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The following weeks finally passed and school was over and summer was here. Our little secret was still safe and I decided I was going to learn as much as I could from Mary’s dad this summer. He had started a desire I didn’t know I had. I still loved Mary and thought she was the most beautiful girl around. I didn’t think of men or boys as particularly attractive, but there was a part of me that truly enjoyed the sight of Rick’s cock getting hard and seeing the pleasure I gave him that day and I was hoping for a chance to do it again and hoping that Rick wanted the same.

Mary and I had a date set for Friday night. Her mother’s sister was in the hospital and Mary and she were going to be visiting her for the weekend. We were going out to grab a bite to eat and catch another movie. On the drive home, Mary told me that her mom and dad both spoke highly of me, that they really were glad we were dating. After a few minutes of silence, Mary turned to face me and said she thought she was ready to take things to the next level. That she was waiting for the right guy to come into her life to share her first time with. Thinking back to the day with her dad, I agreed that the first time should be shared with someone special and that she was very special to me.

“But I don’t want it to be some “quicky” thing in the back seat of a car like some of my girlfriends have done, I want it to be something more romantic than that” she said.

“Ok, what do you have on your mind?”

“I don’t know, let me think about it some more, ok?”

My cock was straining in my pants to get out, but I fought the urge to take her right then and agreed.

“My girlfriends tell me it doesn’t feel the same with a condom on, but we need to be careful. Do you think you could find a condom somewhere? I want to have kids with you someday, but not until we get married.”

“Yeah, I know where my parents keep the one’s they use. I don’t think they’ll miss one or two.”

I turned the car off when we pulled into the driveway. Feeling more confident, I put my arm around Mary and pulled her closer to me. We started kissing. I was thinking her dad’s lips were almost as soft as hers. We were both breathing heavily as our hands started to move up each other’s thigh. Mary finally got her fingers to my hard on and stroked softly. I remembered to let her know when I was about ready to cum. As I was starting, the porch light came on. “Oh shit”, we said at the same time. I placed my hand on top of hers around my spewing cock in order to keep it from shooting all over the steering wheel and seats. We quickly jumped to pull up and straighten our clothes. She reached over and zipped my pants as I only had one free hand now.

“Sorry Scott, I was hoping to do a little more than this, guess I better get inside before Mom gets suspicious, thanks for a lovely evening. Have you got something to clean that up with?” Mary said half giggling, leaning over to give me a goodnight kiss.

“I know, I was too. Yeah, I’ll find something. I’ll call you tomorrow.”

I sat frustrated, watching her cute ass walking quickly to the house. She turned and ran back to the car window.

“I almost forgot, Daddy wanted me to ask you if you would stop by tomorrow and help him moving a bunch of boxes to the attic. His back has been sore the last few days and said he could use your help again.”

“I’ll be happy to help R…, him.”

“OK, I’ll let him know, stop by around 1:00.”

As I was driving home my mind was thinking about how lucky I was to have the chance to feel Rick’s body again. I looked at my hand and held it to my lips and let it run into my mouth, imagining it being his and smiling.

I woke up early in anticipation of “helping” Rick. 1:00 seemed like it would never get here. Wishing that something might happen again, I decided not to put on underwear like Rick said he does, my favorite dark blue running shorts and a grey Nike t-shirt that said “just do it”. Maybe he might get the idea. As I pulled up, I noticed the garage door was up and Rick inside standing by a lot of boxes wearing a pair of khaki shorts and a loose t-shirt.

“Good afternoon Scott” Rick said smiling. I thought what a wonderful smile; I sure do hope he has something wonderful in store for me. He reached out to shake my hand moving closer to me.

“Hi, Rick. So we need to move all of these, huh?”

“Yeah, thanks for the help.”

I noticed his eyes look away from mine and looking up and down my body.

“You know Scott, I would give you a kiss right now, but, well you know, neighbors and all.”

My heart started beating faster. “I understand. Maybe I could get a kiss later, once we get done?” smiling devilishly.

