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*Author’s note: A big thank you to Jaz for encouraging me to write this story. A bigger thank you to Anna for editing this for me. You have both been a blessing. Like my first story this is a real life experience. To respect people’s privacy I did change everyone else’s names. Hope you enjoy it!

A few years ago I was dating a Sri Lankan girl named Amy. She was in her senior year at Arizona State University. Her birthday was in December so I jumped at the chance to buy two tickets from a friend who could no longer go to see Lady Gaga in concert in Las Vegas. It was perfect because it was happening about a week after her final exams for the fall semester. As much as I would have loved for it to be a surprise, I had to tell her so she could plan to fly back home after we went to the show.

The day of our Sin City road trip finally came and we packed our bags and snacks in my car and started our short drive to fabulous Las Vegas! Which is maybe my favorite place on earth to vacation. We were in a little fight to start because I wanted to be there in time for lunch but I, as usual, was missing things and making us late. Amy was a very type-A personality about being organized and punctual.

Anyone who has done the drive from Phoenix to Las Vegas knows there are few places to stop for gas on the way there and lots of beautiful desert areas that are great for scenic selfies so of course we got distracted and stopped a few times on the way there. On a stop more than halfway there, I wanted a kissing selfie with Amy with some desert mountains in the background. Our kissing turned into more passionate kissing and it felt extra hot because of the little tension between us from earlier when we were fighting.

Amy had the idea that we could do more than kiss, which she communicated to me by giving me eyes and caressing me down the side of my body and resting her hand on my hip. She knew how to turn me on and knew that I would be down for a quickie on the side of the highway. Right there on top of a small rock hill next to the highway she sat me down on a rock and squatted in front of me. We were making out as she teased my inner thighs with her hands and then moved down to kissing my neck so I leaned my head back and to the side to help her. Then she pulled the front of my top and my bra down and began sucking my pierced nipple that she loved to play with! I moaned in excitement when I felt her hand then go in the side of my shorts and found my clit under my panties. She then pulled away and undid my shorts and put her hand down them and started making out with me again as she finger fucked me until I came for her.

Before I had even come down from my orgasm I was getting up to switch places with her. Amy loved it from behind so I bent her over the rock and pulled her shorts and panties down. I gave her a long lick from her clit up to her asshole where my tongue stayed. As I fucked her ass with my tongue I slid my fingers inside her and started massaging her g-spot with my fingers. I knew the face she was making just from her noises and knew how much she loved what I was doing to her body. I loved pleasing her, especially in such a wide open area where I could hear a car driving by us on the highway just below. She moaned and reached back with a hand to hold the back of my head where it was. She came loudly and I felt her body slightly collapse from her orgasm. Then I sucked my fingers clean before we fixed our clothes and got back in the car seeking our wet naps.

The road trip continued and we stopped for lunch in a town near the Arizona – Nevada state line. After another quick stop for selfies and clips for snap chat stories we arrived in Vegas in the early afternoon. Immediately after checking into our room, we quickly showered and went out to the pool. I laid out in the sun for a bit while Amy preferred the shade of an umbrella as she did not want to get darker. After that, we got a short nap and a small dinner in the food court before we started pre-gaming for the concert. We were both really excited and had brought a couple different outfits and tried on practically everything we had with us. Amy was amazing with make up so she did both of ours. We ordered an Uber and left for the concert and arrived after the doors had already opened. The opening act started maybe five minutes after an usher showed us to our section on the balcony.

There were a couple of girls I noticed diagonally in the row in front of us that I was getting lesbian vibes from but obviously we didn’t know them. We got a chance to think when a beach ball was being bounced around by everyone and the taller of the two girls half jumped backwards to try and hit but ended up almost falling over the back of her seat and toward Amy. Amy instinctively reached out to catch her falling but she didn’t need the help. She did turn around to see who had just touched her back and I saw their eyes meet. It was hard to hear everything they were saying but I heard them laughing and making introductions as they smiled at each other. The girl turned to the other and said mobilbahis güvenilir mi something to her, inspiring her to look back at me and Amy. She seemed to be looking at us with a smile in her eyes before turning back to see the show. After the middle act was over there was like a half hour before Gaga would be on so we decided to go to the bathroom and Amy got us cups of white wine. While we were sipping our wine the two girls emerged from the bathroom and headed straight for us.

