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“Claire, Could I talk to you a minute?”

“Sure.” She stood up and walked over to my desk.

“Would you like to go to the regional meeting in Grand Junction?”

“Are you serious? I thought that was just for management.”

“It is. The boss is impressed with you and you’ve been here long enough, maybe you should see what it’s like. I’ll be going too.”

“I’d love to go.”

I’d worked with Claire for about a year when our boss asked me if I would mind taking her along with me to a tri-state conference and giving her some exposure to that side of the business. She was due for a promotion and he thought she should see how things worked on a multi-state level. We got along very well, and had worked together on the same projects several times. Now and then, we’d take a walk outside together during a break and that’s how I got to know her better.

Claire was an attractive redhead. Curvy and a bit on the busty side. She always dressed well, but changed into running shoes when we’d walk. I’d learned that she was happily married with two kids who did well in school, and her husband travelled too much but she was resigned to it. He was sometimes more interested in work than her, the house or the kids

I think Claire saw in me a willing listener. Someone she could vent to without trying to solve all her problems. She was also nearly 20 years younger than I was. My wife, Kathy, met her one day at the office, and we ended up going to lunch together with some other colleagues. Kathy gave me the arched eyebrow when she learned I’d be working with Claire more in the future. Maybe she saw something I didn’t at the time.

I knew Claire’s husband, kids and mother by name, but I’d never met them in person. She talked about them a lot, both the good and the bad, and it felt almost as if I’d known them for years.

The conference was about a 5-hour drive from Denver. I liked the drive through the mountains so the next day I stopped at her desk.

“Claire, I’m going to drive instead of flying to Grand Junction. It won’t take much longer than the flight once you add all the business of driving to the airport, checking in and passing through security. You’re more than welcome to ride with me.”

“Sure. That sounds good. I’ve always liked scenery on that trip and I can help with the driving if you want me to.”

Her husband wasn’t at all happy about her going out of town for four days with another guy, but he finally relented when she told him I was an older, married guy and she knew my wife. Besides, he was gone all the time anyway. Kathy wasn’t too thrilled with the idea either. I could tell she had her reservations about me taking this trip.

It was early when I picked Claire up at her house. She wore a simple black skirt and white silk blouse, a string of pearls and heels. I put her suitcase and overnight bag in the back seat. She threw her leather jacket on top of our bags. After a stop at Starbucks, we got on the Interstate and headed west.

Normally, I’m kind of quiet when I drive and just listen to music, but Claire needed to talk. “Gary was being a real jerk this morning,” she said, “he didn’t like the idea of me being in a car alone with you for five hours. What’s the difference? I work with you eight hours a day.”

“Kathy wasn’t wild about it either, Claire. She said you were far too young and pretty for me to be going off on a trip like this with you.”

Claire looked at me and asked, “She said that? Your wife feels threatened by me?”

“She must feel that way I suppose. I told her not to worry, that it’s strictly professional.”

Claire reach over, punched my arm and said, “Gee thanks, Sir!” and laughed.

She went on for a bit, venting about her frustrations: He was gone too much, he was preoccupied when he was home, work always came first and what she wanted always seemed to come in second. I’d heard it all before, but I didn’t mind listening. It wouldn’t last long.

I could relate to some of the things she said and I knew that she needed to get them off her chest. After a few minutes, she stopped and said, “You must think I’m a basket case. I’m sorry for ranting and raving like that. But you’re so easy to talk to.”

“You’re fine,” I told her. “I understand your frustrations and after 32 years of marriage I’ve had a few of my own. Kathy is totally into her own things, always busy with meetings with her friends or craft shows or her damn cat.” We laughed and talked about funny things our spouses did and the things that aggravated us.

I noticed that Claire’s skirt kept riding up. She tugged it down when it got too high, but I got an occasional look at her legs, just enough to be enticing. She was sitting in a way that was more or less facing me. I tried not to be too obvious. We talked about work, the conference and meetings we needed to go to.

“Would you reach into the back seat and get my brief case?” I asked her, “It’s got the schedule of meetings in it. I think we have one as soon as we get there.”

“Sure.” She unbuckled her seat belt so she could reach it.

As casino siteleri she reached into the back seat, her breast rubbed on my arm. I looked down and her knees were apart giving me a glimpse of her legs and hot pink lace panties. I felt a jolt run through me. She retrieved the file and sat back down, straightening her skirt. She was blushing and said, “Sorry.”

