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Roberta was ready for a change in atmosphere; her life had quickly changed within a blink of an eye. She looked around the house deciding this is where she would start changing things. The living room had quickly succumbed to her witty skills as she stripped old wallpaper, replacing it with new vibrant colors.

As the day wore on and the sun started to set the house had become hot and stuffy. Opening all the doors and windows did not seem to squelch the heat, causing beads of sweat to gather between her ample breasts. Without thought she pulled her shirt and bra off discarding them in a lone chair next to her bed.

Roberta continued at her task of changing the entire look of her most intimate room, her bedroom. The once cold hunter green was now being replaced with soft shades of sensual baby blue. The large window above her bed was the last thing to renovate. The heat had not let up as she pulled off her black jeans, now standing clad in only a black silk thong.

She knew when she started this was not going to be an easy task to complete; the black iron bar has always proved a challenge when hanging curtains. Her mind so involved in hanging of these frilly blue curtains Roberta had forgotten she invited her long time friend Paul over for a drink and good conversation. He always seemed to listen to her ramblings, poking fun at the way she talked incessantly like no other woman he had known.

Paul stood at the back door, puzzled as to why all the doors were open. He knew she had an air conditioner, with concern he did not think to knock and walked into the kitchen. He could hear an old Journey tune playing muffling his footsteps as he turned to see Roberta standing on her bed.

He smiled as he realized she was near naked as her body pressed against the cool glass while she attempted to remove the cast iron rod holding the curtains in place. She let out a curse when she pinched her finger trying to remove the rod. He watched casino siteleri as her ass cheeks tightened each time she stood on her toes to reach for the ill fated rod. When she bent to retrieve the end that had fallen off, he noticed her breasts as they softly hung in front of her, nipples taunt from the cold glass rubbing against them.

Her fingers slid gently up and down the rod removing the old curtains and replacing them with the new ones. Mesmerized by her bouncing breasts and jutting nipples, the way her hips gently swayed to the music in the background. The most exciting things he noticed were her long fingers sliding up and down that hard round rod. Paul hadn’t even realized he had been standing there a good fifteen minutes watching her; each time she arched her back his cock twitched.

His undoing was when she put her knee on the windowsill to steady herself, the thong shifted slightly to the right exposing her smooth shaved lips. His hands automatically caressing the throbbing bulge in his pants. Thinking to himself, this friendship is about to get friendlier.

He walked into the room just as she finished putting the rod back in place. “Hey Roberta, what they hell are you doing without clothes on girl?”

Startled and slightly embarrassed she spoke, “Damn Paul is it that time already? Could you toss me my shirt please?”

“Nope, you missed a place up there, see right there in the center. Hold on I will help you.” He removed his shoes and climbed on the bed behind her, as she looked he took her hands and placed them on the center of the rod, “Right there honey, straighten that out.” Like a wayward schoolgirl she did as she was told.

Paul was close against her body; letting his hands slide down the inside of her arms until they settled on her now upturned breasts. “Shhhh, don’t move stay right like that, OK?” He whispered in her ear. Heady with the heat, and lack of a manly touch she simply nodded. His slot oyna lips touched her shoulder and neck gently nibbling to her ear, as his hand massaged her aching breasts. His fingers rolled her taunt nipples gently, “Do you like that baby?”

“Oh God yes, please don’t stop,” she choked out.

He smiled against her shoulder biting her gently, his hand sliding down her stomach while his lips kissed their way down her back. She arched it slowly making her ass press against him harder, but he did not stop his pursuit. With a quick tug of his thumbs her thong was history and his hands found her hot, wet center. Slowly he slid his finger up and down the smooth shaved slit, delving in to find her little pleasure pearl. She let out a loud moan; he knew he had found what she desperately needed.

He wanted to hear her say what she wanted, “Tell me what you want Roberta? Tell me what you need.” His husky voice told her he wanted her as much as she did him.

“Lick my pussy please, it has been so long…” She trailed off as he inserted a finger deep into her honey hole feeling her muscles grab it as if her mouth were sucking on it. Without hesitation he dropped his pants, his excitement was free, throbbing and bouncing against her bottom. Paul knelt between her legs, pushing her right thigh up; she took the hint, putting her knee back on the windowsill.

With prowess he began teasing her dripping slit with his tongue, dipping in to find her little button, and lips were swelling with passion. Something they both were missing, he teased her clit out of its hood flicking it with his tongue until she was moaning and rocking against his mouth. His lips closed around her clit softly sucking her to orgasm, “Oh God yes, eat me baby eat me. I am going to come on that beautiful tongue.” He stopped suddenly before she exploded.

“I need you Roberta, I need you now,” his intenseness heightened her excitement as she turned and pushed him onto canlı casino siteleri the big king size bed and swiftly mounted him. Driving him deep inside her. His hands on her ass pulling her harder against him, “That’s it baby, give it to me. Come for me.” That was all the coaxing she needed, her hands were pinching and pulling at her own nipples while she rode him.

“Oh fuck, I am gonna come, I am gonna come now,” she nearly screamed as the waves of passion overtook her. Her back arched hard, her body began to quiver, his grasp on her hips held her in place as he watched her climax. It excited him so much he thrust upward several times to hear her yell out in pleasure. As she slowed her ride he wondered what was through her mind, and he was soon to find out.

He watched her as closely as she had him, getting off of his stiff rod that appeared to grow even harder inside her. She smiled at his look of puzzlement; she slowly bent down and took his honey-covered cock in her mouth. The site excited him as he watched her lick her own juices, from his tightened sack, to his throbbing manhood. Her mouth took him deep and hard, she wanted to taste his sweet jism, and she needed it.

His hands grasped her hair pushing her deeper onto his hardness; he couldn’t believe she could take him all. He felt his sack tighten knowing he was going to shoot any second. She knew it was coming, she felt herself orgasm at the though of his hot jism running down her eager throat. “Suck it my little slut, I am going to fill that beautiful mouth full of my hot come. You want it I know you do.. ahhhhh yyyeessss.” He began to come, filling her mouth with his hot seed, she massage his sack milking him of all his wonderful juice.

She stayed there between his legs for several minutes, sucking and licking him gently at his most sensitive member twitched. Then slid upwards laying her head on his stomach, allowing his flaccid cock to nestle between her breasts while they caught their breath.

With a chuckle she said, “Well Paul, I guess this gives a new meaning to come over for a drink.” He laughed softly as he stroked her hair, thinking he may have to come over for a drink more often.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32