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“Damn him!” I muttered under my breath. This was the third night in a week he was out. I know we agreed to have an open marriage, but I hadn’t planned on his girlfriends taking over his life. Russ, my husband, kept suggesting that I get a boyfriend so that I could relax a little. I was all for it, but that was much easier said than done foe me. Russ had friends that were single and party animals. They were constantly hooking him up. My friends were all either married or in serious relationships. None of them approved of our situation. They all thought it was immoral.

Maybe this whole open marriage thing wasn’t such a good idea after all. What good was it when only one of you got to have any fun? I mean, let’s face it, I was getting absolutely nothing out of this. It was supposed to be fun. A way to break out of the monotony and stress of a bad marriage and just let lose however, and with whoever, I wanted. Obviously, I did not think this all the way through before agreeing to it.

I decided to put the whole thing out of my mind for now. It wouldn’t do any good to sulk around and make myself miserable. I put on some music with a slow, sexy beat that was perfect for getting in the mood. I then slipped into a pair of silky jammies, poured a glass of white wine, and broke out my favorite erotica novel. If I couldn’t have a real man, I may as well have a fantasy one, right?

I had just reached my favorite part of the book. The main character was tied to the bed while her would-be lover worshipped her pussy with his mouth. Thinking about her being helpless to do anything but succomb to the onslaught of his tongue was always a huge turn on for me. I had just reached down and started stroking myself when I heard a knock at the door. I tried to ignor it, but whoever was there was persistant. Annoyed by the interruption, I stomped to the door and flung it open. There stood Joshua.

Joshua had been friends with Russ for years. I’ve always liked him “in that way”. He had dark blue eyes, strong facial features, and a sensuous mouth I’ve fantasized more than once about nibbling on. Both Russ and Josh knew how I felt. It was no secret. Russ liked to tease me about it – in front of Joshua! He even went as far as to suggest that Josh should be the guy to go for. I heard rumors that he felt the same about me but I didn’t quite believe them. I felt that if he wanted to make a move on me he would have done it by now.

“Sorry, hon, Russ isn’t here. He’s out with his newest little fuck-buddy. If you want, I can tell him you came casino siteleri by.” I offered. He just smiled his wide, sexy smile and shook his head.

“I know he’s not here. I just called him and he said he was out for the night. I thought you could use some company.” I shrugged and let him in. Despite my casual demeanor, my stomach was doing flip-flops. He was here for me!? He took a quick glance around the room and smiled teasingly at me.

“Looks like you had yourself quite a night planned,” he said and winked in my direction. Embarassed, I swiped up my book and threw it back on the bookshelf. When I moved to the stereo to turn off the music, he stopped me. “No, leave it on. I like this song.”

Again, I shrugged and moved to take a seat next to him on the couch. “So, what do yo-” I was cut off by Joshuas lips landing softly on mine without warning. I jumped back, caught off guard. “What are you doing?” I asked. Not that it wasn’t pleasant, mind you. It was pretty fucking fantastic, actually. But I was understandably confused.

“I know you want me. Not because of what Russ tells me, but because of the way you look at me when you think I won’t notice. I know Russ does’t satisfy you. I know you’ve been too shy to come after me yourself, so I’m simply taking matters into my own hands.” He leaned in to kiss me again, but I pulled away.

“Should we even be doing this?” I asked, suddenly unsure. I wanted this. I’ve wanted this for a really long time. But now that it was actually happening, I just plain did not know how to handle it.

He just gazed at me for a moment with those gorgeous blue eyes. “Hasn’t Russ been trying to get you to get a boyfriend?” he asked. I nodded. “Hasn’t he suggested that you give me a try?” I nodded again. “Then what’s so wrong with this?” I couldn’t think of an answer to that.

He smiled, knowing he had me, and leaned in to kiss me again. This time I didn’t pull away. Oh, his lips were so soft and firm. I timidly opened my mouth and probed his lips with my tongue. He deepened his kiss and snaked his tongue out to dance with mine. His kiss became hungrier and more demanding. He tasted so good. It had been such a long time since I had been kissed this intently. He wrapped his arms around me to pull me closer into his body. I let my hands wander up his chest and over his broad shoulders. I immediately began to wonder he would feel without his shirt, or the rest of his clothes for that matter, on.

As if sharing the same thought, Joshua slid one hand under my pajama top slot oyna to cup my breast. He pulled my top over my head and tossed it to the floor. While his hands carressed my stomach and breasts, I yanked his shirt off and began to mimic his movements. His skin felt good. It was warm, soft, and nicely muscled without being overdone.

