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The kingdom of Letchfield was in great distress. War and illness swept the land, killing many in its wake. This may not seem like anything noteworthy, but the death toll reached into the thousands, leaving more dead than living. Families were in shambles and the kingdom’s existence was about to be extinct. Desperate measures were needed.

“Father, you can’t possibly be serious about this.” Nicholas said to his father, the King of Letchfield.

“I’ve never been more serious, son. My kingdom deteriorates more and more each day and I refuse to give that bloody Winston the satisfaction of my groveling. It must be done and it will start tomorrow evening whether you like it or not.” Nicholas sighed, shaking his head. His twin brother Gabriel kept pacing back and forth in the King’s quarters, trying to find some other alternative.

“What if we just asked Winston to re-locate some of his people here? To help us get back on track?” Gabriel asked.

“My pride is wounded enough and this is how things will be done. The other kingdoms are too far away and time is of the essence.” Gabriel threw his hands up in the air, his frustration mounting by the second.

“And why us? You expect us to do… to do that with commoners? Just spread our seed to any and all available women?” Nicholas asked the question he had been itching to ask since his father called them into this ridiculous meeting.

“We need the strongest offspring to populate this kingdom. I’ve already sent out the order for all available women from ages 18 and up to come to the castle tomorrow night. I’ve also informed all married or involved couples to start reproducing now.” Gabriel then sat down, mentally exhausted from his father’s madness.

“Well, what about us? I know were young but honestly, father, we can only do so much at a time, if you know what I mean. There are hundreds of available women in this kingdom. It will take months to be with all of them!”

“Of course I’ve thought of that! That’s why I went to the witches’ hut today to get these,” Here he held up two vials filled with a purple substance, “This elixir will give both of you enough stamina to be with dozens of women a night. Like I said, time is of the essence, and unfortunately child-bearing takes far too long for this situation.”

“OK that sounds great and all but all of these children will be related. What then?” Gabriel asked and Nicholas nodded in agreement.

“Don’t you think I’ve thought of that? The witches are cooking up a potion to resolve that issue. It should be ready in a few weeks.”

“This is madness, father.” Nicholas seethed.

“I’m sorry, my sons, but desperate times call for desperate measures. This will be done. That’s an order. Now, if you don’t have any more questions, I expect the both of you to report here tomorrow night at seven o’clock sharp. Am I clear?” Both princes nodded their heads in agreement, thus sealing their fate.

“Well, we can at least try to have fun with this.” Nicholas teased and Gabriel smiled for the first time since meeting their father that evening.

“I’ll drink to that,” and took a large gulp of his wine.

Evelyn was tending to her family’s garden when her mother called for her to come inside immediately. Dropping her tools, she rushed inside to find her mother and younger brother sitting at the dining room table.

“Daniel, give your sister and I some privacy. Go straighten up your room please.” the boy nodded and rushed into this bedroom and closing the door.

“What’s this about momma?” Evelyn sat down beside her mother, just then noticing the letter with the royal seal that she was holding.

“You know the state this kingdom is in. Many lives have been lost and the king is ordering all of the available females to come to the castle tomorrow night.”

“What for?” Evelyn asked.

“This kingdom needs to re-populate and this is the only way…” Evelyn scrunched her brows in confusion, wishing her mother would get to the point.

“So he has ordered them to conceive a child with one of his son’s.” She gasped, a hand going to her mouth.

“But that’s insane! Surely there must be some other way!” Her mother shook her head and looked pointedly at her oldest daughter, the only one she had left, having lost two of her other daughters to illness and a son to the war.

“The king has ordered it. Any who do not comply will face severe punishment and besides, the families will be paid handsomely. It does seem a bit barbaric but we must do this, Evelyn. You must do illegal bahis this for our family.” She shook her head, hands shaking as she reached for the letter and reading its contents.

“This family needs this opportunity. You have to go. I would go in your place if I wasn’t already married.”

“I can’t believe this,” She wrenched her hands out of mother’s grasp and stood up from the chair, “I can’t believe you’re making me do this!” Evelyn ran from the room and slammed her bedroom door shut. She threw her body onto her bed and sobbed into her pillow. She knew times were hard, harder than ever before, but never in her wildest dreams did she think something like this would happen.

She lie awake crying most of the night, but she eventually realized she must do this for her family. She saw how much the king was willing to pay her for this and the amount couldn’t be passed up. She would go to the castle tomorrow.

Evelyn wrapped her arms around herself, more out of nerves than being cold, as she stood in line with what looked like two dozen other woman. She was about halfway through the line and the nauseous feeling in her stomach only intensified the closer she got. She looked ahead and saw where the line split, one line of girls going into one room, and the other side going into a room across the hall. There was a man standing at the apex of the split, directing which girls would go where.

Once she reached the man, some hours after arriving, he pointed her to the right. There were only four girls in front of her and she could hear strange noises coming from inside the room. She gulped and gripped her stomach, wishing with all her might not to vomit. She didn’t know much about sex, her mother only touching on it briefly around the time she started her monthly cycle, but she understood enough to know what was going to happen.