“Oh, you illegal bahis can bet on that, I could spend all day doing more than kiss, my dear, but it would look funny if we don’t have these boxes moved when Mary and Betty get back. Let’s knock this out, what do you say?”

Did I hear this wonderful man call me dear? I liked the sound of that; it gave me a strange tingling feeling inside. I was beginning to like the idea of being his love interest more and more.

“I’m happy to do whatever we need to, Rick.”

He pulled the attic ladder down and stood about half way up it. The plan was for me to bring the boxes to him and he would stack as many as he could, then we would both go up and move them out of the way for the next stack. As I waited to hand him the next one, I kept getting a wonderful view of his smooth scrotum up the leg of his shorts. I wanted to touch them so badly. After the first bunch was up, he said to come on up and we would move those out of the way.

“Guess what Rick? The neighbors can’t see us up here; can I get my kiss now?”

With that said he put his arms around my waist and pulled me next to him. I looked up at him, tilted my head and closed my eyes in anticipation. The temperature was very warm up there, but when I felt his lips on mine, it seemed to get even warmer. My cock twitched as our tongues felt one another’s.

As we were starting to move the last load, I thought about what Mary said about his back.

“Let me take over on the ladder Rick. Mary said your back has been sore and that way there won’t be as much twisting.”

I moved about half way up and as I would push the box upward, I tried to make sure Rick got a similar view of me.

“Well now, I see someone else likes to go without underwear!”

Mission accomplished. I guess I could be something of a tease as well.

Smiling and looking downward at him, “Just one of the things a wonderful man I know taught me.”

With the last of the boxes moved, we were both pretty hot and sweaty from the attic. He suggested we go inside and cool down and relax a bit. We went into the kitchen from the garage. Rick reached out and hit the button to close the garage door.

I sat at the kitchen bar and Rick poured us a couple of beers into some mugs he had been keeping in the freezer and pulled up a stool next to me. We toasted to a job well done. I think we were both a little nervous with excitement. We started with small talk, which led to more. Rick let me know how much he enjoyed our time together that special day and had been thinking about it ever since. I let him know it was the most memorable time I had ever had. I also felt I needed to let him know about Mary and me wanting to go further sexually. And that I would remember what he had taught me and treat her like a lady if we did.

“But I want you to know, we plan on being careful, I know where my dad keeps his condoms.”

“Well, that’s very responsible of you two. You two are old enough; you shouldn’t feel like you need my permission. I, mean, since I was actually your first sexual partner, it would be selfish of me not to allow Mary to enjoy the pleasures you can give.”

“Is there a certain time you need to get home Scott?”

“Not really, I didn’t say exactly when I’d be home.” Thinking I didn’t ever want to leave.

“Well, listen, you’re more than welcome to take a shower and clean up if you want.”

“Sure, that would be nice.”

“The water pressure isn’t that great in the one down here, let me show you to the one upstairs.”

He led me up the staircase and into his and Betty’s master bedroom and into the master bath. I was getting very excited now. He grabbed a towel and laid it on the vanity.

“Make yourself at home, Scott, come on downstairs when your done, I need to take care of some things” he said as he walked out.

I stood there for a minute, disappointed, wishing he might get in with me. I stripped down and got in the shower and started to enjoy the warm water. After quite some time, I heard the sliding glass door open and close behind me and strong arms wrap around me, startling me at first.

“Now you didn’t think I was going to let a good looking thing like yourself shower alone did you?”

I leaned back into him, turning my head and looking up at him, “I was really wishing you wouldn’t.”

