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A while ago I read a story by an author named T.S. Severe. T.S. Passed away in 2012 and while I can’t share their stories here, I can do my best to share the spirit of their works. This series of stories will deal with incest and transsexuals primarily but other themes might be added as the story flows. This story, while containing sex, will be a bit slow at the start.

This is my first story so constructive criticism is welcome but if all you have to offer is “your story sucks” then do us both a favor and pass this one by.


Hi, My name is Wendy. I’m a nineteen-year-old high school senior. Before you get all judgmental, I’m a pre-op transsexual and the time that would have been my senior year of school I spent going to doctors and starting my transition. When the next school year rolled around I re-enrolled and now share classes with my now senior brother, Mike.

I have always known that I wasn’t really a boy. When I turned fifteen I went to my parents and explained to them how I knew that I was really a girl. Lucky for me I have two great parents that excepted me and helped me.

My brother wasn’t as excepting. When I first started living as a girl he was always worried what the kids at school would think. Most of those fears were gone by the time I started my transition and now that he is eighteen it’s more like teasing than actual disgust.

My plan is to go into teaching Physical Education when I graduate. I love gym class. I always have. So it was never a doubt in my mind what I was going to do. The downside of this is that am stuck in the boys class since I still have my boy parts, which doesn’t make sense to me since I have breasts. The teacher, Mr. Bulle, lets me change in his office but I still would see the guys in various states of undress.

I came home one day after a “bad” day. I had walked out of the coach’s office just as Rubén Eustaquio, the Captain of the boy’s soccer team, came out of the shower. I got to see all he was packing and damn it was nice. I ducked back into the office, my girl cock hard and throbbing. I knew I shouldn’t but I just had to touch myself and so I did. By the time I was done I had made a mess in my panties.

I rushed out of the office and into the nearest restroom. I peeled off my cummy panties and stuffed them into my bag and then cleaned myself as best I could. The rest of the day I spent with nothing on under my skirt. It felt so naughty. I’m sure that one of my teachers, Mrs. MacFarlane, saw my naked girl cock because she blushed at one point and stumbled over her words.

When I got home mom was waiting in the kitchen for me. ” Hi sweetie,” she said smiling ” How was school today?”

I gave her a kiss on the cheek before dropping my bag and sitting at the table. ” It was OK. I got all my homework done at school. What do you want to do today?” I asked.

Mom sat a sandwich and a glass of milk down on the table for me, our daily ritual. ” Well I was going to do some gardening, my poor flowerbed really needs the work. So why don’t you have some fun while I do that.” Mom turned and knocked her gardening gloves on the floor, “Damn, I swear I am so clumsy.” she bent to pick them up and caught me in a moment where I wasn’t sitting as modestly as I should. ” Wendy Diana Peyton! Where are your panties?” The tone of her voice wasn’t pleasant.

I blushed as I swallowed the mouthful of ham and cheese sandwich, ” I, um, had an accident.”

“An accident?” she frowned.

” Well you know they put me in the wrong gym class. I was getting dressed and it just happened.” I said hoping that she wouldn’t make out I was lying.

“What just happened? You creamed your panties?” My mom stared at me and when I nodded she just giggled and that made me giggle too. My mom was way cool about stuff like that.

“Nobody saw it,” I shrugged. “But it was embarrassing anyway. How come they didn’t put me in the girl’s class?”

“Because you have a penis, dear,” she shook her head. “Where’re your panties?”

“In my bag.” I took another bite. “I have boobs too, how come they don’t care about that?”

“Well, cause boobs aren’t genitals, I guess. At least Mr. Bulle lets you change in his office.” Mom said while she was digging through my bag. “Eww, Wendy! You could have rinsed them out, at least!”

“Sorry,” I shrugged, but there wasn’t any way I was going to wash my cummy panties in the bathroom at school!

She held them up to her nose. “Next time, rinse them, okay? And bring extra panties, you can’t be walking around school with nothing but sunshine under your skirt.” Mom clucked her tongue and she was taking my panties down to the laundry room.

“Yes, Mom.” I ate my sandwich some more.

She just didn’t know what it was like being the only transsexual at school. Most of those kids didn’t even know what one was and half the teachers thought I was a transvestite. I wasn’t one of those, that was for sure. I was all girl, except I had a penis and a pair of balls and I liked being that way a lot. I just wished the rest of the world would figure out that having a little dick didn’t make me a boy.

“Hey Mom, um, do canlı bahis şirketleri you think I could go out Friday night with some friends?” I asked when she came back.

“Well, that would depend on the friends, sweetie. You know that” she told me patiently and waited for a little more info.