I smiled. “No worries. The schedule is on the front page.”

Claire read from the schedule. “We’re going to have to go to the first meeting before we check in. Do you think we’ll make it in time?”

“I think so. We’re making good time.” The image of her legs and her panties kept running through my mind. I felt the bulge growing in my pants. We talked about the purpose of the meetings and I told her about some of the key people she would be meeting and their roles in the things our company did in the region.

I went on, “There’s a few you might have to watch out for. Pete Donovan is a bit of a womanizer. I’m sure he’ll hit on you. Mitch Stillwell will find a way use your words against you. Beth Stevens likes to undermine people in front of a room. You’ll see. I learned the hard way.”

“About Pete?” she asked, smiling at me.

I laughed, “No, but I’ve seen him in action. I’m sure you probably will too.”

“Oh, I see. Thanks for the warning. I’ll keep you close.”

“Everyone else seems great to work with once you get to know them.”

We drove along in silence for a little while. Just enjoying the scenery.

“What’s your favorite part of the state?” Claire asked.

“Let’s see, I love the area up around Steamboat when the wildflowers are in bloom. You can see moose and elk too. The Uncompahgre down by Montrose is beautiful too. Of course, I like Estes Park. How about you?”

“I love Estes. I like skiing anywhere when I get to go. Glenwood Springs is nice, too bad we’re on a schedule.”

“Maybe on the way back. I didn’t bring a suit.”

“I did. Just in case.”

I looked at Claire and smiled.

“What did you do before you became a program manager with this company?” Claire asked.

“I’ve done a lot of different things. Some were fun. Some not so fun.” I started telling her stories about when I worked overseas, some of the places I’d been and about some of the things I’d done.

“Don’t you ever get bored after all that?”

“I miss some of it. Some I don’t miss at all. Since Kathy and I have gotten older, it’s kind of boring and there’s not a lot of spontaneity in our lives. We used to decide on Friday afternoon to go on weekend trips; we’d surprise each other with ideas, dinners and even…well… sex. Those days are gone. So, a trip like this is fun for me.” I realized what I just said and thought it would be less awkward to just leave it alone rather than say anything about it.

“I know what you mean,” Claire said. “I love my family dearly, but between work and the kids there’s not much room for fun. Gary isn’t that interested in making our lives fun it seems so even sex is kind of… blah.”

I looked at her and thought that was such a waste. “That’s a shame Claire. Changing things up is how you stay young. We used to do a lot of things on the spur of the moment. Once during a long trip, we stopped at a small airport and took a helicopter ride.” I took a risk and mentioned, “Another time, we pulled over at a construction site at night when everything was shut down, climbed up on a big earth mover and had sex on it.” I laughed. “Kathy left her panties there for the driver the next day. Sorry, that was probably more than you wanted to know.”

Claire laughed at that and said “WOW! Now that sounds like fun!”

Claire’s skirt had ridden up again and she’d turned in her seat to listen. “Have you ever cheated on Kathy?” she asked. “I’m sorry, you don’t have to tell me. I just wondered.”

I thought about answering that one for a moment. “There have been times… Yes, I have,” I replied. “Kathy still doesn’t know.”

“I won’t say anything. Do you regret it?”

“Yes and no. It was some of the best sex I’ve ever had. Partly because it was cheating I think. She was married too. It was during a time when I think we both really needed it badly. Have you?”

“No, but I’ve been tempted so many times. Do you still keep in touch with her? The woman you had the affair with?”

“No. Time and distance caused us to drift apart, but haven’t we all been tempted at one time or another? I think we all have things we’d like to do with someone else even if it’s just something new and different. What would you want to do if you could do anything you wanted?”

She looked at me for a long moment, thinking. “Something spontaneous. Spur of the moment just like you said. Something different that makes me feel like… a partner in crime. Something that fills me with a sense of adventure.”

I reached over and patted her knee. “It’ll happen,” I reassured her.

She squeezed my hand and said, “Thanks. How about you?” Claire asked. “What would you want to do?”

“Oh, I don’t know, go deep sea fishing, slot oyna skinny dip in the ocean, fly an airplane,” then I laughed and added, “go to a nude resort.”

Claire laughed. “Would Kathy go?”

“I doubt it. She gets seasick and airsick. The other just isn’t her cup of tea anymore. She doesn’t like sand. Would you?”

