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Angie lay there watching her mom being fucked for over 20 minutes. Betty and Jack had been lovers for many years and knew exactly what each other liked best. Betty moaned as Jack’s big cock went up into her body as she rode him. Angie couldn’t get over how good her mom was at fucking. She was 51 years old and Angie always felt she had finished fucking at her age. But now as she watched her mom and Jack go at it she became not only hot again but sort of hypnotized at the motion of her mom bobbing up and down on Jack. And Jack!! God he was even older, maybe 60!! And his stamina was better than the young lover she had been fucking or her husband too for that matter! God Jack was matching Betty as she pumped and pumped on his big cock. Finally Betty moaned out in a deep passionate voice, “Oh yes! Oh God Jack I love your cock! I’m going to cum baby! Ahhhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yes!!”

She humped and humped and humped and finally slammed down on top of him and he held her as they both climaxed together. She fell forward on top of him panting and slowly rocking as the cum ran out of her pussy . Angie watched as her mom’s breasts pressed against Jack’s chest. He looked over at her and smiled. She found herself smiling back and was jealous a little of her mom. God the two of them fucked like teenagers, experienced teenagers.

Finally Betty sat up and said, “God that was good, so good. How did you like Jack’s cock Angie? Isn’t it just the biggest and roundest cock you have ever seen or had?”

Angie smiled and told her mom she better catch her breath before she had a heart attack. Angie stood and said, “I wonder if Jack would let me have a go at him like you did? You know on top. How about it Jack? You ready for me again?”

Betty laughed and said, “Angie! You’re going to have to wait a little while he’s done both of us and has to rest a little.”

Jack said, ” Let’s eat lunch and then we’ll see if we can’t help your daughter. You like this old man Angie?”

He smiled and so did Angie. Betty laughed out loud. As she saw Angie roll her eyes and tell him, ” Well it does go to show you’re never to old. And yes Jack you were very good. How big is that dam thing?”

He laughed and held his soft cock and told her 7 inches soft.”

She said, ‘No when it’s hard, How big is it when it’s hard?”

He said, ‘Oh over 10 inches Angie but it’s not the size of the ocean baby girl, it’s the motion of the ocean that gets you going.”

She laughed out loud now and Jack was thinking, “God she sounds and looks just like her mother Betty when she was 20 years old.” He said, “Come Angie let’s help your mom get lunch ready I’m starving.”

He took her around her stomach and walked her into the kitchen. They were all still naked. As they ate Jack couldn’t help but see Angie’s beauty. Her bright eyes and long hair made her face look so beautiful as she talked to her mom. Jack watched her breasts rise and fall and he loved how they shook as Angie talked and used her hands just like her mother. You only had to look at them for a few seconds to know they were mother and daughter. He felt his cock begin to thicken just a little as Angie’s nipples were getting harder. She said, “Anyone cold? I’m shivering here.”

Betty said, “I’ll turn the air down a little. Jack smiled and touched Betty’s nipple and said, “No don’t do anything that will help soften these beautiful nipples around me. He rolled Angie’s nipples and then cupped both women’s breasts saying, “Yep, mom and daughter!”

She slapped his hand away as Betty stood and turned the air down a little. Angie let Jack hold her breast liking what he was doing to her nipple. She said, “Finish your lunch big boy you’re going to need the energy. My mom and I play to fuck you crazy this afternoon!”

He laughed and said, “I’m going to die a very happy man. But look Angie we need to talk a little about you and Bud. Any chance you have changed your mind about your feelings for him?”

She said, “Oh hell Jack, I’m not sure of anything right now. But I promise I won’t do anything crazy of dumb. Besides Frank will be home in 5 days. I have to see how I feel after he’s around for a little while and we get back together again.”

He said as his fingers squeezed Angie’s nipple tenderly, “Well that’s the smartest thing you have said about your situation. I’m happy to hear you say it. Once you and Frank are back together making love regularly I’m sure you’ll know he’s the one for you on a regular basis.”

Angie said, “Well like I said Jack I’m not sure of anything at this time. I plan to take it day by day and see how things are going. Who knows I might just let you fuck me when my mom gets tired.”

He laughed out loud and said, “WOW Betty did you hear that? I’m going to die with a smile on my face after all!”

Betty said, “Well how about if I don’t want to share you?”

He smiled and said, “Ladies! Isn’t there enough of old Jack to go around?”

