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Looking back, I have had many good birthdays. A few of them have been great birthdays. As a member of the male sex, I recall each of these more exceptional days with crystal clear clarity. There is one birthday that by far out shines the rest. I will always see it as one the reasons people should believe in Carpe Diem. And it all has to do with a girl named Heather.

I had not seen Heather in over three years when I bumped into her at the movies. The last time was right before she broke up with a friend of mine. She was the same bright-eyed girl I remembered. But importantly, she still had a terribly infectious laugh. We were soon laughing at how both us had left rather uninspiring relationships. Heather had become bored with her boyfriend, and that was what prompted her to leave. I believe her specific words were “I look at him and I don’t get wet anymore.” Her friends joined mine and we sat down to enjoy the movie. All throughout the movie, Heather and I kept sneaking glances at one another. After the movie, all of us went out to dinner and then ended up back at the apartment of one of my friends. The night passed quickly, and Heather asked if I could drive her home. Her friends lived in the opposite direction from the apartment than her, and she didn’t want to inconvenience them at 1:00 in the morning. The 20 minute drive passed quickly, and I was reluctant to let the evening end. She made the decision for me.

“Remember when I told you that ‘I look at him and I don’t get wet anymore.’?” Heather asked.

I smiled and said “You don’t really forget a statement like that.”

“Well I’ve been wet since we left the movie theater. Take me back to your place.”

I made the 20 minutes drive to my place in less than eight minutes.

When we got into my bedroom, I don’t ever recall kissing someone so hard in all my life. Clothes were thrown everywhere, and I know I literally ripped her panties off. Heather was a natural blonde, which was something new to me. Having dated brunettes all my life, the surprise of seeing how light her bush was just did something to me. I threw her on my bed and just dived between her legs. My arms wrapped around her legs and I buried my tongue in her dripping pussy. In all my life, I don’t ever recall any woman cumming so quickly. She managed to bury her head in a pillow, but I could still hear her screams and moans. There was something that just made me want more. My hands went right up her stomach and cupped her breasts. Her nipples slipped between my fingers, and I pinched them while squeezing her breasts. At nearly the same time, I sucked her clit into my mouth … hard. She went berserk. Fortunately for me, I lived alone because her scream would have woken any roommate up. As it stands, I know she woke up some of my neighbors because of the stares we got the next morning.

Almost overnight, we had been dating for about a month and my birthday was the next day. Although our hands and mouths wandered all over one another, but there was no … penetration so to say. Then again, any man who would complain about getting head from Heather would find himself being laughed at by every man in sight. Heather had many fine qualities … and features. At 25, she was surprisingly easy to talk to, fun, and very playful. Furthermore, she was beyond the typical mentality of most women her age. She could tell you something was bothering her without bitching or whining. She never made a scene in front of others. When she was horny, she did not play around; she came right out and told you. And these weren’t even her sexual qualities. She loved sex, and this is where her other features were considerable. In addition to being a natural blonde, Heather was haired blue-eyed girl who stood a towering 4’11” tall and weighed about 95 pounds dripping wet and naked. She was rather thin everywhere except her chest. She wore a 32D bra. Yes, a 32D. In public, she was very conscientious about her chest. I recall seeing her running for the first time. She crossed her arms over her chest because if she hated having men just stare at her. Past that, I positively loved the fact that every single time my fingers made their way into her panties, she was always dripping wet. To top it off, her skin was incredibly soft. Her whole body was unbelievably smooth. As if that wasn’t enough, she had full lips and a tongue so soft and wet that words cannot describe it. And every time she went down on me, she loved to look up into my eyes. They always seemed a little brighter. So yes, I know of no man who would complain about getting blow jobs from this little minx.

It was my birthday, and regrettably I could not get the day off work. As if to add insult to injury, it was one of those sweet times when my birthday happened to be on a Friday. An impromptu three day weekend filled with the many oral delights Heather and I could share in that time would have made my year. As usual, the Sales meeting was long and boring. I returned to my desk to find the phone ringing.

“Engineering, this is Justin,” I said as I answered my phone.

“Hello handsome. Happy Birthday. Are you enjoying your day?”

