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The Story was written for Adora who was kind enough to send her photographs as a staring point.

A Breakdown Leads To Fantasy Fulfilment For Adora

Although it was still early the time until she could leave had so far seemed to drag on for ever, Adora was pleased it was now finally over as far as work was concerned and she could turn her attention to her holiday plans. She quickly hurried along the long well lit corridor to the ladies dressing room to change, good no one else was there and she had the room to herself. She slipped of her snug fitting black and white trainers followed by her figure hugging tight denim jeans, she rarely wore undergarments as a rule, but today she had worn a pair of very plain white cotton knickers which came off with the jeans to reveal her beautiful shaved quim, the thought of meeting up with Peter, the man she had been exchanging emails with for the past few weeks, had preoccupied her mind most of the day. The last email from him had been fairly explicit and very raunchy, in it he had promised to lick what he described as her, magnificent heavenly hairless hot juice box, a picture of which she had sent him, completely dry. The thought of a nice long fat wet tongue on her clitty in concert with the other uses he had for her body, things which he had described in great detail, had kept her fairly excited most of the day and the cotton knickers now laying on the floor bore the evidence, the crutch area was soaking wet she could almost taste her own sexual arousal in the air.

Thinking about her forthcoming agenda Adora gently run her finger along the still moist opening of her wet pussy, she rubbed her clit sending a wonderful tingling sensation through her body, she loved masturbation when a sex partner was not readily available, having a high sex drive she found the need to bring herself to a climax at least twice a day during a full working day, after work she was not short of lovers wanting to take care of her sexual needs the rest of the day and night. Today however she stopped before her desire to bring herself to an orgasm got the better of her, she had to get going it was a long drive from Edinburgh into Manchester, where she was spending a couple of days with Tina, an old girl friend, who like her was very bi and enjoyed sex as much as she did if not more, the mere thought of a nice long 69 with Tina made her pussy juices boil.

Adora was really looking forward to the reunion with Tina for obvious reasons it was also more exciting than normal as she had not been with another woman for some time and was now eager for some of that gentler lovemaking that only another woman like Tina who was comfortable with her sexuality and very familiar with Adoras needs could provide. Adora couldn’t wait to have her tongue plunged deep inside Tina’s cunt, whose sex juices she now recalled tasted heavenly the thought of this made her salivate but she knew it would be several hours before they met. After that she would carry on down to London to meet up with Peter with whom she was looking forward to fulfilling some of her hotter fantasies that he had promised would be fully catered for.

She now took off her loose fitting top followed by her bra which kept her wonderful orbs in place, not that it was needed but more a concession on her part during working hours, after all there was no reason to keep your stall open if you didn’t have any interest in any of your colleagues, Adora found them nice too nice and was sure they were all rather dull in the sex department and more than likely a bit tame for her.

Adora looked at herself in the large full-length mirror that her employers had provided the ladies room with. She was rather pleased with what she saw, she was an attractive woman facially, dark chestnut brown eyes, with long dark eyelashes crowned with thin well sculptured plucked eyebrows, a small narrow nose and a well shaped mouth with beautifully thick lips at present coated with a glossy reddish pink lipstick that made them stand out. Her body was curvy, not one of these anorexic thin bodies that were just skin and bone looking like a bean pole, her skin was immaculate not a blemish in sight, she was above average height with large well rounded but firm breasts with large saucer shaped dark brown areola at the top of which were her small pinkie coloured nipples that, as now, grew substantially when aroused, her pussy was well cared for, she had recently shaved it completely. Adora always felt that women spend so much time with their facial appearance that many of them forget just how important to a man or woman a well kept cunny was, in her case her cunt mount protruded slightly, which she had been told was very sexual and provocative especially when she wore very tight trousers, all in all she was pleased with what she saw, as she knew many of her lovers, both men and women, had been, this was not wishful thinking on her part but based on the praise she received from them once they saw her fully naked and the number of times lovers had come back in the hope of more of her favours.

