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Serena and I rushed down Highway 168 heading away from Norfolk toward Nags Head, North Carolina. Normally we would be working for a late afternoon photo shoot, but there were rainstorms in the area and we expected it to start raining sometime about midmorning, so instead, we went for an early morning shoot. I had picked Serena up at her motel and was explaining to her where we were headed.

“You remember hearing about the Wright Brothers?”

“Oh yeah, you mean like Mario and Luigi?”

“Mario and Luigi? Are you kidding me?” I asked, then seeing the smile on her face I knew she was kidding.

“Of course I know about the Wright Brothers, the first to fly a heavier than air airplane.”

“You never really know with you youngsters these days, I bet if I go to a mall anywhere, and ask that question I’d get plenty of answers like ‘Mario and Luigi’.”

“Okay, yeah you’re probably right, but who are you calling a youngster? I’m every bit of twenty years old.”

“Twenty, really?”

“Well, I will be next week on my birthday, but hey you’re not that old.”

“Now who is kidding whom?”

“What, you’re what forty-five, forty-six?’

“Ah, a sweet girl here. Better add about six years to that.”

“You’re over fifty? No, it can’t be.”

“Well it is. Now back to what I was talking about. We’re heading to Kitty Hawk, well actually just a little south of there, it’s Kill Devil Hills to be exact. Anyway, the monument to the Wright Brothers is up on this tall hill where we can get the sea in the background.”

“Sounds fun, but why so early?”

“Well, it’s probably going to rain this afternoon, so I want to get there early in the morning, before anyone else is there. We can go up on the hill and take the more risqué shots there. Later, when the public is around, well take the fully clothed shots around the other sites.”

We were making good time, crossing the Wright Memorial Bridge still a good thirty minutes before sunrise. Serena had dozed off a few minutes after our conversation, so I had an opportunity to look her over pretty good. Look her over in a completely professional manner, of course.

Her dark hair was long and straight, rolling down her shoulders and over her breasts as she slept with her head bent forward. Her breasts were very small, but the rest of her was also very small, so they were in nice proportion. There were a number of shots where her breast would be either partly or completely exposed in the photographs, so I hoped we could present them well.

Serena woke up as we were passing out of Kitty Hawk, a small community with some incredibly beautiful beach front homes. The homes away from the beach front were very nice too, most with stair way up illegal bahis to a porch that could see over the beach front homes. They seemed like oversized crows’ nests from pirate ships.

In a short while we were passing the seven point five mile marker and moved over to turn to the memorial. Curving slowly around a small two lane road we pulled up to the entrance booth, but had to wait about 15 minutes for the park to open.

Serena made good use of the time, combing her hair, touching up her makeup and carefully arranging several of the jackets she was going to model. By the time the booth opened and I paid the eight dollars admission for the two of us, Serena was ready.

Skipping the information center and the auditorium building, we headed directly to loop road, where we quickly parked and began walking up the steep pathway to the top of the memorial. While walking up I took a few shots of the structure and a few others of Serena as she walked up in front of me.

When we finally made the top of the hill, Serena was ready to begin, but I had to sit down on the granite stairs to catch my breath. It was still a few minutes before sunrise, so we both took a moment to look out towards the sea.

Reaching a point where I wasn’t huffing and puffing so bad, I had Serena move over to the southeast corner of the structure and lean against it with her shoulder. I clicked off several shots with a bright pink sky behind her. I then asked her to take off her blouse and wear only her jacket.

When she was ready I had her pose as if she were trying to push the building with her hands. With the open jacket I had hoped her breast would hang down far enough to be visible poking out of the jacket. I had planned to catch the sun just as it peeked over the horizon and shone on her breasts. Unfortunately, her breast were simply too small. I was about to try another shot when I noticed that, in the cool air, her nipples were erect and incredibly large.

I said to her, “Serena baby, pull your coat back a little bit and then arch your back.”

“Like this?” she asked, while positioned in the perfect pose.

“Perfect. Now don’t move until I tell you.”

I got her in focus and then waited, concentrating on those enormous nipples until the sun cleared the horizon and touched her with it’s light. I immediately began shooting, two, three, four perfect shots. “Now move Serena, bow your back some… no, the other way… that’s it baby, that’s it. Yeah. Now turn, yeah… facing me. Now, your fingertips, touch your nipples with your fingertips.”

Damn she was beautiful, and fucking sexy too. My cock was pressing against my pants, but I couldn’t reach down to adjust it, otherwise I might miss a shot. “Now kneel illegal bahis siteleri down Serena, yeah… beautiful, beautiful.”