He stood up and is cock had harden illegal bahis to 8 inches. It arched out from his body like a rainbow. He pulled on it a little and Angie looked her mom. Betty said, “Be my guess dear.”

Jack took her hand and they moved to the bed this time. He laid her back on the bed and began kissing and touching her. He and Betty had already planned to have him make slow easy love to her daughter. It now began. Jack stroked Angie’s young beautiful body pleasing and teasing her. He kissed and licked her nipples making them hard and fat. He bit them and pulled on them with his teeth gently. His hand was stroking her lower body running down her stomach and thighs and between them. He ran his fingers lightly over Angie’s wet slit and felt her arch up a little. He sucked on her tongue as he kissed her and continued to run his fingers over her inner thighs and soft pussy. Betty watched and loved to see Jack pleasing her daughter. She was getting wet between her legs and parted them enough to use one finger to run up and down her own slit.

Angie was moaning now as Jack took her hand and wrapped it around his very hard cock. Angie could feel it throb as he worked on her lovely young body. He absolutely loved to look between her thighs and see that pink wet pussy knowing he was about to sink his big cock into it and fill her like she had never known before.

As his lips touched Angie’s pussy she moaned, “Oh yes! Oh yes Jack lick it! Lick my pussy! Ahhh! I missed that so much! Oh yes!!”

As he began to run his tongue up and down the slit he could see it open with her anticipation! She moaned again as he pressed his tongue harder against her cunt lips and they opened more for him. He began to lap her pink insides and Angie was rocking her sweet pretty pussy on his tongue and finger, which had just penetrated her hole. As his mouth and tongue picked up speed and flicked over Angie’s pussy hole, she moaned, “Oh Jack! Oh yes! Oh god eat me! Oh it feels so good!”

He smiled because he knew it felt good and as he concentrated on her pussy, his finger was pumping in and out of Angie’s pussy. He knew exactly when to insert another one. When he did, she arched as she felt the thickness change inside her hole. She cried out, “OH YES! JACK! GOD! That feels so good!”

He moved his mouth up her cunt licking as he went. When he got to the top, Jack covered her throbbing red hard clit with his lips. It was so big he could actually see it beating in unison with the beating of Angie’s heart. It looked like it was alive throbbing with it’s own desire. Angie ran her fingers over his head as he gently took the swollen nut in his mouth and held it as his tongue lapped over it. She arched her body up off the bed and rotated it around making her cunt fuck his face as he made love to her pussy. His fingers were a blur as they went in and out of her hole. His tongue was flicking back and forth as fast as it could go over her throbbing clit. She screamed as she felt a huge orgasm sweep over her entire body and slam into her cunt. She pumped and pumped and pumped her body against his talented tongue and fingers cumming and screaming in a fit of sexual rapture she had only known twice in her life.

Her mother sat there watching her lover of many years pleasing her daughter like no one had ever done. She smiled knowing just how good Jack was making Angie feel as he ate her pussy. She was wet between her own legs as she saw Angie’s juices begin to cover Jack’s face. She moaned when she saw Jack shove his tongue as deep into Angie’s cunt hole as he could get it. Angie held his head now and fucked and fucked and fucked her young small body against his face as she began to orgasm again and then again!

“God” Betty said out loud, as her daughter was going crazy as Jack continued to eat her pussy. Jack heard Betty say something and looked up over Angie’s spread thighs. Betty said, “God Jack, I have never seen anyone cum like she’s cumming before in my life.”

Betty saw the gleam in Jack’s eyes, as his tongue never stopped licking and his fingers never stopped fucking Angie’s pussy. Angie screamed once more and Betty saw her elevate her ass and hips off the bed over a foot. She thrust her cunt into Jack’s face and yelled, “Eat it Jack! EAT MY CUNT! LICK ME OH FUCK! YES! I’M CUMING! OHHHH! OHHHH! OHHHH! OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!” GODDDDDDDDDDDD!!”

When she had finished her climax he moved his mouth off her pussy and sat up. He slowly rubbed his hand over her swollen pussy and gently rubbed her hole so she was still stimulated. Angie had fallen back on the bed and laid there panting and moaning and smiling from the orgasm she had just received. Betty sat on one side of her daughter and Jack on the other. They both slowly played with her body as Angie began to slowly recover from the best oral sex she had ever experienced.

