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My dream starts out hazy, as if the morning sun has decided to make first light. We are hiking through the woods with no real destination. There is dew on the grass, the air is slightly chilly.

I carry a backpack that contains a soft green and red plaid blanket, 4 tent stakes, some rope, and a small hammer. Although the destination is unknown, we search for the perfect spot. A piece of earth surrounded by trees will allow us to escape the chaos we left behind. A spot is found that makes us giggle for we both know what’s to come.

I slowly unpack my bag and layout the blanket. I tell you to undress and lie on your back in the middle of the blanket. You look shy as you know you’ll be exposed for the world to see. You do as you’re told and all I can do is gaze upon you. So beautiful. The cool air wisps across your body and your nipples immediately become erect. I tell you to close your eyes and listen to world around you. “Yes sir” escapes your lips.

As you listen, I prepare the rope. I set out 4 tent stakes, one for each hand and one for each leg. With your eyes still closed, I run my fingers slowly across your lips, down your neck, and down your chest. My fingers chase the goosebumps that cover your body. I stop at your navel, marveling at what is beneath my hand. “Do I continue traveling down?”, “Please” you say. “Please what?” I demand. “Please Sir”. I think I’ll wait.

I illegal bahis secure the rope and bind your hands. I leave no slack against the stakes. I move down and secure your ankles, spreading your glory as much as possible leaving no slack. I tighten the ropes until a slight moan of discomfort escapes you. You are now mine to do with as I please.

I start with soft kisses on your breasts. Carefully biting a nipple as it crosses my path. You attempt to wiggle but the rope has you locked down. I move down to your naval, again kissing and chasing raised hairs that greet me. “Do I continue to travel down?” With panting breaths, a “Please Sir” escapes. First I will let my fingers explore. So soft. I look down to see your clit there to welcome me. Slowly explore. Inside of your thighs slightly tremble as I make my way. I must feel the warmth inside you.

I slide a finger in and I’m met with wet anticipation. So exciting. I’m bursting inside my own pants. I slowly stroke in and out as I use my other hand to concentrate on your clit. It lays there waiting for me. I find the button and rub it intently back and forth. I can feel it swell under my finger. I notice your grip on my finger becoming intense. It is a calling to move faster with more intensity. The two fingers work in unison, moans become deeper and louder. There is no-one here but you and I. Be free, be loud, give your all illegal bahis siteleri to me. I want you to cum for me.

“I want to see you cum for me. I want you to look at me.” “Yes Sir” Your body trembles, I will not hold back. I slide another finger in. I want to fill you up. Your clit is rock hard as I am now vigorously rubbing back and forth. You open your eyes and look deep into mine. It is time. Your body explodes and test the very limits of the rope and stakes. I have done my part and they withstand strain put against them. There is little time for recovery as I must taste what you have prepared for me.

My tongue explores deep inside you. My hands reach up and caress your breasts as I roll tightly on your nipples. Again I’m met with moans and I suck on your pulsating clit. I can feel your heart beat through my tongue. Is it possible? I think. Can she cum for me again? We are here alone, time with no meaning, freed by the woods, cheered on by the calling of nature.

I can feel the wet that I too have created. I’m throbbing yet sliding easily in my silk boxers. He wants to be free but not yet. Why? Because I can feel your body tensing quickly. Much faster than before. I tell a joke in my head, will the restraints holds this time? I can only hope as again it is time. I tell you to look at me once again. I suck hard on you. You can’t look at me. Your head arches back canlı bahis siteleri and the lines are tested again. A scream of intense pleasure fills the air as the notion of solitude hits you. It is only me that will hear you. Again you are free. Now to be truly free.

I undo the ropes and smile as I admire the rope burns caused by my hands and mouth. Almost like a trophy of good deeds. I too must be free. I stand above you as I watch you recover, regaining your breath. It’s peaceful. I take my clothes off and see a smile from you. It’s reassuring. The ropes were removed so that we can be together, able to touch and explore as we please.

I lay on top of you and my warm body welcomes your cool exposed touch. I kiss you. Deeply. I can feel my emotions swell. I slide inside you and we both tense up, your fingertips turn white as you embrace me. You lock your legs around my waste and pull me deep inside you. There is nothing but us. I start slow, wanting to feel all of you. I raise up so that I can see you beneath me. The strokes are long and hard. I must endure and refrain from releasing just yet. I take my finger and find your clit again. Could she cum for me again, with me.

The feeling is building, my heart is racing. Again I rub your clit as I thrust in and out. I can feel your body tensing and white fingertips have been replaced with nails. I need to release. I want you to look at me. I want to see you cum with me. My body tightens. I buckle on top of you. Your legs squeeze me tight. I fill you up with all that I am. I raise my head to see your face. I kiss you again. Such sweet loving lips. I whisper, “We have been freed.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32