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Annie sat in her car for a good ten minutes mulling over her options. She was quite sure Melanie and Cassie had watched her with Joyce for a while; that realization made her initially believe there was no way this was going to remain a secret forever. If this was true, then the best choice would be to tell Chris about what she did before it accidentally slipped out. How Chris would react was problematic; they both enjoyed watching porn together occasionally, and Chris always seemed turned on by lesbian sex and threesomes. “I wonder if he would like to have sex with Joyce and me?” She wasn’t sure and saying it out loud didn’t make it any clearer. So she said to herself, “I guess I better ask him!”

It wouldn’t be that night though. The house was almost dark; only the hall light was on. Glancing at her watch she could see why, 12:30am. She slipped into bed. The evening’s events were playing games with her mind; and the more she thought about them, the more that damn erotic buzzer in her hormones started making noise again! Reaching down she caressed her pussy with one hand and fondled her left breast with the other. It was all getting visual and visceral again; the kissing (Oh my God!) The tit-sucking; Joyce eating her out; her first taste of pussy, (Ohh myyy!) She thought about masturbating but decided against it. Rolling over she snuggled against Chris’s back and eventually fell asleep.

It was a little after 7:00 when she woke up and probably only because she had to pee. While washing her hands, Chris stretched and yawned himself awake. Annie quickly swished a little mouthwash and then crawled over the top of her husband and started kissing his face.

“Hey! Good morning!” He mumbled and wrapped his arms around her. “I guess you missed me last night, huh?”

“Know what?” Annie kissed his ear, “I love you very much!”

“Mmm, I love YOU, Babe! Did you have a sweet dream or something?”

“You could say that!”

“Nice! Wanna tell me about it before I fuck you brains out, Hmm?” Annie giggled and kissed him softly on the mouth. Her tongue started a search for his, and Chris pulled off a bit, “Yuck, I uhh…I think I wanna brush my teeth, Ann.”

“You sure?” Annie reached inside Chris’s boxers to stroke his dick; his cock was just beginning to swell in her hand, and she took her forefinger and started tickling his sack. “Are you real sure?”

Chris grinned up at her, “I’m sure, there’s no reason to hurry!”

“Okay, but then I think I want to talk first; there’s something I need to tell you.”

Annie flopped over to her side of the bed, and Chris swung his legs onto the floor. “Whoa…okay…must be something serious if it stops my little firecracker from exploding!”

“It’s important we talk, BUT…the firecracker’s fuse is lit; I need your big cock really bad!” Annie could hear Chris snickering to himself as he brushed. She thought, “He has no idea; God, please make this turn out all right.”

Propping a couple pillows against the headboard, Chris sat up next to her. “Now, what’s up?”

Annie put her hand on his thigh, “Well, first of all…do you remember a few years ago when we were still buying porn? I bought some DVD’s on-line. That last time I think there were three of them?”

“Sure, they’re still hidden in the closet, right?”

“Yes, but do you remember that one video; the title was kinda misleading and it ended up it was all about lesbian threesomes? I told you that I bought that one by mistake cuz I thought it was about guys having sex with two women?”

“Oh yeah! That was funny…but it was also a pretty hot video! Mmm…Oh my God, we had some fun watching that one!”

“Honey, I need to tell you that it wasn’t an accident; I bought it on purpose.”

“You did?”

“Yeah, I wanted to see it.”

Chris turned a little more to face Annie, “Why?”

“Curiosity,” Annie shrugged, “and I really liked it; so did you…yes?”

“Sure I did! But what are you getting at here? You want to try a threesome?”

“Not exactly…but regarding a threesome, I wouldn’t mind that either,” Annie giggled nervously.

“Really? Oh my God, well this could be interesting for sure!”

“Yes, but there’s more.”

“There is? What else?”

Annie cleared her throat, “I want to tell you something, and I don’t want you to be mad; swear you’ll love me, Chris…please?”

“Okay, Babe, but you need to get to the point; you’re making me nervous!”

“Last night at Joyce’s house, she surprised me by telling me all her secrets; that she’s been cheating on Aaron for several years and having sex with other people.”

“Oh my God, Annie; and Aaron doesn’t know?”


“Holy Shit!” Chris sat there pensively. “But if this is such a secret, why did she tell you…and why now?”

Annie took a deep breath, “Because…Joyce is not just having sex with other men; she’s having sex with other women, too.” She put her hand on Chris’s arm, “and she admitted she was attracted to me!”

