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I stepped out of the dark cubicle room, wrapped in a heavy cotton towel, and made my way through the dimly lit hallways that wound between the cubical-sized rooms that were all like my own 8-hour rental. The Club was one of two bathhouses in the Midwest college town that I’d recently taken up residence in. I had recently completed my degree in education and after a few months looking, I had taken the open job as World History instructor at one of the many local high schools. I moved into a furnished brownstone in town shortly thereafter. It didn’t take me long to discover the alternate lifestyle locations in this college town. Their advertisements were posted openly at various points on and near the campus.

I had apprehensions about being seen at the various “gay-bars” by someone who may have influence on my teaching career. I hadn’t been in town long enough to know how a bi-sexual teacher at the local high school would be accepted, so I did my best to keep a low profile. I had discovered The Club by accident one weekday afternoon and had become a member after only a single visit.

I made my way down stairs and into the wet-area. I pulled my towel away and stepped into the open-air the shower stall. I knew a handful of like-minded men were watching, but it was all part of the ritual of the Club atmosphere. I was covered in a layer of sweat after my intense work-out session. The Club’s weight and work-out equipment was state of the art, and far superior to the gear at the competitor’s place at the other end of the campus. I had been the only one working out that evening and really pushed myself hard. I fought hard to maintain my body after leaving school, but my lack of exercise of late, combined with an appreciation for good foods and micro-brews was beginning to add pounds. Still, at twenty-seven I thought I was holding up well, as did many of the men I met at The Club.

After wiping the sweat from my body under the warm spray of the shower, I walked nude to the gurgling hot tub at the far end of the wet room. My cock swung heavily from my trimmed pubic bush after the warmth of the shower, along with my low-slung scrotum. Two other men were enjoying the waters as I stepped down into the boiling foam. Their eyes looked me over as I settled into a corner seat and relaxed. I gave my two companions a quick once over. One was much older than the other, maybe in his late fifties, while the younger one was probably a student at the college, younger but still closer to my own age. The older one was gray haired and big bellied, while the young one was tanned, blonde, and slender. They sat close together, and I imagined each had a hand wrapped around the other’s cock beneath the churning waters of the hot tub. I closed my eyes and relaxed under the hot bubbling waters.

After a few minutes, the younger man moaned, “Man, I need to take a break before I shoot,” and moved away from the older man. He looked back, smiled warmly and said, “I was really enjoying that, Professor Higgins.” As he stepped from the hot tub and reached for his towel, I saw his long, hard cock leading the way. I grinned knowingly and settled back.

A few minutes passed, and then I felt a body move near. I opened my eyes and saw this Prof. Higgins settle close to me. His leg brushed mine in the unwritten signal of inquiry. I responded with a return stroke of my calf along his, and he settled closer. I let him take the lead, and a moment later, I felt his tender touch on my thigh. I smiled at him and nodded slightly. His hand slipped up and found my cock. His fingers wrapped around my shaft and began to slowly stroke my cock to life. After only a few minutes, his talented touch had my cock to its full length. Prof. Higgins had had more than his share of cocks in hand in his lifetime.

His fingers wrapped around the base of my cock, beneath my heavy balls and began to pull with a strong grip that had my cock rock hard in no time. I reached for his and my fingers wrapped around his short, thin member. I began to stroke. He was already as hard as he was going to get I soon realized, and his meat barely filled my hand, but in the bathhouse men didn’t judge other men by the size of their equipment. We all knew we were stuck with what we were born with. We treated each other as we wanted to be treated. Such is the primary law of the bathhouses.

After a few more minutes of his masterful hand job, I felt the need to break free and relax, much like his previous companion had. It was entirely too early in the evening to let loose.

“That really feels good,” I sighed, “but I’m going to have to get out before I get off!” I thanked him, much as the young man had minutes before, and moved to leave the hot tub.

“You’ve got a nice, big cock,” he complimented. “I hope to see you again.”

“I just got here,” I replied, “and I wasn’t planning on leaving anytime soon.”

I took my towel and dried my face. My cock stood out proudly before me and wavered with my movements. The second-floor balcony overlooked canlı bahis şirketleri the wet-room and I saw two young men hanging out and watching me as I stepped over to the sauna door. I hung my towel on a hook and gave them a subtle nod before entering.

