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I went up to go up to NY for a long weekend earlier this year just to relax and I stayed at a nice motel and Lisa stayed with me while I was there.

We got to talking the first night while we were fucking and I asked her if she wanted to have some fun. Of course she asked what kind of fun.

I said, why don’t we get as many guys as possible to jerk off and cum all over your tits. There wouldn’t be any fucking or weird stuff, just guys cumming on you.

She looked at me like I was crazy and then said ok.

The next morning I put out feelers on the internet for any guy who wanted, could come over to the motel and cum on my gf tits. I gave a time frame, place and room number.

I told Lisa I put the ad in and figured we might get a few takers.

Lisa got ready and was shaking her head that she even agreed to this, but she was laughing.

When the time came, nobody showed up. However, 15 minutes later, there were knocks on the door. When I opened up the door, there were four guys. I let them in and brought them over to Lisa lying naked on the bed.

I told the guys to jerk off and cum on her tits and that I was going to video them.

Each guy pulled out his cock and started jerking off. One by one, they shot their loads all over Lisa’s tits. Then they thanked her and left.

After a few more minutes. There were six guys at the door. I invited them in and took them to Lisa. I told them to cum all over her tits.

By the time they finished, Lisa was covered in cum and smiling.

We waited awhile and nobody else came as the time frame passed. I told Lisa to take a shower since nobody else was coming.

As Lisa joined me in the room, she was naked and drying herself off.

Another knock illegal bahis and another guy came in. He introduced himself as Bartholomew but his friends called him Horse and said he got stuck in traffic. As soon as he saw Lisa he said, “I know you. You are Lisa the porno queen. I am your biggest fan.”

Lisa asked him how he recognized her and he said from the pussycat tattoo near her pussy. Lisa smiled and told him he wasn’t too late and she got on the bed.

He walked over to Lisa and pulled out his enormous cock. Lisa’s eyes grew wide as she stared at his cock. She asked the guy to wait a minute and called me over to her. She whispered in my ear, “I want his cock in my holes. Ok?” I told her ok.

I then told the guy that Lisa would like him to fuck her holes and he could if he wanted to. The guy looked at me, then Lisa and started to undress.

While he undressed, he said he had never fucked a woman before because the girls ran away when they felt how big his hard cock was.

Lisa looked at him and asked him how old he was and he said 21.

When he was naked his cock looked even bigger and he had huge balls as well. Lisa smiled and said to him, “Now I know why they call you Horse.”

Lisa told him to join her on the bed. He laid next to her and she started kissing him. His hands were all over her tits.

Lisa moved down to suck his cock but she couldn’t get all of it in her mouth. She started playing with his massive balls, licking them as well.

Lisa asked him if he came a lot. He said that when he jerks off, he cums a lot and that he has to jerk off at least three or four times to get his cock soft again.

Then Lisa told him to stick his cock in her cunt. She guided his cock to her slit. Her eyes illegal bahis siteleri got bigger and she looked at me as he started pressing his cock into her. She spread her legs wide and I watched as he slowly slipped his cock all the way into her cunt. Somehow, he managed to get it all in her. Lisa told me his cock filled her cunt up completely and that it felt so good in her.

Horse started fucking her and she met him thrust for thrust. Soon he said he was going to cum. Lisa told him she wanted him to fuck her ass. Horse told her not to worry and that he will do that after he fills her cunt up with his cum.

He was right. He filled her cunt up with a ton of cum and when he pulled his cock out, his cum gushed out her cunt.

His cock, still hard, was now looking for Lisa’s ass. I told her to get on all fours and he used his cum as lube and started sliding his cock in her ass.

Lisa started moaning in pain and pleasure as his cock stretched her hole as his cock sunk deeper into her ass.

Even though he never fucked a girl, he knew what to do. I guess it was from all the porno he watched.

I saw that his cock was in her ass as far as it could go. Lisa was moaning in pleasure as he started to fuck her ass.

Lisa’s tits swayed with every thrust and all she kept saying was, “Oh my god…oh my god…it feels so good…John, I need his cock in my ass. I love you.”

Then Horse told her he was going to cum and his cock shot out his cum. Lisa yelled out, “His cum is so hot and hitting my insides so hard…god it feels so good.”

He started pulling his cock out but she begged him, “Baby, don’t take your cock out. Keep fucking my ass. Cum some more in me.”

He shoved his hard cock back into her ass canlı bahis siteleri and fucked it harder and faster and he came again, filling Lisa’s ass. He finally pulled out and his cum just flowed out and onto the bed. She laid there exhausted.

As Lisa rested, I asked Horse if he ever thought of doing porno movies. He said that he didn’t. I asked him if he would be interested in it. I told him he could make a ton of money fucking girls.

Just then Lisa said, “Horse, I could make you a millionaire if you want. John and I would be your managers and your first movie would be you fucking me. Would you like that?”

His eyes lit up and he said, “You mean that I would get paid to fuck you? I would do that for free anytime.”

Lisa and I laughed and told him that if he were interested, she would have the papers drawn up and he would be in his first movie within the month.

He said he would do it.

Lisa then said, “Horse, would you like to hang out with us this weekend and you could fuck me as much as you want, whenever you wanted to?”

He looked at us and said he would have to call his mom and let her know he would be staying with friends. He wasted no time in calling her.

After his call, he asked, “Lisa, could I get your autograph and a picture of us together?”

Lisa smiled and told him that would be fine. She grabbed a pen and paper and signed it for him.

She then told me to take their picture.

Horse and Lisa stood up, both naked, and I snapped a few pictures. Lisa asked him if he wanted anything else.

He thought about it and said, “Do you think John can take a video of us as I fuck you because nobody is going to believe me that I fucked a porno queen.”

Lisa smiled and said she would do anything he wanted.

That weekend, Lisa enjoyed herself and made some calls and got Horse all set up to star in a movie with Lisa.

The End?

If you liked this story, let me know and I will tell you about their movie…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32