Chris grinned, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri “Well that’s no big deal, I bet lots of people are attracted to your sexy ass! Hell, I bet…” He stopped in mid-sentence because of the expression on his wife’s face. Annie wasn’t smiling, her eyes looked strange, wistful and hopeful…and guilty! And then, the realization of the whole thing dropped on him like a bomb, “Holy fuck! You had sex with her!” He sat up completely startled, “You and she…Oh my Goddd!”

Annie tried to take his hand, but he pulled it back. She said, “Please don’t be mad; I couldn’t help myself last night. The circumstances are hard to describe, but I…I…” Chris had one hand on the top of his head, in sort of a shock. She could see he was struggling with how to react. “I am telling you this because I made a mistake, and I am promising never to let it happen again.”

Twenty plus thoughts were racing through Chris’s head; at first it was difficult to sort them out. On the one hand he was pissed because of the betrayal; but on the other hand the visual of Annie and Joyce together began percolating in his brain as well! For a very brief moment he considered kicking her ass; but then (as he reflected further) a different reaction took hold! “Wait a second, perhaps this could be good! Maybe, just maybe…Yes! I’ll fix her ass for this!” he thought, “And anyway, lots of people enjoy opening up the marriage a little.”

A small but devious smile played at the corners of his mouth, “Alright, then tell me…was it fun?”

Annie relaxed just a little, “What do you want me to say, of course it was fun!”

“Over twenty years married and we’re having this conversation now; why didn’t you tell me before? Are you saying you’re bi-sexual?”

“I guess that’s what I’m saying; to be completely honest it was even better than I thought it would be. But I’m positive of one thing, I love you and I don’t want anything to spoil that. Please forgive me, Honey… I won’t do it again, I promise!”

Chris studied his wife’s eyes. There was no doubt she was being truthful, of that he was certain. At the same time, if he was being honest with himself, the idea of Annie with Joyce was a total turn-on; and the proof was that his cock was hardening just thinking about it. When he realized his dick was responding, his mind immediately projected the image of Annie’s tits and nipples rubbing against Joyce’s! “Holy shit!” He thought, “Calm down you perv!”

Annie noticed the expression on his face, “What are you thinking, Honey? You look strange!”

So he lied, “Uhh, I’m thinking of what to do next.” But in his mind, Chris was going to get what he wanted now.


“Well, I’m gonna forgive you…this time, But…” he paused.

“But what?”

“But I want some assurances.”

“Oh Chris, I’ll never do it again, you have my word!”

These new thoughts that were forming in Chris’s mind was getting clearer and better! They were so naughty he wasn’t sure what he should say next. “Slow down,” he told himself, “be in control here; Annie started this, and if she didn’t want to move it forward, then then this would have to end now.” So he said, “That’s not what I mean. Look, what if I was the one who did this with Joyce; what would you think?”

Annie was a bit taken aback, “Uhh…well…hmm…I guess I’d be pissed.”

“Damn right you’d be pissed; no question about it! So I’m pissed.” That determined smile appeared at the corners of his mouth again, “But…In just a minute, I’m gonna fuck your cheating cunt, and you better enjoy it!”

Annie burst out laughing, “That’s a deal! I like this deal!”

“Okay, good! But there’s more!”


“In the future, I really don’t mind if you have sex with her, but I better NEVER get the idea that it’s interfering with our fun, got it?”

Annie was a bit stunned, “Really? Uhh, okay, I agree to that too!”

“You better…and there are a couple things more; and you better think things over carefully.”

“And what is that?”

Now it was Chris’s turn to take a deep breath, “For starters, If you’re gonna have sex with her, then I get to fuck her too; fair’s fair, Babe!”

Annie stared at him, “You’re kidding right?”

“No, I’m not kidding; we’re being honest, aren’t we? If YOU can do it, then I can do it. Yet I will concede this one thing to you; if I fuck her, it will be with you present, like a threesome. This is the deal Babe, if you want to have sex with her, you gotta tell me you did it; and then I decide if after that I want a threesome. This is the deal, you want to play with her, okay; then I get to play with you both. Do you agree?”

Annie studied his face; this wasn’t something she was expecting at all. If she would have guessed a hundred things Chris might have said, this wouldn’t be one of them. “Umm, Hmm… Do I have to answer right now?”

“No, think that one over; you can make this decision any time you want. But don’t you güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri dare have sex with her again without telling me; got it?

She nodded and said, “I got it.”

“Now, there’s one more thing,” he added. “For this one there’s not gonna be any debate; you’re gonna give me what I want cuz if you don’t, then I’ll really be pissed!”

Annie looked at him askance, “W..well, what is that?”