Adora wanted to be comfortable on the long illegal bahis drive, the summer weather made it fairly warm so she had chosen a very lightweight colourful pinafore type dress with buttons all done the front, she had decided to wear knickers as with the heat and her sexually aroused state it would stop her vaginal juices, which were even now oozing from staining her dress or trickling down her luxurious thighs tickling her while she drove, she decided against a bra as she didn’t like the feel of confinement round her breasts. She finally put on her flat driving sandals and took a last look in the mirror pleased with the reflection she saw. Once dressed she made a quick exit from the building into the fresh air and sunlight, walking briskly to her car she looked at her watch, good it was just gone 11 o’clock, although it seemed such a long day so far. Adora calculated that she would be in Manchester some time in the early evening if she put her foot down. She got into her Ford Focus turned the key and the engine came to life, it felt as though she was making a jailbreak, she set off for the carriageway soon joining the A7, which at this time of day was pretty clear enabling her to put her foot down.

She had driven some distance in the uneventful hour and a half or so since joining the A7 when out of the blue the car seemed to lurch to one side almost at the same instance she heard a loud thud coming from the front, she became anxious pulling over to the side of the road immediately, switching the engine off not sure what to do next. After a while she decided to open up the bonnet to have a look, like most people she didn’t know much about cars but this was the normal reaction for most drivers in her predicament, she remembered seeing a program on TV about this where the presenter asked people what they thought they would find and what it was they felt they could do about it, needless to say no one was able to give any positive reply.

Adora now released the bonnet catch, leaving the drivers seat she made her way to the front of the car after some fumbling she eventually managed to locate the lever and open the bonnet, looking at the engine she couldn’t see any apparent problem but there was an acrid smell of burned oil, she stood wondering what to do next when to her utter disgust the sky, which only seconds earlier had been a glorious blue, opened up drenching her in the few seconds it took her to close the bonnet and seek refuge in the drivers seat. No use she thought I’ll have to call the AA see if they can fix it, pulling out her mobile from her hand bag she looked at the small display screen and swore, there was no bloody signal. She sat there wondering what to do next, nothing for it she would have to walk to a phone box. Thankfully the downpour had now stopped, the sky returning to its earlier crystal clear blue. She left the car making sure to close the bonnet and take everything of value, not that there was much, with her. She had only gotten a few yards when she heard a sudden loud braking sound, turning to look she saw a huge continental lorry which passed her by the air brakes only allowing it to come to a halt a few hundred yards further on, seconds later she heard the beeping sound of the reverse gear as the lorry backed towards her, once closer she could hear the recording “Keep Clear Lorry Reversing” which kept repeating itself until the large lorry stopped several feet in front of her.

The truck which was very brightly coloured, red, blue, yellow and white, was huge she hadn’t seen one that big before. As Adora watched the cabin door flew open and the driver jumped out, lazily striding towards her. She could see he was a big man 6’, maybe more, a very broad chest, he was well built and in obvious good shape, probably in his late thirties she thought. Most of the buttons of his blue denim shirt were open revealing a hair covered chest, she liked a man with a hairy chest it seemed to add to his masculinity, his chiselled facial features looked worn, travelled in a rough and ready way but seemed to suit his overall appearance. Once he had reached her he looked down at her, she was wearing flat sandals making her several inches shorter than him.

“Hello lady what seems to be the trouble?” he grinned at her.

He was obviously from the Mediterranean judging from his sun tanned appearance and accent, the smile seemed to pleasantly light up his face making him look handsome in a roguish way but Adora could tell that his eyes, which couldn’t be seen through his dark sunglasses were fixated not on her face but further down, her tits, she now followed his gaze down to her own breasts, the rain had soaked the flimsy material of her dress so that it now clung tightly to her making it almost completely transparent. Her orbs were very visible, the nipples, due to the cool rain, hard and erect pushing the dress outward, it was as if the dress was not covering them at all, oh well she thought, pleased with his reaction at least he seems to appreciate what he sees, maybe he’ll get the car going.

“Hi, thanks for stopping, it seems the car has died on me and I’m not sure what’s wrong with the bloody thing can you have a look please?”

He didn’t reply but put his hand out for the key, which she handed to him, walking directly to the car he opened the drivers door to release the bonnet then illegal bahis siteleri moved to the front finding the catch with ease, once he had opened the bonnet he peered at the engine, his hands moved to the engine feeling its warmth, his nostrils flared, as he smelled it.

