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It was gone 2am by the time Beth and her friends piled into the mini-bus. Andy called shotgun for the front, leaving everyone else squashed into the back. Beth was half sat, half led on her friend Alex at the back of the bus. He didn’t seem to mind and the mixture of tiredness and alcohol was making it difficult for Beth to remain upright.

Laura’s parents were away, so they had decided to go out-out and then all crash at hers. They had already started the night there, making sure they got a few drinks in before buying over priced cocktails at the club. Now, here they all were, making their way back to Laura’s parents house to finish the night off.

The rumbling of the mini-bus and the bumps in the road made it difficult for Beth to keep her eyes open. Before she knew it, she was woken by the sound of the door sliding open and Laura practically falling out onto the pavement. As everyone struggled to find their belongings and follow Laura out of the mini-bus, Alex gave Beth a nudge up out of the seat. Beth didn’t really want to go out into the cold after being pressed up against Alex for so long, but she made her way off the bus behind Harriet.

Once they were all in the house, the task of finding somewhere to sleep began! Andy was quick to remind everyone that he had bought a blow-up mattress with him and would need plenty of space on the living room floor. Laura was going to sleep in her old room, so didn’t need to fight for space with the others.

“I don’t sleep on the floor,” exclaimed Harriet, “That sofa is mine!” Alex was already led out on the second sofa, which left Beth in a sleeping bag on the floor. Beth, who never slept well away from home, wasn’t really bothered.

Once everyone was dressed for bed, they continued laughing and talking for an hour or so, until the conversation was punctuated by Andy’s snores. Laura left them all in the living room and went off to bed, leaving them all to fall asleep – except Beth, who led in the dark for a while listening to the sounds of the house. About half an hour later, Beth’s thoughts were over taken by the need to find the toilet. Wrapping her sleeping bag around herself, she quietly made her way upstairs.

On the way back from the bathroom, Beth passed a door slightly ajar and natural curiosity got the better of her. She nudged the door open a little with her foot, realising that this must be Laura’s parent’s bedroom. Deciding that she wasn’t going to sleep for a while, Beth though this would be a good place to read for a while without disturbing anyone else.

Beth snuggled down in the large, floral patterned bed, turned on the lamp and started to read. She had barely made it half way through the chapter when she heard footsteps on the landing outside. The door slowly opened a crack. Beth looked up to see Alex standing in the doorway.

He smiled, leaning against the doorway, almost smirking at the sight of Beth in the floral duvet. “What’s up?” Beth asked, casually going back to her book. Alex slid along the wall into the room. “Wondered what happened to you when you didn’t come back down.” He smiled. Beth looked up at him, noticing for the first time the half-full rum bottle in his hand. She put down her book. One thing Beth had always loved about Alex was his impulsiveness and spontaneity. They were complete opposites, but this drew them to each other. Their friendship was intense, it had been right from the first time they’d met. Beth knew there was no point arguing with him, so instead she pulled back the other side of the duvet. A silent invitation to get into the bed.

Alex grinned, practically leaping from the doorway to the bed. He held the bottle out to her. “Drink!” he demanded. With a sigh, Beth took the bottle from him and took a swig of the warm rum inside. She grimaced, making Alex laugh, as he took the bottle back and drank deeply. “I hate neat rum, you know that!” winced Beth. “I do, “chuckled Alex, “drink!” Beth took the bottle back and drank again. A warm rush spread across Beth’s body as the rum mixed with the alcohol from the club. Beth passed the bottle back, closed her eyes and sank back into the pillows. She listened to Alex drink from the bottle again, the liquid sloshing back into the bottle and the quiet thud as he placed the bottle on the nightstand. She rolled over and opened her eyes.