Rick grabbed the bar of soap and started rubbing my neck and shoulders. His hands moved down my back and sides. I closed my eyes in enjoyment. As his strong hands moved around to wash my chest, I placed my hands on top of his hands and followed his movement. I felt him rubbing my nipples not realizing they could actually get hard like a woman’s, which had never happened illegal bahis siteleri to me before. I guided them down towards my stomach, I kept them going lower and as he massaged my cock and balls, I realized I had moved my legs apart so he could reach all of me better. Rinsing myself off, I turned to return the favor. My hands lathered his hairy chest and I reached around to wash his back which made me pull up close to him. We kissed passionately as I felt our hard cocks rubbing against each others. Totally entranced by it all, I fell to my knees and let him enter my mouth. The warm water on my back and shoulders felt as good as his wet cock sliding in and out. I felt more turned on than I ever was in my entire young life. Rick said he was close but that he didn’t want to cum yet; he wanted to move things to the bed if I wanted.

“Rick, you may do whatever, my love.” Did I just say “my love” I thought? Rick was beginning to have a powerful hold on me.

“I like the thought of being your second love Scott.”

“Well, technically, I guess you are my first love like you said, I mean with another man” I said looking up at him, chasing his swollen and bobbing member to give it a kiss on the head.

He helped me up to my feet and we stepped out to dry off. He took me my by the hand and led me into their bedroom. The shades were drawn, lights off and the room was lit by several candles, a bottle of champagne sitting on the night stand with 2 glasses by it.

“This is what I wanted to take care of earlier before I came in the shower, do you like it?”

“Oh Rick, you are a bad man, I like it very much.”

He sat on the edge of the bed and poured our glasses of champagne and patted the bed next to him with his hand for me to have a seat. I eagerly did and we had a toast to each other.

Lying back in the bed with his back against the headboard, “So, you and Mary are thinking about having sex, huh. I’m OK with it, but her mother may not be. I won’t say anything. Just another little secret between us, don’t worry. Do you think you’re ready for that?”

“I think so; I certainly remember all the wonderful things you did with me!”

“Well, there is one way to find out if you are. I want you to show me your technique.”

“You want to watch me and Mary?”

“No, silly. I want you to show me what you know with me. Remember how I got you ready for me last time? Reach in the nightstand and get out the bottle you find and I’ll let you practice getting a girl ready on me.”

“Now what we did last time was the missionary position, but another one is from behind. I want you to fuck me from behind.”

Rick told me to lie on my back and he positioned himself over my face as he held onto the headboard. His long cock resting on my forehead and his smooth shaven balls above my lips. I opened my mouth in anticipation of tasting him as he slowly lowered them towards me. I wanted them both, I tried, but they were too big, I could only get one at a time, but it was lovely. He explained to suck very softly on them, much softer than if I were sucking his cock. The smoothness felt delightful on my tongue. He moved his hips from time to time so that he would alternate his scrotum and his hard on in my mouth. Then he shifted some more and as I opened my eyes, his sphincter was above my mouth.

“Now Scott, think of it as a girls pussy and start by kissing and licking it. There, that’s it, you’re doing perfect. Keep that up just like that. That’s it my love.”

My hands went to his ass cheeks to spread them, holding them apart as I pleasured him. I was so into this. He must have been as well because I felt several drops of his pre cum dripping onto my forehead as it ran down from his shaft.

“Now try sticking your tongue into me; that will get her very wet and ready for you.”

After several minutes of making him moan with delight, he let loose of the headboard and knelt facing away from me with his butt up in the air.

“Now take some of the lube and pour some above my opening and some on your fingers. Now slip your finger into me. Yes, that’s it, that’s a good boy. Now let me see what you’ve got” he said smiling at me.

I nervously placed myself behind him, wanting to make him happy, excited about getting to lose my virginity to this man. As my cock touched his sphincter, he raised his hips upward and towards me.

“Now grab hold of yourself and move your cock up and down against me, that’s it. Now, very small circles and push slow and steady against me as you do that.”

