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Copyright 2012, Lisa Summers

My head was whirling after the excitement of two lesbian encounters with Beth, the blonde ‘softball mom’ I had encountered while umpiring a girl’s softball game. She had been a heckler, and if not for a minor fender bender in the parking lot after the game, I might never have met her and the world of Sapphic pleasure she revealed to me.

We had spent several delightful hours in her home a few days before, and after not hearing from her for a few days, I was feeling lonely and horny. So I decided to visit the coffee shop where we had first talked. It was a lovely, feminine place, with very good tea, plus I had gotten a subliminal “lesbian” vibe while there, so perhaps something exciting might happen.

Dressing for the trip was a nightmare. The conversation in my mind was equally horrifying:

“What kind of effect do you want to have on somebody?” *”Who – I don’t know anyone there.”*

“Well – say you meet a nice older woman.” *”I don’t know, should I look seductive?”*

“I guess. You want to seduce someone, don’t you?” *”Well, I’d prefer to be seduced – it’s lots easier.”*

“Perhaps you should look young and frail.” *”I think that ship’s sailed.”*

“Maybe just settle for feminine.” *”I can do that – I don’t know how to dress like a man, especially the whole fake beard thing.”*

“What?” *”Never mind, I was just trying to be funny.”*

I settled on a yellow blouse and a simple white skirt. And sandals.

It was later in the day, perhaps an hour before most people’s dinner time when I entered. To my disappointment, the place was nearly empty. “Well, at least I can get a good seat,” I thought to myself.

After a few moments, the young girl who had waited on Beth and I a few days previous, came over to my table. With a sunny smile she greeted me. “Hi, welcome to The Daily Grind,” she said, then hesitated. “Aren’t you the woman who came in with Beth a few days ago?”

I felt only slightly flattered that she remembered me, as it was more of her associating me with Beth, than for any outstanding features of my own. Still, it’s nice to be remembered in a good way, regardless of the reason.

“Yes, thank you for remembering,” I said. “I’m Callie, and you’re Christine, right?” She smiled in return.

“Well, thank YOU for remembering me!” she gushed, then we both laughed. She wouldn’t have been hard to remember, for anyone interested in the female body and face. Honestly, she might have been the most beautiful teenager I’ve ever seen.

“You’re in college, right?” I asked, remembering our little scrap of conversation previously.

“Yes!” she exclaimed. “You remembered. I’m a sophomore at State.” She took my order, then brought it to me a few minutes later.

“Were you waiting for anyone…” she ventured. Did she mean Beth?

“Well, truth to tell, I was hoping to meet one of the other ladies here, and perhaps make some friends.”

“I think you might have picked a bad time for that,” Christine said. “This place really slows down in late afternoon. I’m surprised that we don’t just close.” She got a thoughtful expression on her face. “You know, I’m likely to be very slow on this shift. Would you mind if I sat and talked with you for a while?”

“I’d love it,” I said. And while she hadn’t been in my plans, who minds talking to a pretty girl? Apparently the blue-checked blouse wasn’t a part of the coffee shop’s uniform, as Christine that day was wearing a lovely, and feminine, white long sleeved pima cotton shirt. She still had the worn jeans that showed her ass off to great advantage. I wondered idly if she had a boyfriend.

We talked for about a half hour, and in that entire time, no one else came in. I looked at my watch, and Christine looked at me curiously.

“Would you think I was forward if I asked if I could leave with you?” she asked, rather boldly.

“You mean, um, go out with me…and go somewhere?” I asked timorously.

“Well, actually, I need a ride – it’s not far…”

I felt a pang of disappointment. “Certainly, I’d be happy to,” I replied. My vision of some sort of exciting liaison began to dissolve. My beginnings as a Sapphic seductress weren’t very promising.

As we got up to go, Christine said, “Let me just punch out first.” I stood there waiting, for what seemed the longest time, and began fearing that Christine had set me up for some “make fun of the queer” joke. I felt twinges in my stomach, until Christine came out of the back of the kitchen with a denim bag over her shoulder.

“Sorry. Emily, my boss, asked me to wash out a few coffee pots before I left. But I’m ready now,” she said brightly. Christine let me lead her out, and we walked to my car.

“Pretty,” she said. “Have you had it long?” she asked, indicating my Mustang.

“Yes, I bought it new. On a teacher’s salary, I can’t afford to change cars every couple of years. Besides, I love her.”

Christine smiled. “You’re not married?” she asked, with a little bit of interest apparent.

“Yeah, see?” I said, waving my ring-less left hand.

