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Chapter I

Starting college… Turner knew college came with a lot of challenges. He never would have guessed the adventure ahead of him.

Let’s back way up and give some detail.

The main man in this story is a fella named Turner. He grew up in a small town. He had a pretty good group of friends of all types that stuck together throughout school.

Throughout high school he was short and skinny. The girls that hung with our group never viewed him as much more than a friend. He dated a few girls here and there, had some fun with them but, nothing too serious. He had a good experience losing his virginity at a young age but that relationship didn’t last. Probably how high school should be.

During those years, his best female friend was Zoey. He thought she was gorgeous. She had dirty blonde brownish hair; she was short at, about 5’4. She was slim but had that baby skin softness look to her weighing around 120 pounds. Her body had curves in the right places with natural firm round breasts and a round bottom to match. Everything on her seemed like it could fit perfectly in your hands. Her stomach was flat but not muscular, had the softness to it. She had a very pretty face but no feature on her body was better then something else. She didn’t wear a ton of makeup and if she did it was more natural shades. However at times she wore black eye liner heavy on top and bottom and she looked like a vixen. Her potential was off the charts for what she could become in the future. At this point in time she was taken by a guy no one thought too highly of, Derrick.

Zoey saw Turner as a guy who was about 5’7, 140 lean and reserved and playfully picked on by all the other guys they grew up with. But as a guy who could take a joke and dish the shit right back at them.

Turner was the root of a lot of jokes because he was small and frail looking compared to the rest of them. Turner never was the captain of any team. He did his own thing most of the time. He helped out when needed and hung out in the back ground. Don’t go too far with that. He was not a nerd or anything with no friends. He just wasn’t ever in the big stage spot light.

Zoey and Turner were good friends. They always hung out together when they were with a group but rarely alone together. They got a long great always sharing smiles and laughs. A few years ago, Turner tried to take her out on a date. Let’s just say it was like picking a fruit before it was ripe enough. So it didn’t go anywhere and they stayed friends and he never tried again. Their senior year of high school they became close and comfortable enough to where they could get rather touchy feely with each other and the other wouldn’t think anything of it, like a lot of people would. Slapping asses in school as they walked by and things like that. Turner liked the relationship they had. He wished it would be something more but was content with it because he respected her and that meant respecting her relationship. Even if he didn’t like the guy she was with.

As high school came to a close, everyone began planning their separate ways. Some small groups of friends stuck together going to the same school and others went off on their own. Turner decided living with his brother Steve, and going to a technical college was the most affordable bet for him. It was a town called Huntsville, about an hour and half away from their hometown, so he could avoid his parent’s casual stop in.

Zoey had told him that she was going to the University at the Capitol to begin a nursing program. He was happy for her but, at the same time the Capitol was about 3 hours away from where he planned on going to school in Huntsville. He knew it would be a stretch to see each other. And even more of a stretch if she was still with Derrick. He had already heard him accept a scholarship at the same University.

Graduation day came. Zoey approached Turner at the ceremony. She had on her cap and gown showing more cleavage then usual through the V opening in the gown. She had high heel wedges on making her show more leg off. Turner began to think her gown was shorter then everyone else’s. He thought about how good she looked and how he would miss seeing that every day. He shook it off now realizing he was probably staring as she was walking right up to him.

She looked at him and smiled. She said, “Looks like we’re all grown up now.” He looked at her, smiling back and then said, “Oh, the real game is just beginning.” She looked into his eyes for a moment that seemed to linger longer than usual. She broke away and looked at the ground. Turner could tell something was on her mind.

Zoey said to him, “I… want to see you, you know this summer…” They stepped closer to each other to where they were almost touching. Turner felt some boldness in him that he generally never feels. She had a spring time scent to her and a shimmer on her skin. He stepped in, held her hand with one hand and wrapped his other arm around her waist. The silk gown felt good bahis firmaları under his fingers. “We will, don’t worry.” He said to her.

His hand slid lower beyond her hip, feeling the tight string of her underwear and nothing else. She gave him a surprised little smile. He pulled her in closer feeling the swell of her breast against him. Squeezing her hip a little more and looking at her deep cleavage, he said to her, “Do you only have on a bra and underwear?” Zoey gave a coy smile and said, “Wouldn’t you like to know.”