“Mostly. canlı bahis Yes, because you have forever defined what a birthday BJ will mean. No, because I have to deal with the Sales Department instead of spending the entire day with you. It was a lot of fun to see the Sales guys pissed off because I was smiling throughout the entire meeting.”

“Well good. You should know that I was awake for nearly an hour waiting for you to have morning wood. I have never been that excited about waking someone up on their birthday. And hopefully, what I have to say will hopefully plaster that smile on your face for the rest of the day. We have been dating for a month, and although we played around quite a bit we haven’t fucked yet.”

“Such language young lady. If it was your birthday, you would be getting an additional spanking for such …”

“Justin …”

“Yes Heather …”

“Shut up and let me finish.”

“Okay, lay it on me.”

“As I was saying, we haven’t fucked yet and I know you have wanted to. Yet, you have never pushed me. At all, and I really appreciate that. You’re the only guy I have dated who has ever treated me that way, allowing me to approach the sexual side of our dating at my own pace. Two weeks ago, when I said I wanted us to get tested, you didn’t even blink. When we got the clean bill of health back, you didn’t push then either. And I have really liked that. This will sound odd, but the one thing I enjoy most is when you are looking at me while I am nude. Most guys just see my tits, but you look at me as if you were looking at a priceless treasure.”

It’s true, Heather was delight to look at whether she was clothed or nude. She just exuded sexuality. Especially when we were alone. She wasn’t full of herself. She was just confident. I also had the feeling she felt comfortable with me as well. Clothed or otherwise, seeing her always made me smile ear to ear.

“I have never really thought about until just a few days ago, but I actually look for reasons to strip down. I love it when you look at me. The way you smile when you see me just makes me melt. And I have wanted to do something for you. Something huge. And your birthday has given me the perfect opportunity. I have been waiting all week for today. I almost told you this morning, but I liked the thought of calling you at work and tell you this while you are there. I am ready. Ready for you to fuck me. This weekend, you get me … all of me. Specifically, your present is this: I want you to send me an email with any five desires you would like to fulfill with me. Yes, sexual desires. And I want to walk funny on Monday, so come up with some good ones for your five wishes. And outside of the limits …”

Her limits were simple: no anal sex, no toilet sex, and no one else except us two. These were limits I could definitely live with.

“… everything else outside the limits is fair game. Everything.”

She seemed to emphasize that last part. With that emphasis, my mind went into overdrive.

“There is however one condition. You have to let me decide how and when during the night that I will fulfill each of your five ideas. Is that acceptable?”

“Yes it is. And Heather …”

“Yes, Justin?”

Lowering my voice to just above a whisper I said, “You know that one of the five is definitely going to be the two of us fucking.”

“I was hoping you would say that,” she replied softly.

“Now back to work with you, and send me that email. Pick me up at six okay? Oh, and be descriptive. I love it when you get descriptive.”

And with that, she was gone. Now I don’t know about any other red-blooded man on the planet, but that email took about five minutes to write. And by descriptive, I know she wants me to be vivid in my desires as well as more than a little vulgar. Heather was one of those truly delicious women that loves to talk dirty.

——————– The Five Desires

1 – I want to watch you play with yourself. Even with my hands and mouth pleasuring you as much as I do (which we both know is at least three times a day), I know there you still masturbate. Not often, but I know you do. For some reason, you think you have to hide this from me. But Heather, this is not something you have to hide. EVER! Feel free to play whenever you like. Hell, I want to watch. I want to see you naked with your legs spread wide. I want a perfect view of everything. Your fingers playing with your clit. Staring as you slide your wet fingers up and down your lips. I want to look into your eyes when your finger slips inside. I want you to see the complete lust in my eyes as I observe the show you put on. Simply put, I want to see how fucking wet your pussy will get AND how hard you will cum with me watching you fuck yourself.

2 – I want another birthday blow job. Even though we are going to fuck tonight, I will never tire of your mouth. I think you know exactly how much I love being able to look down in your baby blue eyes as you slowly work your lips and tongue up and down my shaft. But when I cum, I want you to let me finish on your tits. Your comments about how I look at you bahis siteleri were flattering. I just believe in seeing the whole picture, not just a portion of it. Make no mistake, I enjoy seeing your big … what should I say here … breasts, tits, ta-tas, hooters, bumpers, melons, jugs. *grin* I know there is more to you than a great rack. However, there is just something so primal, so carnal about the thought of seeing your very perfect breasts coated with my seed. And I don’t want you to clean it off either.

