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That year, the Christmas party was in a large modern hotel out of town. It was not very close to town which is why many people had decided to stay overnight. Marie had been giggling and drinking all night with us but now, one by one they sloped off until it was just Marie and myself sipping more sobering drinks while we chatted casually. She was looking delicious that evening in a white blouse and her pink body warmer, showing off her pert, jutting breasts. She wore her dark grey skirt (the short one that I like) and sheer black tights (as far as I could tell), with her little slip-on black shoes with 2 inch heels. Her lovely wavy dark brown hair was loose and it fell about her shoulders and dangled in her face when she dropped her head embarrassed at her giggliness.

We were actually sobering up a deal, but she was still a little giggly, and when she made her excuses and stood up to leave, she wobbled so noticeably that I had to do the gentlemanly thing (honest) and stood up to hold her steady, my hand at her narrow waist. She thanked me for steadying her, and I suggested that she might need a little more steadying to get to her room, just on the safe side, so I offered to escort her there. She accepted, smiling, and we walked to the lift, my hand on her hip, gently guiding her.

As we stood facing each other in the lift, we just watched each other’s faces, smiling warmly. I like her smile. Well, we walked down the corridor to her hotel room and she fumbled and dropped her keycard (I don’t know if on purpose). I immediately knelt down to pick it up for her (and glance at her nice legs) and as I raised my face ready to hand it to her, my face became level with two lovely soft pink mounds pointing out towards me. I paused, silent, gazing gently between them until she made a little cough and I snapped out of it and stood up, inserting the keycard into the door and opening it for her.

She thanked me and gave a beaming smile as she walked passed me into her room. As she switched the light on, she stopped, closed her eyes and rotated her shoulders, giving a great sigh. I walked up behind her and suggested she needed a relax and de-stress before she crashed and I placed my hands on her shoulders and started gently kneading them. She mumbled something in thanks and slowly rocked her head from side to side as I deepened the shoulder massage. Meanwhile one of my legs stretched back and quietly kicked the door shut.

As I rubbed her shoulders I nudged her forward further into her room. I started rubbing her neck, lifting her hair out of the way and stroking my hands up the sides of her neck and then down, over her shoulders under her blouse slightly. She moaned slightly and I moved up close behind her so that she could lean back against my chest as I gently soothed her skin, making her relax. I stroked her neck with one hand while the other played with her hair, teasing it close up against her scalp where I knew it would be sensitive.

I subtly manoeuvred myself round until I was stroking the back of her neck and shoulders from behind, whilst I had turned us so that my back was to the dressing chair opposite the foot of the bed. I pressed up against her back, my loins insinuating into her perky bottom. Feeling me, she gave her bum a sexy little wiggle, nudging it into my front where my bulge was growing. I drew my hands down to her waist and held her back against my front for a while, enjoying the feel of her shorter body pressed against my front and her bottom pressed into my bulge.

Then I sat down in the chair behind her, my hands still on her waist, and admired her bottom in its short skirt from closer up. My hands went up her back and squeezed her shoulders gently before stroking down her back, moving dangerously far around her sides, but came back to run down over her bottom and pat it with both hands gently. She wiggled it playfully at me and encouraged by this, I held her hips and pulled her backwards towards me. She shuffled backwards and as the back of her nylon-clad legs touched my knees, her knees buckled and with a gasp, she sat down backwards onto my lap.

I now had this sexy young thing in a short skirt sat on my lap, facing away from me, and I wasn’t going to let this opportunity slip. I held her firmly at her hips and shuffled her on my lap, ensuring she was settled firmly on my lap, but also so that her lovely arse was settled over my rising bulge in my trousers, although she probably couldn’t feel it yet. I held her waist and squeezed her firmly. She put her hands on mine until I took them and placed hers in her lap. Then I brought my hands up to her neck and lifted her hair gently to one side as I poked my head over her shoulder, resting my cheek gently against hers. She leant right back into my chest and closed her eyes. I let her hair fall back and to the other side as I returned my hands to her waist and started stroking up and down her sides.