Jack’s cock was huge. Hard long and dripping with pre-cum as he watched this 20 year old beauty in front of him recover from the multiple orgasms illegal bahis siteleri he had given her with his mouth and hands. Betty smiled and said, “Why don’t you fuck her now Jack and we can all sit down and talk about her problem again. I know you want to. God just look at your big cock. I have never seen it any bigger!”

He laughed and said, “She is so beautiful Betty, she looks just like the first time I saw you nude on my bed. God she is so lovely and young. Good idea, but I want her to ask me.”

He looked down and kissed Angie’s lips. He then moved to her ear and whispered, “Would you like me to put my cock in your pussy now Angie?”

She moaned as she opened her eyes. She looked at her mom and saw her smiling down at her. Betty said, “Go on Angie. Let him finish you and show you how good it can really be baby. Let him get you off. Then we can talk about your problem. Go on take his cock and feel it. Feel how hard and how big it is. I know you want it inside you. I know you want to feel it throbbing in your pussy. Take it and fuck it Angie.”

She looked over at Jack and then at his cock bobbing with his excitement. She moved her hand and Jack took it and placed it to his cock. She moaned and said, “God it’s so big and hard. Take me Jack. Fuck me. Fuck me with that big hard cock. Drive me crazy with it Jack.”

Jack moved over her and Angie guided his big dick to the wet open lips of her pussy. She spread her legs wider and lifted them bending at the knees. He pushed and she felt he cunt lips spreading as the cock head began to enter her. Her mom bent down and kissed her gently as Jack pushed again and the big dick head slipped smoothly into her very wet slick hole. Angie grunted as it went into her and then moaned when she felt how full he made her feel when it was finally inside her pussy tunnel.

Jack smiled up at Betty saying, ” It’s in the head is inside her. You can’t believe how tight your daughter feels Betty. God she is so small and tight! I hope I don’t cum before I get all the way in her. God I love it.”

Betty said, “Give her more Jack. Give her more of your cock baby! Make her feel what taking all of you inside her can do for her needs.”

Angie moaned as Jack pushed and pushed and then he felt Angie began to push back lifting her pussy up making it easier for Jack to enter her. As more and more of Jack’s 10 inches went into Angie’s pussy hole she found she loved the way it filled her and she knew she wanted more. She would always want more cock in her body. More! She had the need for more cock, the need to be filled to be stuffed! God she felt wonderful as Jack finally pushed the last 3 inches into her. She lifted up and began humping her small body on the big pole inside her cunt.

Jack smiled at Betty and told her, “I’m in. All the way in now. God Betty she feels wonderful, just like you baby!”

Jack held it in Angie’s pussy and didn’t move. He let Angie adjust and feel him. She began to slowly fuck herself on the big shaft up inside her cunt hole. A minute went by and he slowly rocked his cock in her body. She was humping her cunt on it like a woman with a fit. Then she screamed as the first of four orgasms hammered her like a train hitting a small car. It covered her will and her brain as it took complete control of her movements.

Angie wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his stomach. She pushed up humping on his huge shaft filling her. She squeezed him deeper, deeper, as deep as she could get him. She saw her mom looking at her and smiling. Betty knew exactly how Angie was feeling. She had felt like this every time that Jack had fucked her over the many years that they had been lovers. God she loved his big cock too. No, it was more than that, she worshiped his cock and needed his cock to feel all that she could feel. While her husband satisfied her, Jack filled her completely. There was a difference. And Betty knew that now Angie was feeling the same thing.

Again and again Jack slowly moved it in and out of her daughter’s pussy hole. Betty could see his cock shaft covered with her daughter’s body juices. It shinned in the full light of the room. Angie moaned as Jack pulled out and moaned again as he pumped it back into her body. As his cock rubber the walls inside Angie’s body deeper than either of her other men in her life, she told him in a whisper, “Oh yes Jack! I love the way your big cock feels in my pussy. Fuck me hard! Faster baby! Fuck me harder and faster.”

He smiled at Betty knowing he was going to make Angie cum again. Betty took one of Angie’s hard long nipple and rolled it between her thumb and index finger. Then she lowered her lips and began to suck on it. Jack was pumping Angie faster and harder now. And this small woman was pumped back up into him just as fast. She was trying to fuck him as fast and hard as he was fucking her. She wanted to please him. She wanted him to fill her more. She said, “Deeper Jack. Fuck me deeper baby!”