Alex always had a way of looking casually handsome, in a rugged easy-going way. His longish, unkempt hair falling into his face, as he propped himself up on his elbow, hand under his chin. Beth smiled, conscious of not being a typically pretty woman. She was always wondering what other people thought when they saw them together. Beth pulled her top straight, making sure everything was covered that should be. Alex chuckled, making Beth blush. She knew she was being a prude and suddenly felt really silly. Alex reached behind him for the rum, passing it straight to Beth, who drank hastily, trying to chase away the blush. Mixed with the cocktails from the club, the casino oyna rum was taking effect quickly. Beth felt the walls of the room start to tilt and led back, enjoying the fuzzy feeling spreading over her. “Are you cold?” Alex asked. Beth frowned, it was June, definitely not cold! “I’m cold. Just wondered if you were too. Shared body heat and stuff…” Alex trailed off. For a moment Beth thought he looked embarrassed, but he was quickly smiling again. Beth pouted, “What’s the matter? Need a cuddle?” Alex held his arms out and Beth scooted over awkwardly. She led within his arms, not quite able to hug him back. Not really sure what she should do. Alex wrapped his arms around her shoulders. Suddenly the awkwardness of the situation made Beth start to laugh, in seconds Alex was laughing too. Beth could feel his bare chest against her cheek, rising and falling and he tried to catch his breath.

They had always been close, but it had always been platonic. Nothing more than the occasional friendly holding of hands and a hug here and there. It felt odd to Beth, being led in bed together. She wasn’t his type, she knew that. But she had wondered what it would be like if she was. Alex had had occasional short-term girlfriends since he and Beth had been friends. Beth never admitted to Alex – or anyone – how much it hurt her to see him with other women, but she made an effort to be friendly whenever she met them.

Beth looked up at him, their eyes meeting. He stopped laughing and looked at her. His eyes had that unfocussed look that only comes with drinking too much alcohol. He reached down with his hand and lightly brushed her cheek. Beth felt herself blush again. She cleared her throat, pulling out of his arms to sit up. She reached over him to the rum. Silently he watched her drink from the bottle and put it back on his nightstand. As she went to move back, Alex sat up quickly, putting one hand behind her back firmly, stopping her moving. Their eyes locked again. Suddenly Alex leant forward, his lips brushing lightly against hers. The pressure of his hand against her back lessened, but before Alex could speak, Beth leant forward and pressed her lips to his. It was quick, Beth looked down hurriedly, hoping to hide the inevitable blush that she knew would be spreading down her face and chest.

She heard Alex drink from the rum bottle again and felt it tap against her shoulder as he passed it to her. Beth drank the last of the rum from the bottle, shaking her head to try any clear some of the brain fog. She turned back to find Alex sat up next to her, so close she could smell the rum on his breath. The expression on his face was one she hadn’t seen before, he looked almost serious, his brow slightly furrowed. He leaned in to her, his lips parted slightly, pressing their foreheads together. He cupped her face with his right hand and pulled Beth’s face up to meet his. Alex pressed his lips against hers, firmly this time. Keeping his hand on her face, knowing that she would panic and back away if he didn’t. He had never been completely sure of how Beth felt about him. There had been odd moments, where it felt like more than friendship, but she never made a move and he didn’t want to ruin what they had.

Beth’s mind was racing. Alex’s lips were soft, his hand against her face warm and solid. He smelled good – he always did. He favoured an aftershave that made Beth’s stomach flip, a fresh, clean scent that reminded Beth of the ocean. A mixture of his scent and the alcohol made Beth open her lips slightly, allowing him to part them further with his tongue. A tingling feeling shot through Beth’s body, making her clitoris tingle. She gasped slightly, causing Alex to push her down into the pillows. His hand slid from her face, between her breasts, resting on her stomach. Beth placed her hands on Alex’s bare chest, running her fingers lightly over one of his nipples.

Alex let out a low growl and pushed his lips hard to hers, it was messy and feverish. Their tongues met as they kissed deeply, neither of them wanting to stop in case the other changed their mind. His hand slipped under her t-shirt and rested hot against her stomach. He brushed his fingers lightly up towards her breasts, before cupping one roughly; kneading it in his hand. Beth arched her back and groaned. The sound spurred Alex on, causing his cock to grow hard. Beth ran one hand down his back, leaving the other on his chest. She slipped it under the top of his boxer shorts, squeezing one of his arse cheeks and pulling him closer; almost on top of her.

The speed and intensity of their kisses increased; they both knew there was no going back.

Alex paused for a moment, looking into Beth’s eyes as he pulled her t-shirt over her head. Beth grew hot as she felt his gaze drop to her breasts, before cupping one again. He put his face to her breasts, brushing his lips against each of her firm nipples in turn, before running his tongue over one. Beth arched her back again, running her hands through slot oyna his untidy hair, willing him to continue. He sucked gently on her nipple, the sensation causing Beth to tremble slightly as another tingle shot through her to her clit. Keeping one hand cupped around her breast, Beth felt his other hand run down her stomach, over her shorts to rest between her legs.