Inside, the steam filled the room and one could only make out the walls by their pale blue tile. The room was divided into three sections, with the back section lit only by a very dim bulb. The small cubby hole near the doorway had a bench inside, where I noticed a pair of sweaty bodies. One stood before the other, and the unmistakable sounds of slurping echoed from within. I paused for a moment, watching the scene as the standing man humped his hips forward and back, feeding the sitting form cock. I then moved on through to the back. I found nobody else in the steam room, and settled onto the tiled bench to enjoy the heat, as well as the sounds of sex going on just feet away.

After a few minutes had passed, I heard a heavy grunting, followed by deep sighs, coming from at least one of the men. I imagined cum was boiling from someone’s cock, and filling a willing mouth with hot, sticky cream. From the moans and slurps, I figured it had to be the former. The slurping went on for a moment or two longer, and then there was a heavy, wet plop, followed by a content sigh. I was jealous. I wanted that to be my mouth getting filled. I chuckled, knowing that someone had gotten what they had come to The Club for, and was satisfied. The steam room door opened and then closed a moment later, and I knew that at least one of the faceless men had exited.

A few minutes passed, and then I stood and moved to leave. I glanced into the front chamber and saw that one of the men had stayed behind. He was fit, with a clean-shaven head, and a long cock that hung between his parted thighs. I paused, and then turned towards him, as if presenting my own cock for his appraisal. A moment passed, and then I stepped forward. His hands reached up and took my hips to pull me towards his welcoming mouth.

I groaned with pleasure as this unnamed man gulped my hard-on down into his throat with a single lunge. His head began to bob along my cock and his tongue began a furious dance across and around my knob that had me moaning within seconds. I had to pull back and he let my cock fall free, otherwise I would have blown my load entirely too early. He settled back and parted his thighs slightly wider. I took the invitation and dropped to my knees before him.

His cock was somewhat slackened, though firm in my hand as I lifted it to my lips. I licked across the knob with a few swipes of my tongue and tasted the bitter sweet tang of spent cum still coating his crown. His previous lover had left much behind and I silently thanked him as I savored the “sloppy seconds”, then opened wide to accept the full length of his manhood into my mouth. Although it had been a few weeks since I’d last had the flavor of a cock upon my tongue, I gulped his shaft down as if it had been in my mouth only yesterday. His cock was shorter than mine, maybe a little over six inches long, and fit nicely into my mouth. He had shaven his crotch as he had his scalp and as I fitted his knob against the back of my throat I saw the tattoo of a dragon wrapped around his cock and balls up close. I pulled back and began to bob and slurp along the length of his delicious cock for a few moments, enjoying his flavor as his cock hardened and began to drool fresh pre-cum along my tongue.

I sensed my companion wanted to move on, so I let his cock drop from my lips and stood before him. He reached up and pulled my mouth to his. We kissed deeply with our tongues touching tentatively, and then eagerly. His lips pulled free of mine and his mouth again attacked my crotch. He sucked me into his mouth to the root and began to suck heavily at my cock again, with a heated passion that surprised me. He could fully take my cock into his throat, a sensation I enjoyed and my moans let him know it. His hands stroked my inner thighs and a finger stroked across my anus. I parted my thighs and he pushed his long finger up and into my dark depths. I grunted with approval and flexed my knees to lower my hips onto his probing digit. He let my cock drop free and pulled my mouth to his once again.

His mouth went to my neck a moment later, and then up to my ear. “Do you want to fuck?” he asked with a deep, growling voice.

“That’s why I’m here,” I replied and grunted my desires as he gently pulled his finger from my ass. He pushed the finger into his mouth and loudly slurped it clean while watching for my reaction. I’d seen a lot in my years, and this wasn’t anything new.

I had thought he was offering to take me to his room, or we’d go to mine. Instead, he guided me onto the tiled bench beside him, and as I settled onto the smooth surface he moved to the floor between my thighs. I leaned back into the corner and let him push my thighs wide. I pulled my heels up onto the bench, opening myself fully canlı kaçak iddaa to his oral attentions. His mouth returned to my cock for a few deeper sucks, and then he began to lick and suck at my scrotum. I was enjoying every moment of his oral attentions as his fingers began to stroke around my aching, needy anus. His fingers expertly massaged my anal ring to relax it further before he fed a long, single finger inside me once again. A moment later, he stuffed a second, and then a third, up my ass. I sighed over and over as his mouth latched onto my knob and his fingers began to loosen my ass hole up, twisting and pushing at my rectal opening.