This was a side of Zoey he hasn’t ever seen. She looked vulnerable and at his will. He felt feelings come up that have not surfaced for years, some heat between the two of them. He could not understand why though, why now. Was it because the transition they were about to go through? He didn’t know. He knew her relationship with Derrick was unusual because of how demanding he was to her but he didn’t realize it had gotten this bad.

Turner then heard Derrick yell at Zoey, “let’s go!” A look of fear crept across her face. “Why are you with him?” Turner said to her.

She gave him and unsure look and backed up. They released each other and Turner watched her get pulled away. Derrick was such a douche, plain and simple. He must beat her and that’s why she stays with him, Turner thought.

Turner thought to himself, who knows, maybe I’m the crazy one miss reading this whole situation.

Chapter II

That night at the end of the year party Turner was there with the guys he hung with. There were hundreds of people there in this huge beautiful valley lined with granite rock walls and a pond in the middle. There was loud music, spot lights, rope swings, jumping platforms, you name it they had it. It was hot and the clothing there was very sparse. Some people were drinking booze but not everyone. There were girls in bikinis looking at and girls who had no business wearing a bikini. Then there are girls on the sidelines wearing skimpy summer tops and skirts with guys surrounding them; trying to woo their attention.

Turner saw Zoey earlier when he arrived. She was standing across the pond with Derrick. She had an unhappy look on her face from what he could tell; however, her skin was Sunkist tan and she looked good. She had a frilly white skirt on that had an open seam up her thigh and a triangle hot pink bikini top on. They were standing by a rope swing and Derrick was trying to get her in the water. Finally giving in, she turned away to take her skirt off. She bent at the waist as she lowered the skirt, pushing her but out for anyone looking to see. She had a scrunch butt matching hot pink bikini bottom on that rose high on her checks and accentuated her curves well. Turner had to wipe the drool off his face and get in the water himself to cool off and to hide his growing arousal. He got mixed in a crowd playing Frisbee in the water and didn’t see her again.

Later, Turner was exploring the other side of the pond looking for a spot to pee, when he came across a secluded area in the granite walls. There was only a small opening in the wall to get to it without climbing over the 10′ high sections of the wall. There was no one around here; they were all on the other side where a large bonfire was being constructed. The music was still pumping and it echoed off the walls around him.

Turner about to pee heard what sounded like a moan squeak through the opening so he peaked his head in. It was just light enough outside to clearly make out who was in there.

Turner saw Zoey pinned up against the granite wall by Derrick. He was standing in between her spread legs with his hands groping her breast. Derrick would kiss her lips hard making her gasp for hair afterwards. He watched them exchange kisses back and forth and it turned his stomach. How can she kiss him, he thought.

Turner looked away thinking he shouldn’t peep on her and he didn’t want her to see him or to see Derrick doing anything to her. He then heard Zoey say, “Slow down Derrick!”

Then he heard Derrick say, “shut up, I know you want this, you’ve been teasing me all month, wearing those sexy clothes and not giving me a piece! You said this is the night where you’re going to give me some.”

Turner had to look again. Derrick exposed Zoey’s breasts pulling the biking top to the sides. Zoey’s breast thrusted outwards towards Derrick. Zoey passively resisted him. She was really horny but didn’t want him to be this rough. She wanted to be in control so it wouldn’t go too far here. She didn’t want to lose her virginity this way.

Turners jaw was on the floor with what he was seeing. He had dreamt and fantasized of seeing Zoey topless countless times. Now he had her 10 feet in front of him with her soft creamy looking breast highlighted by small puffy round nipples right in front of him. They had sexy triangle tan lines on them from her bikini top.

Except he didn’t want to see her d-bag boyfriend was taking turns sucking each of her kaçak iddaa nipples. Turner couldn’t help but start to get turned on by the craziness in front of him. Derrick continued to become rougher biting her nipples making her cry out “ouch!”

