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The hot August sun beat down on the earth. Everyone’s lawns were dead or dieing. Few flowers remain in bloom. The heat was putting a strain on every air-conditioner around. Everyone tried their best to find refuge from the heat.

Jeni sat by her pool in her white two piece bathing suit. Her tanned body looked nice against it.

With her large breast, the top barely covered them. The bottom looked just like a bandage covering her womanhood and a string covered her back side. She had purposely brought this suit two sized too small for sun bathing. This way she could get a fuller tan with out getting naked. She could simply shift the cloth around to get a full tan with out having to actually undress.

She did this because the neighborhood boys had a habit of popping in on her any time she decided to tan totally nude. They never bothered to announce themselves either. Jeni usually didn’t even know they were any where around till their shadow’s fell over her eyes. This was the best compromise she could find so that she could sun bath and get her total tan with out having to undress.

She had tried to swim earlier in order to find some relief from the sun’s heat. At first when she dove in the pool the water felt cool to her hot bare skin. After only a few minutes in the water, however, she could tell the water was warm from the sun’s rays and did not give much relief from the heat, so she had climbed from the pool and sat down on a lawn chair to work on her tan.

Small beads of sweat mixed with the pool’s water gave her already tanning skin a glow. In just the right light, the water droplets sparkled like diamonds.

Every now and then she shifted her body. When she did, the small bell of her navel ring tinkled. It was the navel ring she had found last Christmas when she had that strange dream about Santa. Every now and again, she would think of that night and how real it seemed to have Santa making love to her. In fact as she heard it tinkle now, her mind drifted back to that night. She could feel her womanhood start to grow wet at just the thought of having that talented tongue and that large manhood of Santa in side her again.

Jeni’s mind also drifted back to the tales her parents use to tell her. They always tried to get her to be good by telling her that Santa did not just come to leave gifts for the good kids at Christmas. He sometimes left a very special gift to a select group of really good people. It was usually a bell of some kind, so that they could summon him at any time to get a special gift. All they had to do was make it ring as they thought about their gift.

Today as the heat began to get to her, she wondered if her parents’ stories were true. If they were, she would certainly ask Santa for a repeat performance and in a much cooler climate than she was enduring now.

The bell in Jeni’s navel always gave off a pleasant tinkle when she walked or the wind caught it just right. It always caused her to think about that night. As her mind thought about that night however, it seemed as if the bell began to give off a more rich tone, a much louder one. She dismissed it as her imagination just as she flicked the bell with her finger and again wished Santa would be with her again and somewhere cooler.

Just as her finger left the bell, it rang out so loud she thought every one could hear it even if they were miles away. The truth was she was the only one that could her it. She and one other person that is, Santa heard it also!

From out of no where, Jeni felt a cool breeze began to blow. Loose grass blades, leaves and paper began to fly in the air and swirl around. Jeni even thought she had seen a snowflake or two but knew that was impossible in August!

The cool air began to grow colder. Jeni even felt it blow between her legs and tickle her womanhood though her bikini. It did not make her cold however. In fact, it actually seemed to arouse her. Her womanhood began go grow wet the more the wind blew.

It wasn’t long before it was truly snowing. Jeni stared at the weather in amazement. It snowed so hard it covered the ground around her. Then to Jeni’s surprise, she realized it was covering the ground only in her yard. She looked across the landscape to notice that the only snow falling was in her yard!

Just then Jeni began to her more bells. She looked around to find where they were coming from. She finally looked up to the sky to see a small sleigh being pulled by a lone reindeer coming towards her. She rubbed her eyes in disbelief and to make sure there was nothing in them.

As the sleigh came closer, she realized she was not seeing things. Her eyes grew large and her heart began to race. Santa was coming to see her! He was actually here in August and coming to see her! Maybe the tales Mom and Dad told were true after all she thought.

The reindeer landed in the yard near Jeni. She was a little disappointed when she saw no one was in the sleigh.

The reindeer pawed at the ground and kept nodding its illegal bahis head as if to say ‘hurry up, get in’. Jeni slowly walked over to the sleigh. She cautiously climbed in. Before she could get seated or even change her mind, the reindeer took off. He took off so fast, Jeni fell face first in the fur lined velvet covered seats. Off they flew to parts unknown with Jeni still only dressed in her small bathing suit.