“Uh, well, just one friend.” I swallowed hard. “He’s a boy.”

“A boyfriend?” Mom rolled her blue eyes at me and shook her head. “Wendy, I told you before, no dates until you’ve graduated. You might be nineteen but your studies come first.”

“But Mom!” I protested.

“No buts. You have this year to go and then you can have a boyfriend, but not yet.” My mom was serious about that, I knew, the year had just started so the end of the school year was forever away!

“Please? He just wants to take me to McDonalds or something,” I said. “It’s not a date, it’s French fries!”

“If a boy’s taking you, it’s a date,” Mom decided. “Now drink your milk, you need calcium. Did you take your pills?”

“Yeah,” I said.

“All of them? The estrogen too?” Mom stared at me. “That’s what I thought,” she said when I didn’t answer. She went and grabbed a pill for me. “You want to grow up with hairy tits?” she asked as she handed the pill to me.

“Mom!” I stared at her. “I take my pills! I just forgot this morning.”

“You forget that one a lot,” she said as I swallowed it down. “Good girl. You’re going to be so sexy!”

“I’m already sexy,” I giggled. “Everybody says so.”

“Oh, they do, huh?” Mom took my glass and plate away. “And I suppose you’re flirting with all the boys too.”

“No!” I wrinkled my pert little nose at her. “Just … Some of them.”

“Well, try flirting with your teachers for a change, your report card needs all the help it can get.”

“Oh God! Don’t start, Mom! I took a year off, it takes some time getting back into the groove,” I said and I’d been milking that excuse for too long and we both knew it.

Mom grinned at me. “No more excuses, I want some A’s and B’s or you might be looking at graduating college before you go on a date.”

“What? Mom! That’s not funny.” I frowned at her smile and I knew she was joking with me.

“It won’t be funny if you can’t get into college either.”

“The year just started, Mom. I have time.”

“Yeah, keep saying that,” she nodded. “And when you are working at McDonald’s you can supersize my fries for me.”

“Oh, now you’re just rubbing it in,” I frowned and I thought that was kind of mean.

“I know. I’m sorry,” Mom sighed and she knew she pushed people’s buttons sometimes without thinking about it. “I’ll tell you what. Why don’t you invite your friend over here for dinner on Friday, okay?”

“Mom, no…” I whined.

“Hold on, just … Let me finish,” Mom held up her hand. “Invite him over so I can meet him and maybe, sometime, I might let you go to McDonald’s or something with him.”

“Really?” I blinked at her.

“I said maybe. If he’s a nice boy,” she said but I was already hugging her tightly.

“Oh thanks, Mom! Yeah, I’ll invite him tomorrow! You’re the best!”

“Yeah, okay, Wendy,” she hugged me back. “Just remember, no promises. If I don’t like this boy…”

“You will! He’s great, Mom! You’ll see, Josh is really cool!” I was nodding and smiling.

“Josh huh? Okay, good. Go … Watch some TV, surf the internet or something. I’m going to get dinner started and then do some gardening before your father comes home.”

“Okay. Thanks, Mom!” I hugged her again and kissed her cheek.

I ran upstairs and into Mike’s room. ” I need your help,” I said as I grabbed his hand and pulled him into my room.

He rolled his eyes as I closed the door and started changing my clothes. “Why do you have to dress like that?” My brother was frowning at me. Thank God he’d mostly given up trying to change me. Now he was just a big brat mostly.

“Because I’m a girl, Mike,” I told him, unbuttoning my blouse and that had been my answer a million times, I bet. I wished he’d get tired of asking.

“The guys at school think you’re a fag,” he said with a shitty look on his face.

“No, they don’t,” I giggled as I took off my skirt.

“Some of them do.” he fired back.

“Like you?” I looked at his reflection in my dresser mirror.

“It’s embarrassing,” Mike said.

“Take it up with mom and dad,” I shrugged. “They’re not embarrassed. Maybe it’s just a personal problem,” I told him with a smile.

“Shut-up.” He scowled at me.

“What do you think?” I asked, picking up my underwear and turning around. “Pink? Or white?”

My brother blinked as I held up two pairs of flimsy panties, dangling the lacy silk from my fingers while my girl cock dangled between my thighs. I had the music on and I was dancing a little, letting him watch my pert round butt and pretty, shaved balls. He swallowed hard and his blue eyes were drawn to my penis, he couldn’t help it. I knew he loved me, the way a brother shouldn’t love his sister, and that was why he had issues. I teased him fairly mercilessly.

“I don’t care,” he said, trying to brave it out.

“I’ll canlı kaçak iddaa wear the pink ones!” I giggled. “You can use these when you jerk off.” I tossed the white pair at him and Mike caught them out of reflex as much as anything else and then tossed them away as if they’d burned his fingers.