Over my lover’s shoulder I saw a shadowy, steam-blurred figure of a man move into view. We were being watched, and I for one didn’t mind. I don’t think my companion did either, if he even knew or cared. Another shadow passed behind the first, and the sauna door thumped closed once again.

Suddenly, his mouth let my cock drop free and found mine once again. His tongue dove deep into my mouth as his fingers slipped free of my ass, to be replaced by the spongy knob of his cock. I groaned and he grunted as his knob pressed through my sphincter muscle and up into my guts.

“Oh, fuck!” I grunted as he buried his cock fully in my guts with a smooth, powerful stroke. The feel of hard, hot cock meat slipping up into my ass was overwhelming, and I cried out again as my orgasm suddenly ripped through me.

“I’m cumming!” I hissed as my cock spit hot semen that splashed across my chest and belly as his cock began to stroke across my prostate. I trembled as my unnamed lover began to fuck my aching ass with short, rapid strokes. My asshole squeaked as it spasmed with my orgasm around his pistoning shaft. His mouth clamped tightly to mine and his tongue lunged in and out of my mouth as I felt my cock spit again and again. He fucked me steadily as the last of my initial load for the evening dribbled out of my purpled knob, down my pulsing shaft, to pool within my short pubic hairs.

My body was coated with my own hot seed and heavy sauna sweat as my lover fucked my willing ass with rapid fire strokes. I grunted and moaned as he slowed his thrusts.

“I love fucking the cum out of guys,” he muttered between gasps and grunts. For a good ten minutes, he fucked his long cock in and out of my aching ass. I grunted and moaned with every deep stroke as his cock pounded my guts and prostate. It wasn’t long before my cock was rock hard once again and bouncing between our bellies as his cock pistoned in and out of my ass.

He slowed his thrusts until he was only holding his thick, pulsing cock deep within my guts. His cock was hot and rock-hard within my ass, but he hadn’t cum. He kissed me deeply once again, then slipped his cock from my ass. I could feel the gape he left behind.

“I hope to see you around, stud,” he said, then dropped his mouth to my chest and with long, broad swipes of his tongue, he licked much of my seed up. With his tongue and lips coated in my semen he returned his mouth to mine and we once again kissed deeply. “I love your ass. I love feeling you cum with my cock inside you,” he added before he stepped back and moved into the darkness of the steam room. As we had been fucking, at least a couple of other men had entered the steam room and were even then waiting for his attentions. His throbbing cock bobbed at his crotch, as if seeking its next conquest in the mists of the steam room, and he moved towards the back of the room.

I knew that my tattooed lover had a different agenda for the evening, as many men who visited bathhouses did. I relaxed for a few moments to let my breathing calm and my asshole to return to normal. After just a few minutes, the echoes of slurps and moans began to rise from the back. I gave my hard cock a few loving strokes, then left the steam room to shower off once again.

My sweat and semen glistened on my torso as I stepped into the showers once again. The pair on the balcony smiled down at me, and I grinned up at them. Another man was finishing up in the showers and smiled as he passed me by, his eyes on the globs of seed that sparkled across my chest as well as on my throbbing manhood. He was heading for the hot tub, where I saw that the older gentleman was still relaxing, having been joined by a pair of younger men. The night was beginning to pick up in The Club.

As I showered off the remnants of my semen, a thin, smallish man with a neatly trimmed beard stepped up. He wore his towel tightly about his waist, though the bulge at the front displayed his interest in me. He watched me as I dried myself off.

“Hello,” he said. “Would you like to join me in my room?”

I laughed and explained, “I’m in need of a rest for a while, but I’ll see you later. I need to lie down and get my strength back before rejoining the fun,” I added and headed to my cubical.

I closed my tiny room’s door and hung my towel on the hook that had been screwed to the back. Usually, canlı kaçak bahis anyone wanting companionship would leave his door ajar, as an invitation. This time, however, I was in need of a few minutes to relax and get my stamina back. I had been jacked, sucked, and fucked, gave a few minutes of head, and I’d fired off a load of my own cream across my belly and chest. I hadn’t been there 90 minutes yet!

