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We arrived at my room, as I insisted, he didn’t resist and rolled into the room, hardly fumbling with the lock. Our clothes were on the ground before the door closed. I tore all his clothes off and pulled him down on the bed, his dick sticking out. It now looked huge, probably a nine-incher and thick but not gross or pudgy. I knew I could fit him somewhere. He got everything of mine off except my panties, which I wouldn’t cede yet.

His fingers were down my crack gaining toward my asshole, richly moistened by my recent turd. I hadn’t wiped intentionally, though there had been little smear. There was still a very small piece of cling on my panties and his fingers found it. He was kissing my neck and rubbing my back with the other hand. He pinched the remains and brought out his hand, looking at the fingers. There was a small flat bit of my shit in between his fingers and he just licked them off, smeared his tongue around his mouth, and resumed kissing me. I gasped as one hand rubbed one of my breasts and his lips found a stiff nipple. My gut cramped for a brief moment and some anal seepage leaked out, most absorbed by my panties.

He gently placed a finger along my cunt top and worked it down into the slit, now getting wet and slimy. It went in. My pelvis bucked and my lips swallowed the finger. It very quickly found my clit and started teasing it. Before long, two fingers were doing duty in my snatch, now practically gushing. Still standing, I gyrated my hips to his rhythm until we fell in a tangled mess onto the bed. His fingers stayed and soon I was close to cumming. My orgasms are typically circular in nature, they come from all around my pussy and clit and encircle my whole lower region, then the feelings dissipate in reverse. I quivered with a light rolling half-cum and slurped his mouth in unison. We held the kiss a long time. My hand went to his raging hard-on. I wanted that thing in me but at the same time, knowing boys, I didn’t want him to spurt his energy off too soon. I wanted fun; this was my one time “away” from my life and it was going to be a holiday like no other. As my panting subsided we rolled over so that he was on his back.

He grabbed for my tits but I quickly straddled him and sat on his face. I wanted that tongue back up my twat and deep. I was facing his legs and took his sexy buns in my hands, curling them and kneading the flesh as I brought my lips to the tip of his cock, standing at attention. I licked the tip, teasing out a small dribble of clear wetness. I tasted it’s saltiness and the flavor warmed me. With the fingering, my insides were all moving. I realized I really needed to pee again, and the little gift I had dropped in the restaurant had done nothing for the continued built-up feeling in my gut. I still hadn’t had a good dump in days and I felt a little motion there as well. Nevertheless, I was incredibly horny and wanted his love.

His beautiful tool went in my mouth and as soon as I took it to the back of my throat, I gagged, laughed a little and slurped around it.

“You all right?,” he asked.

“Mmmmmm… I’m great.” I replied with tongue twisted around that amazing rod.

I massaged the circumcised head all around and felt the blood engorging on the sides. I began massaging his balls from behind, which felt like they were expanding like a balloon as it blows up. I started an up and down mouth fucking motion on his dick, letting the tip go almost to my lips before sliding to my throat, back and forth. As he began moaning, I relaxed my legs and hips, and let the full weight of my pelvic area fall onto his mouth, forcing his lips and tongue into my cunt.

Her cunt was all wet and tasted better than anything I could’ve imagined. Still freshly tangy and a little fishy from the finger cum, I just poked in every fold, under each lip. Slowly and carefully, searching for a nerve that made her jerk. I flattened my tongue and press-licked up and down from the flower opening to her clit button, which demanded extra attention. Her hips began heaving up and down as the pace quickened.

My cock was fucking her mouth, or actually she was bobbing her beautiful blond head up and down over my stationary pole and it felt like heaven. My load was beginning to build and I didn’t know how much longer I could wait. I wanted desperately to eat her completely before I came in her mouth and even thought of pulling out just to fuck another hole. Just as her heaving became really heavy and I knew she was on the brink, she jammed her bottom hard into my face, causing my nose to stick right into her precious asshole. I was staring right at the whisk, which was gyrating round and round with her motions.

She stopped sucking my dick. With my nose buried in her brownie, a very long and wet fart came out over several seconds directly into my system. It was as if nothing escaped into the air. Deeply rich and dank smell filled my senses, the scent of her bowels, of her caked up waste after all these days. I responded by attempting to get more inside her butt with my nose, now wet with some of the rich hot anal broth.

