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Dee wanted sex on line.

(It began one Thursday morning, with the usual feedback message from Literotica. But the relationship mushroomed fairly quickly.)

Hi Sarah,

I hope you don’t mind me contacting you. This is my first time, but I have just read some of your stories. If that person who wrote to you doesn’t get turned on by your “conversations” he or she must be dead. I am laying in bed now, playing with myself as I type this note to you, I have lost count of the orgasms you have given me, but my pussy is still so wet. Please keep on writing your conversations and now I’ve found you, I know I will have hours of pleasure. By the way, I’m Dee, aged 48, a divorced mother of two. Thanks, I know I’ll sleep well tonight, but one more story.

Kisses Dee

Gosh Dee

I’m flattered that I should have helped you with your multiple orgasms. I only wish I could have in bed with you help out with my fingers, tongue and nose. Mmm nice age though. Very sexy one. I had just realised I was bi at that age – I’m now 52 damn it!! But sex is just as good – if not better – with my Vicar’s wife!! Do tell me more about yourself. I love chatting to new ‘admirers’. So glad you found me!!


OMG Sarah,

What a wonderful thought, you being in my bed, playing with me. I have just had a shower and still in my robe, it’s open now, wish you were here to take it off. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the opportunity with a girlfriend yet, but I live in hope that a chance will come my way. And your latest girlfriend is a vicar’s wife, really, that must be so hot, keeping that secret…..

I have only recently found , I love reading mom / daughter stories and lesbian encounters. I can’t wait to get in my bed in the evening and see what new stories have arrived…. but I do wish I had someone to read them with, maybe we wouldn’t read too much … I’d love to chat to you one day if the opportunity arose.

Dee xxx

Mmmm Dee

Wish I’d been there – slip my arms round your waist and give you a long sexy kiss, caress your bottom with both hands before sneaking them between your thighs, searching for that secret entrance to your jewel – warm, soft and wet. May I slip my fingers inside. You certainly wouldn’t read too much with me beside you, getting you all worked up, moaning and twitching. Perhaps you would like a pic of mine!! My g/f has taken several to keep her company when I’m not with her!!!

Sarah x

(The following day.)

Mmmmm Sarah,

I don’t know where to go with this, I have to be honest. I’ve never had a sexy conversation like this. I have had a few sexy chats, but no one ever caressed my pussy or asked me to describe myself, I can’t tell you how wet I was when I read your note. I would have loved you to be by my side as I read it to you, looking at your hands trace down my tummy. Omg you are so bad. I would love to see a picture of you, your girlfriend is so lucky. I am a brunette (I think I used to be) 5’6″ about 150 lbs, and wear size 12 to 14s. I can’t wait to read your response, I will wait until I’m in bed…. alone – probably masturbate thinking of you.

Love and kisses. Dee xx

Gosh Dee

I’d love to watch you masturbate and hear your excitement growing – your moans getting louder – your grunts and gasps, your eyes screwed tight, your bottom arching from the bed as your thighs tremble and legs shake. I could hoist my body over yours and press my vulva against your face, rubbing the warm silky wetness over your nose and lips, dribbling my juices into your mouth. Meantime, putting my face between your thighs, rubbing my mouth and nose between your labia, until your jerk and shout with a long shattering orgasm.

I do hope you’ve not shaved your pussy – I love dark curly public hair spreading over the groin and down your inner thighs. Mmmmmm. Here’s mine in the attachment.

I told Sue about you after church. She says to tell you that you have no idea what fun and happiness is waiting for you!! She kissed me and slipped her fingers into my knickers for a quick feel while we were in the ladies room! Even vicar’s wife can be sexy!

Sarah xxxxx

(After that, I tried several times to contact Dee, but got no response. I was puzzled to say the least. Then on Monday …)

Hello Sarah,

Sorry about yesterday, I read your email (and looked and looked at your pictures), then tried to set up a windows messenger account on my iPAD. That took ages and when I finally got in, it said I had blocked you and needed to log in on a PC, which was in my office at work…. so sorry. I was then going to email you, but my children came round and I lost track of time.

