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I met Andrea while out one night with some friends. My buddies and I had wandered into a bar up the street from our homes, grabbed a pitcher of beer, and found an open pool table. We played 8-ball against each other, shootin’ the shit while we played.

“Your turn, Jack.” My buddy Brent said to me.

I took my shot, breaking the rack across the table. I saw the 14-ball drop into the corner pocket.

“I guess I’m stripes.” I said while I eyed the table, determining what my next shot would be.

While looking for the next opportunity, the front door opened. I looked up and saw three beautiful women enter the bar, two blondes and a brunette.

“Oh, shit, Jack,” my other friend Ray said, laying his eyes on the wonders before him, “I call the blonde with a big rack.”

“Like you have any chance with her,” Brent retorted, bringing Ray back down to earth.

I watched the three women walk up to the bar, order some drinks, and take a table across the bar, with the brunette looking over in our direction. I couldn’t help myself, but I kept looking over in their direction. I swear, every time I looked, the brunette was looking back at me.

“Hey, douchebag, it’s still your turn.” Brent said, snapping me back from my trance.

“What? Oh, yeah, my bad dude.” I said, re-focusing on the game.

I took my shot, sinking the 12 ball in the side pocket. I examined the table again, looking for the next shot. I didn’t see much. Most of my balls were caught behind the solids or all the way across the table. I lined up my shot, and sent the cue ball across the table, making contact with the 9-ball, but missing the pocket.

“Damn,” I said, heading over to my beer and taking a swig.

Brent went next and sunk two shots in a row. While he was shooting, I kept looking across the bar at the brunette. We made eye contact, flirting with each other with our eyes. The brunette excused herself from her friends and walked up to the bar, clearly to order another drink.

“I’m gonna get another pitcher.” I told my friends.

“But it’s your shot, dude.” Brent said.

“Ray, take my shot for me.”

Ray, noticing my intentions, said, “Go get her, man.”

I walked over to the bar, empty pitcher in hand, and asked the bartender for a second. After ordering, I looked over at the brunette who was waiting for her drink. She was the first to break the ice.

“Hi. I’m Andrea.” She told me.

“Nice to meet you, Andrea. Jack.” I returned, shaking her hand.

“So, Jack, what brings you here today?” Andrea asked.

“Just some beer and pool with they guys. You?”

“My friends wanted me to get out of the house. Apparently, I work too much and don’t get out enough.” She told me, spilling her honesty.

“Well, I’m glad you did. If you hadn’t, I never would have been pleased to meet you. Would you and your friends like to join us? Drinks on us.”

“I would like that. Let me talk to my friends. I will meet you over there.”

The bartender slid a fresh pitcher of beer my way, so I picked it up and headed back to the boys, who were watching me closely the whole time.

“Dude,” Brent said, “What happened?”

“Oh, I just met Andrea. She is gonna talk to her friends and maybe join us in a few.”

“Dude!” exclaimed Ray. “You are my hero!”

“No guarantees, bro. Just play it cool and don’t run them off. This one seems really cool.”

“Okay, man.” Ray said.

After another beer and round of pool, I turned to see Andrea and the two blondes walking in our direction. I watched Andrea take her steps, her 5’6″ frame, sporting 36-24-36 curves, demanding my attention. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. There was something about her that pulled me in.

“Hi, Andrea.” I said. “Guys, this is Andrea. Andrea, this is Brent and Ray.”

“Hi, boys. This is Jenna and Lucy.”

We all exchanged pleasantries, Brent clearly intrigued by Jenna and Ray almost drooling over Lucy. After a bit of chatting and drinking, we re-racked the table and began a game of doubles, with Ray and Lucy against Andrea and me. Ray broke the rack, but nothing went in. My turn next, so I looked at the table and decided on a solid. I took my stroke, sending the 4-ball into the side pocket. I took my next turn and missed. Lucy took her turn, trying to make the 15-ball, but the ball bounced off the lip of the pocket and out. Andrea was up next, so she lined up her shot and took it, sending the cue ball into the 4-ball, and dropping it into the corner pocket.

“Nice shot.” I said.

“Just finishing what you started.” Andrea returned.

Andrea lined up her second shot, sinking the 1-ball into the corner pocket.

“Do we have a pool shark on our hands?” Ray asked her.

“No, I just enjoy the game.” Andrea said.

Andrea took her next shot and missed. We continued with the game until all but one solid and two stripes were on the table, with the next shot landing on me. I lined up my shot on the 6-ball and sunk it in the side pocket. Only the 8-ball to go.

“8-ball, cornet pocket.” casino siteleri I called, pointing the cue at the pocket. I took my shot and sunk the 8-ball.