Alex rubbed Beth gently with his middle finger, feeling how moist she was through her shorts. In return, Beth pushed his boxers down, letting his hard cock bounce out. Beth pushed him over onto his back, looking him in the eyes. He ran his hands down her sides to her hips, nudging her shorts down slightly. He had never seen Beth so decisive and sure of herself. His cock twitched.

Beth kissed his chest lightly, leaving a trail of kisses down to his navel. Alex let out a sign, imagining what might come next. Beth slid her hand around his cock and took the tip in her mouth. Alex gasped, not believing what Beth was actually doing. His quiet, prudish Beth, taking his cock in her mouth. This made it all the more exciting and he struggled not to let himself go in that instant.

Beth took as much of his cock into her mouth as she could, running her tongue around the tip. Alex let out a sound like a growl, before grabbing the back of her head and raising his hips to push his cock deeper. He took control, sliding his cock in and out of her mouth. Beth had never been face fucked, but she did enjoy him taking control. She reached between his legs to cup his balls, alternating between squeezing them and stroking them gently. His thrusts became faster. Beth could hear Alex breathing rapidly, close to letting go. She let go of his balls, putting her hands on his hips to stop him thrusting. She took back control, sucking harder. Beth could feel his cock pulsing in her mouth, straining against her tongue. Alex dropped his hands to the bed, gripping the sheets in his fists and she drove him over the edge. Beth carried on sucking his cock, as he filled her mouth with hot, sticky liquid. She swallowed it all, taking time to lick his cock clean with her tongue while Alex lay back panting slightly, his naked body slick with sweat.

Beth rolled off him and led back on the other side of the bed. “We’re not done,” Alex growled breathlessly. Beth looked over at him. He looked like a predator eyeing up his prey. She felt exposed, like she wanted to cover herself up. She reached for the duvet, but Alex put his hand out to stop her. Alex took his time, letting his eyes roam all over her body. He reached down to slide off her shorts, taking in her neat pubic hair as he did so.

Beth suddenly felt out of control, she felt panic rising. Alex sensed it, coming back up to place a kiss lightly on her lips. He rested his hands lightly on her hips, kissing her gently, forcing her to calm down and focus on him. Taking control, Alex positioned himself almost on top of Beth; the top of his firm cock resting lightly against her opening. Beth concentrated on the sensation of his lips against hers, the pressure of his body against hers and started to relax.

Alex nudged Beth’s legs apart gently with his knee, allowing his cock to enter Beth just slightly. She gasped as he slowly slid further inside, pausing to let her adjust to his size. Alex repositioned himself on top of Beth, his cock resting inside her, while he propped himself up on his hands. Alex looked at Beth. Her eyes were closed, breathing deeply. He let his eyes roam down over her breasts, rising and falling with each breath. He used one hand to stroke her breasts gently, noting how her nipples hardened as his fingers brushed over them. Beth let out a gasp and reached for his hips, pulling him deeper inside her. That was all the confirmation Alex needed. He almost felt nervous, wanting to do this right, something he had thought about so many times, but unsure Beth felt the same.

Beth’s breathing quickened, matching his pace. She wrapped her legs around him, lifting her pelvis and allowing him even deeper access. This time it was Alex’s turn to let out a gasp. Beth opened her eyes to look at him, the pleasured look on his face making her flush again. She reached a hand up to the back of his head, pulling him down to kiss him. It was hard and fast this time, both of them exploring the other with their tongues while Alex moved faster inside Beth. Beth moaned softly into his ear, letting him know she was close to letting go. Alex moved so deep inside her, she could feel his balls slapping against her. Beth moaned again, her breathing fast as she let her orgasm pour through her. Alex felt her tighten around his cock as she came, pushing him over the edge a second time; filling Beth with his hot liquid. Beth felt the heat and gripped his hips again, keeping him inside her.

Alex felt her relax beneath him. They were panting, their bodies slick with each other’s sweat. He slowly withdrew his cock and Beth felt the last of his liquid spill from her. canlı casino siteleri Alex rolled off her, back onto his side of the bed. The alcohol was making Beth’s head swim and she stood up suddenly, trying to get to the en-suite. She staggered a little, catching hold of the doorframe, her legs aching from being wrapped around Alex. She pushed the bathroom door closed and ran the water in the sink.

