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They’d agreed to meet in town and in style, so, they decided to have dinner together in a beautiful restaurant, known for its great ambiance and wonderful exotic food.

Rick looked ravishingly stunning in his black trousers and sexy soft grey silk shirt, his long hair tied back in a ponytail. Anna caressed him with her gaze, and blushed when his eyes roamed most appreciatively over the short black velvet dress hugging her curves, her sheer glossy black stockings and her elegant shoes, before they lingered on her simple onyx earrings and matching necklace that caressed her subtly displayed, ample cleavage.

His hand rested lightly on her right hip and his fingers brushed her lower back as he led her into the warmly lit dining room. Anna felt his fingertips burning straight through her dress, causing her heart to skip a beat.

Smoldering logs of wood crackled invitingly in a round open fireplace in the middle of the restaurant, and chandeliers suspended from the high ceiling spread a soft warm light. Round tables were set in small alcoves, with curved plush benches behind them shaped in a softened “U”, somewhat like the spread wings of a bird, allowing diners to sit side by side, yet also nearly facing each other.

The pretty hostess who’d taken care of their coats, now showed them to their seats.

“Have a lovely evening” she smiled, and swished back towards the entrance.

Ricks’ hand casually brushed Anna’s bare upper arm as he let her slide behind the table. The long white starched tablecloth all the way down to the floor made it tricky to slide behind the table, and they giggled and fought with it a little, finally managing to make themselves comfortable before the distinguished maitre d’ brought them their wine list.

With ornate descriptions, spiced with a dry English humor, he helped them pick a good bottle of crisp Sauvignon Blanc as aperitif and to go with their starters, followed by a silky smooth Burgundy to go with their main course.

While they waited for their drinks to arrive, they chatted comfortably about the day gone by and about a movie they would both like to see while they observed the other guests, mainly mixed couples like themselves, engaged in private conversation.

The maitre d’ brought their chilled white wine. He showed Rick the label, uncorked the bottle, poured a small quantity of wine into his glass, and waited patiently for him to have a taste.

“Oh yes, that’s very nice!” Rick nodded approvingly.

With great show of decorum, the solemn faced gentleman filled first Anna’s glass, then his, before placing the bottle in a glass wine cooler on the table. With a flourish he handed them their menus.

“Your waiter will attend you very shortly” he added, and disappeared to greet some other newly arrived guests.

Anna and Rick talked and laughed and teased each other, banter flying back and forth as they read and discussed the menu, with a lot of innuendo and naughty suggestions as to what this dinner might lead up to.

His eyes often lingered on her round breasts, and her nipples grew achingly hard under his gaze, sending delightful ripples of pleasure down to her belly, liquefying her core. Then, suddenly, she felt his warm hand on her thigh.

“Rick?!” Anna looked at him sideways and gasped when his fingers slid up and down over the soft silky material of her stockings.

Her pussy twitched, and her belly contracted with pangs of lustful need. Rick seemed, to everyone else at least, completely engrossed in the list of delicacies in front of him, but his fingers belied that fact as they teasingly crawled up over her thighs very slowly under the table, and his fingertips touched her bare smooth flesh underneath the hem of her short dress just above her stockings.

“Baby, oh god!” Anna sighed.

Rick’s thumb stroked the soft lace of her garters while his fingers tickled her sensitive inner thighs. He blinked his eyelids and Anna gasped, trying to keep a straight face when his fingers moved between her thighs, caressing her warm silky skin.

He looked somewhat surprised when she made no move at all to stop him and uttered canlı bahis şirketleri not a syllable in protest; then his own breath caught in his throat when his fingers touched the warm moist crotch of her soft satin thong, stretched over her swollen lips. Rick stared into her sparkling eyes.

“Oh my…!”

Again his fingers brushed her lightly as if he couldn’t believe how excited Anna was, and again he felt her warm wet femininity outlined through the sheer soaked satin, waiting for him.

For a second she wondered. Was Rick shocked by her blatant horniness? Delighted by her arousal? He smiled at her, totally undoing her as usual with the delightful way his face lit up, but before they could speak, their enthusiastic appointed waiter turned up to talk them through the specialties of the day. She desperately tried to concentrate on what he was saying.

“….with a sweet cranberry marmalade. The fish of the day is catfish, roasted with sesame seeds, garlic, basil and spinach, and our vegetarian special today is Tortilla Espanola with a spicy tomato and chili sauce. I will be back in just a minute to take your order” the waiter smiled, and turned to attend a waving guest.

Immediately, Ricks’ fingers probed the alluring liquid depths of Anna’s silky core again. Anna giggled breathlessly.

“Jeez Rick! You distract me too much! Have you heard anything that man said, at all?”

He laughed.

“Just pick one of their ‘specials’, I have a bit of a problem concentrating as well!”