I did love your email though. I lay in bed thinking of you. I have never thought of chatting sexually before, I was so excited. I hope I’m not disappointing you.

Dee xxx

(Then suddenly I was told Dee had become available on line.)

‘Hello Sarah.’

‘Wow!! Are you at work?’

‘Yes, at my desk – just saw your pics you attached.’

‘Get you nice and wet I hope. Did you finger yourself?’

‘I did … blushing now…’

‘Why? Would you güvenilir bahis like me to feel you? Are you wearing a skirt?’

‘Yes, a skirt. I have never chatted like this before… and yes, I would love you to feel me. ‘

‘Ooooo, Dee, lovely! So I can crouch under the desk and explore your thighs. Softly stroke your inner thighs.’

‘You are soooo bad.’

‘Can I slip my fingers inside your knickers – what sort are you wearing??’

‘Just a small pair of white panties.’

‘Mmm. I can push my head between your legs and sniff your secret scent, your personal aroma. Mmmmmm. Delicious! And slowly lick of the gusset tasting the dampness.’

(There was a silence – I thought Dee had gone, but …)

‘Hello, on my iPad now … it’s safer.’

‘Glad you’re back again. Have you taken your panties off?’

‘Yes, I went to loo. Back at desk now.’

‘Feeling very naughty?’


‘Are there others around?’

‘My door is open.’

‘So they might hear you if you cum? Take the risk?’

‘They certainly would. Too risky, so please … don’t make me cum.’

‘I can feel my nose rubbing against your clit and my tongue explores your pussy.’

‘Sarah, please…’

‘The taste is delightful. Has anyone licked your pussy before??’

‘Not since my ex. No woman has done that.’

‘Do you have a g/f.’

‘A g/f yes, but not my lover.’

‘So does your g/f not fancy sex with you.’

‘I don’t know – but I do with her.’

‘Don’t you talk about it?’


‘Shame, Dee. Because making love to another woman is so different – and so wonderful

lovely soft lips and smooth fingers and eager tongues.’

‘That’s what I imagine – I think about it a lot. Eager tongues mmmmm. How did you meet Sue?’

‘At an official lunch. Locally.’

‘Is she really a vicars wife?’

‘Yes – truly – so very sober, caring and affectionate – the parishioners adore her. She’s so kind – no-one would ever believe what a sex bomb she really is!!’

‘Hang on … closing the door … back. You do look sexy.’

‘I want to feel you squirm with pleasure, feeling my tongue in your vagina.’

‘You’re very naughty, Sarah. Could I kiss you?’

‘You too – and kissing me would be so divine. Come to me – soft chewy lips .’

‘Looking at you, smiling. Reaching forward, closing my eyes.’

‘Mmmmm you have naughty eyes Dee – glittering – sexy.’

‘Touching your lips.’



‘Tongues exploring just a little.’

‘Feeling your face, Dee, so smooth. I like the taste of your lipstick. I trace my tongue around your lips. Nibbling your ears with my fingers while we get to know each others mouths.’

‘My tongue touches yours, electrifying.’

‘Feeling your nipples grow. I lower my head towards your nipples, I look up into your eyes. Wish I could rub my fingers over your hairy pussy.’

‘You are very welcome to it now – it’s oozing with excitement. Can I feel your hairy groin?’

‘Mine is oozing too – wish we could rub them together.’

‘Wow Dee. Fingers reaching deep inside your jewel. Feeling the heat.’

‘Our juices mixing as I suck your hard nipple. Omg, Sarah, I’m so wet.’

‘Cupping my hand over the whole vulva and squeezing.’

‘I’m cumming Sarah. Omg!’

‘Kissing your breasts.’

‘Suck them – please …’

‘Suckling the nipples mmmmmmmmmmm.’