“You’ll see, but don’t think about it now…cuz look!” Chris dropped the waistband of his boxers and showed Annie his hard-on! “Look what you’ve done to me!” he said with a grin, “So for your penance is you have to suck my dick! C’mon, do your duty, you little cheater!”

Annie giggled and scooted over; she leaned up to kiss him and then dropped down to his spectacularly hard cock. She gripped the shaft and began to softly kiss and lick the sensitive underside, never once taking her eyes off his! “How’s this? Does my Master like?”

He tried to smile through gritted teeth, “Ohh, Hell..Mmm…yeah… Mmmm, that’s pretty good for a start; but don’t stop, you fucking little lez!”

Annie wrapped her lips around the head and sucked him in! She knew he needed to let off a little of the “pissed” he was feeling, and the best way to do that was to give him the full treatment! She paused to say, “Okay, I think you’re in charge today, Babe; I guess I’m yours to command! Would you like to fuck my mouth, or would you prefer to just let me do my thing?”

“You’re doing pretty well right now, go ahead and suck me off!”

“Mmm…Thank you!” Annie reached over for the lube and squirted some in her hands. Then she massaged his balls for a few seconds with one hand and trailed her fingers up and down his cock with the other. She had him really squirming now, so she wrapped her hand around his pole and began a slow pumping motion. The head of his cock was turning purple with the strain as she swirled her tongue around the head. She pumped a little faster around the bottom half of his cock and played with his sack.

“Ohh My FUCKK!” he moaned, “Keep that up and it’s gonna get messy!”

She sucked him in and began lashing the sweet spot just under the head with her tongue; her jacking hand moved quicker. Chris was clawing at the sheet on either side of himself and groaning non-stop! “You need a good cum, daddy! Go ahead, let this big dick shoot your hot cum down my throat!”

The lube was perfect; her hands and mouth were hitting all his spots; and after a minute of that Chris let out a yell and erupted! His ass was bouncing on the bed, and when Annie held on and jacked him some more, it seemed as if his orgasm lasted twice as long! “FUCK! Oh Godddd, FUCKKK!”

Annie climbed up and snuggled him, “How was that? Good start?”

Chris was trembling non-stop. He reached over and playfully slapped her ass. “Yeah, that was good! Now I’ve got another idea!”

She grinned at him, “Am I gonna like this one too?”

“The way you behaved it really doesn’t matter if you like it or not!” Annie was dying with need; but she couldn’t say much. Her pussy was throbbing with desire, (as if she hadn’t had enough orgasms last night.) Chris seemed to be accepting it okay, and there was no need to upset the way things were going. “Get naked and then get your bunny-cock vibrator out of the drawer.”

Annie stripped off her nightshirt; then she got her bunny vibe from the dresser. “Okay, now what?”

“Now, hold the vibrator and lie down on top of me, you fuckin’ little cunt!”

That was unusual for him to call her that, but she did as she was told. This position was different, she really couldn’t remember ever lying on his chest like this before. Chris began by nibbling on her neck and he reached his hands around to fondle her tits. Annie’s nipples were achingly hard and Chris squeezed her boobs near the nipples and pinched at her teats until she was groaning.

“Turn the vibe on, Babe; and have it ready!” When she complied, Chris said, “Okay, now spread your legs a little and put your feet on my thighs!” His hands were really working her nipples now and making her crazy! Every few seconds he would stop and slap one of boobs medium hard, then pinch and flick at her nipples some more.

“Oh my goddd,” she moaned, “Oh Godd…Oh Fuucckk!” Chris took the hand with the vibrator and moved it between her legs.

“Push that in there deep, Annie! Fuck yourself with that while I play with you!” She was so wet by this time, the toy slid right in no problem! With one of his hands, he began circling her clit with a forefinger. “C’mon,” he whispered in her ear, “We’re gonna make you cum like big-time! Fuck your horny, little cunt now, c’mon…fuck it good!” He slapped both her tits, and then pulled hard at her left nipple. His fingering got more insistent and Annie began plowing the gel dick into her vag deep!

“Ohh YES!! Oh Godd Yesss!”

Chris slapped her tits again, and then again! “Fuck it harder, fuck it deeper! C’mon…do it!” güvenilir bahis şirketleri He grabbed her tit with his right hand and aggressively frigged at her clit with his left middle finger. The gel cock was plunging over and over now, faster and faster. One more time he hissed, “Cum now… little bitch! CUM!”

Right as he said that, her pussy went off! “Holyyy…ohhh … FUCCKKK!” Chris ripped the vibe from her hand and really hammered her cunt with it! “Ohh Godddd!! Shitttt! Ungghhhh! Ohhhh!” His move made her cum again! She could feel her juices leaking around the toy and running down her slit past her asshole. She pushed his pumping hand away, and rolled off him flopping face-down on the mattress.