Zoey had her hands against the wall behind her until Derrick slid a hand up her skirt and started roughly massaging her pussy through the bikini bottom material. One of her hands went to his wrist to try and slow him down.

Zoey didn’t want the night to go this way but she could not help it. She wasn’t strong enough, she was attracted to Derrick and her body was turned on. She knew she had to fight back or she was going to get hurt. Derrick said, “Holy shit you’re wet even!” He jammed 2 fingers into her pussy making her cry out, part pain part pleasure.

She was wet but not ready, her pussy was tight and not ready for the rough play. That’s when Zoey looked up and saw Turner peeking through the opening. Zoey had the same vulnerable look on her face as she had earlier that day. She mouthed “help me” to Turner.

She said, “Derrick you need to stop…I don’t want this here!” But he continued to slide 2 fingers in and out of her. He held her still with an arm around her shoulder and his other hand cupping her sex opening almost lifting her off the ground keeping her on her tippy toes. Turner could tell Zoey’s body was in distress. Both hands were on his wrists now trying to push him out of her. As each moment went by her moans turned to shrieks and became louder and she started to kick and claw at him more. Turner didn’t know what would happen if he stepped in.

Turner felt it’s now or never. He knew he had to stop him and save Zoey venturing into a super hero style spot light he’s never been in before.

All at once Derrick stepped back releasing her. He pulled his pants down exposing his hard fat member. Zoey said, “Derrick please no, I’m not ready for that!”

Derrick said, “I think you are. Now get over here and take it.” He pinned her against the wall and propped her leg up completely exposing her shaved wet pussy.

Turner now had snuck through the opening and grabbed a large piece of wood off the ground and silently began sneaking up. Derrick positioned his cock to enter her rubbing up and down her slit. Zoey saw Turner sneak in and new something was about to happen. She squinted her eyes shut said no to Derrick a last time. Just then Turner hit him in the head with the branch. He hit him hard and Derrick hit the ground even harder. He lay on his stomach with his pants down withering in pain.

Turner reached for Zoey and said, “Let’s get outta here.” Turner took one last moment to gaze at Zoey’s body, her bare chest with her nipples pointing upwards. He could clearly see her lips, her swim suit was still pushed to the side. Her pussy was pink and irritated looking but smooth, hairless, wet and shiny, beautiful none the less. He shook it off quickly and reached for her. She quickly corrected her clothes and took his hand and they were through the opening in no time. They hurried to the other side of the pond running the whole way not speaking.

Once they were far enough away, Zoey said to Turner, take me to your car and get me away from here she was upset looking with tears in her eyes. They climbed in the old SUV he had and drove towards the road out. He asked her, “Do you want me to take you home?”

Zoey said, “No just get me away from him.”

He drove further back up the hillside. There was a spot that over looked the entire granite quarry a quarter mile away. It was quiet there with the light background music coming from below.

Turner opened the tailgate and laid out some blankets. Zoey just sat there quietly, every once in a while sobbing to herself. Turner felt terrible knowing she may be scarred for life from this event. He said to her, “I’m really sorry Zoey. I should have stopped him sooner…” She leaned on his shoulder and said, “No I let it go too far, I initiated it.”

He put his arm around her to comfort her. They sat there for a while, legs hanging over the tail gate looking outward. Several moments went by; the stars were now high above them.

Zoey could smell his musky sent from the day’s events and she began to like it, it was Turners scent she thought, being done with Derrick finally.

As each minute passed as she sat there under his arm, she began to notice how right it felt. She felt like a fool for not letting herself feel this way before. She knew Turner was a good guy. She thought she would eventually completely fall in love with Derrick. The mean abusive guy he was would go away and he would turn into her Prince Charming. But it never happened and it escalated to tonight’s events.

The emotional pain she felt from Derrick was now slowly being replaced by desire for Turner. She felt herself become flushed with these thoughts.

Unaware, Turner tried to say something again, “Zoey…”

She put a finger to his lips, kaçak bahis holding it there a second. Turner didn’t know what to do or say now. She leaned closer and looked him in the eyes.

Zoey said, “I’m really sorry too…”

Turner said, “Why? For what, you didn’t do anything wrong?”