“Yay! Nice shot, Jack!” Andrea cheered, coming around the table and giving me a hug.

“Thanks!” I said, excited for the body contact.

“Another game?” Ray asked.

“Sure, but let’s have you two versus Brent and Jenna.”

Andrea and I took a seat next to the pool table and watched as our friends played against each other. We drank a beer each and poured another.

“So, Andrea, what is it that you do too much?” I asked, wanting to get to know her.

“I’m a nurse over at Mercy hospital. Yes, I work too much, but it’s a great job. I love what I do.”

“That’s awesome!” I said.

“What do you do?” Andrea asked.

“I’m actually a rocket scientist. I work at NASA in the propulsion lab.”

“Seriously? That is so cool!”

“I guess,” I said, “I mostly do math and computer simulations. I won’t be able to go to space or anything cool like that.”

“Still, you are working on the cutting edge of science!”

We continued chatting while the others played. We would occasionally look over to see Jenna distracting Ray by bending over the pool table, or Lucy quickly lifting her skirt to distract Brent. The six of us hit it off, and continued to play pool, drink beer, and chat away the evening.

“Well, this has been absolutely lovely, Jack. But I should probably be heading home.”

“Feeling brave from the alcohol, I turned to Andrea and asked, “Would you like to come back to my place? We can all head over there. Keep this good time going.”

“Let me talk to the girls.” Andrea said, standing up. She approached her friends, whispering something in their ears. The three of them giggled, then Andrea turned around and walked back over to me.

“We would be delighted to go to your house. My friends do want your friends to join us, though.”

“I would be willing to bet that that is not a problem.” I told her.

I walked over to Brent and Ray and told them the situation. Both of their faces lit up, clearly excited to head to my house. The six of us left the bar and walked down the street to my place, a small 2-bedroom house situated at the end of a cul-de-sac.

We entered the house and I showed everyone to the living room. “Anyone want a drink? I have some beer, some whiskey, and vodka. I should have some chasers or mixers, if you would like.

Jenna and Lucy asked for a vodka mixed drink, and Andrea asked for a whiskey on the rocks. Brent and Ray had already headed to the kitchen to grab whatever they wanted. While in the kitchen, I started preparing Andrea’s drink, pouring one for myself, while Brent and Ray prepared Jenna’s and Lucy’s. Once the drinks were poured, we headed back into the living room and took seats next to the ladies, me and Andrea sharing the loveseat, Jenna staking a seat on Brent’s lap, and Lucy grabbing a seat next to Ray on the sofa.

“So, who wants to play a game?” Lucy asked.

“What did you have in mind?” asked Brent.

Jenna was the next to speak, exclaiming, “How about truth or dare?”

We all laughed at this, probably reminding us all of high school. But, no one objected, so Jenna turned to Brent.

“Truth or dare?” She asked him.

“Umm… Truth?” Brent offered hesitantly.

Jenna thought about this for a moment, then had a thought pop in her head. “How many women have you been with?”

“Wow. Starting out strong!” Brent exclaimed. “Three.”

“Okay. That’s good. Your turn.”

Brent surveyed the crowd, and landed on Andrea, asking her the ultimate question.

“I choose… Dare.”

Brent looked at me, then back to Andrea, then back to me. He thought about what the dare should be, then said it.

“I dare you to kiss Lucy. On the lips.”

Very nonchalantly, Andrea shrugged her shoulders and responded, “Okay.” She stood up from the loveseat and went over to Lucy, bent over, and planted a big kiss on Lucy’s lips. The two of them embraced each other like this wasn’t their first time kissing. Once the exchange was complete, Andrea re-joined me on the loveseat.

“My turn.” Said Andrea. She turned to Ray and asked, “Truth or dare?”

Ray nervously responded with, “Dare.”

“I dare you… to lift up Lucy’s shirt and lick her nipple.”

“Andrea! I haven’t even kissed him yet!” exclaimed Lucy.

“Well, do that before the dare.” Responded Andrea.

Ray looked at Lucy, and Lucy blushed. She then placed her hands on Ray’s cheeks and pulled him in for a kiss. The two embraced each other until Brent and Jenna started cheering them on. Once the kiss had been complete, Lucy lifted her shirt and pulled it over her head, exposing her bra to us all. She pulled the top of her bra down, flashing us all her nipple. Ray leaned in for the dare, placing his tongue on her nipple, giving it a quick lick. Lucy let out a small giggle, and Ray leaned back up and resumed his spot.

“Lucy, truth or dare?” he asked.

“Let’s keep it going. slot oyna Dare.” She said.

“I dare you to take your bra off and stay topless for the rest of the game.”