After some murmuring which she couldn’t make out he eventually spoke, “Ah yes, sorry lady but you’ve blown the what you call thing, ah yes head gasket the car she not going anywhere, you’ll have to tow to garage it probably have to stay for some days for them to get the parts, you must have been driving fast to do that to her.”

Adora thought for a minute, she was obviously in trouble the car wasn’t going anywhere and the damn mobile wasn’t picking up a signal, only thing to do was try and find a phone box to call the AA and take it from there.

“Do you think you could give me a ride to the nearest phone box please so I can call up to have someone pick it up?”

He looked at her through his dark visor like glasses taking her all in from head to toe, “Sure no problem, just get your things perhaps you leave keys in exhaust for mechanic to find then you no need come back.”

His English was a bit broken but his suggestion made perfect sense, collecting her stuff from the car she locked the doors placing the keys in the exhaust as he had suggested and begun walking to the truck.

Adora thought he was a perfect gentleman as he took hold of her bags in his huge rough hands, leading the way to the passenger’s side of the drivers cabin. Opening the large door he pulled a lever, the seat moved all the way forward and he placed the bags behind the passenger seat, pressing another lever the seat moved back into its original position. He now moved back to allow her to get into the cab which was fairly high as Adora tried to hoist herself up using the hand rails which she could barely reach she felt his big warm manly hands on her arse pushing her up, she wasn’t sure whether to say anything to him, it felt rather nice although his hands had seemed to loiter on her arse rather longer than necessary before he actually pushed, but then again she needed this lift and didn’t want to offend her gallant knight.

Once in the cabin she looked around, the dials, buttons and clocks on the dashboard made her think this was an aeroplane not just a big box on wheels, the cabin itself was roomy, she looked behind her and was surprised to see a large area behind the seats containing a mattress, what looked like a small fridge, a TV and a Hi Fi, she had been in lorries before but nothing like this.

“My name it is Sebastian I am from Greece.” He volunteered.

“My name is Adora I’m from Edinburgh, Scotland, on my way to Manchester.” She informed him.

They drove for about half an hour making small talk, they probably passed a couple of phone boxes on the road but she didn’t notice, she had taken a liking to Sebastian and begun to wonder whether he was a frequent visitor to Scotland and whether the Greeks were any good in bed or whether they were any good at going down on a girl, all her thoughts seemed to be on sex which was not surprising considering the itinerary she had planned for this holiday. He broke their conversation and spoke to someone on the radio device which seemed to form part of the dashboard but she didn’t understand a word, she giggled to herself, it’s all Greek to me she thought.

After driving a while the truck slowed down and pulled off into a parking bay, which was separated from the road with a line of trees, she noticed no other vehicles were there.

“We have something to eat now.” He told her.

“Well if you’re sure you have enough for us both.” Adora replied, she would have ordinarily refused but in her eagerness to set off she had skipped lunch and was pretty hungry now.

Sebastian got out of the cab pulling the magic lever behind him so that his seat went forward, he took out a bag then walked round the front opening the door for her to step out, as she jumped off the step she landing in his embrace, his strong muscular arms holding her against his chest, again a little longer than necessary, eventually disentangling themselves he pulled the lever of her seat so that it went forward and grabbed a wicker basket she hadn’t noticed before. He now walked off Adora following a few steps behind, he climbed over a wooden fence into a field, finding a clean grassy area he took out a thick blanker come rug laying it out on the ground he then opened the basket setting out what could only be described as a picnic, they sat there in the sun eating and drinking red wine, he told her that since he was driving he could only have one glass of wine but she should have the rest as it would otherwise be a waste. He joked with her about this and that making her giggle with his use of the English language.

After the third or was it the fourth glass she felt a bit woozy, that’s when he moved in.

“You know you are very good looking how you say ah yes attractive woman Adora you have nice looks very good body surprised not have full time man take care your body, I very lucky you break down.”

He smiled at her, she was fluttered, although she had heard comparable sentiments before it was the honest way he had said it that she found fluttering and went to kiss his cheek, he turned and before she canlı bahis siteleri knew what was happening his hungry mouth was sucking on her tongue. Adora her mind on sex most of the day plus being a bit tipsy with the wine didn’t need much to arouse her, her mouth reciprocated in the only way it knew her hands pulling his head down, his own big strong rough hands were now on her breasts massaging them while their tongues remained intertwined in a long passionate duel, her cunts love juices begun to flow as he slowly begun unbuttoning her dress his mouth latched to hers like a leech sucking the breath out of her.