After introductions and some chit chat I learned they were more friends with benefits than a couple but they were both just a little older than us and living there in Las Vegas. The taller one, Erin, was more bubbly and talkative than the other. She was maybe five nine with a light complexion but very long straight brown hair and light brown eyes. She was skinny and the least curvy of us all but she looked very fit and I admired her beautiful flat tummy and long lean legs. Her “close friend”, Judy, was almost eye to eye with me so about 5’5″ with dyed blond hair that had brunette roots growing in. She had deep blue eyes that just drew me in almost hypnotically. She had a beautifully proportioned body with nice curves and was wearing a very low cut top to show her tits off. Her sexy top was contrasted by her somewhat reserved nature. She was a minimalist talker but it made me more curious about her.

Amy, I should mention, was an inch shorter than me and very petite. She was skinny with long hair like Erin but had more of a bust that stood out on her small frame. Amy’s best asset was her glowing smile and big puppy-dog brown eyes. If you’re wondering, I am a mixed race girl and 5’5″ tall with more hips and booty than tits but I stay really fit and love showing off my body. My hair and eyes are both brown because I am half native american but I always have some highlights in my hair to lighten it a little.

During Lady Gaga’s amazing performance, Erin kept turning around to talk to Amy but also glancing over at me, probably to see if I was noticing and feeling territorial. During a break in the show for a set change they leaned close to talk for a minute and then Amy leaned over to me and said they invited us out with them after the show to some bar Judy used to work at. That sounded really fun so I was obviously fine with it. Amy and Erin then got their phones out and exchanged numbers and I could see the look of anticipation on Erin’s face as they were smiling at each other. Honestly, it made me feel a little jealous and competitive but I never got bitter or confrontational and was excited to see where the night would take us.

After the show we all walked out together and I started trying to chat up Judy a little more while Amy and Erin naturally paired off even though we were all walking together. I hadn’t noticed it the first time we talked but she had a mid-western accent and told me she moved out to Las Vegas from Chicago for college but dropped out of University of Nevada Las Vegas after the first semester and worked at various bars and restaurants around the city. She also told me that Erin was working at the front desk of a hotel on the strip but not the one Amy and I were staying at. Judy and Erin were both twenty four and had met as freshmen in college. As we were walking I told her that Amy and I had been dating for a few months and that we met at a coffee shop near her dorm.

When we arrived at the bar the line was ridiculous so Judy went up to the door guys and talked to them for a minute while I asked Erin about alternatives if we didn’t want to wait in line. Judy walked back and I could see by her posture she was frustrated and disappointed. The guys at the door told her the place was already over capacity and that’s why the line was so long. Also, they wouldn’t let us cut in front. So the four of us stood there for a few moments, predictably pouting and groaning. Then Erin got out her phone and started texting, explaining that she was hitting up a friend that worked at a club. Judy did the same and I was worried we were losing our spirit of fun and, as I looked at Amy, I could see the disappointment creeping in.

Then Amy shocked us all by asking how far away Erin and Judy lived. I saw Erin lookup from her phone instantly and raise her eyebrows as she said, “Well Judy actually lives closer but I live fifteen minutes from here.” Judy said she had a bunch of leftover drinks from a party the night before but thought her roommate might be home with friends over. I appreciated that she was being sensitive to the idea that me and Amy might not want to go through having to meet a bunch of random people at a party in a condo that we had never been to before. So then, because I felt bad we were putting everything on them to entertain us, I offered to hang out at our hotel room. Erin then promptly looked down at her phone again to see if she was getting a response to whatever text she had just sent and said, “Ok well my friend said he isn’t working tonight and can’t get us into his club either. Why don’t mobilbahis we just stop at a liquor store by my house and hang out there? I have a big outdoor patio and nobody else will be there.” Judy then sold the offer by telling us that her place was beautiful and her patio was really nice, so we all nodded in acceptance and smiled at each other.