Christine frowned bahis firmaları slightly. “That’s not always a good indicator these days.” Then she hesitated, her eyes seeking out mine.

“Do you…do you think that, maybe, we could go, um, to your place instead of dropping me off?”

My hopes shot through the roof. I had no idea why she now wanted to go with me, but it was a way better prospect than just dropping her off at her dorm, or parents’ house, or whatever.

“I’d like that,” I responded demurely. Suddenly, I was sorry that the car had bucket seats.

We drove the few miles to my apartment, and Christine exclaimed when I showed her into my apartment. “Oh, it’s beautiful! You’ve done such lovely things with your home!”

“Thank you,” I said. “It’s just things I’ve picked up on ‘teacher’s vacations,’ you know, foreign travel during summer vacation from school. Really, really, inexpensive charter trips.” Christine seemed like an old friend, and she couldn’t hear enough about my stories of travel. Though my stories were no doubt amusing, they weren’t particularly dramatic. I supposed to someone young, who hasn’t traveled a great deal, they were interesting enough though.

I got us both some iced tea, and eventually Christine asked if she might see the rest of the apartment. I showed her the rest – not really much to see, as it was a simple two bedroom – one bedroom turned into a crafts room. But when I showed her my bedroom, she exclaimed over the afghan covering the queen sized bed.

“Oh, where did you get it, it’s so lovely,” she gushed.

“I made it,” I replied proudly.

“You’re so talented,” she said. “I wish I had that kind of skill.”

I hardly noticed that I was now between Christine and the bed.

“I bet you’re good at so many things,” Christine said, the tone of her voice changing, now throaty and subdued. She was also touching me, her body idly pressing against mine as she gestured at the bed.

“What do you mean?” I asked, at once hopeful and fearful. Hopeful that I was understanding her correctly, and fearful that I might do something awkward to ruin my chances with her. To my immense pleasure, she turned to stand facing me, her palms nervously caressing my arms by my side.

“I think that women can be so talented in creating beautiful things, and loving someone is so beautiful, don’t you think?” As she said this, she brushed the long, straight chestnut hair back from one ear, and smiled, her small, pink tongue just visible through her plump, full lips, a darker shade of pink than her delicious-looking tongue.

She brought her face to mine, and then brushed her lips across my cheek. I shivered from the thrill of pleasure I felt under this young girl’s caress, and Christine’s brown eyes searched mine as she pulled back.

“You’re SUCH a beautiful woman, Callie,” she whispered. “Beth has exquisite taste.”

“You…know about Beth?” I asked, tentatively.

Christine giggled. “I should say, we’ve been lovers, off and on.” I was a little surprised to hear that.

“And, are you off…or on?” She smiled.

“I’m interested in you, if that’s any indication,” she replied. Then she brought her lips to mine, softly and touchingly hesitant, seeking my permission and acceptance. My tongue ventured out to her lips, then entered her mouth when her lips parted, allowing me entry.

We fell into our kiss then, intimately, breath racing across the other’s cheek, as we both felt the passion of our action hit us. Her small breasts pressed into mine, and I could feel the stiff points of her nipples on me. My hand went to the back of her neck, caressing and holding her there. Her hair was a silky wave on the back of my hand, her neck warm and dry under my palm.

Her hands were on my back, one on my lower back, one on my shoulder, softly touching and caressing me through my blouse. The rough buckle of her belt pressed into my navel, as she was just a few inches taller than me, her denim-covered knee slowly pushing between my thighs.

I broke our kiss, and smiled at Christine, though my lower lip was tremulous. “You’re so pretty, I want to make love to you.”

She had no trouble hearing the urgency in my voice. She began unbuttoning my blouse, as I began unbuckling the silver and turquoise buckle of her leather belt. I could feel the cool apartment air on my chest as my yellow silk blouse began to fall away.

The heavy belt buckle dropped and hung against the faded denim at Christine’s waist, as my fingers nervously scrabbled at the brass rivet at the top of the zipper. I could see Christine’s tan skin exposed as the top of her jeans were pulled apart. Then I held the top of her jeans as I pulled her zipper down, something that I find to be very erotic. Halfway down I saw the top of Christine’s sheer hip hugger panties, nearly transparent.

She sighed as she put her hands on the waistband of her jeans, working them down from side to side alternately.

“They’re really tight,” she said sheepishly.

“Yeah, I noticed. I REALLY like them on you…and probably even more off you.” kaçak iddaa She laughed and managed to work them off while keeping her panties on, which made me happy. I looked forward to taking those off her myself.