‘Rubbing your clit.’

‘Omg Sarah – this is so hot.’

‘Mouth now over your pussy, eating your labia. Delicious!’

‘EAT ME SARAH. Suck my big erect clit.’

‘Chewing – tasting the delicious juices. Sucking your hard clit.’


‘ Your private special nectar. Feeling your thighs shaking.’

‘You’re so bad, Sarah. No! So good.’

‘Your muscles flexing … tummy fluttering.’

‘Grabbing your fingers.’

‘Gasping – murmuring. OMG Dee.’

‘Bum so tight. Yes baby. Sarahhhhhh. Aggghhhhh.’

‘Getting ready to explode on you Dee. Kiss me. KISSSS MEEEEEE!’

‘Kissing you so hard.’

‘Cumming for you. Sucking your tongue. Ooooo it’s so good.’

‘Feeling your clit. So hard. So wet.’

‘You are so wonderful. I’m cumming Dee. MMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmm.’

‘Rubbing you.’


‘Feeling your juices run through my fingers. Drinking your juices. Cum baby.’

‘Mmmmmmm Yeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssss.’

‘Kissing your nipples.’


‘Cum baby.’


(A short break whilst I recover my breath.)

‘Omg – I’m cumming again Sarah. Aaaaggggghhhh.’

‘Cum with me.’

‘Yes darling. Fuck me. Fuck me!’



‘Did you have two??’

‘Aaaggghhhhh … yes. Exhausted!’

‘OMG Dee – you are wonderful.’

‘Yes, the second one was huge.’

‘Internet orgasms are so different I think. Bigger and better in many ways.’

‘Thank you so much Sarah. My first. And second – lol.’

‘Hey – was that your first online cum??’

‘Yes. I was an on-line türkçe bahis virgin before. The second orgasm was my biggest for a long time.’

‘Oh that’s so marvellous darling. So flattering.’

‘Amazing! My fingers are dripping.’

‘I need to hold you tight and cup your pussy in my palm. It’s so beautiful I’m sure. I’d love to see it!! To gaze at it. To kiss it and fondle it.’

‘I would love all of that, Sarah, feeling your eyes on my naked body.’

‘I’d love to see you, to know what I’m loving and kissing. Is there time for another or have you work to do??’

‘Another! You are bad! I would love to see you suck my dripping fingers.’

‘It’s so exciting to have a new girlfriend. Like a first date all over again. Breathless and thrilling.’

‘Sucking yours, Sarah, running them over my erect nipples. You are my first. That was truly amazing! Wanting to hold you tight and feel your breasts and nipples and slip all four fingers deep into your fantastic vagina.’

‘I’m sure it will get even better with you.’

‘And better and better. Letting my hands roam all over your body. Fingers snaking through your pubic hair, reaching for the clit and between your labia.’

‘My clit is huge, never seen it this big before. Do you use toys with Sue?’

‘We’d be too nervous of them being found by hubbies – but carrots and cucumbers!! OMG Dee – you’re hooked. Cum again??’

‘Would love to eat a cucumber as I make love to you with it.’

‘My lips latched onto that huge clit of yours, sucking and rolling it between my teeth. I can feel the dribbles down your thighs. You’re so wet.’

‘Sarah, so sorry, but I need to get cleaned up, I’m sure people could smell my juices on my thighs.’

‘Are you usually so wet?’

‘No, never like this. Ever! It’s all your fault – I’m glad to say.’

‘Phew – we must meet again soon. Tomorrow perhaps – about this time??

Later xxxxxxxxxxxxx Love you.’

‘Yes, I want to meet again, this time tomorrow would be perfect

Love you Sarah xxxxxx.’

‘I’ll send you some more of Sue’s pix. Then you can masturbate in bed – as I shall, thinking of our first encounter. ‘

‘I can’t wait to get in bath tonight.’

‘She found taking photos very exciting and I must say, that the exhibitionist in me was so enjoyable. It always turned me on for her – not that I needed much encouragement.’