As she sighed and relaxed against me, I began to get more adventurous and turned my head and kissed her lightly on her cheek. At the same time, my warm, soft hands snaked around to her tummy. I could feel casino siteleri her trembling on my lap as my hands slowly slid up the front of her pink bodywarmer, softly rising over the swell of her bust. She sighed meekly as my large hands ever so gently cupped under her beautifully soft and full, young breasts. My hands only just touched the pink woolly mounds, but I could feel the soft shapes tremble under my delicate touch through the top, blouse and her bra.

As she continued to accept my touch, I closed my palms more firmly around her young breasts, squeezing very gently and making her moan slightly. I started moving my palms around and over her pert breasts, feeling the softness of her bodywarmer, but also the pliant flesh beneath. She lay her head back, closed her eyes and panted slightly as I fondled her breasts ever so softly, gently teasing the sexy mounds. My thumbs brushed across the centre and she quivered slightly as they rubbed across the sensitive shapes of her nipples, still hidden underneath. I could perceptibly feel them stirring and becoming more pronounced even as I stroked across them gently.

Then I reluctantly lowered my hands down to her waist. She opened her eyes and sat up a little looking at me, wondering why I’d stopped, possibly disappointed. I held my legs together, and placing one arm under her knees and the other behind her shoulders, I suddenly lifted and swivelled her around to her right, so that she was now sitting sideways on my lap. Her arms went instinctively round my neck. My left arm was now firmly around her back and waist while my right extracted itself from under her smooth silk-clad legs and went around her front to hold her hip firmly and pressing her side up against my front. Her short skirt must have ruffled up because it now hung over my thigh at the back and I think she now sat with her nylon-clad legs directly on my trousers. She may well have felt my bulge pressing upwards.

She smiled at me, her eyes darting between mine and my mouth, and then brought her mouth to mine and we held each other gently but firmly as our lips met in a soft and tender kiss. She moaned into my mouth. Her arms around my neck held her side against my chest and she pressed the side of her right breasts against my shirt. My left hand went around her waist from the back, holding her tightly to me. We withdrew from the kiss for a second, gazing into each other’s eyes for a second, before our lips closed again, this time more firmly and our tongues came into play, gently toying with each other’s.

With her right breast partially pressed into my chest, I moved my right hand up her side until it cupped and gently came to rest cupping her left breast fully in my hand. She moaned into the kiss as I firmly squeezed her breast in my palm, moulding it through the layers of her clothes and teasing it into a peak, while my thumb rubbed across the tip, encountering the stiffening bud of her nipple underneath and making her gasp. She broke the kiss, gasping for air, then immediately held the sides of my face in her hands and reapplied her soft and wet lips to mine. We kissed more deeply as my hand firmly fondled her soft breast. This time, my left hand stroked the back of her skirt, feeling the top curve of the back of her bottom through the skirt. My right hand left her breast and slid to her hip to ensure she was firmly seated on my lap. Then it slid from her hip, down the outside of her left thigh over the skirt, and along to her nylon clad knee. I stroked her knee as we kissed.

Then my hand stroked up and down her thigh from her knee upwards, nudging the hem of her short skirt upwards and exploring higher up her silky nylon clad leg. My hand slid under the skirt and we broke the kiss and both gasped as my hand found the lace tops of her stockings! That felt very sexy so I leant forward to kiss her again, my tongue exploring inside her mouth as my hand explored her thigh under the skirt. Her skin above the stocking tops was soft and smooth. I followed a garter strap up to her hip, where the side of her high cut lace and silk panties curved up towards the waist band of the skirt. I stroked her hip and thigh, also feeling the lace of the stocking tops. My left hand patted the back of her bottom then slid lower and delved under the back of her skirt. I stroked around the firm flesh of her rump under the skirt, tracing the narrow triangle of lace between her cheeks. After squeezing and stroking the smooth skin of her bottom and thighs under the skirt while we kissed, I decided to up the ante.

I broke the kiss, withdrew my hands and gripped her narrow waist. I lifted her forwards off my lap and onto her feet, before turning her around to face across to my left. I held the front of her waist with my left hand and my right hand went up to her back and gently pushed her forward and down until Marie got the idea and knelt down over my lap. The bottoms of her breasts pressed against my outside left thigh and her pert bottom stuck out in its short skirt. Holding her down by pressing down on her back with my left hand, I moved my right down her lovely legs and started slot oyna stroking up the backs of her thighs. Her short skirt was riding high and my palm slid easily under it to explore the lacy backs of her stocking tops, then up beyond to the creamy flesh above. She mumbled slightly in pleasure as I lifted her skirt higher, holding it with my left hand, exposing her beautifully round bottom, and squeezed, stroked and patted her exposed rump. Her skin was warm and soft, but it trembled slightly under my touch. I started squeezing her bottom more firmly and tracing the beautiful outline of her silk lace thong panties where they disappeared between her lovely pert cheeks.

