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“You’ll never take me, Jake!”

Shona flipped her long blonde tresses defiantly. They flailed about in the air for a moment then landed across her face. She picked stray hairs out of her mouth whilst glowering at her would be lover.

“Oh, but I will my darling.” Jake sauntered towards her, his brow dark with intent. He was a devastatingly handsome man, as broad as he was tall, with glossy curling eyelashes lining big brown eyes. In his matching denim jacket and jeans he oozed raw sexuality.

Shona knew what he wanted. He wanted her. He wanted to claim her. He wanted to take her. He wanted her high heels over his shoulders, her toiletries on the counter of his bathroom sink. His lust knew no bounds. He wanted her bent across the kitchen counter and he wanted her across the breakfast table, clipping coupons out of the half price mailer.

Didn’t he understand that Shona was not that sort of woman? Shona was wild and untamed, like an Orca. Her siren song attracted many, but attempts at mating invariably ended badly.

Shona’s iced tea eyes glittered at him with impassioned emotion.

“We could never be!”

“I will have you Shona,” Jake vowed, discarding his jean jacket and exposing his wife-beater clad torso.

Shona swooned. His virility was so potent it was toxic. She longed to feel his furry pecs pressed against her soft bosom. With a growl of passion he reached for her and in spite of her verbal protestations, she allowed herself to be drawn into his arms.

Trapped in his embrace, she could feel every inch casino siteleri of him against her soft body. His scent, a heady pine, drove her wild.

“Oh Jake, we mustn’t,” she protested weakly.

He responded by taking her lips in a crushing kiss, forcing her to breathe through her nose as his rigid tongue plundered her soft inner dentures.

She felt herself growing slick with desire. She had always held a candle for Jake, and now that the power had been turned on, she was able to put the candle down and grasp his flaming desire.

“Oh Shona,” Jake groaned as she fished about in his pants.

He was already rock hard by the time her fingers wrapped around his member. She felt his cock twitch in her grasp, like a timid rabbit scenting for its burrow. She reassured it by stroking it lovingly, driving Jake to the brink of madness. With a cry of desire, he thrust his jeans down to the floor, picked Shona up under her arms and hefted her over the back of the pleather couch.

Forced to support herself with her arms, Shona was unable to prevent him from flipping up her skirt and making short work of her panties. She felt the air conditioner’s cool breeze across her hindquarters as he spread her legs and exposed her most intimate parts to his gaze.

“God Shona,” he croaked. ‘You’re gorgeous.”

She was gorgeous, with her hips raised proudly over the wide back of the couch, her pert cheeks pointing skyward with just a hint of maidenly blush about them. Between them her sex nestled coyly, tempting Jake onto the rocks slot oyna of sexual desire. Almost reverently, he stroked her lips and watched them bloom with dewy moistness.

Her whimpers of desire stoked his own passion until he could stand it no longer. Her grasped his turgid member firmly in his fist and guided the embiggened head of his cock between her sweet lips. They parted for him easily and he was embraced and welcomed into her depths.

Then the thrusting began, the rough, hard pounding. He took her with gusto, grasping her hips and molding her flesh with his fingers. She moaned and writhed on his cock, her bountiful tits bouncing beneath her body. She had forgotten the reason for her reluctance now, now that she was caught up in their fucking, her flesh wrapped tightly around his thrusting hardness. She had forgotten everything. Everything that didn’t matter and everything that did matter too.

She tried to remember her social security number, but he reached down and wrapped her hair around his hand then pulled her head back, making her arch erotically. He drove deep inside her, forcing all numeracy out of her mind. All she knew was the pounding of his cock, his hands on her flesh, her wanton desire consuming her entirely.

“Oh god, I’m so close,” Jake grunted.

She could feel him swelling inside her, the throbbing of his cock the omen of the spilling of seed.

She reached down and began rubbing her clit. She wanted to peak with him, but it was difficult, her juices ran down her tender pussy lips and soaked the pleather, canlı casino siteleri turning their lusty encounter into a veritable slip and slide.

“Keep that ass up,” Jake said, tugging on her hair as he ground his hips against her ass, making her take the entirety of his six and a half inches.

“Oh god, I’m going to cum,” Shona moaned. It was partially true, she was almost there now that he was grinding her clit into the rough seam of the couch, turning her tasteful furnishing into a full size sex toy.

Caught in the frenzy of his impending orgasm, Jake rammed into her like a jackhammer, numbing her pussy with his insistent thrusting. The sensations in her clit began to take over, filling her belly with intense liquidy pleasure. She was arching towards him now, inviting him to fuck her as hard as he could.

“Oh MY SHAOOOOONNNAA!” Jake came hard, gripping her with the tenacity of a koala on a gum tree in a high wind as he filled her with his potent seed.

Shona kept thrusting her hips as he came, milking the very last of his hardness in the quest for her own climax. He was already softening, but he encouraged her by slipping his hand under her body and slapping her clit gently.

“Come for me,” he urged, “or I’ll have to punish your naughty pussy.”

That was all it took. Shona gasped as the pleasure of orgasm overwhelmed her, consuming her body in waves that finally receded into an incredibly strong need to pee.

“That was amazing,” Jake sighed, taking her in his brawny arms once more. She pushed away almost immediately, her tempestuous nature getting the better of her as she made her way to the en-suite. By the time she returned from relieving her bladder, Jake was gently snoring on the couch, and it was time to put the peas on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32