“My turn,” she responded, after stepping out of her jeans. She pulled my blouse down off my arms, then completely off. “I love your breasts, Callie. May I?” she gestured with her hands.

“I’d love it,” I said. Christine cupped my breasts through my bra, gently squeezing them, and rolling her thumbs over my nipples.

“Mmmmm,” I sighed appreciatively, then slipped my hand between her thighs, gently scraping my finger tips over the slight bulge in her panties from her puffy labia. “Very nice,” I whispered. God, I was so nervous and excited!

“Why don’t we try this on the bed?” Christine suggested. We pulled back the afghan, and then the coverlet, exposing the sheets below. I was relieved that I’d washed the sheets the day before. Not that they were nasty, but, you know.

We lay together on the bed, Christine taking me in her arms, caressing my back as she nuzzled my throat. This time, I had a good idea of how things were going to go, so I didn’t have the apprehension of ‘something new’ to worry about. Hopefully, the familiarity I had wouldn’t take away from my excitement.

Christine rolled me onto my back, then mounted me, and looking down at me said, “Okay, let’s get this party started.” Then she did a little ‘Pink’ riff, which made me laugh.

She reached under me to unhook my bra, then pulled it off, cooing appreciatively at my breasts. They’re not that large, but as it turned out, they’re bigger than Christine’s, so she liked them just fine.

“Mmmm, sweet nipples,” she said, and leaned down and kissed them, making them stiffen up from the touch of her lips and her warm, moist breath. I cradled her head in my hands.

“You taste like honey,” she murmured.

“I must be leaking again,” I said. “I’m full of sugar, you know.”

Christine giggled. “You’re full of sh- something,” she laughed, her teeth brushing against my sensitive nub.

“Oof, don’t bite,” I cautioned her, then laughed with her.

“Sorry,” she said, and then returning to her serious task, began kneading my breasts as she sucked. It felt really nice, it made me appreciate the joys of breast feeding – from the mother’s point of view.

After Christine had built up my anticipation and excitement, she slowly made her way down my belly to my navel, licking inside that opening, tickling me.

“Oooh, salty,” she said. “Different from before, but nice, too,” she confided.

“Thank you,” I replied demurely.

“You’re welcome…but I’m ready for some real ‘hot’ action. You know where a chick can get a hot meal around here?” She affected what I guess was supposed to be a ‘diesel dyke’ voice.

“Like what?” I asked, pretending not to know.

“Some o’ that hair pie, baby, some o’ that bearded clam. You know, a fur burger…”

“I beg your pardon,” I said, trying not to laugh.

“Oh, for crying out loud, a badly wrapped kebab, lady! A fucking pussy!” she actually had a serious expression on her face with that last one.

I doubled up laughing. “A ‘badly wrapped kebab’?” Who on earth calls a vagina that?”

“I dunno, I read it somewhere,” Christine replied, looking hurt.

“Well, all right,” I said, acting put upon. “If you really NEED something like that…” Then I stiffened my body. “Go ahead, if you must.”

“I’m not that easy, toots,” Christine said, with a sniff. “I got to inspect the goods.”

“Go ahead,” I said. “If you must,” I repeated.

Christine smiled, and said, “Okey dokey lady, I’m gonna check the plumbing.” Then ignoring me from that point on, she lifted up my skirt, and put her head under it, close to my crotch, like somebody working on an engine under the hood of a car.

“Hmm, let’s see,” she said, as though talking to herself, “just let’s see what’s up with this.”

I felt her slipping my panties down my thighs, my small patch of curly hair exposed, then my clit, then my pussy itself. She mumbled a few words then started tapping my labia, and around my clitoris. The small shocks felt nice, each tap sending a tiny jolt to my clit.

“Okay, start her up,” she announced loudly.

“What?” I said, confused.

“Start up your engine,” she clarified, clearing up absolutely nothing.

“What?” I repeated.

“Fucking women drivers,” she muttered. And then louder, “Never mind, I’ll do it myself!”

Then I felt her begin caressing my pussy seriously, her finger tips running up and down my labia, occasionally wetting them slightly in my wet, pink interior, then skating her cream-covered fingertip further along my lips, proceeding to my clit, where she traced circles and figure eights around my clit, coming closer and closer, my excitement building to a crescendo. I moaned.

“Yeah, I think she’s starting to turn over now, it won’t be long now,” she announced to no one in particular, her head still under my skirt.