By time she righted herself they were already flying high over the earth. Jeni looked down to see everything looking like toys and the cars looked like ants. She got scared and sat straight up in the seat and just stared ahead.

Soon Jeni got sleepy and stretched out on the seat and fell asleep. She was unaware of the remainder of the flight. The closer they got to the North Pole; she began to shiver as she slept. From out of no where a heavy blanket appeared to cover and warm her.

When they had finally reached their destination, the reindeer started to descend from the clouds. The change in speed and height caused Jeni to wake up. When she did, she realized that she was now wearing a large fur coat over her bare bikini clad body. All her needs seemed to be filled even before she realized she needed any thing.

Jeni looked around to see where she was going. All she could see as they descended was snow. Snow was everywhere. There were no dwellings that Jeni could see any where. She was beginning to get scared. She thought she had been flown to a deserted place and no one knew where she was. She began to feel foolish and scared.

She then thought to her self, “I am in a sleigh being pulled by a flying reindeer and I am just now feeling foolish?” So she relaxed and waited to see what other wonders waited for her.

The reindeer made a soft landing on the snow. Once on the ground, he headed straight for a large snow bank. He did not seem to hesitate any. He headed full speed towards it. Jeni closed her eyes and cringed as they started to crash into it. Just at the point of impact, she barely opened her eyes in time to see what was going to happen. The snow bank began to swirl around. Like magic, it opened up and they passed though a thin wall of snow and into a small village square.

Jeni stared as she saw small elves rushing around everywhere. No one stopped to pay her any attention. They hurried around carrying toys that were finished or anywhere in between that and just started.

The reindeer finally stopped in front of a large wall and gate. Standing in front was a very lovely female elf. She wore a very sexy red and white Mrs. Santa’s outfit. The skirt stopped just as her knees and the top completely covered her breast. It fit her snug and clung to every curve of her small frame, but looked nice on her.

She extended a hand to help Jeni from the sleigh. She introduced her self as Tina. She said Santa was expecting her but was delayed. Tina said she was to make sure Jeni was comfortable and all her needs were met till Santa could arrive.

She then turned and led Jeni inside.

When Jeni and Tina walked in through door, Jeni realized she was no longer in a winter wonderland. The scene in side changed from snowy frigid terrain to a tropical paradise. There were palm trees and birds singing everywhere. In the middle of the oasis sat a small quant hut.

It was so warm now that Jeni had to remove her coat revealing her bikini.

Tina laughed and teased, “It looks like you knew where you were coming!”

Jeni turned to face Tina. She was surprised at what she saw. Tina was now not the small elf that had greeted Jeni outside! Instead she now stood eye level with Jeni. Tina now had long slender legs, large firm plump breast and a flat tight stomach.

The cute out fit she wore had also changed. It was still the red and white Mrs. Santa’s outfit but now instead of coming just above Tina’s knees, the skirt actually barely covered her back side. Jeni could see Tina large firm mounds sticking out from underneath. The top opened to reveal Tina’s large round tanned breast.

Tina laughed at Jeni’s reaction.

“It is ok”, she said. “This is my true self. What you saw out side is how every one but Santa sees me. Santa uses his magic to keep the elves clueless to my true self. They need to keep their minds on making toys and not me! Besides, Santa wants some one his size when ever he desires female company!” Tina laughed when she finished. “Follow me, I bet you could use a dip in the hot tub and a bite to eat before Santa gets here”.

Jeni closed her wide open mouth nodded approvingly and followed obediently.

Tina led Jeni to the hot tub then excused herself.

Jeni climbed in and immediately began to relax. She stretched out and rested her head on the tub’s edge as she closed her eyes. “This is the life she thought”.

Jeni relaxed there till Tina returned. Tina brought tall glasses of lemonade and finger sandwiches. Just as she had placed the tray down, Jeni opened her eyes. She was pleased illegal bahis siteleri to see Tina had also used her time away to get out of her dress and now wore a small bikini top that barely covered her breast and a loose fitting sarong.

After Tina sat them on the tub’s edge, she removed her sarong and let it fall to the floor. Jeni was not too surprised to find Tina worn nothing underneath. As Tina climbed in the tub she also removed her top. Once in the tub she sat next to Jeni. She too then laid her head on the tub’s edge and closed her eyes for a few minutes.