She maneuvered her twat illegal bahis back over my mouth and I immediately returned to slinging out her cunt, so slimy and sexy tasting. With that fart out and realizing I wasn’t going to leave, she just came with almost violent shakes, nearly breaking my jaw (I felt). That whisk really started mixing up an incredible sauce! I kept at it and just about halfway through the orgasm, while she was still bucking, I inserted my middle finger into her luscious bottom, wet from her fart, the whole area fairly lubricated. As she lessened her movements, she slid her ass around my finger, now up to the last knuckle; it didn’t bother her at all, in fact it went in quite easily.

My tongue still lightly dancing around the sloppy insides of her cleaned-out cunt, she still has most of her weight on my face, I curl the finger around the inside of her ass. My cock, still expectantly rigid, is now bobbing outside her mouth, alongside her face.

She barely finishes her cum-down and as her breathing subsides, she murmurs, “Oohhhh, jeez… that was really…. fine… ommmm, no one licks me like that, it’s been sooooo long since… mmmm…”

My finger in no way bothers her and I pull it out to see how lubricated her brownie is. It slides right out. It’s slightly brown and looks absolutely tasty. I can’t help it but I put it in my mouth, savoring the film, similar to my restaurant taste. I clean my finger and just as quickly, I slide it back in, gingerly. She wiggles her ass to accept it and just as it reaches the last knuckle and stops, her cunt relaxes totally all around my mouth and chin and I taste a wetness that begins in dribbles and soon turns to a geyser. Carla is peeing right in my mouth, right on my chin, on my face. I race to position myself to capture all of the wonderful liquid. It’s really strong, I can smell and taste the asparagus we just ate from this warm, fresh urine pouring into me. Oh is this divine. Salty, pungent, very strong of sweat and body. I love it.

“Red, you’re great, a real sport and a true lover. I hope you don’t mind.”

My mouth is too full to answer. I drink every last drop, guzzling it down. This is what I wanted so much when I saw her. The sensations and taste are about to make me spurt and I feel my balls swell again. So does she and she withdraws from my face and turns around, facing me now, releasing my finger from her asshole. She gently positions herself over my towering flesh. She grabs the head and inserts the tip into her cunt, all wet with pee and her juices and slowly sits down on me, I’m still lying on my back.

He grabbed my tits, one in each hand and starts massaging them round and round, moving toward the stiff nipples. His rigid cock goes in me easily, not because it’s small, but because I think my cunt never fully recovered from childbirth and isn’t as tight as when I was 20. He showed no complaints as he filled me up; I felt him push toward my uterus, way high, my position helping matters. He started pumping this time, slowly up and down. I leaned over to kiss his pissy mouth, but his dick started to inch out and I only wanted to keep it up in me. I was working toward my third climax in this short time. I rubbed his chest and moved my hands back toward his hips as he began bucking. He was impaling me best he could and I felt the thrusts deeper and deeper with each stroke. It was wonderful.

“You are filling me so deep, Red. I want this to last forever.”

“Me too, but it can’t, I’m too close.”

“You fuck me deep and hard, I know you want to, you nasty piss drinker,” I laughed.

She was in a strong rhythm gaining toward another cum when something very strange happened. She slowed down her humping very quickly and moaned slowly. Then she grunted quietly, then again. With my dick deep inside her, she quickens the pace again, feverishly. She grinds toward orgasm, and a big shit smell envelopes us, I hear a slippery fart and smell a deeply body scent. I get absolutely rigid and pump more furiously and she groans and gasps as she comes hard. My throbbing cock feels through her vaginal wall the movement down her lower bowel as a mass travels; it’s a glorious sensation. I can feel her mud sliding through her rectum as she contracts, coming like a banshee. As her breath grows quicker, she pushes, grunts loudly and a mound shits out of her beautiful ass. A sudden fervent and deep smell fills our air, pure of her insides, luscious in its dirtiness, sulphur and flesh. The turd rolls down her cheeks, as our humping gets more intense, it’s sticking and dropping over my asshole, to a small lumpy pile on the bed. It’s not a log, but a bumpy small pile, the size of a large marbles. She reaches a roaring climax and I am trying desperately to hold off still, though admittedly, it’s painfully difficult. As she screams, “ohhhh,” her right hand moves behind and she plugs a finger into her smell hole, pulsing it in and out of the fresh filth. I really fucked the shit out of her, literally. I slide my hand around her ass, cupping it from below and slide a finger in her asshole alongside her own. It goes in very illegal bahis siteleri easily with the greasy clay and the wetness. The opening is really giving and loose, our two intertwined fingers inching inside her ass.

