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Yep, while I LOVED your cock sucking this morning, my cock sliding down your throat, my cum blasting down your throat, I still need to make you cum , cramming my fist in and out of your cunt


Yes babe


So, that’s the plan then


We can work on it, for sure


Oh, I don’t know how much work


A fun kind of work.


Oh, yes, most fun! Most evil and depraved! You writhing and whimpering, me pumping my fist in and out of your cunt, up past my wrist …


I’m already wet


Good! Stay wet for me all day. Dripping down your legs so that you have to hide the wet patches or explain yourself, how you’re a dirty little cum slut that needs to suck cock and wear cum on your face and hair


Yes, I’m your dirty deviant bunny cum slut!! And loving it.


You wear cum with pride, showing what a good little cocksucker you are, how you love cum raining down on your face and tongue, and want the world to know how much you love my cock and cum


You’re ready to go out with your friends, cheeks and chin, forehead and hair soaked and shiny with my cum, unashamed!



You’ll go out with Laura again, face soaked and covered in cum, globs hanging off your lips and chin. She’ll be shocked and horrified, but secretly horny. You tell her she can have the same if she comes home with you … that you’ll make certain she is totally fulfilled.

Then, when Laura is here, we drink to relax her. You kneel down in front of me and pull out my cock. As you lick and suck it, taking it down your throat, I sit drinking, and Laura, unable to look away, stares, spit threatening to dribble out if her mouth as she lusts for the same.

Before I cum down your throat, we retire. You lay Laura down and massage her to make her more relaxed. Occasionally slipping your fingers into the crack of her ass, along the edges if her tits.

As illegal bahis she relaxes, I take over, kneading her shoulders. You quietly get the cuffs, and slowly, easily position her arms behind her back. Then, you softly slip the cuffs on her wrists.

Now, we sit her up, naked and worried. But instead, I lay you out facing her, and begin licking and kissing your inner thighs, pushing your legs apart to give me room.

I begin licking and sucking your clit, using my fingers to rub your wetness around, from your clit, around your lips, and down around your asshole, you whimpering and moaning all the while.

As you get more and more worked up, Laura watches, unable to look away. She’s frustrated because she’s restrained, unable to escape, touch herself or join in in any way.

As the two of you reach a fever pitch, I tell you to turn over, get on your knees …

Both of you expect me to take my cock, and press it into your cunt. But no, I continue to use my mouth and fingers … and then I lean back and reach …

I smear lube around your asshole and your cunt, and on my hand. As you figure out what’s coming, Laura is confused, unready for the scene she is about to witness.

I slip three fingers into your cunt, sliding them in and out. You moan and ask for more. I oblige adding another finger, pushing and pushing until my knuckles push up against your cunt.

Laura can’t believe what she sees, and squirms uncomfortably watching, as her own cunt gets wet and squishy.

And then I squeeze my fingers and thumb together, making a huge phallic form, cover it again in lube, and press the tips of my fingers into your cunt.

I slowly, agonizingly press my whole hand passed the muscle ring of your cunt mouth until my wrist brushed up against your clit.

As my wrist pushes in to your cunt, you have massive orgasm, writhing and whimpering. Laura is stunned, desperate to touch herself.

I push and pull my now balled up fist, in and out of your cunt, triggering another massive, long orgasm, flooding illegal bahis siteleri your cunt with your cum, streaming out and down your legs.

Facing Laura, you look into her eyes, your face contorted in pleasure. She looks back, with need, a desperate need in her eyes.

You struggle as you continue to cum and cum, but you dip your head down and begin to feverishly lick and suck at her cunt.

Laura cries out in confusion and joy, almost immediately cumming herself.

She writhes, her tits bouncing around as you suck her clit and finger her cunt.

You then get a more evil thought in your mind … getting your fingers wet with her cum, you slide your hand down and push two fingers into her asshole.

Meanwhile, I am still pounding my fist in and out of your cunt, keeping you in a perpetual orgasm.

As Laura screams out her anal orgasm, writhing and thrashing on your fingers and tongue, you scream out in the most massive cum yet, my fist, still pounding your cunt, up into your cunt almost to the forearm.

As you fall over on your side, exhausted, I pull my fist out of you and show my balled fist to Laura, who, stunned from her own orgasm, can do nothing but stare, eyes hooded and mouth drooling with lust.

I crawl over to Laura, pressing my fingers, covered in your cum, into her mouth, sliding them around so that she tastes your cum, her tongue cleaning my fingers.

As Laura has my fingers in her mouth, I lean over and suck on her nipples, tonguing, licking, and nibbling.

I use my left hand to finger fuck Laura while you recover. I take my right hand, still smeared with your cum, and smear it across her face

You begin to recover, and crawl over to Laura’s face, and kick your own cum off her face as I chew and bite her nipples.

Laura is near comatose with pleasure, almost unable to writhe, she moans and whimpers, licking your face and tongue as you continue to hover over her licking her face clean.

I give the two of you a brief respite, taking the cuffs off of canlı bahis siteleri Laura. She rubs her wrists, a little red and sore from her writhing around trying to get her fingers to her clit.

As you both recover, I have you kneel before me, taking my cock once again into your mouth. Laura, eager to repay your tongue, slides face first underneath you, for full access to your still dripping cunt.

As my cock slides in and out of your mouth, the head popping into your throat, you smear your cunt across Laura’s face, smearing her with your cum.

Laura pushes her tongue out, licking the cum that drips out of your cunt, sliding up and around your clit.

You reach back, grabbing and pulling and twisting her nipples, mauling her tits.

As Laura licks and sucks your cunt, she tickles your asshole with one finger.

Meanwhile, I am getting more and more desperate to cum myself, and begin pounding my cock brutally down your throat.

As Laura approaches another orgasm with your mauling of her nipples, you approach another yourself from Laura’s tongue on your clit and finger in your ass, my cock down your throat providing the piece de la resistance!

As the two of you cum yet again, I reluctantly pull my cock lit of your throat, grasping it firmly over your face, your open drooling mouth.

I blast one long string of cum across your cheek and nose, a drop on your tongue. I continue to spew cum across your face, your cheeks and lips, across your eyes, gluing them shut.

As we calm down, I smear the cum across your face and lips with my cock, and Laura slides out from underneath you to join you cleaning my cock with your tongues.

I then sit back, lazily stroking my cock as I watch the two of you licking cum off each other’s face, you, your own cum off Laura, and Laura, my cum off yours.

Laura gathers globs of my cum off your face, gathering them in her mouth. Finally, she motions you to tip your head back and open your mouth.

You do and she hovers over your mouth to mouth as she drools the collected cum from her mouth to yours.

When done, the two of your kiss and lick each other’s mouth and faces, tongues entwined.

Then, at last, the two of you put on some clothes and go back to the bar, covered and stinking of cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32