“Gary would never do that, but I think it would be fun!”

“The fishing?”

“No, silly.” She Laughed, “The other… the resort.”

“I’ve never been naked in front of more than one person,” I said. “It would sure be different.” I looked at her and then at her breasts and legs. I winked at her and said, “I think you could pull it off nicely. If you don’t mind me saying so.”

“Thank you.” Claire blushed and smiled. “I haven’t been naked in front of anyone but Gary since we were married and never in front of a group either. You said Kathy isn’t interested in sex much anymore. Do you ever… you know…?”

“Yeah we still do it now and then, but I’m sad to say it’s more of a chore than fun for both of us.”

“When Gary comes home we usually do it that night but that’s about it. It’s almost always the same. Missionary position and then he rolls off and goes to sleep. Now and then we change positions but the result is the same.” She chuckled. “I’m sorry. It’s my turn for TMI I guess.”

I laughed. “Aren’t we both just a couple of sad cases? Variety and spontaneity keep things alive.”

“Is that why you cheated?”

“Pretty much yes. The same ol’ same ol’ just got… old. That and the long, umm, dry spells.”

It seemed like barriers were crumbling with each passing mile. I couldn’t believe we were talking about these things in such a relaxed way. I’d never talked openly about sex the way I was talking to Claire. Not even with Kathy. The conversation was making me hard. I had to adjust myself in my pants. “Sorry,” I laughed, “it was getting kind of cramped in there.”

She laughed too and said, “I could tell.” Claire’s skirt had ridden up again but this time she made no move to tug it back down.

“Did the woman you cheated with, uh, like variety too?”

“She did. I don’t think there was anything we didn’t try.”

“That sounds interesting. Mind if I ask what kinds of things?”

“Not at all. Just remember… You asked. We tried every position we could think of and then variations of those. Once when she was on top, she rotated all the way around.”

“And you stayed, um, inside?


“I bet that took some doing!” she laughed again.

I grinned. “It did.”

“There was also lots of teasing and touching even in public when we could get away with it,” I said. “We were having dinner in a nice restaurant one time. She went to the ladies’ room and when she came back she handed me her panties. Not under the table either.”

“Oh my god! That is so hot.”

“We both loved oral sex.”

Claire’s voice was almost a whisper when she said, “God, I’d love that.”

I looked over and Claire was biting her lower lip. Her eyes were wide and I was getting harder by the minute. I reached over with my right finger and pushed her skirt a little higher up on her thigh. At 75 mph I had to be careful about looking but I did see her panties. I grinned. “Nice color!” I left my hand on her leg, caressing her smooth skin with my fingers and inching her skirt higher. “Which part would you love the most?”

“All of it.”

“I think you would at that.”

Claire reached over the console and rested her left hand on my leg then slid it over and touched my hard cock. Our eyes met briefly and she rubbed it thought my pants. She said, “Oooh nice.” I looked down and her ring was sparkling in the sunlight.

“Damn, that feels so good Claire. Careful though,” I chuckled, “you might make a mess and we have a meeting as soon as we get there.”

Claire let go of me and reached down for her purse. “I read about this in Cosmo once,” She said. After digging for a bit, she pulled out a lipstick. She pulled down the visor mirror and in a minute her lips were bright red. Then she said, “Don’t Crash.” She unbuckled our seatbelts and unzipped my pants.

She knelt in her seat and leaned over me, pulled my cock out and kissed it. I put my hand on her bottom and squeezed as she kissed my swollen head again. She giggled at the mark her lipstick made.

I squeezed her bottom again and said, “You’ll have to read Cosmo more often!”

She took me in her mouth. Her tongue swirled around the head of my cock and lingered right under the ridge. She teased every inch of skin and then took me deeper. She bobbed her head up and down slowly, sucking and running her tongue up and down the length of my shaft. She slipped her fingers into my pants and played with my balls.

I lifted her skirt up and over her bottom. I caressed her pussy lips through the thin fabric of her panties and then slipped my fingers under them. Claire had a thick bush and it was wet. We passed a truck and when we were alongside, he looked over and honked.

She stopped sucking and said, “Oh god. canlı casino siteleri I didn’t think of that.”