Chris was laughing at her while she whimpered into the sheet. “We’re not near done yet, you horny bitch! I was just resting there. My cock is getting hard again and it wants the next turn in your fucking hungry twat! But also, you need to learn a good lesson here, and wearing out your pussy is the first step! You ready for step two?”

“Yes, I’m ready…I think!”

“Good! Keep your face in the sheet and get up on your knees!” Annie did as she was told and when she was in position, Chris said, “Now, as I said, there’s not going to be any debate here; I’m gonna forgive you, but your cheatin’ ass is mine today!”

A nervous thrill made Annie shiver, “W..what? My ass?”

“Yeah, that’s right; we’ve had this discussion before. You never had the guts to try it, but today’s the day and you’re gonna let me do it!”


“No debate, Annie! You didn’t say ‘No’ to Joyce, and you’re not saying it to me either! And ya know what I’m thinkin’? My little slut-wife will probably end up loving it anyway, and I’m gonna do everything I can to MAKE you love it…So c’mon, think positive!” And with that Chris gave Annie two stinging slaps on her ass, one on each cheek.”

“Oh Fuck!” she said, “Wow…uhhh…”

Chris spanked each cheek again, and a little harder too! “You debating, Slut?”

“Uhh, no…Uhh…” All of a sudden Annie felt Chris pull her ass cheeks apart even wider, and a split second later she felt his mouth cover her anus. He sucked at it for a moment, and then his tongue started lapping her asshole aggressively. “Oh my…OH GODDD!” Chris had done this before, but it was always gentle and loving. This was not that at all; this was aggressive and demanding. It felt amazing! “Oh Chris,” she cried, “Oh my Godd! Mmm…WOW! Mmmm…”

After several seconds of that, Chris began rimming her asshole with the tip of his tongue! One of his thumbs slid into her pussy and she could feel him searching for her g-spot. Then he started sucking her ass again as that hand worked her cunt! He briefly stopped and said, “I don’t mind if you cum; but if you do…you won’t get to rest until I say so!”

Annie was on fire; “Oh Babe, I love this…Mmm…keep going!”

Chris laughed, “Ha! Yeah, you’re gonna love this, cuz you’re a slut!” He licked her star some more and kept going until he heard her moan, and then he tried ramming his tongue into her ass. “You talk to me, Slut! Tell me how you like it!” He pulled his thumb out and started frigging her clit with it.

“Ohh Yeahh…Ohhhh Yeahh!! Mmm, do me…Ohh Godd, yesss! That feels…Ohh, Unngghhh!” It didn’t take long and she came with a shudder!

She would have collapsed onto the bed, but Chris held her hips up. “No you don’t! No rest yet. Suck it up and stay in this position…here we go!”

Annie was whimpering into the sheet, and now she was nervous as hell. Chris had been asking about anal off and on for almost the whole marriage and she kept putting him off, mostly because of fear. Now there didn’t appear to be much choice. She took a deep breath and tried to stay calm. When she felt him squirt some lube on her butthole, she moaned, “Oh myy…Oh Goddd…”

“Take it easy,” he said, “we’re gonna go slow; you just relax, Babe…I actually think you’re gonna like it! I’m going to use a finger first to open you up!”

“If it hurts, what do I do?”

“Nothing, if it hurts you’re probably resisting. Just relax the ring in your ass as best you can. I’ve got you lubed up really good; my finger will go right in!”

With that Chris laid one hand on her tailbone and with the other he started rubbing her anus with the tip of his forefinger. Annie said, “Okay, that feels great! Is it in?”

Chris laughed, “Nooo…I’m working it!” He pushed his finger in up to the first knuckle and her asshole tried to resist it. “Don’t do that, Babe…let it happen!” He pushed a little slower and his finger went in all the way. “There…Mmm…that ‘s in!”

“Okay, that wasn’t too bad,” It feels funny in there though. He started to finger-fuck her slowly, and Annie responded, “Okay! Woww…Okayyy, Mmm…That’s nice…Woww…” She grabbed at a pillow and pulled it under her head, bracing against it she reached for her pussy and rubbed her labia with four fingers while Chris picked up a little speed, “Fuuckk, Mmm, Unngghh…that’s good!” Her middle finger found her clit, “Yesss, that’s good! Wowww!”

Suddenly Chris pulled his finger out, “Mmm, yeah, that was good…here we go some more!” She felt him squirt more lube, and then she heard the vibrator turn on. “Okay Babe, now the vibe!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32