The waiter returned to their table. Rick pulled back his hand reluctantly, and gasped for air as Anna’s nimble fingers unexpectedly squeezed his cock through his trousers. Quickly he covered her fingers with his own and cleared his throat.

“Have you decided, Anna my love?” he squeezed her fingers and feigned a stern warning glance, but there was laughter and excitement in his eyes.

The waiter took their order, and as their fingers entwined under the table, the beaming man disappeared with the menus, obviously pleased with their choices.

“Now, where were we?”

Rick turned towards Anna, moving closer to stroke her fingers with his, and she couldn’t help but give his cock another little naughty squeeze. She felt it jolt inside his trousers, growing harder still underneath the pressing palm of her hand.

The wine wasn’t nearly as intoxicating as the heat and the passion she saw in Rick’s eyes. Catching her lower lip between her teeth, Anna sensed his warm hand sliding up her thigh again, and she slightly spread her legs and sighed softly.

“So very hot…Anna…so very wet!” Rick whispered.

Slowly he caressed her through the soft fabric of her thong, but before long that wasn’t enough and he deftly pulled it to one side. When his fingers brushed the smooth bare lips of her pussy, Anna could hardly swallow a moan of pleasure.

“Oh god…Rick!” she gasped.

Teasingly, torturously softly, his middle finger slid up and down, up and down, light as a feather, making her thighs quiver.

He looked into her eyes and added a little pressure, slipping his finger between the puffy lips of her pussy, sucking in his own lower lip as he felt her slick hot wetness and the swollen little node just above her inviting love tunnel.

“You like that, don’t you, my horny baby?”

He spread some of her creamy juices over her clit and rubbed it gently, watching Anna’s face, pleased with how she bit and sucked her lips, delighted by the glowing blush that slowly spread across her face. He knew his fingers were driving her insane, her clit was pulsating madly and her juices began oozing from her slit.

Ricks’ middle finger probed deeper between her slippery lips and disappeared into her hot cunt, making Anna gasp as he pressed the mouse of his hand over her mound and clit, pushing and rubbing into it with tiny circular movements.

“YES! OH YES! Oh Rick, you are driving me nuts!” Anna managed to whisper between clenched teeth.

She felt the heat and the pressure building inside her rapidly. She hadn’t noticed Rick’s other hand going down, but she could canlı kaçak iddaa barely stifle a surprised cry when something hard and round and smooth and very cold got pressed against her pleasure button. Her eyes opened wide when she realized he was using the convex side of his spoon to stimulate her hot pulsating clit.

“OH FUCK!” she exclaimed, then giggled, a little startled by her own outburst.

Another finger slipped into her wet cunt, and then a third, making her dig her nails into Ricks’ thigh. He curled them forward, pulling on her, rubbing against her spongy g-spot while the cold smooth spoon kept gliding over her deliciously aching nubbin. He knew she wouldn’t last much longer, and bent over in front of her to hide her heated face from the other guests, his eyes locked to hers, whispering urgently:

“Let it go Anna, cum for me! Cum for me honey, here, now, with all these people around us! Explode for me, DO IT, cream all over my fingers, Anna, CUM HARD for me!”

Anna desperately stuffed her serviette into her mouth to prevent herself from crying out his name in passion when the waves of her orgasm crashed over her. Her hips bucked uncontrollably and her slick warm cum juices flooded over his hand.

When her body finally started relaxing again, Rick pulled back his fingers ever so slowly, and slid the spoon over her clit one last time to tease her. She stared at him breathlessly as he gave her a calm wicked smile, bringing his fingers to his mouth to sensuously suck and lick her sweet juices of them.

“Hmmmm, so tasty!” Just as calmly, he licked her cum of his spoon and put it back on the table, while Anna’s breasts heaved, and her blushing face betrayed her arousal. Just then, the waiter brought their entrees, and gave her a funny look.

“Is it too hot in here for you, madam? Would you like some more water?” he enquired, puzzled by her heated face and the flushed skin on her neck and cleavage.

“It’s alright, really, just hot flushes” Anna answered stoically, pinching Rick’s thigh hard as he started chuckling.

The waiter looked at her with a strange smile, but left them to enjoy their food, and Anna breathed a sigh of relief.

“My god, Rick, you are so totally wicked” she exclaimed, trying to pick up her salad fork with trembling fingers, “way too naughty for your own good!” but he merely laughed.

“You know you loved it honey, I think your body was quite clear about that!”

“Oh, I’m not denying anything!” Anna fanned herself, and took a big sip of her wine. “I’m just telling you to be careful my dear friend, I may have my revenge yet!” she warned him, and smiled teasingly, patting his cock softly.

Rick bent over to kiss her, and she tasted her own cum in his mouth. Their banter got an even more sexual edge while they ate their salads and they teased and laughed at each other, sipping their wine.