I lay back on the tiny bunk and tucked the pillow under my head. A remote control for the small television that was mounted high on the wall lay on the tiny table beside the bed, and I turned the monitor on. The piped in videos consisted entirely of gay porn, on three channels, and I flipped through them until settling on a vintage-looking movie that had a pair of actors locked in a loud sixty-nine on a dais, surrounded by a dozen black-cloaked men. It was different from the usual stuff so I watched for a while, absently stroking my cock.

Behind my head, through the thin wall, I could easily make out some action going on. From the sounds being made, somebody was getting fucked steadily, and his grunts of lust and demands for more went on for quite a while. I was becoming envious.

After about ten minutes of lying on the bunk, I felt it was time to venture back out. My cock hung semi-hard from my crotch as I wrapped my towel around my waist. I left the TV on as I slipped out into the hallway and closed the door behind.

I saw several fresh faces in the dim halls as well as in the wet-room. Prof. Higgins had left the hot tub, I saw, noting that four other men of various ages, builds, and races had taken his place. I made my way back to the steam room, however, and entered to find many more men had arrived. I pulled my towel free and draped it across my shoulders. My hanging meat led the way through the mists.

I passed a couple of men standing inside the door, noting that another duo was involved in a mutual hand job inside the small cubical. I made my way towards the back, past a young stud who seemed rather shy and remained still as I passed. His towel was tight around his waist and bulged with a hidden lust. I smiled and turned through the entry into the back chamber.

On the wide, stepped bench, two men were engaged in a deep, slurping kiss. Their hands gripped each other’s cocks and were stroking up and down quickly. One was already grunting and huffing, and a moment later he was moaning as his cock began to spurt its load across the other’s knuckles.

Beside them, another man was stroking his own meat as he watched and would occasionally reach out to caress one or the other’s bodies. As the cum bubbled out, he leaned in to begin lapping it up from the one man’s knuckles as well as the cock still in the hand. Two other men stood by in the misty shadows, watching quietly. I took up a station in the only free corner to also watch, eager to see what was going to happen next. At that moment the small, bearded guy I’d seen earlier stepped up next to me and reached for my cock. I smiled and nodded as he began to stroke my cock to full hardness.

He slipped to his knees before me and as my cock grew fully erect he began to lick and kiss at my knob. I lay my hands gently on his head and let him have his oral way with my manhood. He was a talented cocksucker and was soon slurping much of my cock into his mouth quite noisily. A few of the men standing around noticed what was going on in the corner and began to watch. I looked over to see the young guy in the corner also watching, and noticed that the bulge in his towel had grown larger.

I felt it was time for a turn of the tables, and pulled my cock from my bearded friend’s willing mouth. “Stand up,” I whispered. “I want to suck yours for a while.” I then knelt as he stood and took hold of his slender, long cock. I gave it a quick lick, then took hold of his purpled knob with my lips and began to suck deeply. He moaned and rubbed my head as I began to suck his shaft into my mouth with short, loud slurps.

I always enjoy a cock in my mouth, regardless of size, and felt I was as good at giving head as the next guy. I had my eyes closed as I ran my mouth up and down the length of his shaft. I felt someone step up beside us a moment later and opened my eyes to see Prof. Higgins standing there, stroking his small cock beneath the bulge of his belly. I reached up and replaced his hand with my own as I continued to slurp at the cock in my mouth.

After a few minutes, I switched to Prof. Higgins’ cock and easily accepted all three inches of his small cock into my mouth. I took hold of my bearded friend’s cock and began to stroke it while giving my oral attentions to the older guy’s cock. Prof. Higgins was soon huffing and with little more than a pulse between my lips, his cock began to spit its load across my tongue. I gulped and swallowed his offering, which was quite thin and warm with a heavy flavor of asparagus. It was quite similar to many of the older men I’d sucked off in my days and not all that unpleasant. I licked up the remnants of his salty semen from his knob and he stepped back. His cock was already fully limp when it slipped from my mouth. Behind him, the younger voyeur had his hand atop his bulge, and yet still had his white towel wrapped tight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32