“Just needs a jump start,” she said, and suddenly kaçak bahis I felt a pair of perfect, feminine lips fasten onto my clit. I shrieked from the intense shock of pleasure shooting through my hips, and my body almost shot off the bed. When I came back to myself a little later, I saw the beautiful young girl grinning, and peering out from my skirt.

“Running like a top,” she said.

“Oh, wow,” I said, and then I paused. “I hope I’m not supposed to come up with some automotive quip…I don’t think I have anything left in my tank.” Christine picked up one of the bed pillows and pretended to hit me with it.

“That was pretty good…and so are you,” she said, fondly, kissing my cheek. She snuggled me, and I put my arms around her, holding her close.

“That was amazing,” I said. “You’re absolutely fabulous.”

“Well, I’ve been doing this for a while,” she said.

“But…you’re eighteen, right?” Christine nodded. Honestly, I was reluctant to delve any deeper into her private life, but would listen with interest and support to whatever she wanted to tell me.

“Actually, I’m nineteen,” she said. “You don’t think I’m too young for you, do you?” she asked. I wasn’t sure if she was making a joke or not.

“No…oh, no,” I said, in as heartfelt a manner as possible.

“That’s good,” she said. “I’d like to spend more time with you, and I don’t think I could if there were something between us.”

“That sounds nice to me,” I said. My smile was soon mashed into by her soft lips against mine.

“Now let’s really get into it,” she said, as she pulled away and stood up. She began unbuttoning her soft cotton blouse, and I was thrilled to see that she was bare underneath. Her breasts were very small – I found that very erotic, I love apple-sized breasts on my lovers now. Perhaps I associate the pleasure she brought me with slim, young women now.

She tossed the blouse on a bedside chair, then put one foot delicately on the chair, arching her leg for me, and exposing her panty-covered vulva. She began teasingly running her fingers along the hem, occasionally pulling back the fabric at the gusset to partially reveal her bare pussy. I was interested to find that she didn’t appear to have any pubic hair.

Then Christine turned and did a little strip tease with the panties and her bottom, slowly pulling them down to bare her butt for me, then pulling them back up, bending over to press her camel toe out, then baring her butt again, until I was hungry to get my mouth on that ass and pussy.

“Oh, Christine, stop teasing me like that with your beautiful bottom!”

“Do you really think so?” she asked seriously.

“Yes I do!” I exclaimed. “Now, come here!”

Instead, she turned to face me, then began slipping her panties off her hips from side to side, the curve of her hips, and the movement of her thighs preventing me from getting a clear view of her pussy. She giggled on seeing the hungry look on my face, and my sigh of exasperation.

Finally, she let her panties fall all the way to the floor, and stood before me completely naked, and spread her legs so that I could finally see her beautiful, and mouth-watering pussy and vulva, and it was completely hairless, and lovely shades of pink.

“Oh my gosh, Christine, you’re so beautiful!” I gushed.

“Well, now it’s your turn to show me how beautiful you are,” Christine said, crawling onto the bed and straddling my thighs. “First, we take your blouse.” She began unbuttoning my blouse, and I teasingly reached between her legs to brush her vulva with my fingers.

“Unnh unnh, lover, not yet,” she said, but not before my index finger brushed up her slit, gathering a coating of her sweet feminine cream. I sucked on my finger, and found the taste of her to be divine. She continued with my blouse, then pulling it off my shoulders and then tossing it aside.

“Mmm, lovely,” she said, bending down to kiss my breasts in turn. “And they taste sweet!”

“I’m hungry for you, Christine,” I said. “You’ve been teasing me so…”

“I’m sorry, I AM a tease,” Christine replied with a smile. “And just one more thing,” she said, scooting my skirt down over my hips, to leave me completely naked and lying between her legs.

Then she lay with me, kissing me softly, her body warm and supple against mine, her damp thighs hot against my tummy, then slid herself down until our crotches were together.

“Mmmm, your body feels so nice on me,” I sighed.

“It can feel better,” she promised, sliding one slim leg between my thighs.

“That’s nice,” I said, not really understanding what she meant. All of a sudden, though, she slid her leg farther between my thighs, and then sat upright on me, causing her pussy to grind against mine.

“OH!” I exclaimed, not expecting anything like that. Her pussy was a molten hot, wet spot pressed against my own leaking vagina, a sensation that I’d never before experienced. Of course, I’d been fucked before, and the feeling of a cock inside me was nice, depending on the skill of the man wielding it, but this was far different. As Christine pressed herself into me, her feminine center melding with mine, it almost felt as though our exquisitely sensitive and delicate flowers were combining, joining, melting together in a heated dance of ecstasy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32