‘I agree with both views, I can see from the pics.’

‘I don’t want to leave you darling. Ooooohhhh.’

‘Me neither.’

‘But I have some work to do as well.’

‘I can be back around 4 pm.’

‘My lips are covered with your juices and yours mine – let’s kiss. Ill see what I can do darling. Should be ok.’

‘Ok, I’ll be here. If your tied up Sarah, that’s ok.’

‘I’ll move the earth for you Dee darling!!! Meantime – lovely thoughts and memories.’

‘Yes, to the best on-line lover xxxx.’

(Meantime I sent an email.)

Wow Dee,

What an introduction. You were so turned on. I could hear you gasping. Perhaps you should put out feelers with your friend. Who knows, she may feel the same, but like you, to embarrassed to bring it up. Try to think of an opening which will let you pull back if there’s no positive response. Take it nice and slow, unless, like Sue and me, you just fall into each others arms. Chat soon.

Sarah xxx

(At a quarter to the hour, Dee came on line. Meantime I had sent a few naughty pics to her.)

‘Hello. Little early, but you have me all flustered now. Couldn’t wait.’

‘Sorry Dee. I’ve put a towel on my chair!! No panties. Still reeling from our first orgasms.’

‘I have your new email. I just came looking at your pics. Omg!’

‘Did they make you cum? Your third today – or maybe more!!.’

‘Omg Sarah, you are hot. Never wrote the f word before, but you turned me on.’

‘So glad. You are worth all the cums you can get!!’

‘So are you darling.’

‘Here’s me Dee. I though you might want to see how I look!’

‘Omg. I love your pussy, Sarah, I want to fuck it mmmmm. There! I wrote it again! I love your smile.’

‘For you darling. Come and kiss me then. A long passionate one – lashing tongues and all.’

‘Mmmm – you bad lady. Look – I have a meeting. Back soon. Please!’


‘I had my meeting, I was so flustered couldn’t stop thinking of you.’

‘Thinking of my hand over your pussy??’

‘Holding you close, our mouths met.’

‘Were you trickling?’

‘Yes … gushing! Sarah – I was so wet. Tongues fighting. My fingers finding your nipples, I love it when they get so erect.’

‘If only. But at least you have mine to gaze at, and I have a lively imagination. Pushing my tongue deep inside your mouth, trying to swallow you. Whilst I caress your breasts, and nuzzle your neck.’

‘Mmmm … play with my boobies, Sarah, I love that.’

‘As I run my hand up and down your belly – over your swollen, hairy groin, get your nipples between my teeth and pull them – gently!’

‘Omg yes.’

‘My fingers searching for your labia. Ah – your clit is erect again.

‘Yes, very güvenilir bahis siteleri erect.’

‘Darling Dee, I reach down and find your pussy, you are so wet. My two middle fingers slip down either side of your labia into your soft wet vulva. I run my hands over your lips, feeling your clit. Then slide effortlessly into the warmth of your wet private place. Oh darling, your labia so smooth. And your clit so warm and erect. Once wet, I push them further between your buttocks and find your puckered little entrance.’

‘Omg yes. mmmm oh yes. That would be nice.’

‘Rub round the rim, the end of my middle finger probing the entrance. Can I kiss you down there?’

‘Yes please Sarah – I’d love that.’

‘I ease my bum in the air. I lower my body towards you, opening your legs as my tongue finds your pussy.’

‘I shall grip your face between my thighs and rub my wet pussy over the cheeks and nose and lips.’

‘Mmm Sarah! Kissing your lips, my tongue traces around your labia. My middle finger is slowly entering your bum.’

‘Feeling your juices running down my chin. Yes, please enter my bum.’

‘Mmmm I can heave myself over you 69 and get my head between your thighs, pushing up to meet me.’

‘My teeth take your clit in my mouth, gently nibbling it.’

