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The call of a loon wakes me and I look out of the French doors of our cabin to the mist covered lake. You move your head on my shoulder, almost awake then slumber pulls you back as you tighten your warm naked body against mine.

I get out of bed to go to the bathroom and stop to stand here and look at he thick white mist that spreads over the lake and up into the black and green woods; it is a beautiful and wondrous act of nature. But you steal my attention as you lay there asleep in our bed, in our trust, in your absolute beauty, and I have no choice but to rejoin you in that chrysalis of clean sheets and pure pleasure.

Last night, here in this bed, the sky was dark and moonless but the stars cascaded their light and danced across the sky. The room had a soft yellow glow from the two candles in the sconces above the bed as I waited for you wearing only cotton boxer shorts.

You entered the room in a beautiful black negligee that was tied at your breasts but opened as you walked revealing your black thong and black silk stockings that came all the way up your thighs and stayed close to your covered pussy.

I wanted to come across the room to you but I could not since you had tied me, spread eagle, to the bedposts by silk scarves and my head half propped up on the bed with pillows.

Instead of circling the room or torturing me by making me wait, you cam straight to me, like a cat…no…like a black panther… straddled my body on the bed and kissed me deeply and long as if you were sucking my soul out of me and replacing it with yours. Then you kissed my face, head, and neck before your butterfly lips caressed, explored and devoured my tightening and burning flesh.

As you worked your way down my torso, pressing and moving your clothed body against mine, you paused and bit my hard nipples sending jolts of pleasure and pain through out my body. I begged you to slide my shorts off but you only laughed and rubbed my hard cock through the fabric, kissing me and sucking my semen through the cotton barrier. The frustration güvenilir bahis of being felt but not touched only added to my desire, my sexual urge to fuck and be fucked by you.

When you stood on your knees, straddling my hips, I was amazed to see a knife in your hand. Its long sharp blade glinted etchings on the side and I could tell from the elegance and the workmanship that the edge was very sharp. You waved the blade around my face and I could hear the air molecules being sliced in two and I could do nothing by watch and trust.

And I trusted you completely, even when you placed the razor edge of the blade on my chest and shaved away some of my chest hair (about the size of a quarter) but it took my breath away as I lay there helplessly as you pointed the sharp point at your own breast. You slid the knife inside your negligee and sliced the tie that held your garment closed. The black gossamer nightgown fell open exposing your beautiful breasts, your nipples hard and extended. You stood on your knees and used the knife to cut through the chords of your thong and, in an instant you were naked except for the black hose. Your smooth skin emitting your sexual desire from each pour, your whole body begging to be held, pillaged, desired, fucked, but I was tied to the bed and entirely at your mercy.

You threw your body on top of mine, feeling my skin with your skin as you place the knife of the nightstand. I wanted to hold you, to pull you closer to me and explore your skin but I could only make the bedposts creak. The muscles in my arms tightened from the strain and you ran your fingers up and across my biceps.

Just as you had kissed my face and body earlier, you started again but this time you kissed me with your pussy lips, you even French kissed me with your clit. My neck, chest nipples, shoulder were all bathed in your juices and you backed your way down my body.

Without thinking, I raised my knees and made a natural human chair for you, so you reclined on my thighs with my cock between your butt cheeks and türkçe bahis opened your legs so that I could see your open flower as you removed your hosery.

Your lips were wet as you massaged your clit, masturbating less than a foot from my face; I had a perfect view as you slid your fingers deep inside yourself, touching yourself in the perfect place, in the perfect way.

Before I knew it or react, you raised yourself up and sprayed your juices on me, soaking my chest and face with your ejaculation. We laughed as I tried to lick your taste from my face, I wanted to taste feel and touch you but could only make the head boards creak.

You wanted more and in a single movement pulled my shorts off exposing my throbbing hard cock. You paused a moment to lick my balls, my shaft and suck my head but your pussy was begging to be filled so you, once again straddled my hips and slid you wonderful hot pussy over my cock and by the time I was fully penetrated, your pussy muscles gripped on my cock in a hard orgasm and that sensation sent me shooting my fluids up into you in simultaneous pleasure.

Only slightly out of breath, you allowed yourself a moment to recover before you untied my arms. My left arm fell limp, throbbing from pain as the blood reentered my hands and fingers. I let that arm fall to the curve of your hip and my fingers dangled along the smooth globe of your ass.

But when my right hand was freed, I became Prometheus unbound, all the pent up and tied down desire exploded and I think that you were a little surprised to find yourself suddenly under me.

I wanted you, all of you, all at once, your sex, your sexuality, I needed all of you and so I kissed, tasted, and felt you all at once. Your face, hair, feet, tits, clit, kneecap, everything, I devoured you and you responded, meeting me one on one in sexual combat.

Nothing was left untouched, like two mating snakes we entwined around each other, all inhibitions obliterated like a sand castle in a tsunami as we sought the ways we knew to give and take pleasure güvenilir bahis siteleri and found wholly new ways to heighten the others passion. Both selfless and magnificently selfish we sought to cannibalize our very souls.

Eventually, I found myself on my knees behind you while you were on all fours waving your red rose pussy at me screaming for me to fuck you.

My cock slid in with ease as you pumped you ass against my pelvis harder and harder until we both arched ourselves in spasms and convulsions as every synapse exploded at once and we screamed our pleasure into the dim night.

I slid out of you and we lay there in each other’s arms, two heaps of steaming flesh twitching as the orgasmic tensions left our bodies and we fell asleep there, until the loons woke me.

The room is a little lighter now and you stir and stretch your body against mine. You touch my cheek and kiss me with that “morning breath” ( I love that bitter taste because the only way to taste it is to sleep with someone). Your hand slides to my ¾ erect cock.

“Mmm, I like that but you’ll have to do better…”

“That is your job”

You pull away from me and pad off into the bathroom, return after a few moments, and stop and the French doors.

“This is beautiful, have you seen the mist on the lake?”

“Yes I did, earlier while you were asleep, the sky was amazing, every color of red imaginable and the mist on the lake looked like snow going up into the woods.”

“Why didn’t you wake me?”

“I was going to but I looked at you and saw something 100 times more beautiful so I rejoined you in bed.”

You blush, but only a little, completely at ease in the nude, I can’t take my eyes off of your shape, your pink soft nipples, your curves, your legs, but when you smile, I forget everything else.

I lift the sheet and you come and join me, finding me fully erect now you roll to your back, open you legs, and pull me once again into your body.

And we make love, long and sweet, you climax many times and in every way imaginable, some long and hard and sometimes so soft and sweet that you are the only one aware of what your body is doing.

At long last, I release myself into you, slide to your side and, together, we listen to the loons.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32