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He was a local author and business owner, powerful, intelligent, and looking for a young woman to share his life and his bed. He had met hundreds of women and none of them were the right fit. He had a taste for the taboo daddy/daughter type relationship, but the modern emancipated women he’d met were not willing to play that role. They didn’t want to give over any power in a relationship. Until one day…

He was visiting the library to pick up some research reports for his company and noticed a young lady sitting by herself, reading. There was something about her presence that intrigued him. She was so engrossed in the story before her that she seemed to forget about where she was along with the other people in the library. He walked slowly around her taking note of what she was reading (an erotic novel…one he’d written). He smiled and decided to take a seat just behind her.

She was exactly the type of women he’d thought about when writing that piece. Her plump body and large breasts were made to be squeezed and devoured and the leggings she wore showed off her shapely hips and thighs. Mmmm…he imagined what it would feel like to lay between those sweet thighs and feel them wrap around his face and later his waist. Oh yes, he’d take his time tasting the sweet honey that he knew she had to have in abundance.

Her face was sweetly framed by long wavy auburn hair, fair skin flushed by her passion, and small tender pink lips swollen now from her biting. Oh those lips…so many thoughts ran through his mind about what could be done with those soft pink lips, plus her nibbling showed she has a strong sexual appetite. Oh yes, he wanted her hungry. He listened to her wavering breath and watched as she continued to nibble her lower lip every now and then.

He could tell she was reading the part where the young woman was being ravished by her suitor for the first time. She was already getting turned on by his words and he hadn’t even spoken to her yet. He was beginning to feel some of that heat as well when he noticed her hips gyrating in her seat the tiniest bit. She looked so innocent but sexy hot, so fresh and ripe, ready to be plucked and he was going to be the one to ravage that luscious body.

He approached her slowly but with confidence and introduced himself. She was a little startled at first but shyly offered her name and hand asking if there was something she could help him with. Her hand was soft, warm and small but steady and firm. She has confidence and to him there was nothing sexier than a confident woman. Ah, she’s so obliging…this will make things move along so much quicker he thought.

She noticed the stark difference in her pink skin next to the rough darkness of his. She liked the way his large hand held hers, strong and capable. “I noticed you’re reading my book.” There was a gleam in his dark brown eyes and a sexy smile on his lips.

She blushed as she realized he wasn’t pulling a cheap pick-up line on her. He actually was the author and that made her blush all the more. “I-uh (with a shy giggle) yes I am.” She was breathtaking.

“I’d love to get a little feedback from my readers. Would you be interested in answering a few questions? We can talk in one of the conference rooms here where it’ll be a bit more private if you like.” She hesitated and he added, “I can assure you you’ll be safe with me.” He gave her a little smile and a wink. She giggled and accepted.

He gave her his hand to escort her out of her seat…another chance to touch her, make it more real for her. He wanted her to physically feel his presence to begin his assault on her senses and it worked, but she was innocently assaulting his too. When she got up he could smell her sweet perfume (a mix of wildflowers and amber) but he also noted something under it all…her natural arousal.

He felt more like a strong virile daddy when he was this close to her, and suddenly she was acutely aware of her own femininity. It was this strong manly body walking so close to her. His warm spicy scent, the touch of his strong hand on the small of her back, and the way he looked at her that made yearn for more. He had already physically warmed her up with his erotic tales and now he would gain her trust while wooing her heart. They entered a swanky conference room, soundproofed and devoid of windows. He wanted no interruptions so he pulled the door closed, locking it unbeknownst to illegal bahis her.

He guided her to a sofa in the room and took a seat next to her. “Now these may seem to be odd questions but please bear with me, they help me understand my readers better so I can adjust details in the story lines to get the desired effect I am shooting for.” She smiled and agreed so the questions began. He asked her age, income and education level, and if she was in a relationship.

She confided that she was not nor had she ever been in a relationship. He said, “But how can this be?! You are a beautiful woman. Why has no man snatched you up and made you his?”

“I guess I’m just picky. I just have never met the man for me yet.” she blushed.

“Well, if I were younger I’d have made it my mission to make you mine.” he replied, “Do you like older men?”

She blushed and her heart picked up speed, “Yes. I think that’s why I liked your book…it just seems natural for a young woman to have an older man as a lover.” She tried to get back to talking about the book, but he was having none of it.

He moved closer to her and placed his hand (that large strong hand) on her thigh. “And tell me why you think an older man is better?” he was breathing a little harder but tried to keep himself in check. He didn’t want to scare her.

He had captured her eyes and she couldn’t look away when she stammered, “Well…they’re more experienced and…and…”

“Go on.” he prompted her, “This is a safe place and you can say anything to me without the fear of being judged.” he encouraged.

“They aren’t afraid to take charge of their baby girl in the bedroom.” she blushed to her toes when she realized she said baby girl.