“Damn. Fine.” Lucy said. She leaned forward and reached her hand behind her back, unclasping her bra. She shrugged her shoulders forward and let the straps fall. She grabbed the front and pulled it from her body, exposing both breasts to us all.

“My turn.” Said Lucy. She looked over at me and said, “Truth or dare, Jack.”

“Let’s do dare.”

“I dare you to remove Andreas shirt and bra, then take off her pants.”

“Lucy!” Andrea exclaimed.

“What? I’m already topless!”

I looked at Andrea, who was becoming redder in the face, but I sensed a bit of thrill. I stood up and extended my hand, and Andrea placed hers in it. I assisted her up, then placed my hands on her hips, grabbing a handful of her shirt. Andrea threw her hands in the air, accepting her fate with grace. I pulled her shirt up and over her head, exposing her bra-covered chest. I dropped her shirt on the floor next to her, then pulled her in close to me. I reached behind her back and unclasped her bra, grabbing the straps and pulling them off her shoulders. Andrea grabbed the bra and slid it off the front of her body, dropping it on top of her shirt.

“And now, the pants.” Lucy said.

“We’re getting there, luce.” Andrea said, moving her hands down to her pants buttons.

“Nuh uh. He’s gotta do it.” Said Jenna.

I looked Andrea in the eyes and placed my hands on her waist, trying to determine if she wanted to go through with this or not. Not seeing any sign of surrender, but rather desire, I moved my hand to her buttons, popping the top button open, then the second, and the third. I could see a hint of green under her jeans, and as I hooked my thumbs into her waistband and pulled down, it was confirmed that she was wearing a green thong.

Jenna cat-called at Andrea, enjoying the fact that she was still clothed.

“Don’t worry, Jenna. You’re next.” I said as I helped Andrea out of her jeans.

Andrea took a seat back on the loveseat and I joined her. I then turned to Jenna and asked her the ultimate question.

“Oh, dare me, big boy.” Jenna replied.

“I dare you,” I started, looking at Andrea for inspiration, “I dare you to give Brent a striptease.”

“Ooh. Now we are talking.” Jenna replied.

Lucy pulled out her phone and turned on a song that could be heard in a strip club. It had a solid beat with a wispy, airy feel about it. Jenna stood up and turned to face Brent, Brent’s eyes locked on Jenna. She then started swaying her hips to the beat, showing her curves to the man in front of her. Jenna reached to her hips and unbuttoned her pants, exposing the top of her underwear. She then pulled her shirt over her head while spinning around. Once her shirt was over her head, she tossed it over her shoulder, landing on Brent. Jenna bent over while pulling her pants down, giving Brent a full view of her ass. Once her pants were around her ankles, she leaned back up and stepped out of them. Jenna turned back to face Brent, then started tugging at the hem of her panties.

“You ready for this?” She asked Brent. Brent continued to stare at Jenna’s body, unable to speak out of excitement. Jenna pulled her panties down, exposing her pubis to him. Her panties dropped to the floor, and Jenna climbed on top of Brent, dropping her hips on his waist. She wrapped her hands around the bac of Brent’s head and pulled him forward, forcing his face into her tits.

“Woo! You go, girl!” Andrea cheered, excited by the sight in front of her. Andrea placed her hand on my thigh, squeezing my leg.

Jenna reached behind her back, unclasped her bra, and pulled it off, tossing it behind her towards Ray and Lucy. She then brought Brent’s face back to her breasts and gave him a motorboat. After this, she leaned back, looked Brent in the eyes, and asked, “Truth or dare?”

“I guess I’m the only one who hasn’t said it yet, so dare.” He replies.

“I dare you to make me number four.” Jenna states.

“Hey, there is a room down the hall and to the right.” I said. “Have at it, you two.”

Jenna stood up and pulled Brent to his feet. The two of them headed back to the bedroom and closed the door.

“Good for them.” Andrea said. “I think she needs to get laid. So, who’s next?”

I replied first. “Why don’t you ask someone?”

“Okay. Ray, truth or dare?”


“I dare you to eat Lucy’s pussy. Give her an orgasm.”

“Andrea!” Lucy exclaimed.

“What? Don’t you want some oral?”

“Well, yeah, but…”

“Then, you’re welcome.”

Lucy looked over at Ray, then smiled. Ray moved to his knees on the floor in front of Lucy and lifted her skirt, exposing her panties. Even I could see there was a wet spot already. Ray reached up and grabbed the waistband of her underwear, then pulled down, exposing her pussy. Ray pulled Lucy to the end of the couch and went in, excited to show what he could do. He began to work his tongue canlı casino siteleri on Lucy, and Lucy was clearly enjoying it.