Jeni had finished a glass of lemonade and had turned to place the glass on the tray. As she did, she felt strong hands began to massage her neck. She almost melted.

“Your shoulders look a little tense”, Tina said. “Let me rub them for you. We want you relaxed for Santa.”

Jeni did not complain.

After a few minutes, Tina used her hands to turn Jeni towards her. She did not hesitate as she pulled Jeni close and kissed her.

At first Jeni hesitated but this felt good, so she closed her eyes and kissed back.

Tina only paused for a minute and pulled away from Jeni. “I hope you don’t mind, but Santa said to make sure all your needs and desires are met while you wait.”

“I don’t mind. I don’t mind one bit,” Jeni said as she wrapped her arms around Tina’s shoulder and pulled her back so that the two ladies could continue to kiss.

As Tina moved closer, Jeni gently took one of Tina’s breasts in her hand and began to caress it. She then let her hand began to slide up and down Tina’s stomach also. After a few times, she finally let her hand find Tina’s womanhood and let it find its way deep in Tina.

When she felt Jeni in her, Tina leaned back and began to moan. She arched her back and allowed her breast to stand out towards Jeni. Jeni immediately stopped kissing and started nibbling and kissing Tina’s nipples. Tina’s nipples grew hard from the touching and she began to shake a little. Her body wanted the attention.

Tina felt herself about to come but stopped. She looked at Jeni.

“This is not right; I am supposed to be helping you relax not the other way around.”

Jeni just laughed. “It is ok, I have a feeling before all is said and done, that I will be more relaxed than I have been in a long time, so to let me thank you in advance. Just enjoy your self!”

With that, Jeni started back pleasuring Tina. She kissed her breast and stomach as low as she could. She tired to kiss Tina’s womanhood but could not stay under water long enough to do any good. Jeni finally moved back up to kiss on Tina and used her fingers to make Tina come.

Tina let her finish. She liked how Jeni had made her feel, but now it was her time to let Jeni enjoy herself. Tina knew she could make her feel much better than Jeni had done her. She smiled because she knew Jeni had never been pleasured by any one, man or woman like she could do her. Tina knew she had a little elfin magic that would make Jeni scream for pleasure and come back begging for more.

Tina gently removed Jeni’s clothing. “Thanks for what you did for me, but now it is my turn to show you how it is done. Now sit back and enjoy your ride!”

Tina started out like Jeni had done her. She started nibbling and kissing on Jeni’s already hard nipples. She sucked them so skillfully; Jeni almost swore she was giving Tina milk! Jeni felt her stomach shake just at the touch of Tina’s tongue tracing her every muscle. Jeni felt Tina’s finger tip softly moving over her clit. Then without warning, Tina started applying firm pressure on Jeni’s clit. As she did, Jeni’s body could not take any more. She felt her body explode from deep in her womanhood!

Jeni had to take a moment to catch her breath.

“How did you make me come so fast and hard that soon?” she asked Tina.

Tina looked Jeni in her eyes. “That is nothing,” she said as she licked her large wet succulent lips. “That was just the beginning; the best is about yet come!”

With that, Tina stuck her tongue out at Jeni and wiggled it for her.

Jeni closed her eyes and tried to quickly open them again to make sure she had seen what she thought she saw. Tina’s tongue looked like it had taken the form of a penis as she showed it to Jeni. When she opened her eyes to get the second look, she just caught the tip of Tina’s normal tongue moving back in Tina’s mouth.

Before Jeni could say any thing, Tina had already disappeared under the water. She gently spread Jeni’s legs apart and began to use her talented tongue on Jeni’s womanhood.

Jeni felt it moving from lip to lip. She liked the gentle control Tina used. She began to moan from deep in her throat.

Jeni gasped for a quick breath of air as she felt Tina’s tongue moving deep in side her. Jeni could swore it felt like a man had placed his manhood in side her. She began to slide up and down on Tina’s tongue like she would have if it had been a man’s shaft.

She felt canlı bahis siteleri her body grow tight once again. Tina alternated between using her tongue in Jeni and just tracing her womanhood lips. This drove Jeni crazy. Each time she felt Tina slid her tongue out of her; Jeni was almost to the point of coming. Each time she wanted Tina to allow her to do just that. Each time Tina slide in her, Jeni felt the urge grow stronger.