She splashed her face with water, trying to clear her head. What would happen now? They’d crossed the line from friendship into something more. What if he regretted it once they’d sobered up? What if it made things awkward? Beth wiped herself down with a flannel, before opening the door to the bedroom. Alex had turned the lamp off and was led in the bed facing away from her, seemingly asleep. Beth’s stomach filled with disappointment. He did regret it; he’d rolled over away from her.

She retrieved her t-shirt and shorts from the floor, the crotch of the shorts still damp from Alex’s stroking. Getting dressed, she decided to slip back into the bed, rolling over so they were back to back. Beth felt silly and tears burned in her eyes. How could she be so stupid? They were drunk, it shouldn’t have happened.

Alex sense Beth’s withdrawal from him and was confused. He rolled over, facing her back, reaching out his arm to pull her closer. Beth stilled, pausing before allowing him to tug her gently into his arms. He wrapped his arms tightly around her, spooning her under the crumpled duvet. Beth felt Alex place a kiss gently on the top of her head, as she felt the warmth of sleep pull at her. Alex felt her relax against him, her breathing slowed as she fell asleep, safe in his arms. He breathed in deeply, taking in the smell of Beth’s shampoo and the sweaty scent of sex they had left behind. Alex closed his eyes, hoping to drift off as quickly as Beth did.

The sunlight through the window woke Alex. He had no idea what time it was, or how long they had been asleep. Beth was still snuggled into him, breathing deeply with sleep. Alex knew it wouldn’t be long before the others awoke and everything would change. He wanted to keep it as just the two of them for as long as possible, not wanting to share this moment with anyone else, or answer awkward questions. He ran his hand along Beth’s arm, causing her to stir slightly. “Morning,” Alex whispered. Beth sighed in reply.

Alex placed his hand on her stomach, stroking her gently towards the top of her shorts. Beth stirred again, as he slipped his fingers under her shorts. Slowly he began running his fingers over her soft public hair, feeling Beth adjust her position in her sleep, allowing him easier access.

Deciding to wake her up a little differently, Alex pushed one finger between her lips, tracing circles slowly around her opening. Beth let out a sign, not completely awake yet, as Alex continued his probing. He felt Beth beginning to get wet, his finger moving quicker in the slick moisture. Now he was alternating between circling and sliding his finger up to brush over her clit, leaving trails of Beth’s moisture wherever his fingers went.

Sensing Beth might be waking, he took advantage of Beth’s wetness to cautiously slide one finger inside. As he slowly, teasingly slid his finger in and out, Beth opened her eyes sleepily to look at him. He bent his head down and kissed her lightly, hoping to keep her relaxed while he finished her off. As Alex kissed her again, he slid a second finger inside her. Beth gasped. “What if the others are awake?” she asked, but Alex’s reply was to kiss her deeply, moving his two fingers deep inside her. Feeling sleepy and hungover made Beth relax, letting her mind wander to the pleasure from Alex’s fingers.

Keeping two fingers inside her, he used his thumb to tease her clit. He broke off his kiss to move his lips to Beth’s neck. Kissing the soft, delicate spot behind her ear. Beth felt her skin erupt into goose-bumps, responding to the touch of Alex’s lips. He kissed her neck again, harder this time, while continuing his work her with his fingers.

It didn’t take long for the mixture of his fingers inside her, along with the steady rubbing of her clit, for Beth’s chest to flush with colour. Her breathing quickened. Alex looked at Beth’s face, feeling himself grow hard as he watched her fully enjoy herself with him. She wasn’t awake enough to be self-conscious or embarrassed about how her body gave away how she was feeling. He could see she was close now.

Suddenly Beth inhaled sharply as she tightened around his fingers. He continued to move rhythmically inside her as he felt her tighten a second time and finally a third, before slipping his wet fingers out. Beth was led back on the bed, panting hard. Her face was flushed and Alex could see a damp patch spreading along the inside of her shorts in response to his hard work.

Beth opened her eyes to look at him, a mixture of shock and pleasure on her face, along with a hint of confusion. The hangover made the previous night a little blurry, so it took a moment for Beth to realise what had happened. Alex kissed her. It was a lover’s kiss. Not one fuelled by alcohol or lust, and Beth kissed him back, gently, afraid to break this spell.

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