“Afraid of my panties now?” I rolled my eyes, stepping into my underwear and pulling them up my smooth pale legs slowly, rocking my hips from side to side. “You need some help, Mikey.”

He left without a word and I laughed after him, I was sure he had a serious erection and he was probably going to the bathroom to jerk off. I listened close trying to hear the door across the hall close and then lock with a soft click like it usually did, but I didn’t hear anything except music. It didn’t matter, I knew he was going to close his eyes and imagine me, pretend he was fucking me, putting his dick in my mouth maybe. He probably even thought about sucking my little girl cock, right as he started cumming.

I forgot about him quickly as I started looking for my red jeans, they were awesomely cool and brand new. I couldn’t find them at all. I had the horrible thought that maybe my mom was going to wash them. God! Mom was good at a lot of stuff, but clothes washing wasn’t one of them and for the life of me I didn’t know why. The box of detergent she bought had directions on the back! I usually tried to wash my good clothes myself and it was time to rescue my best pair of pants before she dumped like half a gallon of bleach on them.

I ran down to the laundry room hoping I got them before she ruined them. That’s when I heard Mike’s voice. “Uh … Ohhh yeah … Wen … Fuck yeah, Wendy … Bitch … Ohhh!”

This wasn’t something I associated with doing the laundry and I blinked as I stood in the doorway of our little laundry room, staring at my brother. Mike hadn’t gone into the bathroom to jerk off after all. He’d come down here, into the basement and found my spunky panties from school. I watched as he held them to his face, not just sniffing them or whatever, he was smearing my old cum all over his mouth and cheeks, licking at it and sucking the cotton between his lips. All the while he was stroking his cock, grunting and saying the most disgusting things I’d ever heard in my life.

” … Fuck your ass … Slut … Ugh! Fuck your cock … You whore … Wendy … Ugh!”

It might have been kind of funny, except those were my panties he was licking and that was my name he was saying. It was just a game before when I didn’t have to see it. Now, it was disgusting and I felt kinda sick to my stomach. Knowing what he did behind locked doors and watching him do it were two different things and I guess I kinda lost it.

“You pig!” I screamed and Mike froze. He just stopped completely, turning his head and staring at me while I sorta jumped the ten feet between us and started slapping his face.

Honestly, I don’t remember walking or running to him, it was like all of a sudden I was just there, knocking my panties out of his hands and hitting his face. That woke him up anyway and he didn’t try to fight me back or anything, he just covered himself up. I think he was too shocked and embarrassed to do anything else. Mike just wanted to run away from me and hide.

“Jerk! You asshole! What the fuck are you doing?” I was yelling and then Mom came running downstairs.

“Wendy? What’s wrong?” She was yelling too, like the house was on fire and I turned around, leaving my brother and running up the stairs past her without a word.

I was crying too, but I didn’t know why. It just happened once in awhile, crying for no reasons and probably it was too many hormones or something, I don’t know. I felt violated somehow, even though my brother hadn’t touched me. I got over it after awhile, once I’d cooled off some. I knew he liked me that way, that wasn’t a surprise, but I just never thought he’d be dumb enough to get caught. Boys are so disgusting sometimes and to catch him, well, it sucked because he was my brother. I was supposed to be able to depend on him cause I was his sister. Not his little, slutty girlfriend!

Mom tried to talk to me later, but I didn’t feel like it and she gave up after awhile. My brother was gonna mail himself to Bolivia or something, at least that’s what Mom told me. Dad was gonna have a man to man with Mike about his urges or something. I’m sure Daddy was thrilled about that. My brother was seriously humiliated and I didn’t figure I’d see him for a week. He was probably worried I’d tell the kids at school about him because I did have some friends and they’d love a story like that. My brother the perv, sucking his sister’s sperm out of her dirty panties while he jerked off.

Maybe I’d tell them or maybe I’d have a little fun with it instead.

That night, when I went to bed, I set my alarm for three o’clock and then sneaked into Mike’s room when it went off. “Hey…” I slapped my little girl cock across my brother’s sleeping face.

“W-What?” My brother blinked and it was sorta dark in his room, but my eyes had already adjusted. His would too, soon enough.

“Open your canlı kaçak bahis mouth,” I told him and I started climbing across him so I could sit on his chest.

“Wendy?” Mike sort of gasped and tried to sit up but I pushed him down.

“No, it’s the tooth fairy,” I giggled. “I’m kinda mad at you.”

“What are you doing?” He didn’t realize I’d been smacking his face with my girl cock yet, or even that I was naked under my pink nightie.