Anna made Rick squirm in his seat by giving him a vivid and very detailed description of what her revenge might look or feel like. She noticed him pulling the legs of his trousers down a little; obviously something down there needed more space, and helpful as she was, she slid her hand up over his thigh to unzip his trousers, deftly slipping her fingers inside.

“FUCK, ANNA!” Rick exhaled forcefully.

For a second, he tried to stop her hand, but Anna quickly released his hard cock from his trousers and curled her fingers around it and Rick new he was lost.

He took a quick look around, but nobody seemed to take any notice, and besides, the tablecloth hid everything from view. Slowly, Anna stroked his dick with clever fingers, coaxing a drop of pre-cum from his pulsing member. She tickled the sensitive underside of his cock with her thumb, while moving her fingertips just a fraction up and down over his smooth head.

When Rick held his breath and his hips started moving involuntarily, she formed a ring with her thumb and forefinger and slid it up and down slowly, making it tighter on the way down, so he had to press a little harder to push his swollen slippery head through.

“Holy shit” he grunted.

The sensation canlı kaçak bahis made his prick dance in her hand. More pre-cum oozed out of his little spurt hole, coating his crown, and Anna spread it around with soft circular moves of her flat palm.

“Hmmm” Anna cooed softly. “So nice and slippery!”

Smiling sweetly, she listened to his barely contained moans as she stroked his throbbing pole and taut balls with her slick fingertips. His hips moved up slightly and her fingers responded by tracing the pulsing veins on his tumescent shaft all the way up, then down to the base of his dick, squeezing him harder.

“Oh god Anna, stop, I swear I’m going to make a mess of myself if you don’t stop soon” Rick whispered urgently.

“Oh well, we can’t have that now, can we, baby?” Anna crooned with a sly smile, and after a covert look around, she slid off her chair and disappeared under the table, quickly moving over and kneeling between his thighs.

She giggled softly when she imagined the stunned look on his face, then let her senses guide her mouth towards his turgid cock in the darkness under the floor length tablecloth. She sensed his sharp intake of breath, his moan reverberating through his lance when her wet mouth engulfed his head and her tongue swirled around it, rubbing the little ridge on the underside of his shaft, licking around his rim.

“Oh God”, she thought, “He tastes so divine!”.

Hungrily, Anna sucked as much of his straining dick into her mouth as she could, feeling his head slide over her tongue all the way to the back of her throat. Sucking with drawn in cheeks, licking and rubbing, fondling his balls with her fingers wet with saliva and pre cum, she moved her head up and down faster and harder, taking his prick even deeper.

Rick’s warm hand landed heavy on top of her head, his fingers weaving through her short silky hair, pushing her harder onto his cock, and suddenly his head slipped into the tight gripping ring of muscles inside her throat.

The exquisite grip on his prick made him jolt. Anna moved her warm sucking mouth up, only to feel his hand on her head pushing her down again. Recognizing his need, she eagerly opened her lips wider and let him push his swollen crown into her throat again. His fingers had a firm grip on her hair now and his movements became more and more urgent.


She softly moaned around Rick’s cock, wedged deep inside her throat. Anna felt his balls tightening; his hand seemed to give her a warning little squeeze and she lifted her head up just a fraction.

“F-UGH!!! OH F-UGH!!!”

Rick feigned a coughing fit in his serviette to hide his moans and gasps of pleasure, when his throbbing head expanded in her mouth and his cock started spewing, shooting jets of hot sticky cum deep into Anna’s eager sucking throat.

Swallowing and sucking for all she was worth, Anna didn’t miss a single drop of his tasty creamy spunk. She kept on sucking and licking him tenderly, until his cock stopped jerking and his fingers slowly relaxed their grip on her head. His breathing was erratic, and Anna felt a muscle in his thigh twitching against her upper arm. Very gently she licked the last traces of cum and saliva off his cock and balls, feeling him quiver lightly.

She slipped his only slightly softened dick carefully back into his trousers, and adjusted them neatly, zipping and buttoning them up again. Gingerly, but with a sassy smile, Anna popped her head out from under the table and looked right into Ricks’ heated face. She gave him a broad radiant smile, and he shook his head and chuckled.

“Is the coast clear?” Anna whispered.

“Uh-huh!” Rick looked around and nodded.

Quickly, she got up from her knees and slid back into her chair, waving her serviette around in case someone saw her getting up from under the table, but nobody even as much as glanced at them. Rick’s face was flushed and a little drop of perspiration ran down his temple. Anna wiped it off with one finger and brought it to her mouth, then softly kissed his lips.

“Anna! You wonderful naughty woman, you!” he whispered.

When the waiter appeared out of nowhere with their main courses and looked at his blushing face questioningly, Rick said with a brazen face:

“It’s ok, hot flushes.”

The waiter cocked an eyebrow, giving Anna a resigned look when she burst out laughing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32