“It’s OK, just keep your head down. He’ll never know who you are,” I said as I gently pushed her head back down. She sucked again, her tongue fluttering all over my cock. I put on the cruise control and then tugged her panties down to her thighs. The trucker honked again, twice, obviously watching as I played with her wet lips and slipped a finger into her.

She took me deeper. I found Claire’s clit and concentrated on it, rubbing it between my thumb and my fingers. I felt her body shudder as she moaned and sucked harder. Claire was dripping wet and absolutely gooey. I knew I couldn’t last much longer.

“Claire… I’m getting close.”

“Mm hmm.” She sucked harder and ran her tongue up and down and around the head of my cock.

That sent me over the edge. I came like I hadn’t in years. She seemed to lock down on me, sucking, swallowing and milking me for every drop. I had to focus to keep the car on the road. It’s a good thing my feet weren’t on the brake or gas pedals or we would have screeched to a stop or reached light speed. When she came up for air, her lipstick was smudged but she was looking at me and smiling. As she sat up, I pulled my fingers out of her and held them up. They were sticky with her arousal.

She took my hand and sucked one of my fingers clean. I licked on the other one until it was clean too. Her eyes gleamed with pleasure. She reached under her skirt and tugged her panties the rest of the way off.

“Was that spontaneous enough?” Claire looked like she had just won the grand prize.

I smiled. “Yep! Ooh yeah, wow! Fuck yeah! Spontaneity, wickedness and variety all in one!”

Claire reached up and hung her panties on the rearview mirror and giggled. “Partners in crime! I love it. I feel like I’m 18 again.”

“Take the wheel Claire, I need to button things up.”

“Ok, if you must, but it’s a shame to see it go.” She said, licking her lips. “That was a first you know.”


“The first time I’ve ever swallowed it all and the first time I’ve done it while a guy was driving. It felt delightfully decadent!” Claire said as she reached across and took the wheel, holding us steady in the right lane. I tucked myself back in my trousers and zipped up.

Claire gave me a disappointed “Aww.”

“Don’t worry. We’ve got four days and nights if you want. These conferences aren’t that busy.” I said, reassuring her.

She smiled wickedly. “Oh, I do! I want it! I want it all.”

She wiped the lipstick off where it had smudged and put on some more. She touched up her makeup and hair in the sun visor mirror.

“I’ve never seen you wear that shade of red lipstick before. It looks… wonderfully naughty.”

She looked at me and winked. “I thought I might need it.”

I wondered if she had been planning this all along.

“We have two rooms at the hotel. I think we should keep them.”

“You’re so wicked,” I chuckled, “but that’s good thinking. We’ll need the receipts.”

“We don’t need to actually use both rooms,” She said with a conspiratorial grin.

“No. I don’t think we do.”

I left my hand on her thigh and she held it in hers. She was warm and smooth and I couldn’t stop caressing her with my fingertips. As we drove along she pulled my hands up higher on her thigh. I could feel her curly hair and teased it with my pinky finger.

We drove through Palisades and stopped for a cold drink and a pit stop. Claire left her panties on the mirror and I followed her into the convenience store. There was a sway to her hips when she walked that I’d never noticed before. She went to the ladies’ room while I bought some soft drinks and a snack. When she came out, she walked up to me and stood close, pressing her breast into my arm. She had unbuttoned an extra button on her blouse. The guy checking us out couldn’t take his eyes off her.

She put her arm around my waist as we walked out and said, “I don’t ever get to be slutty… Thank you.” I held the car door open for her to get in. She flashed me as she sat down. Her bush was a rich auburn color. This was going to be a wild four days.

It wasn’t far to Grand Junction and we soon got to the hotel. We barely had time to get to the first meeting. I grabbed my briefcase and winked at Claire as I took her panties off the mirror and stuffed them inside. She smiled.

We sat beside each other at a long table with twelve others. I introduced Claire as a new assistant regional manager that many of them would be working with in the coming months. I noticed that the button she had undone earlier was refastened. Her hair and makeup were perfect. In front of the others, her character had changed into the business-like person that she needed to be. As the discussions droned on, I felt Claire’s toe on my ankle. I couldn’t help but grin and picture her, naked under her skirt.

I leaned down, reached into my briefcase, pulled out her panties and put them in my jacket pocket. She kept a straight face and kept taking notes when she saw me rubbing them but pressed her toe harder into my leg. After the meeting, we had less than an hour before the next one, which was just enough time to get checked in and get our things unpacked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32