Jackpot! His fingers starting caressing her thigh as he slowly moved his face closer to hers. Their eyes were still locked and she felt like she was about to faint. Her eyes moved to his lips as he whispered the next words, “Do you want to be someone’s baby girl? Do you want to be my baby girl?” He whispered that last question against her parted lips, just a breath away.

All she could do was breathe yes. He covered her lips with his and drank her in deeply. His tongue slipped between her lips as he tasted and teased her. She moaned and mewed in his arms. She’d never been kissed like this and she wanted more. He could tell she was inexperienced, but with a little encouragement a natural firecracker in bed.

At first she did nothing but soon she started responding, teasing his tongue with hers, and timidly tasting his mouth. Suddenly she came alive, sucking his tongue deeper into her sweet mouth and then she did something that made him almost lose control…she nipped at his lower lip. Her hunger for him (for this) was great and now he needed to slow things down before he fucked this sweet baby girl right here on this sofa.

He gently but firmly pulled away and she lay in his arms looking absolutely delectable. She was as ripe as he thought she was…flushed face, chest heaving, her lips a darker pink, swollen and open, ready to be devoured again. God he wanted her…he needed her! This was the baby girl he’d been searching for…his baby girl!

At first she felt like he was a stranger groping her, but within seconds it exploded into a lovers’ passion. She was becoming this man’s baby girl and she loved it. “I love that my baby girl has such a veracious sexual appetite.” He cooed in her ear. The deep velvety timbre of his voice washed over her body making her nipples and clit tingle all the more. “Now, I want to hear your sweet voice say the words…say I am your daddy.”

In a dream like state she repeated the words, “You are my daddy.”

Mmmmm…his cock throbbed. “And?” he prompted.

“And I am your baby girl.” She felt a warm rush into her already aching pussy.

“Good girl. Now daddy wants to ask you an important question. Remember that you can tell me anything…daddy won’t judge you. OK?” She nodded her head. “Has my baby girl ever had sex?” She shyly nodded her head no. “Has my baby girl ever done anything sexual with another man or boy? Tell your daddy with words.”

Blushingly she said, “No daddy. I have never done anything sexual with anybody, but I have masturbated.”

“Oh baby girl…you are perfect! Daddy loves that you saved yourself, especially because you’re mine now. Mine alone. You’ve made your daddy so happy and illegal bahis siteleri I love that you play with yourself. You’re getting daddy really excited so now I want you to show daddy just what you do when you touch yourself.”

He grabbed a decorative throw that was lying on the back of a chair in the sitting area and directed her to the large table in the middle of the conference room. “No-one can hear us or see us and the door is locked so we’re going to get those clothes off you so you can show your daddy just how you touch yourself.” Oh my God! Did she hear him right? He wants to watch her playing with herself! He placed the throw on the table edge and sat her on it before helping her disrobe.

She was sure this was all a dream…it had to be. It was just like the erotica she read. This huge dark man was going to make her his right here and now! She was sure he was going to slide that huge bulge he had hiding in his pants deep into her virgin pussy right here on this table! She was scared but excited all at the same time.

His heart was beating fast as he looked at the blush that adorned her soft cheeks spreading down to cover her breasts and tummy. Oh! He thought…that sweet plump body and those luscious breasts! Her nipples sat erect atop large dusky areolas, just begging to be suckled. He almost felt like a letch for all the naughty things he had in store for his sweet baby girl. “Now lift your hips for daddy so we can get your pants and panties off.”

His face leaned in as he pulled her clothing out from under her hips and he let his lips kiss and suck on those sweet buds before him. She sucked in her breath and he groaned, “Oh baby girl…your nipples are so soft and sweet on daddy’s tongue! Now let’s see that sweet little pussy. Show daddy how wet you are!” He took one step back and started to remove his tie and dress shirt.

His eyes only left hers when she timidly began to open her thighs. “That’s right…nice and wide so daddy can see all of you.” He panted. “God you’re beautiful!” He gasped. He undid his belt and zipper but stopped there. Not here, not yet he cautioned himself. He wanted to deflower his baby girl in his bed…soon to be their bed. He would sample every part of his baby girl and make her cum more than she ever had thought possible.

He grinned down at her with lust as she finally opened her thighs wide and he could see the sweet nectar that was almost dripping from those pink petals. “Oh baby girl, you’re so wet. Did daddy do that to you?”

She was beginning to pump her hips just like when he’d first seen her sitting at that desk, and she demurely covered that mouth watering view with her small hand. She nodded yes. “Speak to your daddy baby…he loves to hear your voice.”

“Yes daddy. You made my pussy wet.”

She was still so shy and it made him all the hungrier for her. “Before you show me how you play with yourself, you need to pull your sweet little pussy petals open for daddy. He wants to see how swollen your little clitty is.” She slowly brought both hands to her pussy and slid her fingers into her creamy wetness to pull open those dew-covered lips.