As his dick penetrated my depths, my cunt gave in and gripped him deeper. I began coming a luxurious climax and just as my inners began pulsing hard, I felt a contraction or some spasm in my gut and the relief of a shit being passed through my body. My cumming caused my intestines or something in there to push out some wonderful turds. And there they lie. Red wasn’t at all put off. The smell was strong and pungent, mine. He reached around to stroke my sensitized brownie, which was getting pretty relaxed by now. The orgasm was very central to my pussy, but I felt it deeply in my bowels, perhaps because they were so full. My drop was rather small and I still felt pretty full back there. He was going to have to dig it out if it didn’t come by itself, but I’d take more fucking if he could.

After I pushed him out, I didn’t want him to squirt his load just yet, he almost brutally flipped me over on my stomach and gently pushed my face into my pile. I didn’t know what he intended, but quickly two of his fingers were in my cunt from the back, trying to find my clit, beginning to pump. I tongued a broken chunk and brought it into my mouth. I took my hand and began pinching one of my nipples and brought Red’s hand to the other, positioning his fingers on the stiff tip. As he finger-fucked my cunt and pinched my tit, I chewed my own shit, it was nasty and good. This was almost sweet and a little softer. Before I swallowed, I turned around and pasted my mouth to his, passing the mess to him, sharing and spreading it with my tongue. We chewed and swallowed it together.

“I’m sorry Red, I messed the bedsheets.”

“Wow, don’t worry, they’re the hotel’s.”

“That doesn’t freak you out? I’ve never done that before, ever, not with anyone.”

“You taste amazing, not at all what I had expected, not blond, or at least what I thought you might taste like. It’s so sensual and strong.”

I kissed her deeply, passionately and long. We embraced tightly, trading this unbelievable body mud, back and forth. It was sensuous. I felt her hard sharp nipples against mine as my rock hard rod urgently slammed against her thigh begging entrance somewhere. I still wasn’t ready, though I could’ve come an ocean’s worth any second. Our tongues dove into each other’s mouths and then as I opened my eyes, I noticed along one wall in the faint light a basket generously filled with fresh vegetables and jars.

“What’s that over there?” I murmured in her ear, having not really noticed anything in the room up to this point, solely concentrating on her absolute beauty?

“That? The bag? Oh, Jean-Paul, one of the French chefs on the television program who lives here always sends me local goodies to my hotel to munch on and taste. I haven’t even checked it out yet. He usually gives me beautiful cheeses and wine as well. I can’t believe you’re hungry, Red?”

I left her sitting on her knees, upright for a moment, kissed her forehead and left the bed for a moment to look in the bag. Right at the top of the overflowing elegant basket were a couple of striking zucchini. I took a long curved one, fairly thick and returned quickly to my passion woman. My blond, gorgeous, slightly-freckled friend.

“What are you thinking of doing with that,” she asked, a little scared.

He firmly turned me around, still on my knees, and guided my head back down into the little pile I had left on the sheets, placing my ass high in the air. He didn’t force my head into my droppings, but I was hungry for more myself, having cleaned each other’s mouths completely. I tongued the small clumps and as I did so I felt his tongue attack my asshole again. It went in so deeply I could feel his breath. He slurped in circles and sent shivers everywhere. There’s no feeling like a complete rimming and no one can do it like Red. He kept going, desperately trying to get inside me. I yielded more of my rectum by pushing out, giving him more surface which to taste. As I did so, I felt a feeling of liquid starting to gush from my bowels; I was afraid I’d let a flow of vile watery filth onto my absolute lover, into his mouth. As I attempted to hold back, I immediately knew it was gas and let a gushing wet fart out. Long and fragrant, he lapped it up. It left my hole slimy and waiting.

“Oh, Carla, you are heaven,” he said.

I then felt the tip of something cold and hard and before I could identify what it was, one of zucchinis had slid three inches into me. I didn’t resist, but sucked in my bowels as he pushed the full eight or nine inches in, the tiny flowered stalk remaining outside. Since my ass is fairly loose from all my frigging and the licking, fingering, and shit grease, it felt full and not painful at all. In fact, I felt so full, so complete, I mouthed the remaining morsel and chewed up my last shit from the bed. It was drier, having been out in the air for awhile. With the green dildo impaling canlı bahis siteleri my pooper, Red pulled me back around to face him, sitting on the bed. He came over to me and kissed me again, trying to claim some of my mouth clay and tonguing it into our gums. He pinched my nipple hard again, almost causing me to yell, but my mouth was full of his.