While the show in front of me unfolded, Andrea moved her hand up my leg, grabbing my cock through my jeans. She started stroking my shaft through the material. I moved my hand to her thigh, sliding it up and between her legs. Andrea opened her legs a little to allow me easier access to her mound. I slid my finger over her panty-covered pussy while we watched my friend eat her friend’s pussy.

“Oh… Oh… fuck, that feels so good. Keep doing that.” Lucy said.

Ray continued doing exactly that, following his instructions. Lucy started shifting her body around, her orgasm approaching rapidly. A few seconds later, Lucy grabbed the back of Ray’s head and pulled him in, pressing his mouth to her pussy. Lucy came while Ray worked, her body convulsing under his tongue. Her orgasm seemed to be a strong one, as once she had peaked, her body collapsed into the sofa. Ray, proud of the job he had done, took his seat next to Lucy, wrapping his arms around her.

“Jesus Christ. That was fucking amazing.” Lucy said, breathing heavily.

“That was pretty hot, Ray.” Andrea said, impressed by his work.

“Thanks. I like to think I do good work down there.”

“You do.” Lucy confirms. “So, Andrea, truth or dare?”


“I dare you to suck Jack’s dick.”

“Saw that coming.” Said Andrea. “Not in front of you two.”

“That’s fair. I can honestly say I don’t want to see my homie’s dick.” Said Ray.

Andrea and I stood up from the loveseat and went back t the master bedroom, hearing moans coming from the bedroom across the hall.

“Sounds like Jenna is enjoying herself.” Andrea said.

“I’d be willing to be that Brent is having the time of his life.” I returned.

We walked into my bedroom and closed the door. Once the door was closed, Andrea pushed me against the wall and pulled me down, kissing me hard on the lips. Her arousal had been building for some time, but watching her friend get her pussy licked had driven her crazy. She grabbed the bottom of my shirt and lifted, removing it over my head. She then grasped for my jeans buttons, unbuttoning it and sliding the zipper down. She reached in the front of my pants and wrapped her hand around my dick while using her other hand to slide my pants and boxers down. Once the jeans fell to the floor, Andrea dropped to her knees and moved my cock to her lips.

“You ready, Jack?” She asked me.

“Yes, please.” I responded.

Andrea opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. She slid her tongue over my cockhead, then down my shaft. Once at my base, she went lower and took one of my balls in her mouth, giving it a quick suck. She returned up the shaft and slipped my cock into her mouth, taking in an inch, then two, then three. She pulled back, then pressed forward. Her soft lips and slick tongue felt so good on my cock, I’m surprised I didn’t cum right then and there.

“Okay. Dare complete. Your turn.” I told her.

“Really? Okay then.” Andrea said, returning to her feet. “truth or dare?”


“I dare you to slide my panties off, push me down on the bed, and fuck me.”

I did as instructed, hooking my thumb in her waistband. I slid her panties off her hips, exposing her beautiful mound. I noticed she had a small landing strip of pubes above her slit, but her lips were completely hairless. I lifted her leg to help her step out of her panties, then stood back up. I wrapped my arms around her, pulled her in for a kiss, then gave her a gentle push backwards, causing her to fall onto the bed. Andrea let out a little squeal of excitement as I did so.

I climbed on top of Andrea, spreading her legs as I worked up her body. I kissed her inner thigh, spent a brief moment licking her slit, then worked my way up her stomach and breasts, bring one nipple into my mouth.

Andrea let out a brief moan, but then said, “The dare was to fuck me. Not lick my nipples. Don’t want to lose, do you?”

I released her nipple from my lips and moved up, landing my lips on hers. I then slid my cock between her legs, pressing the head to her opening. I reached down and guided my cock along her slit, covering the head in her flowing juices. I again pressed my cock to her hole and slid in. Andrea took a sharp breath in as I did, her body welcoming me inside.

“Oh, fuck, Jack. That feels so good.”

I continued to press forward, burying my cock inside her. Once I was all the way in, I held it there for a brief moment, letting Andrea catch her breath. Once it felt like the right time, I pulled my cock almost all the way out, then dove back in. Andrea’s breath continued to increase in pace, her orgasm building.

“Fuck me, Jack. Fuck my pussy.”

I increased my pace, progressing from slow lovemaking to healthy sex to all-out fucking, slapping my hips into hers. Andrea’s pussy began to tighten on my cock, her orgasm peaking. I kept my rabid pace going until she was screaming in pleasure.

“Oh, Fuck! Fuck, Jack! Fuck!” She screamed.

I then pulled out of her and flipped her over, positioning myself to fuck her doggystyle. I pulled her hips into my cock, burying myself deeper than I had yet been.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32