She gasped as my hand pushed down over her panties and delved into her crack. She parted her knees slightly to give me better access to slide my hands lower between her legs where she felt warm and moist. She gasped as my fingertips traced over the soft shape of her sensitive pudenda, and I pressed inward and stroked her there, back and forth as she closed her eyes and murmured. I stroked her gently there for a while, my fingers delving in and out over her pudenda. I could feel no downy hair underneath, but I did nudge into the hood protecting her clit, which made her start and gasp slightly.

While I was stroking her, my bulge had grown harder and harder in my trousers and now pressed firmly up into her stomach. Marie must have felt it as suddenly she got up, brushing down her skirt and knelt in front of me. I thought I had blown it, but then she reached forward and rubbed my cock through my trousers, smiling slightly with lust. She found the zip and drew it down. Well that was a surprise. It was another surprise when my cock sprung free, helped by her delicate hand fishing it out and pulling it towards her to “say hello”. She stroked the long, hard, throbbing fleshy pole in her hand for a little while, studying the tip carefully, before leaning forward and taking the head into her mouth.

That felt like heaven. Her warm but delicate mouth engulfed my cock head and I could feel her tongue licking around the edge. She got to work with gusto, sucking on my head and trying to get more of her mouth over the bulbous tip. I gave her encouraging noises, but she did feel fantastic. Marie bobbed her head down lower, and closing her eyes tried to wedge the tip of my cock into the back of her mouth. That felt all warm and wet, engulfing my cock with saliva. I opened my legs to allow her to get closer in. She pulled up, angled her head over the top of my cock and plunged down again. This time my cock head nestled firmly into the back of her mouth, plugging it. I rested my hands on her shoulders, not wanting to give her any pressure. After a couple of seconds, she bobbed back up, gasping for air, before recovering and trying again. Each time she plunged down, she managed to get a little more of my cock down her throat. It felt amazing.

I brushed her hair off her face and gathered it behind her head as she continued to slide her lips up and down my shaft. As my hands were at the back of her head, I gently held her head down over my shaft each time she bottomed out with my bulbous cock head deep up inside her mouth. I could feel the wet softness of her mouth around my cock, and the tight restriction of her throat at the end. After she gasped for breath following a particularly deep attempt to swallow my cock, I decided to give her some help. I held her head firmly and as she sank my upstanding cock deep into her mouth and bottomed out again, I thrust up at the same time as pushing her head down. She gagged as she felt my cock head expanding her throat and forcing its way deeper into her neck, cutting off her air supply. She pushed against me as the full length of my cock embedded in her lovely mouth. It felt fantastic, but I didn’t want to frighten her, so after a second or two, I pulled her head back up and allowed her to lift her mouth from my shaft.

She lifted her head back and gasped in great lungfulls of air. Her chest heaved up and down as her kneeling position thrust her breasts out towards me. Without waiting for her to recover too much, I pulled her back up to a standing position in front of me and turned her sideways. Marie did not resist me because she was still gasping for breath and shocked at how deep my dick had been down her throat. I gripped her to me between my legs. My cock stood up, pressing against her right thigh. I slide both hands up under her short skirt. My left hand went up to squeeze the globes of her bottom firmly in turn and stroke up and down the lace in her crack. My right hand went straight to cup her pudenda through the thin silk lace of her black panties. She whimpered and gasped as I molested her there, stroking her pussy through the lace from the front and the back.

I found her narrow slit and worked my fingertips up and down, teasing the material of her panties into her crack. I could feel a definite dampness there and I wormed my fingers deeper between her lips, pressing the silk lace into her groove. This was getting her hot and bothered and as soon as she had regained her breath, canlı casino siteleri she grasped the bottom of her pink bodywarmer as she stood, and pulled it off over her head, shaking her hair free. My right hand slid up her front under the skirt, then my fingers dipped down into the front of her panties and slipped lower over her hairless flesh. As my fingers progressed downward, they tugged her panties from in between her pussy lips and she shivered slightly.

