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I was glad and relieved when the snow stopped falling and the plows had done their work.

I was spent, having splashed, spilled, smeared or pumped my jism into, over and on fat, old Jasmine during the last couple of days. Oddly, I think she was just warming up but I was flat done in. I needed a rest.

This was interesting because I never actually put the meat to her. It would have been – if you’ll pardon the expression – almost anti-climactic but I had degraded her plenty already. Still, she wanted more. I decided she could wait just a little longer.

During the next couple of weeks I went to choir practice as usual. My fat sex buddy was more dressed up than usual and even wore perfume (too much) and bright red lipstick to the practices. I smiled at her like nothing had ever happened between us.

On the second week, Jaz got closer to me and touched my arm as we were all drinking coffee after the practice. She mumbled something about needing some help with something and could I stop by and . . . I looked at my watch and glanced at her chunky knees and the red lipstick (a little bit had dinged her front teeth) and got an idea that made my restored cock squirm in anticipation. Nevertheless, I shook my head no to Jaz.

She just nodded and moved off to speak with someone else and I wondered if I had overplayed my hand. I shouldn’t have worried. She returned and whispered to me.

“I . . . need . . . to talk . . . .”

I looked at her then nodded absently. She left to go home and I lingered for a while and spoke to Pastor Ryan who dropped by to talk to the choir members, all the while thinking of Jasmine Pilcher’s sweetly sensitive tits, the fat knees and the obscenely red lipstick.

It was dark when I arrived at her home and she pulled casino siteleri me in quickly, then kissed me full on the mouth with her chunky tongue doing a sloppy dance with mine. Yes, Jasmine had evolved quite a bit in the last few weeks.

Her red lipstick was smeared on my face and her mouth looked like a recent scar or a newly ravished cunt. I squeezed her left tit harshly and she closed her eyes and instantly started panting. I was both aroused and stunned at this reaction. The thick scent of perfume hung in the air.

“On your knees, Jaz,” I commanded simply.

Without saying a thing, she knelt down before me then looked up like a puppy, eager to please. That brought my cock to ramrod attention. I unbuttoned my pants and dropped them to the floor. My cock sprung out like a serpent looking for prey and I took it, then wiped it around the edge of her mouth, cleaning up the smeared lipstick while her tongue tried vainly to catch it.

“I want you to suck my cock with your red mouth.”

“Anything, Fred. You know I’ll do anything. Anything you want.”

“Are you mine, Jasmine?”

“Yes, yes, whatever you . . .” and the rest was lost in a big cock mumble as she took my member in one great gulp and I could feel the warmth and the warm saliva coat my dick until I thought I would blow. I forced her head on my cock and she took it all, kissed it, licked it, bit it timidly, tongued the tip, the bottom and my balls. It took all my will power to pull away but I did.

“Up,” I said.

She nodded, a little disappointed, I thought, then stood up, hunger in her eyes. I wanted to test out my fat filly.

Moving closer to her, I began licking her neck folds and she moaned, then I ran a free hand inside the back of her skirt and felt her great, slot oyna white panties and the warm bulk they contained. I felt inside and she moaned anew.

Standing in front of her now and looking her directly in the eyes, I reached under her dress and felt for the warm, moist spot where her twat was dripping in anticipation. I reached down and pulled her skirt over her head so I was looking at the bright white panties and the moist spot over her sex.

“Hold,” I said and she took the dress and held it up so it was covering her face and her upper body, then I pulled her panties down and, for a moment, her knees buckled. I pulled the panties off and threw them in a corner. I could smell the wetness of this old woman’s lust.

“Floor,” I said.

She surprised me a little by undoing her skirt and opening her blouse, but not removing it. She may have been the prey but she did know how to tempt me. I reached up and caressed the huge left boob, then pulled up the bra until the tit plopped out before me and I sucked and bit and pulled at her and all she would say was “anything . . . anything . . .”

I stood up and pulled off my shirt, kicked away my pants and looked down at my half-naked prey. Panting, her free tit rose and fell faster and faster.

“Jasmine, I’ve wanted to fuck you for a long time. And now I’m going to do it.”

She took off her bra and removed the blouse until she was finally naked – for the first time – the two of us, and then she nodded again.

“Do it, Jasmine,” I said. “Tell me what you want.”

“I want you to do whatever you want to me, Fred. I want you to use me, to ride me, whatever you call it. Just take me.” Her fat, eager form was sprawled out on the carpet and she slowly spread her legs for me and reached out with her canlı casino siteleri chunky fingers.

“Say it,” I said. “I want to hear it!”

When she spoke, it was calmly and quietly but the effect was like thunder. “Fuck me, Fred. I want you to fuck me hard. I want you to fuck me so hard it hurts.”

I fell upon the mass of her and instantly jammed my cock into her yawning cunt, reached behind to grab a chunk of fat, Jasmine ass and pulled her to me. She was doing the same thing and my entire length was instantly in her. When I bottomed out, she came in an instant.

“Oh, god, oh, jesus, god,” she said. “Take me, take me, Fred. Ohhh . . . more, yes, harder, faster . . . hurt me, Fred!” There was the scent of lipstick and perfume and sex pervading the room.

I sat up, still deep within her and pumped her more slowly, my rock hard cock bottoming out with each stroke. I pinched her ass, I pulled on her nipples.

“Bitch,” I said. “Cock sucker! I’m going to fuck you until you can taste it.”

“Yes, yes,” said the 50+ woman who had been so coy only a few short weeks earlier. “Fuck me with your big cock. Oh, I feel it, I feel it. You’re cuming!”

Jasmine’s twat was not as tight as I would have thought and I lasted quite some time. She was rocking her head left and right and using the vilest language, urging me to fuck her, to take her, to use her, over and over.

At one point, I fell on her and wrapped both of my sweaty hands against her equally hot and sweaty ass. It was so big and so round. I felt for her asshole and was amazed at its smoothness and softness. I jammed one finger in, then two while fucking her.

She came at least once more but said . . . “you can’t, you can’t fuck me there.”

“Oh, you’re quite wrong, Jaz. I can do anything I want and I played with her ass and virgin asshole with both hands and she came yet again and finally, blessedly, I spilled my seed into her in consummation of this beautiful, ugly, glorious feast.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32