She could not take much more, she began to move faster around Tina’s tongue to make her come. Jeni also thought this could not last much longer. Tina had already been under water for several minutes. Surely she would have to come up for air some time soon!

Even she if didn’t come, Jeni needed a break from the action to compose her, but Tina did not seem to need air. Even after she had made Jeni come, she stayed under water and continued to pleasure Jeni with her magical tongue.

Jeni felt her body grow taut several times. She felt her nipple grow so hard they ache. She felt her womanhood shake and come. She felt her legs get tight then limp after each time she came. She came several times from Tina’s attention. She began to hear herself to asking Tina to stop because she could not take any more, but she also didn’t want Tina to stop. She had never felt this good before and wanted to continue, but her body had taken all it could.

Tina knew what was happening at all times. She knew better than Jeni what Jeni could take. She continued to make love to Jeni until she knew she needed to stop.

Tina finally removed her tongue from Jeni’s womanhood. She used it to trace Jeni’s stomach as she moved up Jeni’s body. Tina paused for a second or two to kiss and nipple on Jeni’s nipples. Tina then kissed Jeni passionately. She then stood back and pulled her long black wet hair from her face and smiled at Jeni.

“Was that good?” she asked Jeni.

“Yes, yes and yesssss.” Jeni said.

“Good!” “How about you, did you enjoy it too?” Tina asked as she used her finger to ring the bell in Jeni’s navel. She then turned her head to the side as if some one was there.

Jeni looked surprised and confused. “What was Tina talking about? Was there some one else there?”

Tina could see the look of confusion on Jeni’s face from the corner of her eyes as she turned her head. She smiled and continued to speak to someone off to the side.

Jeni immediately looked over in the direction Tina had turned. To her surprise, there sat Santa watching the two women play. She had not noticed him come around. She was not sure how long he had been there or how long he had watch or how much he had even seen!

“Yes I did,” he said. “You did and excellent job!”

Santa then stood and walked towards the hot tub. Jeni watched every stop he took. Santa stopped only once he had gotten behind Jeni. He reached over and placed his hands under her arms and effortlessly lifted her from the tub and placed her on the deck next to him. He kissed her then stepped back.

“Sorry I am late but I had to settle a fight amongst the elves.”

Jeni started to speak but no word came from her lips. Her legs were weak from her time with Tina that she almost fell.

Santa grabbed her before she did. He also placed a finger over Jeni’s lips.

“Sssssh” he whispered. “No need to say a word, I can tell you had a good time. Now just go with Tina and take a nap. I will see you after dinner then I will fulfill your wish you came here for!

Jeni just smiled and nodded at him.

Her body went limp as Santa gently kissed her again. She closed her eyes and fell asleep immediately in Santa’s hold.

Santa steadied her. He held her in his arms till Tina got close enough to take her. He then gave her to Tina and instructed her to make Jeni comfortable.

Tina nodded and lifted Jeni in her arms and took her to rest. Tina place Jeni in a hammock stretched out on the deck of the hut.

Jeni slept for some time. When she woke, she felt a warm breeze blow over her body. She thought she was still home and had fallen asleep in her lounge chair.

“What a dream,” she thought. “I wouldn’t mind that dream coming true like the one I had about Santa originally.” With that, Jeni moved her arms above her hand and stretched.

“It is about time you woke up. Santa and I were beginning to think you would sleep till Christmas Eve and he would have to take you home on his annual trip.”

The sound of some one talking startled Jeni. She thought she had been lying there alone. She tried to sit up causing the hammock to flip over. It tossed her out on the deck. Jeni barely had time to place her hands in front of her to keep from smashing her face in the deck.

Jeni looked to see Tina lying stretched out on a lounge totally nude as before. Her eyes were covered by dark sunglasses as she lay there soaking in the warm sun rays.

“What? I? How? Where?” Jeni stuttered.

Tina sat up and removed her glasses. Jeni could see Tina’s eyes sparkle like diamonds in the sun light.

“Yes you are still at the North Pole.” Tina said. “Your wish was for Santa to make love to you like he did back during Christmas. That has not happened yet, so until it does, you are still our guest.”

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