My middle finger teased into the top of her slit, sliding over the hood protecting her little clit and she gasped. I hooked my finger, dipping the tip between her lips and found it warm and slippery just inside. I rubbed her there gently, moving my finger up and down, but not going very deep. She gasped under the intimate contact, her hands going to my knee and chest for support, her eyes closing in concentration as I stroked her. My finger brushed up into the top of her slit and exposed her little clit. She squealed meekly as I slid my finger over her little bud, making it throb and swell. I teased her clit for a while, occasionally dipping into her juicy pussy, but not going very deep at all, just stirring her juices around inside her entrance for a while.

This apparently frustrated her because she suddenly snapped and stepped away from me. My hands were left bereft but she stood in front of me, smiling coyly with a little finger in the corner of her mouth where a slight dribble of spittle had appeared, before standing straight, and turning round. She wiggled her pert little bottom at me cheekily. Then she leant right forward, sticking her bottom out towards me and reached under her skirt. She hooked her fingers in the sides of her high cut panties and started drawing them down over her bottom. As I watched her, I shuffled my trousers and boxers down my legs to the floor. Keeping her legs straight, she had to bend over fully to draw the delicate lace of her panties down her stocking clad legs. Her skirt rode high at the back, exposing her pale naked bottom to me, framed by the lace of the stocking tops, the straps of her garters, and the bottom lace of the black garterbelt above. Her pink pussy lips nestled between her smooth thighs, glistening with her juice.

She drew her panties to the floor, then stood back up straight, still with her back to me, and delicately stepped her heels out of her panties. Then she turned around to face me. She had a wicked but sexy smile on her lips as she stood there with her hands demurely behind her, swaying her hips, making her short skirt swish slightly, arching her back and thrusting her breasts towards me. I leant forward from the chair and reached out and slid my hands up the sides of her legs, up to her hips, pulling her towards me. She stepped lightly up to me, looking down at my hard cock still projecting up, and my hands slid up her legs, over the lace stocking tops and went around to cup her naked bottom. I playfully squeezed it tightly to me.

Then Marie stepped back and brushed her hands over the outside of my knees, indicating that I should close them. Once my knees were closed, she moved forward and, spreading her knees wider, lifted up her skirt slightly and sat down facing me, straddling my lap. My hands held her forward and my cock was hidden under her skirt, bulging up obscenely at the front. She stuck her bum back, and arching her back, thrust her breasts up and out towards me, pushing them into my chest. Her hands went around my neck and she kissed me deeply as I held her naked bottom firmly on my lap. She groaned into my mouth as I squeezed her to me and mashed her breasts through the lace bra and thin blouse, firmly against my chest. My tongue snaked into her mouth and battled with hers as I held her tight.

Then she broke the kiss by tilting her head back, gasping, and placed her hands on my shoulders. She rocked up on her toes, pushing down on my shoulders and levered herself up by her thighs, snuggling closer up to me. Now her warm, naked, wet pussy was suspended tantalisingly over the rock hard head of my hot cock which stood erect under her and under the skirt.

Marie looked into my eyes, bit her bottom lip and lowered herself slightly down. My cockhead immediately touched her wet pussy lips and she gasped as she felt the heat of the bulbous tip nudging into her slit. Gripping around my shoulders firmly, and with my hands moving up from her bottom to her hips, over the lace garterbelt under her skirt, she lowered herself a little further. My bell-end spread her sopping pussy lips around itself, pushing up and started to enter her tight but slippery hole.

She opened her beautiful eyes and wet lips wide as she continued to push down, slowly spearing herself on my large cock as her soft petals unfurled to take me in. Her spittle from the blowjob had coated my shaft and her own juices lubricated it well. I could feel my sensitive tip opening her up, hidden under the skirt as she lowered herself further. My cock slid up into her as she pulled herself down onto it. She gasped aloud as she felt my large tool enter deeper into her lovely tunnel, penetrating up into her lush young body. She felt marvellous and tight and warm and wet. She continued to slide down my pole, pulling herself down onto my lap and my shaft continued its inward passage deep up and into her soft lithe body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32