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After sucking my first cock I was really hooked. Now, there were even more ways to have fun at the arcade. Little did I know just how many more.

As I said in Chapter Two, the arcade where I gave my first blowjob became a favorite. It was reasonably clean, the booths were a decent size and it had a good selection of movies. It was also somewhat close to where I worked, and not very close to where I lived.

Not being close to where I lived was good because I had begun to make a few friends, male and female, and I wasn’t sure what any of them would think of the idea of me being a cocksucker. Honestly, I didn’t know myself.

I never went through the stage of questioning whether I was Gay that I hear a lot of guys experience. My take on it from very early was that it was sex, and sex was fun. It didn’t matter whether the sex was with men or women. I was single and free to experiment.

Being close to work was nice. I would go over at lunch and/or stop by after work. I even started stopping by early in the morning from time to time. I wanted all I could get, as often as I could get it.

Of all the times of day, after work seemed the best. Early mornings were hit or miss, and I had a deadline. The crowd was usually better at lunch, but I still had a deadline.

One evening I stopped by and right away was able to suck a very nice cock. The guy came fast, which was fine with me. The sucking part is fun, but the creamy reward is the best part.

After he left his booth I was just sitting there, slowly stroking my cock and watching a movie, while keeping an eye on the hole. canlı bahis şirketleri I had removed my pants and was able to finger my ass, using my precum for lube.

Pretty soon I heard the door of the booth next door open, close and latch. By this time, I had developed the habit of letting the person next door make the first move if I was already in the booth. Part of it was that I didn’t want to appear to be overly eager, but the other part was to see what the other person wanted.

If the guy immediately dropped his pants, he wanted to be sucked. If he bent down or sat down and looked through the hole, there was a better chance he was interested in doing the sucking.

When a face didn’t appear at the hole after a few seconds, I leaned over for a look. Right then, the guy was stepping completely out of his pants. Like in my case, this is usually a sign the person intends to stay a while.

He turned and started to sit down with his semi erect cock in his hand, but he must have seen me because he stood back up and began stroking while facing the hole. I did the lick my lips routine and right away, here it came.

I licked all around the head, eventually wrapping my lips around it and teasing his slit with my tongue. I eased more and more into my mouth until I had it all. I paused for a second, then drew back off and plunged down again.

Sometimes, you can tell if I guy is going to cum quickly or last a long time. I got the idea right away this guy wasn’t cumming anytime soon. So, I settled in for the duration, still giving it my best.

After some time, canlı kaçak iddaa he pulled out of my mouth and back through the hole. I wondered what the hell this meant. Was he not enjoying it? Was I not doing a good job?

That’s when he leaned down to the hole and said he wanted to suck me. This was a first. Until now, the way each encounter started, was the way it finished. If I started as the sucker, we continued until the other guy filled my mouth with cum. If it started with me being sucked, the same in reverse.

This was exciting, almost like we were together and trying to give each other pleasure, even though we were still separated by the wall.

I stood up and slid my cock through the hole. He didn’t bother with the licking part at all. He just swallowed it all the way down at the first contact. He was good and it was a very nice blowjob.

I was enjoying his mouth but wondering what was next. I didn’t want to cum yet, partly because I wanted to suck him some more and partly because his mouth felt so good. Were we going to switch again? Was he going to finish me off?

I decided to take the initiative and followed his lead from earlier. I pulled back from the hole and dropped to my knees. He slid his cock back through the hole and I went to work on him again.

We swapped back and forth a few more times. He had me close to cumming twice, which was my cue to pull out and get back on my knees. I know he was in a similar situation at least once.

Eventually, when he pulled away, he put his face to the hole and told me he wanted my cum this time. This was good canlı kaçak bahis for me, because I knew that I would want to continue sucking him after I came. I had learned that this wasn’t the case with a lot of guys.

I slid my cock back through the hole and into his waiting mouth. I let him do the work for a while but as my orgasm built, I started thrusting my hips a little. I was thinking of how good his cum was going to taste and that put me over the edge. After being close to cumming a couple of times, when I released it was quite an explosion.

I stayed hard as he pulled off and cleaned up my cock with his tongue. Then I dropped to my knees to see him standing up and turning away from the hole. My first thought was that he had jerked off and shot his load while sucking me and that he was now finished. This wasn’t good. I wanted the load of cum I thought I was due.

I don’t know why he turned away, but he put my fears to rest when he turned back to the hole. I licked my lips again to make sure he got the message. He put his face to the hole and told me he didn’t think I would be interested after cumming. I assured him I was interested.

I don’t know if it was relief that I was going to finish him off or what, but it didn’t take long for him to shoot a large load in my mouth. Hot and thick, it was wonderful. As he had done for me, I cleaned his cock the best I could and let him pull back through the hole. I watched as he pulled on his pants and zipped up. He turned and smiled back at me through the hole as he went out the door.

I was still hard so I settled back in the chair, stroking and fingering my ass. After a while it seemed obvious things had slowed down in the arcade so with a finger in my ass, watching a guy on the movie take a large, thick cock in his ass, I shot another load, cleaned up and left for the evening.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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