“You owe me an apology,” I said, planting my butt on his t-shirt covered chest.

“What time … What?” My brother was having a hard time waking up.

“You gotta say you’re sorry,” I told him, “or I’m gonna tell everybody at school what you were doing.”

“I’m sorry.” Mike blinked at me, trying to focus.

“You say that, but I don’t believe you,” I said as I smacked him with my girl cock again.

“Wendy.” He tried to push me off him. “Go back to bed. I already got in trouble.”

“I mean it. I’m gonna tell,” I promised him.

“I told you, I’m sorry.” He grabbed my waist and started pushing harder. “Damn it! Just go to sleep or something.”

“Fine,” I shrugged. “Whatever.” I started moving.

“You’re not gonna say anything, right?” Mike swallowed hard. “At school?”

“I am now,” I told him, kinda half on him still.

“What do you want?” he asked me and he figured I’d want him to do my chores around the house, or my homework maybe.

“You gotta suck me off,” I told him.


“I never tried that,” I told Mike. “I want to know what it feels like.”

“No way!” he said, kinda loud and I shushed him with a finger to my lips, so he dropped his voice to a whisper. “I’m not gonna do that!”

“Then I’m gonna tell,” I giggled softly. “It doesn’t matter to me anyways.”

“Yeah, so you can tell everybody that I did that too?” He was really unhappy.

“I won’t tell anybody, I swear.” I got back on his chest. “You think I want anybody knowing I had sex with you?”

“What’s wrong with me?” Mike asked because I’d sorta made it sound like there was.

“You’re my brother!” I told him. “That’s what I mean.”

“Oh.” He looked up at me.

“Besides, you wanna do it anyway, right?” I asked him. “No sense lying about it now. Just admit it.”

“Maybe,” he said softly.

“You liar!” I snorted. “Never mind. I’ll tell Shelly and Heather on the bus tomorrow and…”

“Alright,” my brother cleared his throat. “I wanna do it.”

“Do what?” I asked sweetly.

“You know what.” He was putting his hands back on my waist, on my hips, sorta squeezing me and that felt okay, a little.

“No. I don’t know,” I giggled. “Say it. Tell me what you want to do with me.”

“I, uh…” he paused. “You got like a tape recorder or something?”

“No!” I laughed out loud and he believed me, just cause I was so obviously surprised by that.

“Okay, um…” he nodded, ” … I wanna suck your… thing.”

“My thing?” I sighed.

“Yes, Your… um” he paused like the word was going to hurt him.

“Girl cock,” I suggested.

“Yeah. I wanna suck your girl cock,” Mike agreed softly.

“Is that all you wanna do?” I teased

“What?” he frowned. “What else is there?”

“I’m just asking!” I giggled.

“Can I fuck you?” he wondered and I laughed at him.

“No! God!” I shook my head. “You don’t even get to do this, except once, and only cause I wanna try it.”

“Okay, then. Yeah.” My brother squeezed my hips gently. “I want to suck your girl cock then.”

“Kay.” I smiled down at him and sorta scooted closer, lifting my nightgown so he could see I wasn’t wearing any panties. “You gotta make it hard though.”

I moved closer, so that my soft little cock and smooth balls were right on my big brother’s face, sitting on his closed mouth. I wiggled my butt a little, moving my hips so my girlish cock rubbed around Mike’s face. His hands were still on me and I nodded when he opened his mouth, nervously maybe, not knowing what I might taste like. I’d taken a bubble bath before going to bed, so I was clean. I held my breath, biting my bottom lip as I watched him take the head of my penis in his mouth. It felt so warm and wet.

“Oh!” I giggled and Mike closed his lips around my girl cock. It was weird but felt good too.

I was still mad at him for being such a perv, but I was really enjoying this blowjob. I wasn’t going to tell anyone what he’d been doing either. I mean, I did love him still, even if he was a pervy asshole. I didn’t want to hurt Mike and so I’d kinda made a bargain with myself that if I made him do this, I’d have a good enough reason to keep his secret. Maybe that’s a little dumb, but I never said I was a brainiac either. Daddy calls it blonde logic and me and my mom both got it.

I just really hoped it didn’t weird me out too much because he was my brother and I had to see him every day. It was still kinda gross thinking about having sex with him. I was pretty serious when I said this was a one time deal and I didn’t care if it was better than ice cream, I wasn’t like some out of control sex freak. I could get a boyfriend to suck me off if I really wanted one. Maybe. Except for the boyfriend I wanted was Josh and maybe he wouldn’t wanna suck me off since he was pretty seriously not gay. But maybe he would if I was his girlfriend cause he’d love me then, right?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32