3 – Fucking, where do we begin. Given number two above, I relish the thought of laying back and having you straddle me. Starting slow and getting faster. I must be somewhat crude here and say I would love to watch your perfect mounds bouncing up down as you ride me … especially with my dried cum on them. Know that I intend on playing with you while you ride away. Your clit, your ass, your legs, your arms, and yes your breasts. I know you love feeling my hands roam your body when I have my tongue buried in your pussy. I would have to imagine you will love it even more when my cock is buried in your pussy as my hands roam your body, searching for those places that drive you insane.

4 – The shower. I have thoroughly enjoyed savoring your body in the shower. Licking you head to toe while water runs all over your body is something I will never grow tired of. You know I love pushing you against the wall in the shower, putting one of your legs over my shoulder and eating you to a sweet orgasm or three. I love it when you go down on me in the shower, letting the water and your mouth drive me to pleasure. But tonight I will have to savor this new choice. I am going to bend you over. I am going to slide my cock up and down your slit, letting the ridge of my cockhead pull at your clit. And when I can feel your wetness more than the water, I am going to grab your hips and fuck you senseless. All I want you to do is put your hands on the wall and fuck me back.

5 – Simply put, tomorrow is Saturday. I want to do 1-4 all over again tomorrow. We can play with a number of other positions for screwing. I think will we need more than just the weekend, but it will be a very good start. ——————–

Fortunately, I had testing to get done in the lab or else I don’t how I would get through the rest of the afternoon. It was all I could do just to keep thoughts of the upcoming night in the back of my mind. Even then, I know I was only semi productive in the lab. I had to rerun some tests multiple times. I didn’t even hear my manager walk in the door. He said something like “Happy Birthday, now go home.” So I did.

On the way home, I called Heather on her cell phone.

“Hey, where are you?”

“I’m at your place. Where are you?”

“On my way there now. Barry was kind enough to let me go home early. What are you going at my place so early? I thought I was picking you up at six.”

“You were going to … and then I read your email about two hours ago. I have been soaking ever since. Fortunately, Linda knows a lot about you and she evidently approves of you.”

Linda was Heather’s boss.

“Why is that?” I asked.

“Well, I’m certain the roses you sent last week just to make me smile had something to do with it. Linda only gets flowers on her birthday and Valentine’s Day. She was walking by when I was reading your email, and she saw how flushed I was. So … I let her read it.”

“You let your 45 year-old boss read …”

“Yes. And then she told me to go home and to have a great weekend.”

“You’re kidding. I always got the impression she was ultra conservative.”

“So did I. Before I could ask her, she simply said that any man who could treat me like a lady and then write an email like that deserved to have me well rested so I could fuck his brains out. I never, EVER thought I would hear her say the word ‘fuck.’ So here I am … and I am making dinner. Linda did have one request.”

“I don’t have to guess. She wants you to tell her all about the weekend on Monday.”

“Yep. I couldn’t believe she asked to hear the details.”

“Then I suggest you take her to lunch. Make it my treat. A small thank you for letting you leave early.”

“How far away are you?”

“About 10 minutes.”

“Good. I haven’t touched myself at all since this morning, and your email drove me nuts. I need you here. Hurry.”

And with that she hung up. As if I didn’t have enough motivation to get home already. I did hurry though. And as much as I was looking forward to tonight, I was completely surprised when I opened the door. Heather was standing only a few feet from the door … naked. As I closed the door, she shoved me back against the door, and then started working on my belt. By the time I had my shirt off, she had my pants and underwear around my ankles. I don’t think I ever felt her mouth as wet as it was that day. Heather just inhaled my cock, and started working it with her lips and tongue. It felt exquisite. I could feel her hard nipples brushing against my thighs as she worked her head back and forth on my shaft. I love that feeling. Then bahis şirketleri I felt her hand cup my balls and gently begin to squeeze them. As if that wasn’t enough, I could feel her begin to suck and lick harder. My kitten was hungry and she meant to get her milk as quickly as possible.