She gasped as the cool air hit her wet swollen bud. Her daddy’s smoldering gaze was transfixed by the pink treat before him, and it took everything in him not to pounce on her and gobble up that tasty morsel she freely offered up. “Touch yourself baby…show daddy!” he commanded.

She moved one hand to her breast and tugged at the nipple and with the other she ran her middle finger from her hot little pussy hole the length of her slit until she focused on her swollen clit. She came almost immediately but he coaxed her to push her wet finger inside that hole. “Pretend it’s daddy’s finger and he’s fucking you with it baby!” She started pumping first one finger then two in and out of her pussy hole, mewing and panting. “What would your daddy say to you while he’s doing this?” He needed to hear her naughty thoughts put to words.

“Let daddy tease your little pussy baby! That’s right…wet daddy’s fingers! You’re gonna need to learn how to wet daddy’s cock next!” she whispered breathlessly. She was breathing so hard and was taken by surprise when she came again so quickly!

She was bucking her hips up in the air and squeezing her thighs together when he growled, “Oh fuck you’re so ripe and ready baby girl! Daddy’s so proud of you! Now he’s going to canlı bahis siteleri taste that sweet peach. Open your legs baby …daddy’s going to teach you how his tongue feels on that creamy little pussy of yours!”

He pulled up a chair between her ankles, put his arms under her knees and pulled her forward until her hips were just over the edge of the table. She felt so exposed and vulnerable lying with her pussy so close to his heated gaze. She could feel his hot breath on her thighs and moaned and gasped when he kissed and nipped the tender flesh there. He breathed deep the scent of his baby girl. Her sweet, musky scent traveled into his nostrils and headed straight to his fatherly cock.

With a deep groan he placed a kiss at the bottom of her pussy…right where he would push in his tongue, his fingers, his cock and many other toys in the very near future and she held her breath. He kissed my pussy! Oh my God! I don’t know if I can… Just then he ran his hot rough tongue from that same spot up to her swollen clit! “Oooooooohhh! Oh daddy!” she cried.

He grinned as he continued to gently tease her clit with the tip of his tongue. She was bucking her hips and making such sexy sounds and her soft, warm thighs were hugging his face every time she came. She was so incredibly wet…he thought he’d bust a nut before he was done with her. “You taste so sweet baby. And you’re so beautiful when you cum. Daddy is going to put his tongue inside your pussy now so I can taste you better…cum on your daddy ‘s tongue!” She felt him slide his tongue in and out of her pussy and it made her cum again! By this time she was so out of breath from cumming she begged him to give her a moment.

He obliged her but said he just couldn’t stop completely. It was then he decided to slip one long, strong finger inside that hot pussy. She was so unbelievably hot and wet and oh-so tight! He pushed a second finger deep inside her core and could tell it was a little too tight yet. “Baby girl you’re little kitty is so tight that daddy needs to stretch you a little so you’ll be ready to take his thick cock later.”

She was so overcome by her body and all that he’d been doing and saying to her that she forgot they were in a conference room at the library. All she could say was, “OK daddy, you know what’s best for me.”

“Oh yes…that’s my baby girl!” he grinned as he began to search out her g-spot. He wondered if his little girl was a squirter since she was so responsive and came so hard for him. He started out with slow strokes, bending his fingers inside her, petting where he guessed her sweet spot was. Once again he hit the jackpot!

All of a sudden her thighs started quivering and shaking. She arched her hips up off the table, let out a throaty moan and a copious amount of sweet cum gushed from her pussy all over her daddy’s hand! “Oh fuck baby! Keep cumming like that for daddy! Squirt in daddy’s mouth sweety!”

He kept moving his fingers until she arched her hips again but this time he covered her sweet hole with his mouth and drank all the sweet nectar her virginal pussy squirted! It ran down his chin, over her pussy lips, and down to drench her tight little rosebud ass. “No more! Please daddy! I can’t take any more! Please!” She pleaded with him.

“Ok baby…daddy will let you rest for now.” He sat back with such a satisfied and pleased look on his face, but she noticed he still had that hungry look in his eyes.

She lay in front of him until she caught her breath and felt like her legs weren’t as shaky. He helped her sit up and she blushed at the puddle she’d made on the table. Luckily the blanket took the most of it but there were still a few puddles where her squirts soaked through. She blushed once she noticed them but he told her to dismiss them. “Sadly no one will ever know that this came from your hot little kitty.” He teased with a wink.

She giggled as she searched for her clothes. It was then that she noticed why he still had that hunger on his face…his cock (still bound by his trousers) was about to burst through the seams! He noted where she was looking and taking her hand and pressing it against his hard throbbing cock said, “Ah yes. Look at what you’ve done to your daddy!” She started to apologize but he shushed her by placing a finger across her swollen lips. That same finger that he had held deep inside her pussy and she could detect the faint scent of her musk on it. It was such an erotic moment, bringing a reality to what just transpired between the two of them. “You’ll have plenty of time to help daddy with this but not here. I’m taking you home. My home…your new home…our home.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32