I could feel his muscle loosen up just enough and watched as the head of my cock slip just inside him. Rick let out a long soft sigh. He told me to pour a little more lube on canlı bahis siteleri my shaft and work it into him. I felt my cock totally surrounded and held by him. It was so much better than masturbating. Now I knew how good I made him feel when he fucked me. I was feeling a connection to him like I never had with anyone else before. My hands held onto his hips as we made love using them to pull myself in and out of him. I couldn’t believe I was all the way inside him and could actually feel our balls touching on my thrusts. Being my first time it didn’t take very long and I remembered to tell him I was going to cum. And cum I did. Like never before or since that I can recall. I remember looking down and seeing some of it leaking out as I gave several more strokes until the tingling feeling went away.

I finally pulled out of him and Rick turned around and lay on his back. I collapsed beside him using his strong arm behind my head as a pillow.

“I’m sorry Rick. I thought I would last longer. I feel a little embarrassed.”

“Don’t worry about it Scott, I loved it, it was wonderful. I haven’t had that in many, many years. And, you will last longer the next time you do it.”

We enjoyed another glass of champagne together and just enjoyed touching each other’s naked bodies and kissing. As I lay next to him in their bed, I told him how thankful I was to have someone as understanding as he and how I nice it would be if I could stay all night. He cupped my face in his hands a kissed me.

“That would be a lovely experience, Scott” Rick said.

That did it. I had to somehow now. I started to think of myself as his wife and it was making me very horny. I thought for a moment then rolled over and reached past Rick to my phone on the nightstand. As I lay across his stomach I told him I had an idea.

“Oh, what’s that?” he asked with his hand massaging my ass cheek.

“I’m sending a text to mom to let her know I’m staying the night at my best friend Jimmy’s house. She’ll be cool with that.”

I hit send and cuddled back against Rick and waited anxiously for the reply. A few minutes later, the phone buzzed with it. Rick was anxious about it as well asking me what it said. K, u2 have fun c u in the am. Relieved, I instantly rolled over on top of him, placing my hands on his, pressing them down against the bed and kissed him. I told him how much I wanted him to make love to me again. He very easily rolled me over onto my back while kissing me at the same time. My legs immediately spread apart for him. After he applied the lube from their bottle, he settled back into position. Reaching out, I grabbed behind my knees and pulled my legs up high for him. It stung a little but I could tell he was going in me a little easier this time. Oh how I loved it and how I loved him. I looked over at the mirror on the dresser and noticed I could watch our love making session. My body was rocking back and forth under him on their bed with each of his thrusts in and out of me. I thought about how he and Betty did the same when they conceived Mary. I started thinking about Mary saying she wanted to have kids with me and us doing this to conceive ours. I thought if I was a girl, I would want to have this man’s child. Then I remembered how he liked how I talked to him our first time and decided to it again.

“Oh…Rick…you feel so…good… uh, uh…inside of… me” I whispered.

“Make me… your wife tonight, fuck me…like you fuck Mary. I can’t believe your hard cock is so… deep in me.”

“Oh Scott, you are my lovely bad girl, you are so tight, you feel better than anything else, I need you.”

We were both starting to work up a sweat. I moved my hands to rub over his strong back, feeling his muscles tighten as we fucked. Every now and then I would tighten down on his cock as it was sliding out and relaxing as it went back in.

“I need you to cum in me Rick, you’re going to get your loving wife pregnant tonight. Spill you’re cum deep inside of me. I want to feel your warmth in me again.”

His body began to tense up. He didn’t have to tell me what he was getting ready to do this time. I was learning what his body language was saying. His thrusts started to get a little slower and not as deep; he bent his head down and placed his face against mine; I felt his hard cock getting a little bigger inside me. I knew and was waiting for what was coming next. I could feel the first shot deep inside me, so warm. Feeling his cock spasm four more times, he collapsed on top of me pressing his hot, nude body against mine and was breathing deeply as I listened to him whisper in my ear how sexy I was to him and how good I make him feel. We never got out of bed until the next morning. Neither one of us wanted to move. I remember falling asleep with this wonderful man’s chest pressed tightly against my back with his arms wrapped around me and thinking how lucky I was to have my lover’s semen deep inside me. I had never slept better than that night.

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