Whilst standing in line, she noticed some women were excited, and they seemed to be the older ones. The younger ones, however, looked about how she felt. She could only take deep breaths and wish this all would end quickly.

Nicholas was tired, but still going strong with the woman he was currently fucking. She was fairly pretty and around his age, 21 or 22. She was experienced, which was great for him. He had taken some girl’s virginity today and it had not been a pleasant experience. He hadn’t lasted long at all for their sake.

He felt his release coming and groaned when he felt his seed spilling inside the woman, whose name he had completely forgotten. She had climaxed right before him and now both were coming down from their high.

“That was great, my prince.” She said while batting her eyelashes. Nicholas gave her his boyish smirk, one that always made the ladies crawl all over him.

“Well did you expect any different? I may call you back for seconds.” The girl giggled before Nicholas pulled out of her and stood up to put on his robe. Seemed rather pointless at this point but he was hoping to catch a small break before the next girl came in. He slapped the woman’s ass before she left, causing her to giggle again. When the door swung open, he saw a young girl on the other side and she walked in and closed the door. She was pretty with auburn hair and what looked to be green eyes. She was quite thin, but that was the norm around this kingdom. Food was scarce and many families were struggling. She stood with her back against the door, looking scared out of her mind. Oh no, another virgin. Better make this quick.

“Hello, I am Prince Nicholas.” He said while taking her hand and kissing the back of it. The girl blushed and forced a small smile on her face.

“I’m Evelyn Carter, your majesty.” She did a small curtsey and Nicholas smiled a real smile at her. This little thing was being very brave and courageous. The other younger girls simply cried and barely spoke a word. He pulled her towards him and the girl stiffened.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Evelyn. You are 18, yes?” She averted her gaze and nodded.

“And have you ever been with a man before?” Evelyn shook her head no, just as he had thought.

“Well then I will try to make this quick. It will hurt but I will be gentle,” Evelyn, still not looking at him, merely nodded and let him lead her to the large four poster bed in the center of the room. Nicholas stared at the young pretty girl before him, feeling a stirring in his gut that made him want to protect her. He hadn’t felt like this with any of the other young girls, but she had a way of pulling at his heart strings. illegal bahis siteleri

He wrapped his arms around her petite waist and leaned forward to kiss her plump lips. She stiffened, keeping her mouth rigid, not kissing him back. He pulled back and looked into her soft green eyes.

“It’s OK. This will all be over soon. Just trust me.” With that, he kissed her again and this time, she was a bit more willing. He worked his mouth over hers and soon, he felt her responding. He placed a hand on her chin and tipped her head back to deepen the kiss. She sighed and began to relax, letting his lips calm her raging heart. His tongue swept her bottom lip and she opened her mouth to him, letting him invade her mouth. Her hands clenched his robe and he pulled her tighter towards him. Nicholas had kissed many girls today and in his past, but he simply couldn’t get enough of this girl. Something about her petite frame, the way she fit perfectly against him, and her little sighs of approval as he kissed her, almost had him coming undone right there.

He pushed her back against the edge of the bed and gently lowered her down on the soft down comforter. Grabbing her waist, he pushed her further onto the bed and then crawled on top of her but keeping most of his weight off of her. Her hands now played with his soft brown hair and he couldn’t help but moan. He loved when women played with his hair. He broke their kiss and trailed his lips over her cheek and down her neck, lightly sucking on the spot where her neck and shoulder met. She sighed again, still keeping her hands in his hair. He continued to work his lips further down, over her collarbone and to the tops of her breasts. Her breath hitched as he pulled her robe aside and gently grasped her left breast. Her mouth parted in pleasure and his head descended and took the soft pink nipple into his warm mouth. This caused Evelyn to moan, the first one she had emitted, and Nicholas felt himself grow even harder at the sound.

His other hand came up to massage the other breast and he sucked on that nipple as well. She moaned again, arching her back while holding his head there. Nicholas smiled around her nipple, pleased by her response. The other virgins weren’t nearly this receptive.

He stopped his torture on her breasts and kissed down her stomach, down to where her panties started. His right hand came up and cupped her sex and was pleased to find the cloth was damp. Evelyn moaned once again, a little louder this time and Nicholas couldn’t help but kiss her again.

“You’re so ready for me, baby.” He said while continuing to rub up and down the thin cloth that was blocking his entrance. Her breathing increased and she started to move her hips in time with his movements. He pushed the cloth aside with his fingers and felt her slick feminine folds. Evelyn groaned at the contact, not believing how good this was feeling. Most girls she knew always told her how horrible their first time had been but Nicholas was treating her like a queen. She was in heaven.

Nicholas found her sensitive clit and began to rub it, making Evelyn squirm in pure ecstasy. He could tell she was close, so he inserted a finger inside her, causing Evelyn to cry out. He began pumping that finger in sync with his other finger rubbing her clit. She gripped the bed sheets with both hands, feeling her climax coming fast.

