t cum in days, and she wanted me to take her there, then throw her in the back of my SUV and fuck the hell out of her… who was I to say no? So it wasn’t too much longer when I was pulling over to the side of the narrow road in the graveyard she directed me too. I had to admit, the location was pretty secluded. There was a highway bordering one side, but the stone noise fence kept out all but a low hum from the traffic there. The other borders of the cemetary had a small wooded area, a drive in theater (closed for the season), and then the main road that we’d come in on. But the location she took me too sheltered us from the main road and the building near the front gate by a small hill.

“This is great,” I said as I shut off the engine and grinned at her. When you’re eighteen and you’re trying to get laid, half the struggle is in trying to find a private place where you won’t be pestered by friends, parents, or siblings.

She grinned and nodded, pointing at the clock on my car stereo, “We’ve got about an hour and a half too. Good timing.”

I grinned back at her and we hopped out of the SUV and ran around to the back and jumped into the back through the hatchback, closing it behind us as quickly as I could. I’d already folded down the back seats, giving the maximum amount of room in the back for us to fool around. I’d set up blankets and pillows and everything ahead of time. I knew the truck would get cold eventually with the engine off, but it was nice and toasty warm as we began making out and pulling each other’s clothes off.

I swear, I felt like my cock was hard enough to tear through the jeans I was wearing, but I was trying to take my time. She’d canlı bahis siteleri been very generous with hand jobs and blowjobs in the bathroom at school over the last few weeks with very little reciprocation. I was determined to make up for it tonight.

I kissed and nibbled at her skin as I exposed it, pulling her clothing off. She appreciated it, I could tell, making small mewing noises almost like a cat as I did. My fingers were far ahead of the rest of me though, often seeking out those most secret places before the clothing was even removed. Her nipples were hard and erect by the time I’d removed her bra, freeing her small but perky breasts.

Likewise by the time I’d managed to slide her lacy panties down, her pussy was already moist and engorged, hungry for more of my touch. “You’ve done a little work I see,” I said as I tugged on the very tightly cropped pubic hair above her mons.

She giggled and kissed the top of my head, “You’ve mentioned that you like it when women groom… I didn’t want to shave, but I did use clippers to take most of it off.”

I kissed the very short almost scratchy hair that remained there. It wasn’t my preference, but I wasn’t going to say anything to kill the mood right now. I bit down on one of the very short hairs and pulled back on it. Keri giggled and swatted at the top of my head. There wasn’t a lot of room in the back of my SUV, but I managed to scootch down far enough so that I could suckle at her slit again. She moaned and threw her legs over my shoulders as my tongue began sucking at her wetness. In only a few minutes she was gripping my thick hair with one hand, guiding my head slightly. Her breathing was coming hard and fast and she practically begged, “I’m so read, please fuck me?”

I shook my head no, and continued with my oral activities. I managed to slide a hand under my body and slip a finger into her well lubricated, but still very tight snatch. Curling the finger upwards I pressed against that sensitive spot and she began gasping for air as she came again.

Satisfied I sat back, kneeling in the back of the SUV and looked down at her, my hard cock pointing the way. I felt a little self conscious, my socks were still on, but I didn’t think she was going to complain. She reached up and grabbed at me, pulling me down onto her. My large athletic body almost smothered her petite form. But she was hungrily kissing and clawing at me. Her legs went around my waist and she bucked her hips up towards me, her whole body asking to be fucked.

I reached down between us and took hold of my thick shaft and lined it up with her wetness. The tip of my cock was already beading up with pre-cum I was so excited. It took a few tries to enter her, she was bucking and writing so much that I actually had to take a deep breath and then steady myself before I pushed into her. She gasped and I moaned as my shaft sunk deeper and deeper into her tight heat. It took several thrusts to bury myself fully in her. The size difference between the two of us was just enough that even with the oral orgasm, she was still very tight.

She was like an animal once I started fucking her. She really made me think about how appropriate her nickname of ‘lions’ was as she literally growled and thrashed her head around. She came again almost instantly as I started fucking her with long hard strokes. Then after that body rocking bliss passed, she looked up at me and practically growled, “Don’t hold back, give it to me hard, I want it all.” I nodded and began fucking her so hard I could feel the SUV bouncing up and down. “Deeper! Harder! Fuck me! Fill me with your cum!” She was practically shouting in my face as I pounded her petite body.

I was going to try to hold out and make it last, but she started clawing at my chest with one hand, her fingernails gouging my skin and she looked me in the eyes and said, “Don’t hold back, I want to feel it god damnit!”

I knew then that I wasn’t going to be able to hold out. I gasped and slammed my hips forwards a few more times till I felt that familiar tightening in my core, in my balls, and in my head. I threw my head up towards the car ceiling and groaned. She locked her ankles behind my butt and pulled me down to her. I collapsed onto her as my cock swelled and then spewed what felt like a gallon of spunk into her. She cried out and then bit me, on the shoulder, hard. I groaned and held her tightly as my cock just seemed to continue pumping it’s seed deep in her. Her body twitched and spasmed below me almost as if she was having another orgasm, but I didn’t think it was for some reason, it wasn’t strong enough.

It was a long time before I finally came down, and I rolled off her, over to the side in the tightly cramped SUV. The blankets and pillows I kept back there were scattered and I felt the scratchy upholstery of the car pressing against my back, but was too exhausted to care. Keri pulled her legs together tightly as soon as I rolled off her and she rolled over on her side and kissed me. “That was amazing Pete, thank you so much.”

Then she reached for her clothing and started shimmying into it in the tight space. I looked at her, “Getting dressed already?” It seemed like maybe she might want to lay and enjoy the afterglow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32