Joshua trailed little kisses and nibbles down my neck and shoulders making his way down to my tits. He sucked a nipple into his mouth and swirled his tongue around it. I let out a moan and leaned into his demanding mouth. I loved having my nipples played with. I must have made it obvious because he licked his way to my other nipple. This time he gently clamped it between his teeth while flicking it with his tongue. Oh, god, I was loving this! He made his way down my belly, moving closer to where I really wanted him. I wiggled my hips as he got closer to them. My hips are one of my more sensitive areas few people know about. He bit and licked and nibbled them mercilessly while he dragged down my pants and lacy panties. I bit my bottom lip and tried to not arch my hips. Joshua, sensing how much I liked this, pulled away with a grin. I whimpered in protest and tried to pull him back.

“Not yet, baby,” he said, “I want to drive you crazy. I want you begging me to fuck you.”

“Fine,” I replied, “Two can play at that game.” I unbuttoned his jeans, slid to my knees, and undid the zipper with my teeth. Joshua looked amused at my attempt to be sexy. Wanting to wipe that grin off his face, I wrapped my fist around his cock, pulled it free from his boxers, and sucked it into my mouth. He hissed in a sharp breath and burried his fingers in my hair. Ah, there’s the reaction I was looking for.

I sucked him for only a few minutes. Then I moved to his balls. I suckled on them one at a time. I then traced my tongue from his balls all the way back up to the tip of his cock and plunged it back into my mouth. He groaned loudly and tightened his grasp on my hair. I gripped the base of his cock firmly and jerked him while I let him fuck my face. I stopped when he was getting too close to cumming. I kept pumping with my hand, though. I glided up his body and playfully nipped his ear.

“I’m not begging yet,” I taunted. He groaned and kissed me hard, grinding himself into my palm. I accepted his tongue greedily. He pushed me forcefully down onto the couch and moved down between my thighs where I was already beyond dripping wet. He kissed and teased my thighs, my pussy lips, my hips. He touched me everywhere canlı casino siteleri except the one place I needed it the most. Suddenly, there it was, his tongue ever so lightly brushing my swollen little clit. I damn near came right then and there. I lifted my hips, urging him on. Mmmmm…. His tongue was like magic, licking me exactly the way I needed to be. And when he slid his fingers into my pussy… oh, god, it was incredible! My hips began bucking of their own accord. His fingers relentlesly plunged in and out of my desperate pussy while his tongue worked me into a frenzy. Just when I couldn’t take much more and was about to cum, he stopped. I moaned pitifully and tried to find his mouth again. What I found instead was the head of his dick pressed against my opening.

I heard him whisper gruffly into my ear, “You want this nice hard cock don’t you?” I nodded frantically. “Then let me hear you beg for it.”

“Fuck me,” I whimpered. He didn’t. Instead he slid just the head of his dick in and teased my clit with his thumb. “Oh, god, Josh, please fuck me!” I pleaded.

“That’s what I wanted to hear, baby, ” he purred in my ear. Before I knew what was happening, he flipped me over to my stomach and pulled me up to my hands and knees. Then, finally, he blessedly slid all the way in. He thrust slowly at first but after only a few good strokes he started to work his way up to a harder, faster pace. He fisted one hand in my hair and kept the other on my hip, occasionally reaching forward to tweak my nipples. His thick cock massaging my pussy felt so good! It wasn’t long before I came. He thrust faster as my muscles grew tight around his swollen dick. He groaned loudly as he quickened to an almost brutal pace.

“That’s right baby,” I tell him. “I came for you. Now it’s your turn. I want you to fill me with your cum.” I looked over my shoulder to meet his gaze. Holding his stare, I cupped my own tit and leaned down to lick my own nipple. He growled low in his throat and pulled my hair. Holy fuck, he was good! He was fucking me like his life depended on it. He burried himself to the hilt and cried out when he came. His dick pulsated heavily inside of me. I love that feeling. It was just enough to push me over the edge again. “Oh! I’m cumming again!!!” I screamed.

Exausted, we both collapsed on the couch. It took me a few minutes to catch my breath. He gave me quite a workout! “Wow. I can’t tell you the last time I was fucked that good. If I would have known how it was going to be, I would have sidestepped my shyness and called you a long time ago.”

He just smiled that sexy little smile of his and tenderly kissed my neck. “That’s ok, baby,” he replied. “At least now you know who to call from now on when Russ leaves you home alone.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32