Nicholas inserted a second finger into her tight pussy, making her cry out as her orgasm washed over her. He slowed his fingers and eventually pulled out of her completely. He leaned forward and kissed her deeply.

He pulled off his robe and discarded hers as well. Evelyn gasped at the sight of his naked form, staring first at his perfectly sculpted abs and then to his throbbing erection. She blushed and quickly looked away.

“Don’t be shy, sweetheart. I’ll make sure this feels good.” He climbed back on top of her, his cock probing at her entrance, making her gasp. He kissed her again, massaging his lips back and forth over hers, making Evelyn relax. He took that opportunity to gently push inside her wet pussy. She immediately tensed up in pain, and he pulled away from her lips to see that scared look once again on her face.

“It’s OK, sweetie, just take deep breaths.” She nodded curtly, and did as he asked. It relaxed her once again and he then pushed his cock further inside until he was all the way in. Evelyn couldn’t believe how badly this hurt. He completely filled her up, making her feel like she might split in half.

Nicholas let her adjust canlı bahis siteleri to him, not moving at all until she relaxed again. He stared down at this beautiful girl beneath him. She was so innocent and youthful he couldn’t help but be drawn to her, wanting to protect her. He had never felt this… this complete with another woman before. Being inside of Evelyn felt so right and that scared him. He wasn’t supposed to form any attachments to the women but his heart wasn’t listening to reason.

“Can I move now?” He asked and she nodded. He slowly pulled out of her pussy and then pushed it back in with a little more force, causing Evelyn to wince in pain. He repeated the motion once, twice, and then a third time.

“You’re doing wonderful, sweetie.” He grunted as his thrusts continued. The pain was receding and in its place, Evelyn felt an incredible pleasure building within her. Soon she was matching his thrusts with her hips and she wrapped her arms around his strong back.

“That’s my girl,” He encouraged and she rubbed her hands down his back and back up again to entwine in his hair. Nicholas groaned in pleasure, feeling his release coming very quickly. Her pussy was so tight and perfect, he wouldn’t be holding back much longer. He noticed her breathing coming faster, her hips moving more urgently, and he knew she was about to climax. His thrusts picked up in pace and he pushed as deep as he could go. Evelyn gripped his back, feeling like she was about to explode. Nicholas pumped a few more times before she came undone, clawing at his back because it felt so damn good. Her moans of pure ecstasy filled the room, her pussy squeezing his cock, making him climax as well, filling her up with his seed. He groaned out her name as he rode out of his orgasm while she milked him of every last drop.

Nicholas stopped his movements and pulled out of her, rolling onto his back beside her and pulling the petite girl to his side. He hadn’t cuddled with the other girls, but this just felt right. He didn’t want to let her go just yet and she seemed to have no objections.

Evelyn couldn’t believe what had just happened. Her first time had been with Prince Nicholas, the sexiest man she had ever seen and he was cuddling her like a lover. She curled up into his side and wrapped her arm around his torso. He smoothed her hair back from her forehead and kissed her damp skin there. She felt him sigh in contentment and she couldn’t recall a time when she had been happier, and this scared her. She knew what this was. He wasn’t her boyfriend, fiancé, or husband. She was just a pawn in this whole scheme but this felt so right. She wondered if he felt the same but then scolded herself for thinking such nonsense. Of course he didn’t feel the same way. This was probably how he fucked all those other girls and suddenly, that thought made her cringe away from him.

“I guess I should go then if there’s nothing else I need to do.” Nicholas was surprised, thinking she had been enjoying their cuddling session. He could tell she was upset but decided not to pry.

“No, we’re done here but did I do something to upset you?” He sat up as she grabbed her robe and slipped it over her small frame.

“No, my lord, it was perfect. I just need to get back to my family.” He simply nodded, dumbstruck. He stood up from the bed and walked over to her. “You will receive further instructions before you leave and I hope I get to see you again, Evelyn.” She blushed and gave him a soft smile. He smiled wide at her before pulling her into a hug, kissing the top of her head. She smiled blissfully, savoring these last moments with him. He pulled away slightly and bent down to kiss her softly but deeply on her lips. She took this opportunity to run her fingers through his hair once again, making him moan into her mouth.

“Any more of that and I’ll have to repeat what we just did.” She giggled and stepped away from his embrace.

“Goodbye, your majesty, it was a pleasure.” She smiled shyly at him.

“Please, call me Nicholas.” She nodded and curtsied prettily.

“Of course. Goodbye, Nicholas.”

“Goodbye Evelyn,” She smiled at him before closing the door behind her. Nicholas sighed and ran a hand through his hair. That had been one of the best sexual experiences of his life and he just let her slip through his fingers. Well of course I had to, that’s how this is supposed to work. But he knew that deep down, he wished things could’ve been different, that he could’ve made love to Evelyn all night long and told all those other girls to go home. Suddenly he didn’t want to do this anymore, not after that. He had fucked many women, but never made love to them. He had no desire to be with any other woman and he cursed. This wasn’t supposed to happen…

to be continued…

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