‘My tongue enters you, my nose rubbing you. Chewing – pushing my stiffened tongue deep inside your love tube, lurching on your face. I push my tongue deep inside of you. My juices smearing your face. Feeling your muscles tighten around my tongue, my finger finds your bum hole. Nibbling your clit now with my fingers entering your vagina – four fingers – deeper deeper – fucking you hard – fucking fucking. Fucking Dee.’

‘My finger is rubbing in your juices and gently pushing against your bum hole. Nibble your clit, rubbing my pussy over you … trembling and shaking …wanting you darling.’

‘I tongue fuck you, and and out, deeper, harder. NEEDING you.’

‘Omg Sarah. Cummmiiinnngg. Yesssssssss.Tongue goes deeper.’

‘Cum with me Dee.’

‘My finger in your delicious bum. Cummmin. cummming.’

‘You too, cum darling. Ohhhhh. Ohhhhhh my gawd.’




‘Eating your pussy. Aaagggghhhhhh. Omg. Yesssssss. OMG – yes yes yes. Ohhhhh. FUCKKKKKK.’

‘Cum baby. Oooooohhhhhhhhhhhh yes, Sarah.’

(A pause while we relax to regain our breath.)

‘Your cum on my tongue, Dee. All over your face. Mmmm so wet darling. Soaking. Big sigh! Thighs wet through.’

‘Lol – mine too Sarah. Wish you were here.’

‘I need to cup your precious pussy in my palm again. I adore it.’

‘I want you Sarah. Please. Suck my nipples. Play with me.’

‘Darling Dee. Rubbing my fingers over your clit, it’s so erect. Amazed at the beautiful feel of your labia – so soft and squashy. OMG Dee. You are the most fantastic lover.’

‘I am in a dream. I’m not the most fantastic lover. Maybe today yes, but not usually … My best day yet. How can I possibly work now?’

‘We’ll learn to delight each other.’

‘I know, better each day.’

‘I agree, first day like this, can’t be like this every day.’

‘Will you tell Sue?’

‘Yes – she’ll be so excited. It will turn her on.’

‘Really, will you eat her tomorrow? Will you tell me about it?’

‘You can think of us in the morning at about 10.30, fucking the life out of each other!! I’ll tell every detail!’

‘I will be thinking of you.’

‘Then after lunch I’ll do the same for you.’

‘I want to hear everything.’

‘Perhaps I’d better put it in an email – may be to long for an IM.’

‘Yes, I’ll read it before we chat. I want to fuck you again darling.’

‘Me too.’

‘Gosh Sarah – I feel rather knackered after all our exertions. Blushing now I’ve said the f word again.’

‘Does it make you blush?’

‘It does actually, like saying tits.’

‘The word I hate is the c word.’

‘I would never use that, horrible word.’

‘Perhaps we were brought up to be ‘proper’.’

‘I think my mum thought so, what would she say if she saw me now.’

‘But when you have to be seen to be elegant and upright all the time, it’s good to let your hair down – or panties in our case – and have a good swear – fuck fuck fuck.’

‘Lol – so true – fuck fuck tits bum fuck. Oh you make me so bad Sarah! Saying those words!’

‘We repressed ourselves too much I think. Let’s make up for lost time.’

‘I had better get cleaned up. I have telecom in ten minutes. Thank you so much for today, you are fantastic.’

‘One more kiss between your thighs darling – a soft lick of your juicy pussy. Licks and kisses for your gorgeous vulva.’

‘Omg, don’t Sarah – it won’t take much to start me again.’

‘Will miss you enormously.’

‘Missing you already, damn it!’

‘Well, I have to get going as well. Thinking of you constantly. Wish I could see you though.’

‘How many lovers have you had on line (not jealous) xx. One day you’ll see me, too scared now, though.’

‘Have you read all my Conversations? Well several more than that, but not for quite a long time before you came along. It seems at the moment that most are advising mums and their children how to get together!!’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32