Erin got us a car and the older man creepily grinned at us as we got in his SUV but he seemed harmless enough. Judy sat up front and the three of us all sat in the back with Erin in the middle. Erin kept whispering to Amy and I could barely make out what she was saying but it was something over the driver asking basic questions to Judy about what we’re doing that night. I heard Erin asking Amy about what we liked to drink and before long we were at a big outdoor parking lot that Judy’s car was at. We all got out and got in Judy’s car and from there it was about ten minutes to the liquor store which made my feet very happy because I could finally get my low heel pumps off for a few minutes and wiggle my scrunched up toes.

I stayed in the car with Judy sitting in the backseat behind her and decided I would do a little probing while new best friends Amy and Erin went into the store. I asked Judy what their relationship was like. She told me it was casual sex and they had a lot of fun together but neither wanted to really commit because she might be moving back to Chicago. Knowing that, I jokingly said Amy and Erin will probably be in there for a while doing it in the bathroom together. Judy laughed but asked if we were an open couple. I slid up on the back seat and moved my face up closer to Judy and told her not officially but we talked about it and were both comfortable with including someone for maybe a threesome someday. I saw Judy’s reaction to that. Sheturned her head to look at me, laughed and then smiled.

Then I said, “Since they’re probably having fun there then why can’t we too?” and I moved in and our lips met.

After first contact she turned her body more and pulled my face in for another kiss but this time she slipped her tongue in my mouth after only a second. I could tell right away Judy was one of those girls who likes a lot of tongue when making out which is not necessarily me but she somehow knew how to not overdo it. Then we heard the footsteps approaching the car and laughter from the others as we broke our kiss.

Once in the car Erin started making jokes and Amy was just staring at me in awe probably because she had never seen me kissing anyone else. Erin got in the front seat with her bag of wine bottles and Amy got in the back with me still just staring at me, jaw half dropped. I could tell right away that she was not upset but more surprised.

Then I asked playfully “What? You guys weren’t kissing yet? It’s obviously you both want it.”

She hit me on the shoulder and laughed saying “No. we didn’t kiss, we were just getting us drinks.”

I moved in closer to Amy while Judy started driving and said “Well maybe you should now then… it would only be fair”, loud enough for Erin to hear.

Erin turned around in the passenger seat and looked at us, studying our expressions as she giggled and it was easy to see she was starting to get turned on because she momentarily bit her lower lip. Then their eyes met as they had a couple times before that night and I lightly pushed Amy forward with my hand as she slid up the seat to kiss Erin. It was really hot watching them and seeing their guards go completely down as they loosened up and got more into the moment holding their kisses longer and holding each other’s faces. I gave Amy a little slap on her butt and said I want my turn now so she pulled back smiling and looked at Erin to show her a teasing smile. As Amy and I made out and she put her hand on my thigh, Erin watched us the whole time until we arrived at her condo.

Once inside, Erin went straight for her kitchen to get us wine glasses and Amy took the bottles of Moscato out of the bag and Judy took the bag from her to throw away. While Amy and I were alone for a second I asked if she was into them, implying possibly having sex, and she giddily nodded yes so I nodded as well and laughed quietly. Judy and Erin returned and invited us out to the patio which was through the kitchen.

The patio was amazing with a nice view of the courtyard and a bamboo overhang, two outdoor love seats and individual chairs with a small wood coffee table in the middle. There were high fern plants on the side for more privacy from neighbors and nice dim lighting. We drank and told funny stories and Amy told us about Sri Lanka and first impressions of the US when she came here for college. As we started to lighten the mood a little with the wine we started talking about our sex lives and I told them about our little quickie on the drive out there earlier that day, and got the looks I was hoping for, which was that they thought it was hot and it made them want us more.

Sensing the energy in the room I turned my face closer to mobilbahis giriş Amy and moved in slowly, hinting that I wanted a kiss and I saw Erin and Judy watching intently for a minute as we kissed. When I broke our kisses and opened my eyes I saw that they had started with each other and gone a little further as Erin had slid the strap of Judy’s top down and was playing with her nipple under her bra. At seeing this Amy made a giggly ‘ahem’ noise as she reached to get her wine glass from the table. The other girls broke their kiss and it was written all over them they were not ready to be interrupted and wanted more.