Betty smiled and wondered canlı bahis siteleri where her small young daughter was taking all of this cock. But she knew dam well how good Jack was making her daughter feel and she loved him even more or doing it. Jack lifted up now and arched his back as he thrust his cock into Angie’s pussy with his own need. The sight of this beautiful sexy young woman under him was really starting to effect his sexual desire. She arched her back and cried out as the second orgasm ran over her body and Jack’s cock buried into her again and again. He held his cock as far inside her body as he could and let her rotated and pump her sweet tight cunt on his shaft. His cock head felt like it was going to explode as she rammed her pussy up into him!

Again and again Angie rammed her pussy along the hard thick shaft of her mom’s lover’s cock. She began to cum and lifted up once more as she hung in the air fucking and cumming all over Jack’s cock.

She smiled as she climaxed and felt Jack move his hands under her ass holding her up in this position. Jack continued to lift Angie’s ass up as he slowly began to pull out of her about half way. He heard her yelled, “NO!! OH NO! DON”T PULL OUT JACK!”

She locked her legs tight around Jack’s body and squeezed. He smiled and pushed his cock all the way back into her body. He bent down so he could whisper in her ear, “Don’t worry Angie, I’m not going to pull all the way out baby! I was backing out a little so I could pump into you. Don’t worry baby! I’ll keep my cock in you for as long as you want it! You feel so warm and tight! Mumm! Angie I want to cum in your pussy baby! Let me cum inside you1 Let me fill you with my seed.”

Betty watched as her daughter lifted Jack higher in the air with her hips and fuck him like she use to do. She smiled as she remembered how they would go at each other when they were younger. She would try to kill him by fucking him to death! She almost laughed out loud because her daughter was doing just what she did. Fuck him as hard and fast and as deep as he was fucking her. She hoped Angie had better luck than she did. She would always cum and scream long before Jack did.

Betty sat there and stroked her daughter’s face as Jack continued to fuck Angie. Angie cried out from his words and she pulled Jack hard down into her body. Jack could feel her hard nipples pressing against his chest and her cunt squeezing his cock hard. He moaned and said, “I can’t hold out much longer! I’m going to cum!”

As he said it Angie held on to him and with all her might, quickly rolled them both over and sat up. Jack was now on his back looking up at the most beautiful sexy wild woman he had ever seen! She had lust in her eyes and on her face. Her nipples were hard, long and blood red. He saw her clit sticking out as long as any he had ever seen in his life. And he heard Angie said, “I’m going to fuck you now Jack. I’m going to make you cum deep inside me. I want your cock as deep as we can get it. I’m going to fuck you hard and fast so you better hold on.”

With that Angie began riding his huge cock as hard and fast as she could lift her young body up and down. Jack held her hips and tried to assist her moving on him. As she humped and humped and humped her cunt on his cock, ramming it into her. Jack could feel the walls of her pussy squeezing even tighter around his shaft as it went in and out along each side of her pussy’s tunnel. His cock head ran along the walls of her pussy stimulating him continuously.

She threw her head back and cried out like a lone wolf looking for its mate. She had her eyes closed and her body was wet with her perspiration from the fucking she was giving and receiving. Again and again she pumped up and down on this older man’s huge cock. She was in a state of sexual need like none she had ever experienced before. She couldn’t get enough of Jack’s big dick! More and more of Jack’s will was leaving him and it was only seconds before he was going to cum. He moaned loudly, “Oh God Angie I’m going to cum baby!”

Angie looked down at him and said, “Do it! Fill me Jack! Fill my pussy with your cum! Fill my body with your white hot cum! I want all of it Jack! Fuck me deep! Cum in me deep!!”

She as she pumped and pumped up and down on him, she screamed again as her third climax hit her just as the first shot of Jack’s thick cum pumped up into her body! She started to cum too. She knew she was being filled with his seed and God his cock was thicker and harder than before as his orgasm continued. It was so good!

She had never felt so full as she did now with Jack’s dick buried in her body! She pushed down and held him as deep inside her as she could. She could actually feel each shot of his cum that pumped into her. It made a kind of thumping sound as his balls gave her all he had.. Jack was lifting his ass up off the bed now as he emptied all his cum into her sweet body. She squeezed her pussy as hard around his cock as she could milking him for those last few drops that hadn’t come out his cock yet. When she finished and couldn’t hold her squeeze any longer, she fell forward on top of Jack and laid there. Jack ran his hands over her back and ass as he held his cock inside her begin to deflate.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32