His fingers found my cunt and two went in my open box. He rocked me back and sitting on the zucchini end jammed it deeper into my innards. The fingers began arching upward inside and he found a rhythm to finger fuck me while helping my weight ass fuck myself with the vegetable. I began panting again. I didn’t think I could come again so quickly but the buildup feelings had begun again, this time centered around my pussy. A third finger was added without much effort. He turned his hand to kind of scoop my vagina in a gesture to open it wider, while thrusting in and out. My pussy juice was making the hole a sopping cave.

I whispered, “more, Red, more.”

I felt I just couldn’t get enough of him inside me.

He shifted his weight a little and locked his left hand under my right leg, forcing it back to my tits, almost, exposing my vulva as much as possible, stretching my whole body to yield to him. A fourth finger was in and he bit my nipple now, very hard, moving it between his teeth. The rocking motion was making me shake now; four fingers furiously fucking my gash with the zucchini filling my ass to the hilt, pushing in and out.

I desperately coaxed, “more, please, give me all, now, please…”

She was rocking back and forth intensely on my four fingers, the zuch up her perfect ass and she was out of breath. I kissed her and tasted her fever. I bit her tits so hard she yelped. I didn’t want to hurt her but was taken to another place by her pleasure. She kept going faster and faster. The ass was all open now, hardly any resistance to the curved foodpiece pounding her. She asked for more. I bent my thumb under the index finger and was able to get all five fingers in her cunt.

She definitely felt the pain of stretching but grabbed my wrist and pulled the whole hand in, twisting it around to get it to go in and up. I felt a ring of tightness surround the hand as it went up. She let out a big groan, either pain or pleasure, but took a deep breath, which relaxed that muscle enough for her to fully jam my fist in her. It was sopping and stretched and she rocked aggressively for several moments on her ass while pulling and pushing my hand into her depths. My wrist was up to her pussy hairs and she was beginning to whine.

With his fist in me, I felt an incredible pain at my twat’s mouth, but wanted it up toward my cervix, past the ring. I somehow got that to loosen and forced his hand up and began pumping his fist in me. The rod in my ass was giving me a feeling of being pounded all over. He seemed a little confused, I think he didn’t want to hurt me. I couldn’t have cared. I didn’t want to see any blood but I thought that my cunt is so stretched anyway, I could handle it. He continued to bite my mouth and nipple and I rocked both probes within me until I felt the waves of orgasm creep from deep within my womanhood. I gave into his fist opening, the fingers reaching for my inner flesh, then closing. He then pumped harder with his fist, twisting his arm around one way, then back the other in a circular motion while thrusting up and down my huge love slit, it was as if he were literally screwing his arm into my womb. As his pulse quickened, so did mine to meet his motions.

“Ooohhhhhh…. Jeeeeeez, ohhhh REDDDD, fuck, fuck… your arm is making me, oh…….shit… yaaaaahhhhhhhhhh,” she grunted and moaned in ecstacy.

The coming was so strong I shook and shook and swear I gushed more juice. I blindly held onto his wrist and kept trying to get more of him in me. I think at the end I got up to half his forearm in me. I bucked my entire woman flesh to meet his groping fingers, I felt them grab and wriggle around as I shook and shook. It lasted over a minute I’d estimate, but who can know. I yelled and threw my entire body onto his hand, the fingers still dancing way up inside me.

I was completely fuzzy and can’t even remember it ending. I do recall him licking his hand and forearm over me, lying below him, panting like a dog, completely sated, my ass still full of zucchini. Limp as a rag, I no longer cared what he did, though his erection was now raging and begging relief. I hardly had the strength to blow him. But he repositioned me over his cock, on my knees, dildoed ass down on his mouth.

When I pulled my arm out of her gaping cunt, it was dripping with her. I held in my fingers many globs of white yeasty stringy substance I managed to collect while fisting her. She was coming down off her high and not in pain, there was no blood so I was pretty sure I hadn’t damaged her in any serious way, I hoped. I eagerly lapped up the dripping cunt snot, tasting very sweaty and a lot like menstrual juice. I really was hungry for anything she could give me from her insides. I cleaned my arm and hands with my tongue and offered my smeared fingers to Carla’s beautiful delicate mouth, which gently obliged. She was so dreamy I don’t know if she knew what it was. I felt like eating some more of her so I slid under her ass, helping her head toward my longing cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32