Her dress was now wide open her gorgeous breasts free from their confines, his lips rained kisses on her long neck as his mouth moved down to her large orbs, she shivered as he took one of her nipples into his hot mouth, sucking on it until it stood proud his long wet tongue running over it, she moaned as he pinched the vacant nipple between his coarse finger and thumb, she pulled him to her wanting more he obliged, sucking, licking pinching her sensitive nipples, then one hand continued its journey south until it was between her legs, she wasn’t sure whether she wanted him to continue, she had just met this man, her brain sent out warning signals but her body eventually won the argument, it needed this, she spread her legs wide open for him. His hand now finding no resistance dove down between her legs cupping her quim in its palm, rubbing it so that her wetness penetrated the thin material of her knickers, his mouth still on her hard nipple as he now moved his fingers under her knickers inserting his long fat middle finger deep into her juice box, fucking her with it as though it was a small penis, she was now rocking against it spearing herself on it her hot wet hole wanting more hoping that the finger would soon find her throbbing clit as she moaned loudly. He fingered her harder and faster now, her own hands had now wondered down to his groin rubbing at the quickly growing bulge they found there, as it grew she realised it was much bigger than average.

Sebastian stopped; “Take panties off better, we have desert.” he smiled at his own joke, his sunglasses long gone, his dark almost black eyes twinkling in the sunlight.

Adora looked at him lust was written across her face letting him know in no uncertain terms that she wanted him to fuck her. She quickly stood in order to comply with his request, while he also undressed, undoing the thick black leather belt that held up his jeans, once her cunt juice drenched knickers were off, she looked back at him she was amazed at the size of his cock, a good 10” maybe more but what surprised her most was that it was much thicker than any cock she had ever seen before, god how thick was it she would have to be really wet to take it she thought, thank god he wants to eat me first.

He lay down on the picnic blanket urging her to place her cunny over his face, she did as she was bid lowering her tits on to his hairy body, she liked hairy men especially in this position as the coarse hair stimulated her nipples when she rubbed them against it. The hot mouth that had so hungrily sucked on her tongue and nipples now latched onto her cunt the long fat tongue easily thrusting deep into her wet aroused cunt as he manoeuvred her legs until they were on either side of him and as near to her head as possible resulting in her quim being completely open and unobstructed for the onslaught that was to follow from his mouth and tongue. Adora was now looking down at his monstrous one-eyed snake, her tongue licked the droplets of pre-cum that had accumulated on the massive red head, it seemed to nod in appreciation, deciding she liked the taste, she opened her oral gateway as wide as possible engulfing the head of the monster her tongue rubbing the underneath of the head as though coaxing it further into her hot smooth mouth.

At the other end Adora felt her swollen moist cunt lips give way as Sebastian slowly inserted two long fat fingers into her love tunnel as his mouth, now having located her very sensitive nerve filled clitoris, mercilessly sucked on the enlarged and fully exposed blood filled clit, his tongue simultaneously raking over the tip sending the nerve endings into a frenzy resulting in a rush of sexual stimulation causing her whole body to tremble with the excitement, his tongue now departed from her pleasure pimple made its way across her perineum lazily licking the area on its voyage of discovery finally settling on her small tight brown flowery patterned pucker where it licked in a circular motion. Adora had never had this done to her with a tongue before, the sensation was unimaginable she had previously not fully appreciated just how sexually sensitive this area of her body was, Sebastian seemed well versed in what was required. Before long she was moaning loudly sucking his cock with enthusiasm in appreciation of the new pleasure he had introduced to her which led to her first orgasm of the day as her body begun to shudder as she climaxed expelling a flood of cum juice onto his hand and chin until she couldn’t take anymore of the stimulation he continued to administer, she tried to get up but his strong muscular legs and arms kept her pinned down, to her relief he stopped his endeavours just long enough for her body to fall from its peak and calm itself, she thought he would now allow her to get up so he could fuck her and was looking forward to having his long very thick cock deep inside her which she hoped she was now wet enough to accommodate without any discomfort, but that was not to be the case.

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