I had her move down near the edge of a small wall that ended in a point. She sat down on the point, with one leg dangling down each side of the wall. Once she was in position, I began shooting again.

“Okay now, take off your jacket,” I said, moving closer to her. Completely topless, I had to work some differing camera angles to keep her breasts and nipples properly emphasized. Her tiny breasts kind of just flattened out in some shots, where a slight change in angle drew out the nipples making for an incredibly erotic shot.

“Wow,” I shouted, “At ease, rest a bit there while I reload.” I reached into my camera back and quickly threw rolls of film in three different cameras. When I finished I looked up and saw Serena still sitting on the wall, raring to go.

“Damn baby, you look scrumptious like that,” I said, trying to figure out our next shot. Looking down from the hill I saw a few people heading into the visitor’s center, so I knew we had to hurry if we were going to get any more of the nude shots. We had lost the sunrise as the sun disappeared behind the first few clouds of the upcoming rainstorms.

I’d need to change filters so I was about to go back to my bag when I noticed Serena, sitting at the wall, legs on each side of the point, with her skirt pulled up, exposing a very beautiful kitty between her legs.

Without changing filters, I snapped a few shots and then asked, “What are you doing Serena?”

“You said I looked scrumptious, I was wondering if you want a taste?”

“Now you’re teasing an old man here.”

“I am not teasing and you aren’t an old man. So are you going to taste me?”

“Once I taste you, I don’t know if I’ll be able to stop.”

“I was counting on that,” she said, opening her legs wider.

Putting my cameras in my bag I swooped down on her, my arms swirling up under her legs, tossing them up on my shoulders. I then gently pecked at her slit with my tongue until it slipped between her lips and slid into her opening. I felt my head soaring as I tasted her tangy, earthy wetness, swirling my tongue inside her.

Remembering the people who had headed into the information center, I glanced toward the building and noticed them stepping outside. We were too far away for them to have any idea what was going on, so I continued dipping my tongue deeper and deeper into Serena, tasting her again and again. I couldn’t get enough of her as I pumped my tongue in and out of her.

After a few moments, I eased out of her and then moved upwards, lighting on her clit with the tip of my tongue, then circling hard over canlı bahis siteleri the tiny nub. I reached my hands up to her incredible nipples and ran my fingers over them as I sucked her clit between my lips. Her hips began to rise and I heard her moan.

Glancing down the hill, I saw the people were headed towards us, but they would not be able to see us until they were nearly three fourths the way up, so we still had a few minutes, but we couldn’t waste any time.

I increased the intensity of my sucking and felt her hip movement quicken too. In moments she reached down and grabbed my head, pulling my face tight against her as pumped her hips up and down, grinding her pussy over my face.

She called out, “Oh yes, yes…” and she arched her back and remained motionless. Then she quickly pulled back from me and rolled over on her side, untangling from me and then clamping her legs tightly together. I moved over to her face and she grabbed my head, kissing me all over the face, her tongue slipping out to taste her wetness on me.

“Serena, we need to get up and get your jacket on. People are coming up the hill.”

Like the pro she was, she quickly moved, grabbing her blouse and jacket, pulling them on and adjusting them. I had grabbed my gear and was taking pictures of her as she posed, fully clothed near the carved bronze door at the memorial.

“Looks like you have some nice shots there,” I heard from behind me.

An older gentleman was standing there with his wife and what looked like three young grandchildren. I quickly explained we where taking some fashion photos, trying to catch the sunrise and take advantage of the incredible view. I took a few shots of the grandkids with Serena and one where she was kissing the old man on the cheek, with his wife making an angry face in the background. The grandkids loved it.

I quickly got their address and told them I’d mail the photos as soon as I developed them. The old man reached for his pocket and I shook my head, “No, no, it’s okay. Take the money and donate it to the park fund here.” He put his wallet away and thanked me for taking the pictures, and then Serena and I headed back down the hill.

The clouds had darkened some more so we gave up on the rest of the shoot. As I packed my cameras away, Serena came up and leaned against me. “That was wonderful up there, but I didn’t get to do anything for you.”

“Oh that’s okay Serena, I was happy enough to just do what I did.”

“Nonsense, I’m going to figure out a way of making it up to you.”

“You don’t need to do that,” I heard myself say, knowing my growing cock was thinking otherwise as I climbed into the driver’s seat and started the car. Leaning forward I noticed a hawk swooping down onto another hawk, nearly colliding, but gracefully turning and locking talons at the last second. The two tumbled momentarily and then separated, flying back into the trees. I put the car in reverse and began the trip back towards Norfolk.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32