Judy asked if we should take the fun inside but Erin said “No”, turned back to Judy and pressed her down on the armrest of their couch. Amy and I laughed and commenced our make out session right there. We started to explore more with our hands and before I knew it Amy was standing up so I could pull her pants down and my skirt was up around my waist and Erin was already eating Judy’s pussy while she played with her own and Judy massaged her own tits with her eyes closed in ecstasy. Seeing that kind of snapped me out of forgetting that Amy and I were not alone and that Erin and Judy wanted us to see them which got me even hotter. We unhooked our bras as she stepped out of her shorts and then she pushed back and went to pull off my panties but left my skirt scrunched up around my waist. Amy lay on top of me and stayed like that making out. I felt so tingly and anxious for her to be inside me that I threw my legs up around her waist but she wouldn’t lay flat on top of me. We started fingering each other at the same time until we both came. I felt so warm and loved as Amy came and collapsed down on me. After I came and Amy was sweetly kissing my neck, I turned my head to see Judy and Erin had switched places. They were now both completely naked as well with Erin visibly building up her orgasm as Judy licked her clit and finger fucked her.

Amy and I lay half kissing and half watching them as Erin came and bucked her hips holding Judy by her hair.

“That was amazing to watch! You two are so fuckin sexy” I said smiling.

Erin let out a satisfied “mmm” sound and said, “So are you two! I am so happy we found each other”.

Then Erin sat up and asked if we wanted to play a game? Amy and I both looked at each other and then back at her and asked what kind of game?

Judy obviously knew the game she was referring to because she had a big grin on her face as she stood up saying, “It’s super fun lets go inside.”

Erin stood up echoing what Judy had said and picked up her wine glass and stood up encouraging us to follow her back inside. We got up, picked up our glasses and followed but all of us left our clothes out there on the patio.

Once inside Erin started refilling her glass and offered to do the same for us and we happily accepted. I love wine and all, but I really just wanted to know about this game and the suspense was killing me.

Being impatient as I am with everything, I asked “So what’s this game you want to play? Tell us!”

Erin and Judy looked at each other smiling and laughing because they knew they had us eating out of the palms of their hands. As Erin poured us all wine, she explained the game. The rules went like this:

One girl lays down and gets tied or handcuffed to the bed and blindfolded. One of the other girls will do something to her like a kiss or touch somewhere and then the blindfolded girl has to guess who it was and if she gets it right then she gets a reward like getting eaten out or fucked for a few minutes. Then after her it’s somebody else’s turn to lay down and be blindfolded and guess who touched her. On this night what ended up happening was all three girls would do something and the blindfolded girl had to guess who did what.

Amy and I were both practically jumping up and down with excitement and said we definitely wanted to playso Erin led us to her bedroom which was immaculate and beautifully decorated with floral patterns and pure white walls that looked brand new. She had a queen sized bed with a golden bar bed frame which was perfect for this game of hers. Then Erin, trying to be a nice host to us all, suggested Judy be the first to lay down and be blindfolded.

As Judy laid down Erin opened her closet and got out a thin black knit scarf and said, “Ok you can kind of see through this if you really try so no cheating. Just keep your eyes closed” and we all agreed.

Judy was all too happy to be first, which you could see by her eagerly laying down and putting her hands up by the bar to be handcuffed by Erin after she was blindfolded. Her areolas were small for how big her breasts were but you could see her nipples were erect and her pussy lips were glistening as she slightly spread her legs for us. After Judy was in place Erin pulled a bin out from under her bed and opened it. Amy and I were impressed with her collection of toys and she took out a feathered butt plug and placed her finger over her lips to signal us to shush. Then she handed the toy to Amy and pointed at her to get her to use it on Judy. It looked like it was taking all of Amy’s strength not to laugh out loud as she leaned down and tickled Judy’s tummy with the feather end of it and Judy shook and laughed and nearly kicked me off of the bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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