Luckily, I was leaning against the door. If I wasn’t, I doubt I would have remained standing when she started moaning. Now this woman has always loved getting me off with her mouth, but there was something different. I could feel her throat vibrating around the head of my cock. She was breathing harder than normal. Then I heard it. A soft almost squishing sound was barely audible of her moaning. It took every once of will I had not to grab her head, pull her lips down around the base of my shaft, and pump every drop of cum right down her greedy little throat.

“Baby, are you playing with yourself right now?”

“Mmmm-hmmmm,” she moaned around my cock.

“Are you going to cum while sucking me?” I asked looking down into her eyes.

She pulled her mouth back until her lips were not even an inch from the head of my cock. I could feel her breathing as she spoke.

“Yessssssss,” she hissed. “Fuck I am so close. Can you …”

“Yes I can hold off until after you cum,” I said answering her question before she could finish.

I could feel the need in her mouth when she resumed sucking me. The desire to cum and to make me cum. I could see her pleading with her eyes. My kitten wanted to cum hard, and she would have asked me to help if she could have. She didn’t have to.

“Fuck Heather. When I felt you moan around my cock I nearly came right then. When I realized you were playing with yourself while sucking me, it was all I could do not to cum. I wanted to grab your head and shoot it all right down your throat.”

I felt her groaning around my cock as she sucked just little harder. I felt her hand leave my balls and wrap around my left thigh. She must be very close if she needed help keeping her balance.

“Are you rubbing your clit Heather?”

“Nnnn-nnnn,” was her quick reply.

“Fingering your pussy baby?”


“Does it feel good baby? Do you think it will feel better when you are spread wide for me, letting me watch you work those fingers into your wet snatch?”

I could feel her groaning deeper now. Almost grunting as she just sucked me. She was too far gone to move her head.

“Do you have any idea how fucking hot this is? Looking down and seeing your lips wrapped around my cock. Feeling your tits against my legs. All the while, knowing your fingers are pumping your sweet little cunt. They must be dripping with your juices. I hope they are. Because you are going to watch me lick them clean after you soak them with your girl juice.”

That must have done it because I felt her go stiff. Her arm was wrapped around my leg almost harder than her mouth was locked onto my dick. Then she started her “bodyquakes.” When Heather cums really hard, she literally has “bodyquakes” as we call them. Her entire body shudders over and over. Not continuously, but it short hard spasms. Every time one swept over her, she would inhale so hard I could feel her cheeks sucking in and touching the sides of my cock. She shook so hard she actually made me shake with her. The grunts and whimpers she was making were making my balls burn for release. By the time she had her tenth bodyquake, I had to tighten up to keep from cumming right then. She must have felt it, because she pulled her mouth off my cock.

“Fuck yes baby. I so fucking needed that.”

I felt her wrap her hand around my cock, while her other hand cupped my balls. I know she felt my nuts jump when she did it. Her whole hand was drenched with her juices. That thought alone was enough to push me over the edge. My balls began to swell in anticipation for their pending release. She smiled and started pumping me.

“You were wrong about one thing though. You aren’t going to lick my fingers clean. I am going to work every drop of my juices into your heavy balls. I know it is going to make you cum that much harder. Make you cum that much more.”

She was working her fist up and down my shaft at an intense pace. If it wasn’t still wet with her saliva, it would have hurt. She was kneading my balls, and her wet hand felt really good.

“And that is what I want,” she continued. “You have had almost ten hours to recharge since I sucked you off this morning. Ten hours to fill these big balls back up with man juice for me. And I want it … every fucking drop … all over my tits. That’s why you’re getting that wish first. I want you to paint them. I am going to wear your fucking seed on my tits all night.”

I don’t know exactly where in that little speech I lost it, but I did. And try as I might, I couldn’t even look down to watch. My eyes were shut tight as my entire body gave Heather what she had so … sweetly requested. Now I had the bodyquakes. I know she continued her delicious talking, but I couldn’t tell you what she said. I couldn’t even tell you how long it lasted. I vaguely remember crumbling to the floor soon after. I managed to open my eyes to find her staring at me. She had followed me to the floor, and was gently stroking my still hard cock. Then she looked down with her eyes, and I followed her gaze.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32