She looked at him deeply and said, “For not doing this sooner…”

Zoey reached out and grabbed Turners face, passionately kissing him on the lips. Turner felt her smooth soft lips hit his, her tongue massage it’s was through his lips into his mouth. He sucked on it and felt her body push him back and she climbed on top of him. He felt the swell of her tender breast push into his chest.

They kissed hard back and forth for several moments, biting each other’s lips. Turner couldn’t believe what was happening. A dream was coming true. His cock was fully erect in his board shorts now. She was straddling his waist. He moved his hips to the right angle and his member was now straight upwards resting directly between her legs. She began grinding her hips on him moaning in his mouth. The sensation was amazing having such a small amount of fabric separate his cock from her pussy. He felt the heat emanating from her loins. They broke the kiss and both looked down at her hips grinding on the bulge in his shorts.

She leaned back grinding hard on him. Turner squeezed her hips moving his hands to her backside. She untied her bikini top letting her creamy white breast hang in front of him. “I saw you staring earlier… At first, it turned me on more.” All he could do was shake his head in a yes motion. She could tell he wanted to caress her breast. She pulled his face to the left breast and arched her back for him. Turner’s hands massaged her outer cleavage and his lips slowly moved to her nipple. It was firm extending upwards. Zoey said, “Be gentle.”

He didn’t bite or suck too hard. He swirled his tongue around it causing her to cringe with pleasure. She let out several quiet moans.

Zoey sat back and pushed him into the back of the SUV more. She then saw the bulge sticking through Turners shorts. She untied his strings. His cock slid up through the top of his waist band. She licked her lips when she saw it, his head was oozing precum and shiny. She was in control now and she was hot and ready for him. She reached forward and slid her hand under his waist band securing his cock at its base.

Turner gasped when he felt her fingers squeeze around him. Her skin felt soft and electric. She stroked him slowly, taking a moment to look at his face as she did it and then back down at his cock. Zoey thought to herself, this is a perfect cock, he is so hard right now, and I bet he won’t expect this.

She moved her face down near his crotch sitting between his legs, positioning her to be able to see his face. She slowly stuck her tongue out and licked him from the base to the head giving him a squeeze as well. Another glob of precum oozed out of his tip. She saw it and swirled her tongue around his head looking him in the eye as she did so. Then she devoured him into her mouth fitting as much of him into her as she could.

Turner groaned out loud and almost lost it right there. Never would he have thought this was how the night was going to go. He was in heaven. He secured her hair to the side as she continued to bob up and down on him.

Zoey pulled off of him wiping the saliva off of her chin and said, “I can’t hold back any longer Turner, I want to do this.”

Turner said, “What do you mean.” Not sure how far she wanted to take it.

Zoey said, “Technically I’m still a Virgin. I mean, I’ve been super horny growing up, so I’ve tried a lot of toys, my cherry broke years ago, but I have never let a man and I want to let you, now…”

Turner was star struck. He didn’t say anything but, “ok”. She knelt in front of him. She looked at him as she slid her bikini bottoms off and now she was fully exposed in front of him. She had the sexiest little shaved pussy he had ever seen. Her lips were swollen, pink and shiny with her own juices now showing through her slit. He could smell her intoxicating aroma and he wanted her badly. He could see the nub of her clit protruding from her lips. He knew he was going to have a hard time controlling himself. He was already so turned on.

Zoey slid her hands up her thighs until they reached her pussy. She pulled her lips open with one hand and lightly massaged her clit with the other. She shuddered when the sexual bolts shot through her. Turner was stunned.

She then slid up to him and slowly pulled his shorts completely off. She wrapped her hand around his cock squeezing him firmly. She smiled and said, “Your cock looks perfect by the way.”

She straddled him again. She looked into his eyes as she aligned him with her sex opening. He felt her wetness slide along the head of his member. She slid his tip back and forth several times before she started to insert his head into her. He could feel her wetness start to drip down his shaft. The heat coming off of her was like nothing he has felt before. She slowly lowered herself down, then back up and down, softly moaning all the way until he was fully inside her.

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